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P.U.P. Says Belizeans Should Have Been Consulted In Bilateral Agreements

As we said, the Opposition is not on board with the agreements. The P.U.P. issued a release earlier acknowledged that the opposition has participated in the bilateral discussions and negotiations, [...]

Is There Any Constitutional Constraint Against Implementation Of The Agreements?

Immediately following the signing of the agreements, Prime Minister Barrow responded to the P.U.P. position on the thirteen agreements with Guatemala.  He was quizzed by the media in Placencia on [...]

P.U.P. Launches Its City Council Slate

It is slightly more low-key and there were no bells and whistles when the People’s United Party endorsed its eleven candidates for the March Belize City Council elections. The launch [...]

Darrell Bradley’s Political Future…Is He In or Is He Out?

There is a lot of speculation that Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley is calling it quits and that there is growing friction between him, councilors and his party. In fact, [...]

Area Representative Says No Dialysis for PG Patients

Even as the Petrocaribe money continues to roll, the initiative continues to generate criticism. Actually it’s not the initiative, per se, but the priorities of the government which controls the [...]

Requeña Condemns Government for Dilapidated Roads in PG

According to Requeña, he has raised many issues in the National Assembly, but apparently nobody on the government side is listening. So he’s using the media in an attempt to [...]

P.U.P. Leader Says PM Barrow Negligent in Filing declarations

Last week, the Vision Inspired by the People protested in Belmopan to draw attention to perceived corruption in government, and the need for the Integrity Commission to become a real [...]

P.U.P. Says They Are Ready for Municipal Elections

Will Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley be a part of the U.D.P. team when municipal elections roll around in March? That’s the question everybody’s asking, including the U.D.P.  The P.U.P. [...]

Political Candidates Nominated in Cayo

Elections in Cayo North will be held on January fifth, as the P.U.P.’s Richard Harrison goes up against the U.D.P.’s Omar Figueroa. The odds are stocked firmly against Harrison, who [...]

P.U.P. Leader Supports Julius Espat’s ‘NO’ to Petrocaribe Xmas Cheer

Late last week, P.U.P. Deputy Leader Julius Espat announced that he would be refusing the U.D.P.’s Christmas Cheer, even after the Party as an executive decided to accept it. Instead, [...]

Julius Espat Turns Down Christmas Cheer for Cayo South

P.U.P. Deputy Leader Julius Espat will not be participating in the Petrocaribe-sponsored Christmas cheer program. Through that political initiative, all U.D.P. Area Reps will allegedly be receiving one hundred and [...]

Will Mayor Bradley Run Again in 2015 Municipals?

So where does this go from here? The Mayor has put his foot down, and so has the Prime Minister. Who will win that cock-fight is a no-brainer, but the [...]

P.U.P. Bashes Mortgage Cheer Program

The Christmas Cheer monies have been disbursed, we hear, thanks to Petrocaribe. News Five understands that U.D.P. Area Representatives have gotten one hundred and ten thousand dollars…P.U.P. Area representatives have [...]

P.U.P. Deputy Says Petrocaribe Priorities Are Skewed

P.U.P. Deputy Leader Julius Espat also weighed in on the mortgage giveaway which he says is pure nonsense. Apart from the shameless politicking, Espat claims that there is much better [...]

International Anti-Corruption Day is celebrated

On October thirty-first, 2003, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the UN Convention against Corruption.  The Assembly also designated December ninth as International Anti-Corruption Day, to raise awareness of corruption [...]

VIP lashes out a G.O.B. over use of Petrocaribe funds

Since announcing its Christmas loan program a few weeks ago, hundreds of Belizeans from across the country have stood in snaking queues at the National Bank waiting to apply for [...]

P.M. on Christmas Cheer

So when that good thing comes to an end, G.O.B. will deal with it. But for now, the coffers are chock full of the green stuff…overflowing even. And some of [...]

P.U.P. Says It Will Participate in Christmas Cheer Program

The People’s United Party will participate in Government’s Christmas Cheer program, funded with Petrocaribe monies. That announcement by the Party’s Secretariat has been met with raised eyebrows in some quarters, [...]

Richard Harrison Launches Campaign for Cayo North Bye-election

Less than a month from today, two untried and untested politicians will go up against each other in Cayo North. The seat up for grabs is Cayo North, which was [...]

P.M. Barrow Says G.O.B. is Clear on Employment of B.M.L. Workers

What’s going on with Mayor Darrell Bradley? There’ve been reports that he’s been threatening resignation and all sorts of calamitous political stuff. Then there’ve been reports of him packing up [...]

BWC Attorneys Crowfoot City Hall Trucks

Belize City’s Mayor Darrell Bradley has been having his share of financial woes of late, since he is faced with the commitment of taking on one hundred and seventy new [...]

Former OW Mayor Passes Away

Orange Walk’s first and only female Mayor to date, Agripina Espejo, passed away in Belize City on Wednesday afternoon. Espejo had served as the United Democratic Party’s Mayor from 1994 [...]

Gilroy Usher Protests in Port Loyola

A peaceful protest by residents of Port Loyola, avid supporters of P.U.P. Standard Bearer Gilroy Usher Senior, ended in a brief squabble with area representative Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez this morning.  [...]

Christmas Cheer Mortgage Program Explained

On Tuesday, government announced that it was going ahead with a Residential Mortgage Payment Program it had first announced in September to pay interest and principal payments for mortgages for [...]

UDP chairman Alberto August & standard bearer John August allegedly asks councilors to step down

While the abrupt resignation of Joseph Mahmud from the House of Representatives has forced a bye-election in Cayo North, internal squabbling within the Santa Familia village council has resulted in [...]