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Crime Bills Signed, but Emergency Areas on Hold

In his interview with the media today, the Attorney General also commented on the recent efforts to tackle crime including the crime bills and the emergency zones.  As it relates [...]

No More ‘Southside’ – Police Regions Now Numbered

What’s in a name? Just ask the Belize Police Department. They say they want to help to eliminate the stigma associated with what’s known as the “south side” and they [...]

Operation ACT Moves into Majestic-Jungle Area

Tensions are high in the Majestic Alley-Jungle area. A spate of shootings and murders associated with the gangs in those areas has led to an increased hostility. Now, Police say [...]

Meet and Greet Back on Jane Usher Boulevard

Today, cops were visiting residents in the Jane Usher Boulevard area in their meet and greet sessions. Things have been relatively calm in this area since more boots were put [...]

Community Policing in Belmopan

Last week, we told you about the U.S Embassy’s community policing presentation with Belize City cops. The purpose is to share tips and ideas with local authorities on how to [...]

Howell Gillett Talks to Wagner’s Youths, Plans to Make Them GREAT

This morning, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett addressed the inmates at the Wagner’s Youth Facility at the Belize Central Prison. In his statement, Gillett touched on a number of topics including [...]

Officers of the Month to Collect Dibary Certificates

The Eastern Division South Commander also signed an agreement today with Whalther Campos of Dibary Group of Companies that will see the Officer of the Month starting April and for [...]

Plan to Reduce Child Labour Unveiled but Will It Change Culture?

According to the International Labour Organization, “child labour” is often defined as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical [...]

School Kids Must Be Protected says U.S.

The Department of Labour’s 2017 report on the worst forms of child labour found that Belize has made strides in preventing child labour through such programs as the BOOST conditional [...]

Putting the “Community” in Policing

Over fifty police officers attended a “community policing” sensitization workshop. The event was organized by the U.S. Embassy of Belize and hosted by the Belize Police Department. The officers learnt [...]

B.N.T.U. Meets Ministry of National Security

The Ministry of National Security hosted the first of its national consultation series on citizenry security and crime prevention. The Belize National Teachers Union was the first of the Trade [...]

Survivors of Gun Violence Bare their Souls on How Snap Decisions Can Change their Lives

Young persons left scarred and traumatized by gun violence gathered today in the city as police look for new opportunities to keep them away from crime.  They are students from [...]

Howell Gillett Makes Moves to Lower Corruption in Police Department

Today, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett was described as possibly the busiest man in a positive way in the south side of Belize City. The Regional Commander of Eastern Division South [...]

Brothers Habet Ltd. Supports South Side Police Officers

Even before that meeting with UNO Sales Consultant Lupita Zetina, Gillett met and signed off on an agreement with Carlo Habet, the manager of Brothers Habet Limited in Belize City. [...]

John Saldivar Makes Quiet Visit to South Side Checkpoints

Like American military officials in Iraq or Afghanistan, Minister of National Security John Saldivar, his C.E.O. and other top brass in the Police Department swooped down on the south side [...]

City Kids Get a Taste of “Village Life” in Maskall

The quiet Easter weekend in Belize City was due as much to police watchfulness as to the fact that most Belizeans left town for cooler climes like the cayes, Placencia, [...]

Police Land Some Jobs for Youths

As we told you, Regional Commander Howell Gillett is bringing a new approach to crime fighting in the city by creating opportunities for at-risk youths from the city’s south side.  [...]

Government Puts Gangsters on Notice after Halting Plan for Public Emergency Areas

In the aftermath of a horrifically violent weekend in March, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced a package of anti-crime measures. Under Section eighteen of the Constitution, the Governor General was [...]

P.U.P. Proposed Special South Side Development Zone

The Opposition People’s United Party had objected to the calling of any state of emergency or declaration of public emergency areas by the Governor General, accusing the Prime Minister of [...]

Legislation Not Enough, Says Dickie Bradley

Attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley has also weighed in on the matter of emergency zones. He says had the public emergency declaration gone through, the government could have opened itself up [...]

Anglican Bishop Plans Meetings with Gangs, Police

Crime remains a hot-button issue in the social discourse. This week’s news has been dominated by the police’s response to Sunday’s confrontation between elements of the Gang Suppression Unit and [...]

Mayor of Belize City Makes Plea for Safe Weekend

As chief executive of Belize City, Mayor Bernard Wagner must also grapple with the issue of crime, despite not having much to do with policing. He too made a public [...]

Taking City Youth Behind Prison Walls

Unless you have family or friends there or had the unfortunate experience to be a guest, the Belize Central Prison at Hattieville is not likely to cross your mind regularly, [...]

Continuing Rehab after Leaving Wagner’s Youth Facility – Society Needs to Step Up

Like most establishments in Belize, the Central Prison at Hattieville is for adults only – eighteen and over. Since 2004, when an American couple put up the seed money for [...]

Nat’l Security C.E.O. Points Finger at Leadership

RESTORE Belize was also discussed in a different forum today. C.E.O. George Lovell says that its structure is good, but it cannot be effective without good leadership. At a conference [...]