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P.U.P. Leader Responds to Barnett Endorsement

On Wednesday, the U.D.P., all hyped up and bursting with enthusiasm, announced the entry of Doctor Carla Barnett into electoral politics. Barnett is no stranger to the public service, and [...]

Fonseca Speaks on Barnett’s Resignation

The U.D.P. has placed great emphasis on Barnett’s integrity in public life, and Prime Minister Barrow has stated publicly that it is perhaps her strongest point. The Prime Minister is [...]

P.U.P. Ready for Municipal Elections?

Earlier we showed you P.U.P. Leader Francis Fonseca’s response to the announcement of his opponent in Freetown. He wasn’t too impressed or concerned. Fonseca has other things on his mind [...]

Fonseca Says Belize City Challenging

So what’s the prediction for Belize City? It’s considered a U.D.P. stronghold with the U.D.P. holding on to eight of ten seats. Fonseca acknowledges that it will be a real [...]

P.U.P. Says NO to Offshore Drilling

There is increased environmental chatter recently after the Geology and Petroleum Department released its draft petroleum exploration policy. According to the wording on that draft, every part of the Belizean [...]

Dr. Carla Barnett Endorsed as U.D.P. Freetown Candidate

With much pomp and ceremony, this morning the United Democratic Party announced its new choice for the Freetown constituency, replacing caretaker Lee Mark Chang. Doctor Carla Barnett has worked under [...]

Barnett to Take On Francis Fonseca

As we mentioned, Barnett will be butting heads against a seasoned politician, a three-time winner in Freetown, a former Minister of Education and Attorney- General as well as the leader [...]

Barnett Joins Beverly Castillo on the U.D.P. Slate

Currently, there are only two women in the House of Representatives on the U.D.P. side. Both of them were brought in through the Senate, and not elected. The U.D.P. doesn’t [...]

Aragon Versus Carballo – Who Will Win Orange Walk East?

The P.U.P. convention for the Orange Walk East division was held over the weekend, and when the votes were counted, Josue Carballo had edged out Dave Burgos by twelve votes. [...]

Is Carla Barnett the New U.D.P. Standard Bearer for Freetown?

The prime minister has called a press briefing at U.D.P. headquarters Wednesday morning. Well, the invitation has been causing a stir since it was circulated. Sources tell News Five tonight [...]

Government Provides $2 Million for Sugar Roads

All stakeholders in the sugar industry are no doubt under intense pressure to get factors in place for a successful crop season. For things to work, all parties – the [...]

House of Representative Passes Amendments to the Sugar Act

The sugar crisis is a volatile one and has occupied the public conscious for months. On Sunday, the crisis came closer to resolution when the B.S.C.F.A. agreed to sign on [...]

DPM Says Government’s Hand Was Forced by B.S.C.F.A.

As justification, Prime Minister Barrow indicated that it was essential that the bill be pushed through all stages because of the new associations in play, and the complexities involved in [...]

Francis Fonseca Says Treachery and Betrayal Forced Caneros to their Knees

That justification didn’t impress P.U.P. Leader Francis Fonseca, who then declared open season on the government, and on those he called their moles and cronies within the B.S.C.F.A.  Fonseca says [...]

“Why You Gotta Be So Rude…to Audrey Matura-Shepherd?”

Fonseca also reserved special attention for Prime Minister Dean Barrow, asking him why he has to be so rude…to attorney Audrey Matura-Shepherd, that is. The P.M. recently referred to her [...]

John Briceño Speaks on What P.U.P. Has Done for Farmers…

Inside the House today, Orange Walk Central Area Representative today handed out his share of licks to his colleagues on the government’s side of the House. He started by making [...]

…And Chastises G.O.B. for Playing Politics

Briceño, after outlining what the P.U.P. has done for the industry, chastised the government for what he calls playing politics with an industry which affects the lives of fifty thousand [...]

PM Blames P.U.P. for Destruction of the B.S.C.F.A. and the Industry

As we’ve heard, government took its licks today over an issue which is serious business. The government has come under serious and sustained fire during the weeks of impasse. Government [...]

Said Musa Calls House Meeting Crap!

Usually the Prime Minister closes the session in the House, but today Area Representative of Fort George, Said Musa, felt inspired. He pulled no punches, claiming that the government’s entire [...]

PM Ridicules Fonseca in the House

Now there was a senior amount of mud-slinging at government today – as we’ve pointed out, it was open season. But if there’s one man who can give as good [...]

Newest Member in the House Takes the Oath

We end tonight’s coverage of the events on Independence Hill with the event which actually started the House meeting. Recently elected Cayo North Area representative Omar Figueroa was sworn in [...]

P.U.P. Celebrates Birthday of George Price

Nationally recognized as the father of the nation, George Price was remembered today by the party he led for four decades. Price passed away in 2011, but today he would [...]

Party Launches Education Platform

On the occasion of the ninety-sixth birthday of its deceased leader, the P.U.P. also launched its education platform entitled Education: Creativity plus Technology.  The policy is a call to arms [...]

P.U.P. Condemns G.O.B. for Destroying the Association

As has become apparent, the backs of farmers have been broken by a combination of ASR/B.S.I.’s inflexible stance, and G.O.B.’s deliberate withdrawal from the equation at a critical juncture. In [...]

…Says U.D.P. Fell Asleep At the Wheel

According to Fonseca, the signs of today’s sugar cane debacle were foretold when the government refused to allow cane farmers to purchase controlling shares in B.S.I.  He claims that a [...]