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Taximan charged in San Pedro fatal knockdown

In other crime news, a San Pedro taxi driver has been arrested following the death of a two-year-old pedestrian. Forty-four year old Justino Chan has been charged with manslaughter by [...]

New eagle exhibit opens at zoo

Belize is the new home for five Harpy Eagles brought in from Panama over the last several months. Four have been released into the wild, while on Saturday one made [...]

Cofferdam done, main dam at Chalillo next

And while the Minister of Natural Resources and Zoo Director were all smiles on Saturday, Sharon Matola, who is also the leading opponent of the Chalillo dam, could not have [...]

City prepares to take on bikes

First it was radar guns, then breathalysers…now, once again, it’s bicycles. Will this latest crackdown be any different than the nine-day-wonders of the past? Today I visited the Belize City [...]

B.T.L., Bandits victorious in weekend sports

Good evening I’m James Adderley and welcome to this latest issue of Sports Monday. Week three of the B.P.F.L. football season took Kulture Yabra of Belize City into the unfriendly [...]

Consumers whap B.T.L. for free calls

10-10-199. It is supposed to give B.T.L. customers reduced rates on international telephone calls. Well this week, a large number of Belizean consumers took advantage of rates that reached all [...]

Police seek help in Cayo murder case

A sixteen-year-old Belize City boy was found dead in Cayo this morning and the police are asking for the public’s assistance in solving the murder. The body of Abel Gonzalez [...]

Court says CITCO must pay for wall

Brian Brown was by his own admission no angel…but when authorities broke down the wall around his yard for being higher than City Council regulations allowed, he decided to fight [...]

Barber is latest Lotto winner

Thirty-eight year old Alfred Richards may have taken his time to claim his prize, but after a day to think about it, the well-known southside barber could not hold back [...]

Investment committee named for S.S.B.

Its composition was a point of friction in the controversy over the Social Security Bill, but the matter was eventually resolved through compromise. And today the new Social Security Investment [...]

New water meters may mean consumers pay more

It has received a lot of play on the morning radio talk shows and in letters to the newspapers. But today, instead of complaining about the new water meter, I [...]

Kriol used as upliftment tool

The traditional debate over Kriol has been whether or not it is a language, dialect or just bad English. But having declared victory in the linguistic wars, Kriol’s champions have [...]

A year after scandal…still no charges

It was an anniversary of dubious distinction…but it still rates a mention: Last week marked a full year since the exposure of a major scandal in the Immigration Department in [...]

Career burglar stabbed to death in prison

He gained notoriety as Belize’s busiest burglar…but tonight John Bartley is dead. The career criminal was apparently stabbed in the chest this morning by a fellow inmate at Hattieville prison. [...]

Shootout in Cayo leaves cop, suspect wounded

A shootout between a policeman and a robbery suspect in Cayo has sent both men to the hospital. According to police, around ten-thirty Wednesday night two men robbed a bar [...]

$112,500 Lotto jackpot not yet claimed

There’s a very strong chance that somebody watching this newscast is over a hundred thousand dollars richer tonight. The trouble is that he or she probably doesn’t know it. That’s [...]

B.D.F. cadet earns top honours in U.K.

A Belizean has earned top honours at the Royal Air Force College in the United Kingdom. B.D.F. officer cadet Shaun Young, attending the Initial Officers Training Course at Cranwell, today [...]

Mexico rewards top C.A. students

Two Belizean children are back home after a ten-day visit to Mexico City as part of an art and academic exchange with Central America. Kalyla Jones of Santa Elena Evangelical [...]

Library pushes summer reading

Its motto is “Reading is Development and Development is Reading” and this week the National Library Service is trying to etch that concept on the minds of primary school children. [...]

Police promote neighbourhood watch

In Belize the term neighbourhood watch usually refers to thieves who watch your house, waiting for you to leave. But if one man has his way, the concept of a [...]

Squatters evicted at mile 8

It’s a familiar story: people with no place to live pick a piece of unoccupied land, throw up a rough dwelling, defy orders to leave and ignore threats of legal [...]

Victim’s wife, brother charged in murder

Today Corozal police made two arrests in connection with the murder of Wilfredo Baeza. They are thirty-six year old Tomasita Villanueva and her twenty-two year old brother, Giovanni Villanueva. It [...]

Government denies Guat. incursion claims

The Government of Belize is on the defensive tonight after reports in the Guatemalan press have accused B.D.F soldiers of making an incursion into Guatemalan territory last Friday. A Government [...]

Water to be scarce during system upgrade

If you’re planning on doing the midweek laundry tonight, you may want to make a change in plans. Beginning at eight o’clock, Belize Water Services will cut off the flow [...]

Greenwood wins top spot of B.C.I.A.

The latest round in the cruise ship war goes to Tom Greenwood and those boat owners trying to prevent the introduction of larger tenders to the industry. Confirming the unconstitutionality [...]