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Second Man Charged in UNO Gas Station Robbery

A second man has been charged with the armed robbery of businessman Robert Pickwoad at the Uno Gas Station on February seventh. He is thirty-three-year-old auto body works mechanic Arthur [...]

2 Charged for 9 Pounds of Weed in a Vehicle

Twenty-three-year-old Patrick Petillo and twenty-eight-year-old Ronald Michael were jointly charged with one count of drug trafficking when they appeared in court today. Police report that on Saturday, July twenty-second, they [...]

Bail for David and Anke Doehm; Court Unconvinced They are Flight Risks

This morning, the American couple accused of cruelty and neglect of thirteen-year-old Faye Lin Cannon appeared before Supreme Court Justice Denis Hanomansingh, seeking bail. David and Anke Doehm got it [...]

Attorney Reminds that Denial of Bail Should Not Be Used as Punishment

For those upset with the decision of the court, Bradley offered a timely reminder that bail is not a privilege, but a right, and that a person’s liberty cannot be [...]

Cecil Gill Charged for Murder of Philip Samuels

After two nights in police custody, Cecil Gill was finally arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court for the murder of his friend Phillip Samuels. Gill was taken to court [...]

Bert Vasquez Claims Innocence, but Will Be Sentenced Next Week on Abduction Charge

Also in court was Bert Vasquez, who was convicted by a jury on July tenth of forcible abduction, sexual assault, and harm against a sixteen-year-old minor, which occurred back in [...]

Threatening Words Case between City Councilor and Activist Tossed

Activist Raymond Rivers also appeared in court today for an incident that goes back to November 2016 involving U.D.P. Councillor Phillip Willoughby. Willoughby accused Rivers of using threatening words against [...]

Wilfred Elrington Baffled by Case of Missing Documents; C.C.J. Says He Must Return Them

Senior Counsel and Government Minister Wilfred Elrington has been taken to the Caribbean Court of Justice in respect to his personal handling of a case for a company, Progresso Heights [...]

Julio Valdez Tells Senate ‘Anybody’ Could Have Gotten Immigration Files

Before his investigation into Arthur Saldivar’s missing files expanded to look at their contents, former deputy of National Crimes Investigation Branch Julio Valdez was tasked with finding out how they [...]

Valdez Questioned Immigration About Ady Pacheco Counter Work

A few weeks ago, Immigration officer Ady Pacheco came to the Senate Special Select Committee and extensively detailed her work therein, including acting as a counter-clerk receiving applications for nationality, [...]

Mandamus Appeal On, But ComPol Says Kim was Investigated

Persuaded by the arguments of then-People’s United Party leader Francis Fonseca, Chief Justice of Belize Kenneth Benjamin ordered Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie by a writ of mandamus to criminally [...]

ComPol: I Will Sue If Accused of Giving Order to Stop File Investigation

The implication raised by ex-Superintendent Julio Valdez during his testimony on Wednesday was that someone above him suggested that he direct his energy to investigating strictly how Arthur Saldivar’s purloined [...]

American Jailed for Hiding Money in Belize

A Florida national is headed to jail for using hidden Belize accounts to conspire to commit tax and bank fraud. Forty-eight-year-old Casey Padula of Port Charlotte, Florida, pleaded guilty in [...]

Ex-Investigator Julio Valdez Will Not Say Who Redirected His Investigation into Arthur Saldivar Files

In 2014, Retired Superintendent of Police Julio Valdez, then-deputy of National Crimes Investigation Branch, wrote the Director of Public Prosecutions, Cheryl-Lynn Vidal, concerning his investigation into a trove of files [...]

Dueling Audits Stymied Further Investigation of Nationality Records

The former senior cop stated that this branch of the investigation came about after his colleagues in Belize City spoke with Saldivar and retrieved the files. But when he attempted [...]

ComPol Whylie to Valdez and Senate: ‘It Wasn’t Me’

The only man above Valdez, indeed above all officers in the Police Department, is Commissioner Allen Whylie. Appointed in 2013, he was previously C.E.O. in the Ministry of National Security, [...]

Commissioner Had No Reason to Halt Investigation

The Commissioner blames ‘media spin’ for the misunderstanding and what he says is his subsequent decision to withdraw from any administrative handling of either the ‘missing files’ case or the [...]

Files Revealed Incomplete Addresses for Would-Be Belizeans

But what was among that list of files handed over? Valdez read a fairly long list of nationality files and accompanying documents for some familiar names such as Yiu-Pang Chen [...]

Background Checks: the Law or a Decoration?

Speaking of background checks, were the Police Department or Ministry of Immigration consulted about the Cabinet’s decision to stop Special Branch police from carrying out the standard background checks on [...]

What’s in Police’s Won Hong Kim File? ComPol Doesn’t Know

The Senate hearing continued into this afternoon where the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie gave testimony. The other major investigation to be carried out by the Police Department was in [...]

ComPol: We Will Investigate Immigration Charges When Senate is Done

Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie has been seen to be dragging his feet on investigating the allegations within the Auditor General’s Report. He recently stated that he would wait on [...]

Manslaughter Charges for Alleged Drunken Driver in Cowpen Accident

On Tuesday, police formally arrested and charged forty-eight-year-old Ernesto Cadle for manslaughter by negligence and causing the death by careless conduct of sixty-two-year-old Benedicto Mendez. The Belizean taxi driver of [...]

Alleged Crooked Cops Busted for Shaking Down Students

This afternoon, CIB personnel escorted two of their own to court to be arraigned for extortion. Corporal Marvin Salam, a police officer of Corozal, along with Corporal Anthony Blair of [...]

Duo Unable to Ditch Weed on Southside

A Corozal along with a Belize City man is tonight out on bail after they were arraigned for drug trafficking. Both were busted on Tuesday with almost four and a [...]

David and Anke Doehm to seek bail on child cruelty charge this Friday

The bail application for David and Anke Doehm, the American couple charged with cruelty to late thirteen-year-old daughter Faye Lin Cannon, will be heard at the Supreme Court on Friday. [...]