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P.U.P. Condemns Coast Guard ‘Abuse’

Is anybody buying Minister of Defence John Saldivar’s staunch defence of the decision to transport his Belmopan Bandits teams on Coast Guard? Certainly not Opposition Leader John Briceño when we [...]

Mayor Bradley: Senate Misadventure “Stains” Country, U.D.P. Must Take Action

Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley is taking a tough stand on the fiasco at last week Wednesday’s public hearing of the Senate Special Select Inquiry.  The Mayor says shame on [...]

Bradley Calls for Higher Standards for Elected Officials

Should Brian Audinett be removed as the macebearer from the House? The People’s United Party and several others have called for his removal following his behavior inside the senate hearing. [...]

Citing Threats of Retaliation, Senate Committee Chair Suspends Public Hearing

Today’s session of the senate special select committee was suspended at the eleventh hour.  Ordinarily, all announcements pertaining to these matters are released through the Office of the Clerk of [...]

Not Done Yet, Aldo Salazar Says Committee’s Time Must Be Productive

Following last Wednesday’s epic failure to remove the U.D.P. operatives from the gallery, Chairman Salazar went on record with a personal view that the inquiry should come to an end [...]

In Future, Committee Must Balance Rights of Protestors and Questioners

While the outcome of last Wednesday’s meeting was unpredictable, security within the Assembly Building remains an important issue and if the chairman can maintain order during the proceedings. On one [...]

Opposition Wants “Yellow Man’s” Mace Taken Away

This afternoon, the P.U.P. issued its own statement on what led to the request for a suspension. It says it is seriously concerned and appalled at the disingenuous actions of [...]

Godwin Says Disruption Should Not Be Tolerated

We caught up with the United Democratic Party’s leader of Government Business in the Senate, Godwin Hulse, at another event today. Hulse is also a former chairman of a senate [...]

“Yellow Man” Fate in Hands of Speaker, President, Chairman

“Yellow Man” Audinett’s role inside the House of Representatives may seem minor to some. But it is a solemn responsibility and his actions on May seventeenth have led to calls [...]

Why Lee Mark Made the Right Call on Refusing Privilege Motion

The Opposition senators’ attempt to stand up for what happened to the press on May seventeenth, during an ordinary meeting of the Senate, did not get very far. On Friday, [...]

Alberto August of Belizeans Against Courtenay Apologizes for Press Attacks

Chairman of the United Democratic Party, Alberto August, this afternoon told News Five he was taking full responsibility for the attack on members of the press last week at the [...]

August Says They Will Return to Wednesday’s Hearing

August called on Leader of the Opposition John Briceño to remove Courtenay from the Senate, a decision Briceño has said previously he will not make. Courtenay is seen as the [...]

P.U.P. Comments Shut Down by Senate, Prompting Walkout

The Senate of Belize met in ordinary session this morning at the National Assembly. It is its first meeting since the unprecedented and heinous attack on members of the press [...]

How Will New Loans to D.F.C. and SIF Help Belize?

The motions passed by the House on May twelfth for consolidated line of credit by the Caribbean Development Bank to the Development Finance Corporation and a loan to the Belize [...]

P.U.P. Condemns House Assault on Media

There is condemnation of the attack on the media by political operatives. This afternoon, the People’s United Party condemned the actions of Yellow Man and U.D.P. Chairman Alberto August as [...]

U.D.P.’s Disrupt Proceeding, Target Eamon Courtenay and Press

The Committee’s public hearings were briefly interrupted by an outburst from the public gallery. Its source has been identified as opponents of Senator Eamon Courtenay and supporters of the United [...]

P.U.P. Says Prime Minister is Covering Up on Integrity Commission

This afternoon, the People’s United Party continued its assault on the Integrity Commission’s decision to look at only declarations of public figures for the year 2016. The Party argues that [...]

Integrity Commission Chair ‘Manipulated’ Vote

Briceño said that a Government he leads will change the Act to ensure that no political party has an overall majority on the Commission, which would also be expanded to [...]

John Briceño Says Ad Plays into Negative Sentiments on Faber Leadership

Prime Minister Dean Barrow told reporters after Friday’s House meeting that he is seriously contemplating early retirement depending on how much longer his back is giving trouble, though his present [...]

Stone Penner? P.U.P. Says They’ll See Him in Court

Elvin Penner testified without major incident last Wednesday in Belmopan at the public hearing of the Senate Special Select Committee. But it appears authorities were ready for anything, as the [...]

P.U.P. Ready to Fight Municipal Elections

The countdown is on for the 2018 municipal elections. The People’s United Party is only defending one town council in Orange Walk, where Mayor Kevin Bernard is said to be [...]

P.M. Condemns Anti-Patrick Faber Ad Mentioning Divorce, Alleged Assault

With the countdown officially on to the retirement of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, speculation has begun on the internal race to succeed him. Deputy Prime Minister and first deputy leader [...]

P.U.P. Continues Complaints on Integrity Commission

The People’s United Party issued a statement today about the Integrity Commission further to the House meeting on Friday.  The P.U.P. wants to know what Prime Minister Dean Barrow is [...]

P.M. Gone? Not Yet, But He is Thinking About It

The House of Representatives met today in special session in Belmopan. Its main business was to introduce nine original and amended bills and two loan motions. We will get to [...]

P.M. Barrow Admits He Has Few Worlds Left to Conquer

According to the Prime Minister, today was a good day in terms of his back problems, but there are increasingly fewer of them. With his main goal of this term [...]