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P.M.: Eamon Courtenay’s Positions Inconsistent

P.U.P. Senator Eamon Courtenay has come under fire from the ruling United Democratic Party and the Government of Belize, both of whom are demanding his immediate resignation from upper parliament.  [...]

P.M.’s Law Firm Has No Conflicts of Interest; He Dismisses “Blue Herring”

So, what about the perceived conflict of interest purportedly arising out of business being conducted by the prime minister’s law firm with Ashcroft-related companies?  The PM flatly describes that perception [...]

Small Protest Comes to Eamon Courtenay’s Law Offices

A handful of protesters headed to the steps of the law firm, Courtenay Coye LLP, on A Street this morning as the United Democratic Party heats up its campaign against [...]

Senator and Attorney Says It’s Democracy

The target of the protestors’ ire returned to his office just before they arrived. He had been at court for an unrelated matter and spoke briefly in response to the [...]

Eamon Courtenay Challenges Prime Minister on Conflict of Interest

The Government and the United Democratic Party are on a campaign claiming that Senator Eamon Courtenay is a textbook case of conflict of interest since he sits on the senate [...]

Explaining the Lawsuits Filed by Courtenay and Company

Courtenay says that the Crown Proceedings Amendment Law, which was passed at the same time as the Central Bank International Immunities Law, is not only unconstitutional, but a direct attack [...]

Courtenay Says Prime Minister Told Falsehood to Get Support for Immunities Law

On Monday during the People’s United Party’s press conference, the party’s legal adviser, Senior Counsel Andrew Marshalleck, gave reporters a primer on the issue of legal immunity. As he explained, [...]

Courtenay Says Senate Inquiry Doesn’t Miss Him

In a release issued last Friday, government claimed that Courtenay aborted the senate inquiry to travel to Washington on another case against Belize even though an important witness was to [...]

Personal Attack a Smokescreen for National Problems

But when all is said and done is the senator being used as a scapegoat to deflect from the major financial problems of the country, including a proposed increase in [...]

P.U.P. Says Eamon Goes Nowhere

The People’s United Party has rallied support behind its leader in the Senate, Eamon Courtenay, amid calls for his removal by the United Democratic Party and the Government of Belize. [...]

Nationalized Utilities to be Sold Off for Budget Money?

At a press conference this afternoon, the P.U.P. also spoke of the party’s positions on various issues including the nationality rush prior to the 2012 elections. We will have that [...]

2012 Injustice Fuels P.U.P. Demand for Re-Registration

Turning to the latest in the party’s ongoing fight to redeem itself for its unexpected and stupefying loss in the 2012 general elections. The party secured fourteen seats to seventeen [...]

Andrew Marshalleck’s International Immunity Primer

Senior Counsel Andrew Marshalleck has been advising the People’s United Party as its legal adviser on the question of the Central Bank (International Immunities) Act and Crown Proceedings (Amendment) Act, [...]

How to Fix the Economy, P.U.P. Style

The Opposition People’s United Party did not expect to be consulted by the Government, as they have the social partners, for ideas on how to fix the shortfall in the [...]

Solving the Potato Conundrum in San Carlos

The Ministry of Agriculture has stopped granting licenses for the importation of white potatoes. It says this is in benefit of local farmers whose production season of strictly red potatoes [...]

G.O.B. Claims Eamon Courtenay Abandoned Senate Hearing for Ashcroft

The United Democratic Party issued a first salvo on Wednesday of this week against Senator Eamon Courtenay. Today, smack in the middle of an ongoing hearing unearthing corruption in the [...]

P.U.P. Issues Message of Support for Senator Eamon Courtenay

The People’s United Party today issued a statement strongly supporting its lead Senator, Eamon Courtenay in the wake of a full-fledged U.D.P. campaign to remove Courtenay from the senate. The [...]

U.D.P. Wants Eamon Out of Senate; He Hits Back

The ruling United Democratic Party has issued a call for the Opposition People’s United Party to remove its lead Senator, Eamon Courtenay, for what it calls an “outright betrayal of [...]

Re-Registration Now, Demands Belize Progressive Party

Last week the People’s United Party complained of Government’s plans to postpone re-registration once again, this time to after the 2018 municipal elections. However, there are plans to proceed with [...]

Don’t Believe Government ‘Spin’ on Arbitration, B.P.P. Warns

When we caught up with the Progressive Party chairman Paco Smith today, he also weighed in on Belize’s current troubles with the various arbitration awards under dispute here and in [...]

Senate Inquiry Must Not Be ‘Exercise in Futility’

Wednesday’s meeting of the Senate Special Select Committee will feature appearances from Edgar Cano, senior immigration officer; ex-C.E.O. in the Ministry of Immigration Candelaria Saldivar-Morter, and one other person. And [...]

Kareem Musa: G.O.B. Has No Excuse for Re-Registration

The Opposition People’s United Party was first off the mark in condemning a proposal by the Elections and Boundaries Commission to postpone the timing of re-registration of voters to after [...]

Pickstock Rep Talks about Benefits of Re-Registration

The decision by the Elections and Boundaries Commission to embark on countrywide re-registration and redistricting exercises after municipal elections are held in 2018 has raised the ire of the People’s [...]

Postpone Re-Registration Again? P.U.P. Says No Way

At this hour, a meeting of the Election and Boundaries Commission is taking place. It was called by Chairman Doug Singh to discuss several proposals related to conduct and practice [...]

Re-Districting before Re-Registration is Illogical, Says Kareem Musa

The P.U.P. also says that it denounces any attempt by the Commission to carry out a re-districting exercise before a re-registration exercise, since such an exercise, in its view would [...]