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A Skills Training Programme for Single Mothers of Orange Walk East

Bernard is also the P.U.P. standard bearer for the Orange Walk East constituency. He has also been working on a skills training programme that is being offered to single models [...]

Patrick Faber Explains Monkey Wrench in Leadership Plan

Since Cabinet announced on November twenty-seventh that the prime minister will remain in office until 2020, there has been an unusual silence within the United Democratic Party concerning its leadership [...]

Faber Says U.D.P. Executive to Meet in Days Ahead

Faber’s intention to one day lead the United Democratic Party and the country is no secret.  But he also says that the prime minister’s choice to remain in office for [...]

Judiciary Receiving Less than 1% of National Budget

On Monday, the Supreme Court opened the legal year with the usual ceremonial fanfare in downtown Belize City. In his remarks, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin spoke of the budget afforded [...]

P.U.P. Leader Says No Internal Political Rift

The I.C.J. Declaration was signed on January ninth by five former Ministers of Foreign Affairs, including sitting Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Barrow was joined by former P.U.P. Prime Minister Said [...]

Francis Fonseca: “Why Wasn’t Declaration Signed in 2013?”

While Briceño says there is no rift in the party, in the wake of the signing of a seven-point declaration, several P.U.P. politicians have spoken out giving various reasons for [...]

Francis Fonseca Revisits Failed Idea of a Sarstoon Protocol

Last Wednesday, former Prime Minister Said Musa agreed that a protocol should be in place between Belize and Guatemala where it concerns access to the Sarstoon River.  He also said [...]

P.U.P. Leader Takes on Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington

The media also asked Briceño for a reaction to the comments made by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, on Monday. When asked about his thoughts on Diasporans voting in [...]

The Courtenay Doctrine Discussed in 2010 by P.U.P.

In 2010, the People’s United Party began discussing what is referred to as the Courtenay Doctrine, after former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eamon Courtenay. Courtenay was the only former foreign [...]

George Price’s 100th Birthday Celebrated

Today marks the one hundredth birthday of the Right Honorable George Cadle Price. Price who is known as the Father of the Nation passed on September nineteenth, 2011, a few [...]

Opposition Leader Urges G.O.B. to Assist Sugar Cane Farmers

P.U.P. Orange Walk South Area Representative Jose Abelardo Mai is on record speaking on the bad conditions of sugar roads and his concerns over the disbursement of monies earmarked for [...]

Kareem Musa Disagrees with Father, Rt. Hon. Said Musa

Earlier you heard former Foreign Minister Eamon Courtenay saying he won’t support going to the I.C.J. if certain conditions are not met.  Another P.U.P. colleague shares similar views.  Caribbean Shores [...]

Julius Espat Not Impressed With Former Foreign Ministers’ I.C.J. Declaration

P.U.P.’s Cayo South Area Representative, Julius Espat, says that he was not impressed with the five former foreign ministers who signed the I.C.J. declaration in support of a ‘yes’ vote. [...]

P.U.P. Leader Says Ex-Foreign Ministers Do Not Speak for the Party

Prime Minister Dean Barrow has called a press conference for Wednesday morning. It is known that the purpose is to reveal a declaration signed by former foreign ministers, including from [...]

Mayor Wagner Wants Pier One Bar Moved

After the ceremony, Mayor Bernard Wagner fielded questions from the media and one of the topics was the location of Pier One Bar. The infamous establishment received negative reviews after [...]

Holy Emmanuel Street to be Rehabilitated

Mayor Bernard Wagner was also asked about the state of Holy Emmanuel Street in the Gungulung area. After Mayor Wagner and his team took over management of the city, it [...]

Deputy Mayor and Town Councilor Rescind Resignation from PG Town Council

Deputy Mayor Franklin Polonio and Councilor Kevin Choc are back in the fold after being reinstated to the Punta Gorda Town Council.  This follows their short-lived resignation on Friday when [...]

Deputy Mayor, Councillor Resign from PG Town Council

There is a report tonight from Punta Gorda that two persons resigned from their post at the City Council. It involves the Deputy Mayor, Franklin Polonio and councillor Kevin Choc. [...]

The Terrible Conditions of the Sugar Roads in OW South

Every year there is some level of public outcry by cane farmers in respect to the deplorable state of sugar roads in the Corozal and Orange Walk Districts. And in [...]

Dianne Pulls Back the Curtain on Politicians and Gang Leaders

Lake Independence Standard Bearer Dianne Finnegan is representing the United Democratic Party in the 2020 general elections and is widely known for her involvement with at-risk youths through her apprenticeship [...]

A Different Perspective on Politics and Gangs

Not only does Finnegan acknowledge meeting with the bosses of both groups prior to her campaign rollout, she says she spoke in the context of helping them to realize their [...]

Lisa Shoman Breaks Down Politician and “Bad Man” Interaction

In Shoman’s Facebook editorial, she writes, “Both feed off each other.  The “don” gets finances, protection, recognition, turf security and favors by the association.  The politician gets information, personal security, [...]

P.U.P. Expresses Outrage over Police Brutality in San Pedro

The beating of the two men by the police is facing outrage in various quarters. The People’s United Party is condemning what it calls the outrageous, criminal actions of two [...]

P.U.P.: Barrow’s Smoke & Mirrors Circus Act

So on the eve of the New Year, the P.U.C. has not responded to government’s objection to the increase of forty-three cents in electricity rates. The P.U.C. chair, we are [...]

Corozal Town Council Audit Reveals Gross Mismanagement

Two weeks ago, the Corozal Town Council, under the leadership of Mayor Rigoberto Vellos, released a nine-page financial report. The report focuses on the spending timeline of the previous town [...]