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Guatemalan President Elect to Visit Belize

On Tuesday, we reported that Guatemalan President Elect, Jimmy Morales has embarked on a traditional tour of Central America and Mexico, which is part of the protocol by incoming presidents [...]

Still No Arrest in Election Night shooting

Sixteen days after he allegedly discharged his firearm in public on election night, a close affiliate and supporter of Minister of Police John Saldivar has yet to be charged, or [...]

Inaugural Sitting of the House of Representatives in Belmopan

Today members of both houses of the National Assembly were officially sworn in at an inaugural sitting on Independence Hill in Belmopan. The procedure was primarily ceremonial, conducted with traditional [...]

Mayor Darrell Bradley on Election Loss

Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley spoke candidly today about the results of last week’s elections. Bradley was beaten by Kareem Musa in Caribbean Shores by a slim margin. But a [...]

Has Election Loss Blown Wind Out of Bradley’s Political Sail?

There’s been enough speculation that Mayor Bradley was aspiring to lead the United Democratic Party. But has the loss at the general elections put a wrench in Bradley’s political aspirations?  [...]

What’s the Status of P.U.P.’s Finances?

The battle for leadership of the People’s United Party is currently being waged primarily in the social media. Whoever wants the title has until December fifteenth to submit their names, [...]

Will Cordel Hyde Replace Francis Fonseca as New P.U.P. Leader?

The biggest single issue on the political front in this week following the 2015 general election is the leadership vacuum in the Opposition People’s United Party. The day after a [...]

Lake-I Area Rep Says P.U.P. Needs to Renew Itself

Hyde says that successive failures have shown that it is time to stop paying lip service to change, and to make something happen. He wants to be an agent of [...]

Where Does Julius Espat Factor Into Leadership Equation?

Current Deputy Leader Julius Espat has also found himself thrown into the mix for leader. Today he didn’t go so far as to confirm that he will submit his name [...]

Julius Seconds the Notion for Urgent Change in P.U.P.

Espat agrees with Cordel Hyde that the Party needs to go back to its roots and shake things up, since the package currently being served isn’t getting the job done. [...]

Kareem Musa – Is He Also at the Gate for Leadership Race?

One name thrown into the leadership race is Caribbean Shores Area Representative Kareem Musa. He’s relatively new, with only one very significant, but recent victory under his belt. Like Espat, [...]

No Post Mortem Into P.U.P.’s Defeat at Polls, Full Steam Ahead

Those interviews with P.U.P. representatives were done at Independence Hall, where the P.U.P. held its National Executive meeting following a luncheon with leader Francis Fonseca. Chairman Henry Charles Usher told [...]

New P.U.P. Party Leader Will Choose Opposition Senators

Another decision that was taken at the Executive meeting of the People’s United Party is that as it relates to the senate, the status quo remains.  The three senators who [...]

Ceremonial Sitting of House of Representatives Set for Friday

The first sitting the Cabinet took place today in Belmopan; there are twelve full ministers and seven ministers of state who sat around the table. We do not have any [...]

Who Will Be the New P.U.P. Leader?

Who will be the new leader of the People’s United Party? That’s the million dollar question left hanging in the wake of the 2015 general election and the announcement of [...]

B.P.P. Challenges PM Barrow to Sign Onto Anti-Corruption Convention

The fight against corruption is an issue that has on the agenda of the former Vision Inspired by the People, which has now become the Belize Progressive Party. The B.P.P. [...]

…Third Party Urges Public to Have Area Representatives Pressure PM

The B.P.P. is also calling on the public to lobby their area representatives to ensure that Belize signs the United Nations Convention Against Corruption.   Paco Smith, Chairman, B.P.P. “Certainly [...]

Belize Progressive Party on Election Results

The general elections held last Wednesday was contested by three political parties—the People’s United Party, the United Democratic Party and the Belize Progressive Party. Considering itself a third option, the [...]

A New U.D.P. Cabinet is Sworn In

Following a decisive victory at the polls last week Wednesday, leader of the United Democratic Party Dean Barrow was sworn in as Prime Minister by the Governor General in a [...]

Six Senators Named to Upper Parliament, Lee Mark Chang is New President

Prime Minister Barrow also named the new Senators of the United Democratic Party, starting with his candidate who unsuccessfully attempted to regain the Freetown seat from P.U.P. leader Francis Fonseca. [...]

C.E.O.s Reshuffled, New Additions Introduced

Along with the designation of Cabinet Ministers to their respective portfolios, a total of nineteen Chief Executive Officers have also been appointed.  A majority of those C.E.O.s are returning, albeit [...]

Gapi Vega is Minister of Agriculture. Was He Demoted?

Of all the shuffles and tweaking which accompanied the appointment of the new Cabinet, on the face of it the title of biggest loser would have to go to Deputy [...]

Gapi Says Monchi Outspent Him in Orange Walk North

As the U.D.P.’s mover and shaker in the north, Gaspar Vega actually gained ground, holding on to four seats held by the party and adding one more. But in his [...]

PM Responds to Post-election Results Incident in Belmopan

In the midst of the election results euphoria in Belmopan, there was a very serious incident. One of John Saldivar’s supporters allegedly discharged a firearm into the air. He was [...]

Pablo Marin is Still Minister of Health, PM Comments

Two portfolios which received perhaps the most unflattering scrutiny, run by two Ministers who came under sustained attack pre-elections, were returned to those Ministers. One of those ministers is Corozal [...]