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Another Vega Land Scandal; Massive Swap of Farmland in Carmelita

The final session of the House of Representatives for 2016 kicked off this morning in Belmopan. Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber took the reins for the first time with the [...]

2012 Elections Stolen? 2,000 New “Citizens” May Have Swung It, Say Leaked Papers

Were 2012’s general elections stolen? The United Democratic Party prevailed by the slimmest of margins, winning sixteen seats to fifteen for the People’s United Party. In several constituencies, the vote [...]

Speaker is the Grinch; Julius Espat Kept Out of House for Christmas

Cayo South Area Representative Julius Espat will be kept away from the precincts of the National Assembly in Belmopan for the foreseeable future. Today, he faced a warrant for his [...]

Defiant Espat Vows to Resist as Colleagues Try Intercession

While the first attempt at returning Julius Espat to his seat in the House was unsuccessful, Espat’s fellow parliamentarians seemed to miss him somewhat, as the House was largely well-behaved [...]

Transport Minister Explains New System for Bus Fares

It has been over a month since Belizean commuters have seen bus fares go up in most of the country. They have complained that there is no justification, since fuel [...]

Nationality Rush Before 2012 Elections Exposed

Tonight there is more hanky-panky to reveal about the putrid state of affairs that was pervasive at the Immigration Department in years past. The Senate Select Committee on the Special [...]

Julius Espat to Stay Away from House on Friday; Will Compromise Allow Him In?

Cayo South Area Representative Julius Espat will not be attending Friday’s Sitting of the House of Representatives.  In fact, he will be keeping a fairly safe distance away from the [...]

Will Leading Parliamentarians Will Be Able to Agree on Letting Julius In?

So what became of the discussion among senior parliamentarians on both sides of the floor to have Espat reinstated?  According to the embattled politician, U.D.P. Party Whip, Michael Finnegan, is [...]

Julius Vs. Sedi On What to be Ashamed Of

On Wednesday, when asked to comment on Espat’s situation, Pickstock Area Representative Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington proceeded to upbraid his colleague.  He went on to say that it is a shame [...]

Opposition Files Motion to Discuss Net Vasquez Integrity Commission Appointment

The appointment of Nestor Vasquez to the Integrity Commission remains a hot button issue for the People’s United Party.  Opposition Senator Eamon Courtenay has raised serious concerns about Vasquez’s selection [...]

Sick P.M. to Miss House on Friday; Faber Steps Into Top Job

Prime Minister Dean Barrow did not make it back to Belize from New York for health reasons, following meetings with bondholders.  A release today says the PM is receiving medical treatment [...]

Wilfred Elrington Stands by “Naming” of “Rude, Disrespectful” Julius Espat

On Tuesday, the Chief Justice struck out a case brought against the Speaker of the House by Cayo South area rep Julius Espat. Espat argued that his removal from the [...]

Irregular, But Not Illegal: Auditor General Revises Position on Minister’s Visa Recommendations

The second session of the Senate Special Select Committee recalled Auditor General Dorothy Bradley, who was joined by direct assistant and Supervisor of Audit Carla Faber to answer further questions [...]

Will Immigration Go After Beneficiaries of Visas, Passports and Nationality?

Among the many irregularities found in the Immigration Audit Report’s three volumes is the curious process by which persons who had never set foot on Belizean shores were able to [...]

Friday Showdown at House as Julius, Thwarted in Court, Vows to Return

There could be a showdown almost equal to the titanic battle that proceeded on the afternoon of August twenty-sixth coming on Friday, December ninth. Cayo South area representative Julius Espat [...]

Opposition Leader Will Respect Court Decision; Speaker Makes Final Decision

Following the decision of the Supreme Court, News Five caught up with Leader of the Opposition John Briceño to get a reaction on the ruling.  While admittedly disappointed, he says [...]

Eamon Asks Godwin to Overturn Net Vasquez Appointment to Integrity Commission

Turning to a another contentious issue for the Opposition…Lead P.U.P. Senator Eamon Courtenay is making a direct appeal to his opposite number, Godwin Hulse, to step in and remove Nestor [...]

Should Veteran Net Accept Appointment?

In the Senate’s debate over appointing Vasquez to the Integrity Commission, Senator Courtenay had objected to the appointment mostly on the ground that Vasquez’s long-standing service at now-state-owned enterprise Belize [...]

Eamon Asks Godwin to Reverse Net Vasquez Integrity Commission Appointment

Arguing that the Senate was misled into approving the appointment and “a legal nullity”, lead Senator for the People’s United Party, Eamon Courtenay, has written Leader of Government Business in [...]

Chartered accountants confirm Net Vasquez is not one of their own

This evening, the Institute of Chartered Accountants convened its scheduled meeting and discussed the revelations surrounding the nomination of Net Vasquez to the Integrity Commission. I.C.A. had written to the [...]

No Agreement on Special Agreement as Opposition Asks: What’s The Rush?

The Senate met for its latest session today at the National Assembly in Belmopan with a full agenda. Thirteen motions were tabled for debate and consideration, of which ten were [...]

Courtenay Blasts “Salami Sausage Diplomacy”; Confident A.G. States the Facts

Senator Courtenay went on to attack what he called “salami sausage diplomacy” – the piecemeal offerings by the Government on the Guatemala issue, starting with the ratification of the Special [...]

Integrity Commission Named; Can Partisan Appointees Be Neutral?

The Integrity Commission was finally named today. The names of Marilyn Williams for Chairman; Armead Gabourel; Lisbeth Delgado; Wilmot Simmons; Nestor Vasquez; Melissa Balderamos Mahler and Claudet Grinage have been [...]

Why Always Net? P.U.P. Knocks G.O.B. for Rejecting Institute of Chartered Accountants’ Nominee

New chair Marilyn Williams is being appointed in her capacity as an attorney, as provided for by law, while Nestor Vasquez is being appointed in his capacity as an accountant [...]

UNCAC Finally on the Way!

Also debated before the Senate today is the resolution authorizing the accession by Belize to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC). Belize is nine days away from the formal [...]