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Arthur Saldivar Loses Court Battle Against the P.U.P.

The People’s United Party will not have to deal with Attorney Arthur Saldivar anytime soon and that’s because the second lawsuit he filed against the party was thrown out in [...]

P.U.P.’s Belmopan Convention to Proceed Uninterrupted

The Belmopan convention proceeds this Sunday as planned with Weizman Patt, Michelle Rodriguez and Oscar Mira. So is this the end of the Arthur Saldivar/P.U.P. saga?  There is a default [...]

Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez: “I Don’t Care What Darrell Bradley Says”

Port Loyola area representative Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez gave a fiery response to the media when he was pressed about the third piece of missing equipment which belongs to the City [...]

‘Boots’ Still Supporting Michael Peyrefitte for Port

The media also asked Minister Martinez about Dean Samuels, the former Belize City Councilor, who is contesting the U.D.P. Convention in the Port Loyola Constituency. Samuels publicly announced his candidacy [...]

Rene Skeen Rejected by P.U.P. for Belize Rural Central

At a meeting of the national executive of the People’s United Party on Wednesday, Rene Skeen, a well-known resident of Ladyville, was also rejected from running in Belize Rural Central. [...]

Municipal Fair is Back on September Celebrations’ Calendar

The Municipal Fair is back on the list of events for the September Celebrations Calendar following a meeting between Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber and Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner. [...]

No Room for Politics in Municipal Fair

There’s a perception that the United Democratic Party focuses on the tenth, while the People’s United Party concentrates on independence. So was that political divide at play between the Belize [...]

P.U.P.’s National Executive Meets with Arthur Saldivar

The Arthur Saldivar/P.U.P. saga continued today with a meeting between the political aspirant and the party’s national executive. Saldivar, who is desperately fighting to contest the P.U.P. Belmopan’s convention this [...]

Arthur Saldivar: “I Am Not a Petulant Child”

The meeting took place at the party’s headquarters on Queen Street where we found Saldivar waiting for the decision of the national executive. He says he is standing up for [...]

P.U.P. Decides It Will Take a Conscience Vote on the I.C.J.

The People’s United Party’s National Executive today also took a decision on whether it will support taking the territorial claim to the International Court of Justice.  Recently, the P.U.P.’s Cayo [...]

Ten More Days Until Mass Re-registration Concludes

Ten thousand, one hundred and forty-one registration applications were received by the Election and Boundaries Department between August twelfth and eighteen. This is a slight increase when compared to the [...]

Johnny Responds to Arthur Saldivar’s P.U.P. Lawsuit

Attorney Arthur Saldivar has brought yet another lawsuit against the People’s United Party, the same political organization to which he belongs.  The latest proceedings succeed a second rejection from the [...]

“Would You Want Arthur Saldivar to Represent You?” – John Briceño

The bone of contention between the People’s United Party and Arthur Saldivar is his moral standing.  The leadership and hierarchy of the P.U.P. are of the firmly held belief that [...]

To Go or Not to Go to the I.C.J.? – That’s the P.U.P. Question

The People’s United Party is yet to formalize its position on whether Belize should have Guatemala’s unfounded claim settled at the International Court of Justice.  While government has embarked upon [...]

P.U.P. Southern Caucus Says No to I.C.J.

The P.U.P. southern caucus has taken a firm position on the matter, emphatically saying no to the I.C.J.   That stance, however, may not be indicative of the party’s official view [...]

P.U.P. Says Re-registered Voters Fall Well Below the Previous Threshold

The countrywide re-registration exercise comes to an end on August thirty-first.  The number of eligible voters that has been recorded since the process commenced at the beginning of July, has [...]

P.U.P.’s Southern Caucus Says ‘NO’ to the ICJ

During a meeting held last week, the People’s United Party’s Southern Caucus met and decided to oppose going to the International Court of Justice for the Belize/Guatemala dispute to be [...]

Arthur Saldivar Launches News Lawsuit against P.U.P.

Attorney Arthur Saldviar has launched a second lawsuit against the People’s United Party. Saldivar’s application to contest the P.U.P.’s Belmopan Convention was turned down twice. In the first instance, his [...]

Dean Samuels Resigns From Government Job to Run for UDP Port Loyola Convention

Former Belize City Councilor Dean Samuels has officially resigned from his government job in the Ministry of Works. He had to do so in order to contest the U.D.P.’s Port [...]

Dean Samuels says Minister Martinez Supports Him

When the media interviewed Port Loyola Area Representative Anthony Martinez last week, he expressed support for Michael Peyrefitte. But according to Dean Samuels, Martinez’s support was misplaced because Martinez was [...]

AC. Castillo says He is the Better Option for Port Loyola

Also contesting the U.D.P. Port Loyola Convention is AC. Castillo. The former disc jockey and cyclist received his official acceptance letter earlier this month and today he stopped by to [...]

CitCo Contemplates Suing Over ‘Unaccounted’ Equipment

Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner is back in the country. He returned today after spending some days in London for the Jalsa Salana Annual Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. [...]

Vital Statistics Unit in Belize City Abruptly Closed; Several Persons Terminated

The offices of the Vital Statistics Unit in the city abruptly closed on Wednesday, interrupting the flow of services to persons applying for birth certificates and the registering of other [...]

Peyrefitte for Port!!

Mike Peyrefitte’s candidacy for standard bearer in Port Loyola has been formally accepted by the United Democratic Party.  He is the second applicant to offer himself in a bid to [...]

Manuel Heredia’s Choice Words for Gary Greif

Tourism Minister Manuel Heredia was very confident today, bordering on arrogant, when he dismissed the challenge in his division, made official by the United Democratic Party this past Saturday. His [...]