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P.U.P. Says Petrocaribe Act Must Be Repealed!

The Petrocaribe Amendment Act was tabled in the House of Representatives on Friday with no objections from across the aisle even though the Opposition wants it repealed. As you would [...]

Opposition Loses Opportunity to Present Alternative Bill in House

The People’s United Party consulted the expertise of a team of lawyers, led by Senior Counsel Andrew Marshalleck, to draft a legal alternative to the Petrocaribe Amendment Act.  With all [...]

Leader of the Opposition Says Expulsion of PUP Senator Was Unauthorized

As we said, the Speaker of the House, Michael Peyrefitte, instructed police to remove Senator Patrick Andrews from the gallery of the National Assembly building during last Friday’s sitting of [...]

Deputy Leader Julius Espat: Only Way to Repeal Legislation is to Vote Out U.D.P.

Deputy Leader Julius Espat, who also shared the head table with Fonseca, frankly says that the only means of repealing the newly passed law is to vote the present government [...]

Disgraced Politician Melvin Hulse Still Has a Place in Stann Creek West

Melvin Hulse stepped down as standard bearer for the U.D.P. less than a week ago after apologizing profusely to the Prime Minister for allegations made against his boss. In a [...]

Petrocaribe Celebrates Ten Years in Belize, PM Says Law Will Not be Repealed

In the midst of all the discussion on the Petrocaribe Loans Act, which the Opposition wants repealed, the Petrocaribe initiative officially celebrates its tenth anniversary. While there was much fanfare [...]

Barrow Says G.O.B. Won’t Entertain Chamber Criticism of Petrocaribe Law

As we told you earlier, the People’s United Party has drafted a legislation that effectively serves as an alternative to the Petrocaribe Amendment Act.  While the P.U.P. took into consideration [...]

Opposition Storms Out of House Meeting Following Ejection of P.U.P. Senator

Tonight, we have extensive coverage of a House meeting in which four significant bills were passed through their stages. But we start with certainly the most significant single event of [...]

Promise of Heated Debate Dashed By P.U.P. Walkout

The walk-out came as a complete surprise, and even some members on the Opposition side were unsure to leave the chambers. There was the promise of a heated debate today [...]

P.U.P. Issues Release on Legislative Assembly Powers and Privileges Act

Late this evening, the P.U.P. issued a statement on the walk out. According to the Opposition, the standing orders of the House makes it clear that a Speaker can only [...]

PM Barrow Sets Out Details of Petrocaribe Expenditure

As we mentioned earlier, the amended Petrocaribe Loan Motion was pushed through its stages today, obviously without debate from the absent Opposition. Earlier in the day, before that perhaps knee-jerk [...]

Despite Amendment, Opposition Sticks to its Guns, Petrocaribe Must be Repealed!

The Opposition doesn’t want to hear about supplementary appropriations where Petrocaribe is concerned. They maintain that the government is being less than transparent and accountable where the spending of those [...]

PM Reiterates: No Alcalde System Can Supersede Laws of Belize

Also before the Opposition walkout, another sensitive and critical issue was ventilated by Prime Minister Dean Barrow. On Monday the PM took a hard line against the Mayans of Santa [...]

Opposition Leader Says PM is Flaring Up Ethnic Tension Following Santa Cruz Fiasco

That stance has been criticized in various sectors as premature and one-sided, and today the Opposition finally weighed in, from outside the House. According to P.U.P. Leader, the position expressed [...]

PM on 8% Salary Increase for Teachers and Public Servants

Back to the House Meeting…just before the Opposition walked out and with government coffers overflowing with Petrocaribe money, PM Barrow announced that it was honouring an eight percent salary increase [...]

Toledo West Area Rep Weighs In On Santa Cruz Debacle

Earlier in our newscast you heard PM Dean Barrow speaking about what he called excessive force being used by Mayans to unlawfully detain a black Creole Belizean. Much has been [...]

Was Rupert Myles Aggressive in Santa Cruz?

Requeña says that Saturday’s events were precipitated by the very aggressive behaviour of Rupert Myles when he attended a meeting following months of being invited to speak to village leaders. [...]

Francis Says Flippin’ Is Right About Dean O.

On Thursday, the media received a rather embarrassing resignation letter from three decade politician, former U.D.P. Minister and now former Standard Bearer of Stann Creek West Melvin Hulse. The letter, [...]

Collet Area Rep Defends Petrocaribe Pibil Party

Tacos, pibil, BBQ, sand, sea, unlimited liquor and dancing to a live band….that’s how Collet Area Representative Patrick Faber does it, thanks to Petrocaribe! The politician has taken some hits [...]

Flippin’ Steps Down As U.D.P. Standard Bearer for Stann Creek West

To nobody’s great surprise, Melvin Hulse is no longer the Standard Bearer for the United Democratic Party in Stann Creek West. The news came via official U.D.P. press release today, [...]

Patrick Faber on Hulse’s Leaked Recording

As we told you earlier, Melvin Hulse has retracted comments he made about the prime minister and earlier today, he followed up with a resignation as U.D.P. standard bearer in [...]

P.U.P. Deputy Leader Says Flippin’s Resignation is Simply Damage Control

Hulse’s departure from U.D.P. politics comes in the wake of him making very serious allegations against his Party Leader and Prime Minister. Hulse was recorded while speaking at length about [...]

Flippin Bashes Gapi Vega, More From Explosive Recorded Conversation

On Monday night we brought you pieces of an explosive recording in which senior UDP insider and former Minister Melvin Hulse lashes out at Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Allegations made [...]

How Big is the PM’s Ego? Melvin Hulse Says It’s All About Money

The media has elected to not repeat specific allegations against the PM in the Hulse recording, but today the social media lit up bright all day long, gag order or [...]

PUP Believes Its Former Area Reps Caved Into Petrocaribe Dollars

While the P.U.P. leader and others in the opposition have had their say on the Melvin Hulse recordings, the Party also issued a statement today. The PUP says the Hulse [...]