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Kareem Musa Scolds Prime Minister for Trying to “Flee” Economic Disaster

First-term area representative for Caribbean Shores, Kareem Musa, has become a noted debater in the House of Representatives. Today’s Budget presentation was no different as he touched on multiple topics [...]

Michael Finnegan Trashes P.U.P. Explanations for Superbond

In his usual inimitable style, Mesopotamia area representative Michael Finnegan hit back at the Opposition’s defense of the loans they made under their administration which have become the Superbond. Referencing [...]

Cordel Hyde, Kareem Musa Invite U.D.P.’s for a Walk on Southside

We’re not sure if they compared ideas before coming to Belmopan on Thursday, but two People’s United Party area representatives suggested similar methods for having the Government understand the plight [...]

Jose Mai Scorns Agriculture Ministry over Potatoes

Back to today’s budget debate….Orange Walk South area representative Jose Mai focused on the impact of the Budget – or lack thereof – on the productive sector, which he described [...]

Cordel Says U.D.P. Must Own “Its Corruption”

Lake I Representative, Cordel Hyde turned the tables on the U.D.P. on the issue of corruption in his budget presentation on Thursday. The U.D.P. has continuously shaken their fingers against [...]

Gaspar Vega Absent Again, But is He Making Up with Party?

Former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega once again skipped proceedings in Belmopan this week, marking the fifth consecutive meeting he has been absent from. Under the Standing Orders, more than [...]

Said Musa Raises Reported Dismissal of European Ambassador

Fort George Area Rep and Former Prime Minister, Said Musa, is always a must listen to during the debating of the budget and on Thursday during his presentation, he didn’t [...]

“Bogus” 2017 Budget Shredded by Opposition Leader

The House of Representatives met in Belmopan today with passions running high for the second reading of the General Revenue and Appropriation Bill, otherwise known as the Budget, which is [...]

Cordel Says Government Wants to Maintain Pretense

If the Leader of the Opposition’s statements were broad and presented the macro picture of the so dubbed Barrow’s bogus budget, then his deputy, Lake Independence’s Cordel Hyde, was more [...]

Amid Warning on S.S.B., Cordel Zings John Saldivar

After castigating the Government for not providing less vague assurances about how it will address the repayment of the Superbond and Belize’s other debts, Hyde turned his attention to the [...]

Were “Pro-Poor” Programs Actually Cut?

Hyde also went after what he called cuts to significant portions of the “pro-poor” programs initiated by the Barrow administration, including the food pantry, school feeding program and Apprenticeship Training. [...]

Said Defends Superbond Spending; Says Massive Development Took Place

Former Prime Minister Said Musa stood to make his contribution to the debate this afternoon. As he said at the outset, he wanted to defend his Government’s decision to make [...]

Former and Current Foreign Ministers Clash over Borders Comment

“It is just like you are on a piece of land all your life, but you are a squatter. You can’t do anything with that land until you get it [...]

How Much are Consultants Being Paid for Superbond?

As expected, the matter of the Superbond came up during the first day of the Budget Debate. While repeating his claim that the revised package remains unsustainable without a clear [...]

New Crime Bills Introduced

In advance of a case at the Caribbean Court of Justice next week involving two accused murderers appealing their convictions and sentences, the Government today introduced four new bills amending [...]

Toledo U.D.P.’s Call Out Area Reps Outside House

Parliamentarians at the National Assembly must occasionally share the grand stage with their constituents – particularly those protesting against them. While 2005 certainly comes to mind, the handful of protestors [...]

Finally, Legalized Marijuana?

Could marijuana soon be legalized, or at least decriminalized? There is support in principle and the matter has been before Cabinet since a special committee released its findings in February [...]

Julius Espat Believes Redistricting Will Not be Fair

The sprawling Cayo South division has below eight thousand registered voters. The P.U.P. has been lobbying for a re-registration exercise to take place this year, but the process has been [...]

P.U.P. lashes Foreign Minister over Borders Comment

Before departing Belize last Friday, the Secretary General of the O.A.S., Luis Almagro, held a press briefing.  While Almagro did not take questions from the press relying only on a [...]

Where goes the national debt?

Belize’s debts have climbed over three billion dollars for the first time, much of it owed externally. A full third of that is attributed to the Superbond, the package of [...]

Where is Gaspar Vega? Not at House!

Where is Orange Walk North area representative and former Minister Gaspar Vega? He seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth, never mind the House of Representatives, in [...]

A Closer Look at the 2017-2018 Budget

News Five has begun its review of the 2017-2018 General Revenue and Appropriations Bill, also known as the Budget, which is scheduled to be debated on the second reading on [...]

P.M. Gives Thumbs Down to Eric Chang, Patrick Tillett

Three witnesses are to be called for Wednesday’s public hearing of the Senate Special Select Committee. But the testimonies of former Deputy Mayor of Belize City, Eric Chang, and former [...]

Is Shyne the Right Choice for Music and Politics?

Exit Dean, enter Shyne? The entertainer-turned-aspiring politician has made no secret of his plans to succeed uncle and mentor Michael Finnegan, who recently announced plans to step down as area [...]

Why Re-Registration Cannot Happen this Year

Re-registration of voters will be put off until 2018, but the Prime Minister has committed to having it happening before re-districting of electoral boundaries and a referendum on the International [...]