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COLA: “Government Has Washed its Hands like Pontius Pilate”

Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA, shares the same position that the Church has taken where it concerns the preservation of Section Fifty-three of the Criminal Code.  While the [...]

COLA President Demands That Maya People Be Respected Too

Interestingly, Brackett makes the comparison that government has moved with haste to state that it will not appeal the Section Fifty-three judgment, while it has gone to great pains in [...]

1000 Marched; But Was Anybody Listening?

There was no weekly Cabinet meeting today since Prime Minister Barrow is presently out of the country.  In fact, all was quiet on Independence Hill this morning, save for a [...]

Dr. Herbert Gayle Trains Frontline Workers in Fighting Violence

Anthropologist Doctor Herbert Gayle is currently in the country. Along with a team, he is providing training to youths to equip them with the skills to effectively fight and reduce [...]

N.T.U.C.B. Has Section 53 Decision as Agenda Item for Upcoming Union Meeting

Religious leaders from across the country, particularly those who are members of the National Evangelical Association of Belize, are planning to descend on Belmopan on Tuesday to protest the controversial [...]

Mental Health Association Welcomes Section 53 Decision

The recent ruling on Section Fifty-Three of the Criminal Code is getting support from the Mental Health Association. The MHA says it applauds the Chief Justice’s recent ruling which is [...]

U.S. Ambassador: Section 53 Ruling is “Victory for All Belizeans”

Earlier this week, the Government of Belize announced that it will not be appealing Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin’s decision that Section Fifty-Three of the Criminal Code was unconstitutional. The landmark [...]

Carlos Moreno Calls for Ventilation of Decision in Local Forum

According to Ambassador Moreno, the decision sets a precedent that is being observed by Caribbean and Latin America.  The legal system and the people of Belize, Moreno says, should be [...]

Ambassador Moreno Advises Churches to Seek Permission to Appeal

Today, a closed meeting among church leaders with an attorney took place to discuss the way forward and a possible appeal of the decision by the Chief Justice that decriminalized [...]

V.I.P. Maintains Support for Section 53 Despite Court Decision

The political party Vision Inspired by the People says it stands in full support of Section Fifty-three of Belize’s Criminal Code and still wants the Government of Belize to appeal [...]

P.M. Barrow: Government Did Not Change Section 53

Section Fifty-three of the Criminal Code, its interpretation, as well as the ramifications of the newly modified piece of legislation, remains a trending topic in public discourse.  Chief Justice Kenneth [...]

B.P.P.: Belize Will Not Look “Soft” on Gay Rights Issue

While members of the clergy have opined on government’s stance on appealing the Supreme Court ruling, the respective political organizations are yet to fully weigh in on the matter.  So, [...]

B.P.P. Leader Says Homosexuality is a Life Choice, Not a Human Rights Issue

During a press conference on the Section Fifty-three decision on Wednesday, PM Barrow flatly refused to answer a question concerning his personal stance on LGBT issues, claiming that it was [...]

LGBT Community Has Been Given a “Shield, Not A Sword”

In a letter written by the Roman Catholic Church to Prime Minister Barrow earlier this week, bishops Dorick Wright and Christopher Glancy highlighted the urgent need for appeal.  They alluded [...]

Government Will Not Appeal Section 53 Decision; A.G. Cites Legal Advice

The Government of Belize has announced that it will not appeal the landmark decision of the Supreme Court in respect of Section Fifty-three of the Criminal Code.  That statement comes [...]

P.M. says Cabinet Split on Support for LGBT Rights

According to Prime Minister Barrow, government’s decision was equally the result of a lively discussion among senior members of Cabinet who advise on policy.    Prime Minister Dean Barrow “The [...]

Barrow Says Churches Can Appeal Section 53 Decision

As we’ve mentioned, Bishops Dorick Wright and Christopher Glancy, on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church, wrote to Prime Minister Barrow urging government to appeal the decision of the Supreme [...]

Gay Marriage Coming? P.M. Says Section 53 Decision Won’t Cause It

Does the reading down of Section Fifty-three open the figurative door to gay marriage?  It’s a widely held belief among many, including the Roman Catholic Church.  In fact, its premise [...]

Evangelicals Will Seek Support for Appeal

Following the prime minister’s press conference, we got a reaction from the National Evangelical Association of Belize on government’s position on Section Fifty-three.  Needless to say, the organization is disappointed [...]

Caleb Orozco Warns Churches Over Morality

The protagonist at the center of the UNIBAM Challenge is gay rights activist Caleb Orozco.  Over the years, he has been the subject of scorn and disdain, as much as [...]

Department of Human Services to Take Custody of Sodomy Victim

As we reported on Tuesday, an eleven-year-old boy from Santa Elena Town, Cayo District was allegedly sodomized by his sixteen-year-old brother as he slept in his room early Friday morning.  [...]

The Safety of the Child Remains Paramount

We asked C.E.O. Alpuche whether their role has been simplified in handling cases under the now-amended Section Fifty-three of the Criminal Code. She told us that their role remains much [...]

Will A Referendum Be Held on Supreme Court’s Section 53 Decision?

A decision on the constitutional challenge brought before the Supreme Court by Belizean gay rights activist Caleb Orozco, on the legality of Section Fifty-three of the Criminal Code, was delivered [...]

P.U.P. Senator Applauds Section 53 Decision As “Significant Victory”

It’s been several months since a Senate Meeting has been held, despite several incidents of national importance; including, the B.T.L. Arbitration Award, the state of the economy, surging crime and [...]

Churches’ Senator Disagrees: “What About The Children?”

But one social partner that does not support the ruling is the Council of Churches. Senator Ashley Rocke says that the concern is how the amendment to the law will [...]