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Court of Appeal Dismisses Carnal Knowledge Conviction for Santiago Cholom

After nine months behind bars, forty-six-year-old Santiago Cholom is home free, following a decision by the Court of Appeal to have him released due to a number of errors during [...]

Diego Bol Addresses I.T. Management for Kim Passport

Two of the scheduled three witnesses for today’s public hearings of the Senate Special Select Committee on Immigration testified. They are current information technology manager Rodolfo Bol and former database [...]

Who Controls Passport Machine?

Bol disputed the Auditor General’s assertion that inactive users were not removed from the system under his tenure. He pointed out that he and his successor as Systems Administrator, Georgia [...]

CITO’s Francisco Gonzalez Explains Why He Was Pulled from Audit Team

Back to the senate hearings…The second witness at today’s public hearing, Francisco Gonzalez, was a busy man for most of 2013 and early in 2014. He was point man for [...]

Gonzalez Says Time to Fix Passport Machine

Gonzalez spent most of the session leading Senators through an explanation of how technological failures with the machine readable passport system were an underlying cause of the problems within the [...]

Belize Bank Limited Hoping to Lift Injunction on Arbitral Award

Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin has reserved judgment in the case of the Belize Bank Limited and the Government of Belize after hearing submissions from both parties.  A second day of [...]

“Forum Shopping” Behind Trial of Belize Bank Case?

The question of whether or not the case is deliberately being retried is also central to the argument.  According to Barrow, government decided at the eleventh hour to challenge the [...]

Will Judgment be Binding in the End?

Courtenay maintains that government took the decision of the CCJ to the U.S. jurisdiction and requested that the enforcement not be granted.  Barrow, on the other hand, says that the [...]

Cop Charged Over Weed Interdicted

Interdicted police officer, Corporal Darrel Usher, who over the weekend was allegedly busted with a huge amount of cannabis, was today arraigned after a number of issues delayed his arraignment [...]

Man Convicted of Aggravated Assault

Austin DeCosta was found guilty of aggravated assault upon a woman. The forty-three-year-old resident of Caye Caulker appeared in court today to answer to the charge for an incident that [...]

Arguments Begin to Discharge Belize Bank Injunction on Arbitral Award

Attorneys for the Belize Bank, as well as the Government of Belize, filed into the courtroom of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin shortly before eleven o’clock this morning.  The litigants were [...]

Charge for Accused Killer in Domestic Dispute

A twenty-five-year-old man has been charged for the stabbing death of fifty-four-year-old Marcelino Chan.  Last month we told you how Chan a cane cutter of San Roman Village in Orange [...]

What Was “Tutsi” Doing with Weed in the Dike?

Police Corporal Darrel ‘Tutsi’ Usher remains in police custody tonight after being busted with a little over twenty pounds of marijuana over the weekend.  According to his colleagues at Eastern [...]

Supreme Court to Hear Officer’s Appeal in Stolen Radio Case

While Usher is in trouble with his department; a police officer found guilty for the theft of a handheld radio stolen from the Belize Police Department was granted an appeal [...]

Lindsay Wade Goes Toe-to-Toe with Senate Committee Over Visa Foils

Our coverage this week of Wednesday’s Senate Inquiry has been extensive, but tonight, we touch on two more issues.  A combative Lindsay Wade directly challenged the Senate panel on his [...]

Patrick Tillett Details “Visa Services”

As we have already seen in the Senate Inquiry and confirmed by no less than Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse, the business of visas, especially for Chinese nationals, is big [...]

Introducing “Mr. Middleton”

Is this man the shadowy “Mister Middleton” to whom all focus has turned in the ongoing Senate public inquiry? Middleton, we are told, is a car salesman based in Orange [...]

Has Eric Chang Cleared His Name?

Another layer of intrigue has been added to the ongoing investigations of the Senate Special Select Committee. On Wednesday, former Deputy Mayor Eric Chang; accountant and Financial Controller with the [...]

What was Chang Doing in Taiwan?

The then Ambassador of Belize to the Republic of China (Taiwan), Cherie Nisbet, detailed in emails later used by the Audit her encounter with Eric Chang on the day he [...]

P.U.P. Says Time for Criminal Investigation on Immigration,

Comments have been limited in light of the edict of the Standing Orders on publication of evidence from within the Senate Special Select Committee; even though it is broadcasting its [...]

At Senate, Eric Chang Claims Limited Involvement in Visa Foils Scandal

While the Prime Minister was crunching the numbers at the Biltmore, the Senate Select investigation was taking place in the capital where insights into the immigration illegalities were coming from [...]

Chang Says Immigration is “A Sensitive Issue”

Chang also specifically denied helping anyone obtain Belizean visas, nationality and passport except in the case of a Taiwanese-Belizean whose daughter had obtained nationality by descent and needed a passport [...]

In Taiwan, Eric Chang Tried to be a Friend to Won Hong Kim

All good stories, perhaps, are long stories, and the case of Won Hong Kim is a good one. The revelation that former Minister of State Elvin Penner assisted the jailed [...]

Attorney Explains Why Chang Did Not Come Forward

Outside, Chang consented to answer a few questions from the press. He reiterated that he was here to clear his name and that he felt that went well enough. But [...]

Patrick Tillett Dealt with Visa Apps for 6 Grand a Pop!

Another witness who had to be summoned to appear before the Senate Special Select Committee was accountant Patrick Tillett, who readily provided details of his involvement in applying for visas [...]