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Parliamentarians Squabble Over Agriculture

Elrington was followed by the Area Representative for Orange Walk South Jose Abelardo Mai, who criticized the budget because he says it offers nothing for the agricultural sector, and no [...]

Espat Says Budget Has No Credibility

Following that back and forth Cayo South Area Representative Julius Espat, definitely not a favourite of the Barrow administration, got up to make his presentation on the budget. When the [...]

Speaker Shuts Down Espat on Petrocaribe

The debate on the very controversial Petrocaribe Bill, introduced in the House on Thursday, was scheduled to follow the debate on the Budget. But Espat got in some early shots [...]

Julius Espat Says PM Barrow Has Destroyed Democracy

Earlier in our newscast, we brought you some of the highlights of a budget debate which was largely uninspiring and lacklustre. Still, the Opposition managed to get in its jabs [...]

Mark Espat on Julius’s Mind

Former P.U.P. Albert Area Representative and current United Democratic Party insider, Mark Espat, may have left the overtly political arena years ago. But there’s no doubt his parting has left [...]

PM Lashes out at Julius Espat

The Prime Minister reserved a special dose of vitriol for Public Accounts Committee Chairman, Julius Espat. Espat on Wednesday said that the Bill, if passed, would in effect allow the [...]

P.U.P. Leader Says Budget’s Short, Empty and Full of Political Rhetoric

With that out the way, P.U.P. Leader Francis Fonseca got the budget debate started. He lashed out in short order, stating that not only was the 2015-2016 Budget the shortest [...]

Will Arrogance and Corruption Bring the U.D.P. Gov’t to its Knees?

Fonseca ended his presentation on a passionate note, claiming that the People’s United Party may be down, but they are not out. Rolling on the Petrocaribe bounty and unprecedented spending, [...]

The Haves and the Have Nots in Belize

Former Prime Minister and Fort George Area Representative Said Musa this morning echoed the words of Party Leader Francis Fonseca, claiming that the budget is all glitter and no substance, [...]

Musa Says Debt Profile of the Country Unsustainable

One particular area of interest to Musa is the debt profile of the country. He says that in 2008, the U.D.P. met manageable debt, and in less than ten years [...]

Patrick Faber Has His Take on the National Debt

Like with most things political, facts depend on who’s doing the talking. Earlier in the newscast, you heard Fort George Area Rep, Said Musa, say the P.U.P. did well where [...]

John Briceño Says Budget is Band-Aid Style Economics

We end today’s coverage of the Budget debate with the presentation from member for Orange Walk Central John Briceño, who broke down what he says are severe deficiencies in an [...]

G.O.B. Wants Access to Petrocaribe Without Oversight

There is a lot of political news tonight. We’ll come to that shortly, but we start with a rather unprecedented proposed new law. This Thursday, Belize’s Parliamentarians go to the [...]

U.D.P. Announces New Albert Candidate

It’s official. Albert constituency Area Representative Herman Longsworth is out. The wanna-be Area Rep., Phillip Willoughby, is also out. And Tourism C.E.O. and first-time, full-time politician Tracy Taegar-Panton is in. [...]

Tracy Taegar-Panton Says She is Now U.D.P.

Panton comes from a traditionally P.U.P. background, and even worked for years as Manager of the P.U.P.’s Belize Times. She has been affiliated with the very successful Mark Espat era [...]

P.U.P. Albert Candidate Surprised at the Announcement

So, the United Democratic Party formally introduced its new standard bearer for the Albert Division this morning, much to the surprise of many who believed that the candidacy would have [...]

Paul Thompson Says Panton is an Office Worker, Not a Field General

Thompson also says that he will be re-strategizing in the wake of the recent development and remains confident of his chances in his stomping grounds.   Isani Cayetano “Does the [...]

Longsworth and Willoughby Step Out in Albert

Back to Panton…She says she is confident that she can deliver the Albert constituency, and has committed to do just that. To have any chance at all, she will have [...]

What Did They Get to Walk Away?

Most would say that Longsworth’s stint as Albert Area Representative has been unremarkable, and while Willoughby wanted it really bad, he’ll never get his chance to shine in the Alberts. [...]

PM Cagey on Timing of General Elections

With Panton set to be installed, PM Barrow is setting up conventions in Belize Rural North, Orange Walk South and Caribbean Shores. Like we said, it’s all fine-tuning for general [...]

B.Y.M. Scrutinizes Budget – A Youth Perspective

The 2015-2016 Proposed Budget by the Barrow Administration will be heavily debated in the next two days at the National Assembly Building where it is expected that the Opposition will [...]

B.Y.M. Calls for Value for Money

BYM also touched on issues affecting the youth such as education and crime. Micah Goodin and Alberto Vellos spoke of not getting the monies worth out of what has been [...]

P.U.P. Executive Unanimously Endorses Francis Fonseca’s Leadership

Following a massive loss in municipal elections, the executive and key players in the P.U.P. have been circling the wagons around embattled leader Francis Fonseca. And today, in culmination of [...]

Johnny Briceño’s Noticeable Absence from Fonseca Endorsement

Executive members, parliamentarians and standard bearers today, but former Party Leader John Briceño was conspicuously absent. Briceño, last Friday, very publicly, supported the call for a national convention of the [...]

P.U.P. Campaign Manager Comments on Old Guard

There has been some criticism of the party for its refusal to let go of certain persons considered the old guard. But if you expected any mass jettisoning or serious [...]