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P.U.P. Cayo North Area Representative Steps Down

  Tonight, there are confirmed reports that P.U.P. Cayo North Area Representative Joseph Mahmud has thrown in the political towel. Those reports indicate that Mahmud handed in his resignation to [...]

Women In Politics, An Initiative by WIN-Belize

Even though there have been small steps, the odds are against women who want to become involved in the front lines of politics. One organization that wants to reverse these [...]

P.U.P.’s Decision to Oust Arthur Saldivar Stands, Says Party Leader

As you know, the P.U.P. will be seeking a new standard bearer for Belize Rural North. Arthur Saldivar was removed on Wednesday after serious allegations were made against him and [...]

Arthur Saldivar Removed As P.U.P. Belize Rural North Standard Bearer

At ten minutes past four this evening, the political career of Arthur Saldivar, at least as a Standard Bearer of the People’s United Party, came to an end. Following a [...]

A House Divided: Angry Supporters Stand Outside Independence Hall

P.U.P. Leader Francis Fonseca told the media that any opposition to the decision in the ranks of the Belize Rural North Executive is merely speculation. But it’s actually much more [...]

Is Godfrey Smith to Blame for Arthur’s Removal?

Blease insists that in meetings with the four member investigating committee, the Executive was told that there was no evidence against Arthur Saldivar. The Belize Rural North Executive claims that [...]

Arthur Saldivar Says There’s Much To be Desired of Francis Fonseca’s Leadership

Following the decision of the P.U.P. to remove him, Arthur Saldivar spoke briefly to the media at the Radisson Fort George. He says that it’s not about the P.U.P., but [...]

P.U.P. Says Faber Must Explain Assault on MoE Employee

Minister of Education Patrick Faber is taking significant heat at the moment. The senior U.D.P. Member of Parliament has been accused of assaulting two women during a party at his [...]

P.U.P. Call on Police to Investigate the Incident

The People’s United Party has called on the police to carry out and complete an investigation into the matter. That seems distinctly unlikely, based on the response by the police [...]

P.U.P. Leader Says Petrocaribe Infrastructure Loan Needs House Approval

Late last month, Prime Minister Dean Barrow was asked about a twenty million dollar loan from Venezuela through the Petrocaribe Initiative which is being used for infrastructural works ongoing nationwide. [...]

P.U.P. Attorney Arthur Saldivar in the Hot Seat…Again!

There is more political news. While U.D.P. Minister Patrick Faber is under heavy public scrutiny tonight, attorney Arthur Saldivar’s political star is dimming very quickly.  Saldivar is currently on suspension [...]

P.U.P. Leader Says Video Will Be Used Against Saldivar…

This afternoon, the People’s United Party called a press conference. The P.U.P. leader, Francis Fonseca was asked about the Saldivar fiasco. He told the media that the members of the [...]

P.U.P. Says PM Barrow Lied in the House…

P.U.P. Leader, Francis Fonseca was among the last Friday’s House meeting. He pointed out that the government was not helping P.U.P. town Councils. But the Prime Minister responded with serious [...]

P.U.P. Insulted by PG Town Council Receivership…

The monthly subvention that the PG Town Council receives, says Fonseca, is in the tune of twenty-two thousand to pay salaries for the mayor, his deputy and councilors. But the [...]

Broaster Skirts Around GSU/PUP Tiff

The very public war of words between former Prime Minister Said Musa and GSU Commander Mark Flowers has gone viral. It’s the big thing on the airwaves, morning shows and [...]

Musa’s Fiery Remarks at Cordel’s Convention Angers GSU Boss

There has been no love between the People’s United Party and the Gang Suppression Unit and tonight those bad relations have reached rock bottom. Complaints of police brutality at the [...]

Inspector Mark Flowers Launches Personal Attack on Said Musa

Those comments made by former Prime Minister Said Musa on the political podium at Saturday’s Lake Independence convention have angered GSU Commander Mark Flowers. Now normally politicians and police keep [...]

Former P.M. Says Flowers’ Comments Are Unbecoming of a Public Officer

Well this afternoon, the former prime minister did come back to the media. Speaking at today’s press conference, Said Musa described Inspector Flowers’ response as an emotional attack on him.  [...]

P.U.P. Demands the Removal of GSU Boss

The reaction from the P.U.P. was swift. The Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca reiterated the call for the disbandment of the Gang Suppression Unit, as well as the removal [...]

Arthur Saldivar’s Fate as a P.U.P. to be Decided by National Executive

P.U.P. Belize Rural North standard bearer Arthur Saldivar remains suspended tonight amid an ongoing investigation into a number of serious allegations that are directly affecting his candidacy in the next [...]

Cordel Returns to His Political Roots in Lake-I

Former Lake-I area representative and two-time Minister of Education Cordel Hyde is officially back in the P.U.P. fold.  Hyde, who is unbeaten in that constituency, stepped down from participating in [...]

Protest in Wake of Saldivar’s Suspension from P.U.P.

On Wednesday, Belize Rural North Standard Bearer, Arthur Saldivar, was suspended from the P.U.P., pending the outcome of an internal investigation scheduled for conclusion on September twelfth. Saldivar, an attorney, [...]

Did Arthur Saldivar Make Off with Coye’s Money?

But while the Belize Rural North executive shouts for Saldivar’s reinstatement and heckles the P.U.P. and Melonie Coye, the reality is that the allegations against him are serious – career [...]

Saldivar’s Suspension Too Little Too Late

Over at the Radisson, the Prime Minister was asked about the Arthur Saldivar suspension. Barrow says it’s a little too late.   Prime Minister Dean Barrow “(Laughs) I don’t know [...]

Edmond Castro talks about Arthur Saldivar’s predicament

The People’s United Party has suspended, attorney Arthur Saldivar as standard bearer for the Belize Rural North Constituency. That happened on Wednesday at a meeting called by the executive to [...]