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Left Waiting by Senate, “Boots” Derides “Circus” Inquiry

The public hearings of the Senate Special Select Committee resumed today with Immigration Clerk Ady Pacheco reappearing before the senate panel.  We will have highlights of that testimony later on, [...]

Minister States Burgess’ Accusations are “Hearsay”

The Minister characterizes Burgess’ statements as “hearsay” without any basis or foundation. But when questioned about whether Burgess’ testimony is not helpful, he contended that the Committee ought to limit [...]

A Few Recommendations for Visas, But Martinez Says There’s Nothing Wrong

According to the Minister, he has regularly recommended both constituents and acquaintances for a variety of Government services during his time in office. In the case of visa requests, that [...]

Ady Pacheco Defends Peter Dahlstrom Decision

Immigration officer Ady Pacheco was the sole witness this morning. She was thoroughly grilled by the members of the Committee on various cases and scenarios resulting in improper granting of [...]

How Did San Pedro Harmouches Get So Much Help?

Pacheco was also questioned about the case of the Harmouch family of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, who appeared to recruit a powerful ally in area representative Manuel Heredia Junior. [...]

No News On Missing Passports

The Auditor General’s Report details many instances of persons being granted passports illegally.  But the Audit Department’s search uncovered thousands of blank passports that were simply reported as missing or [...]

Green Card for Boots?

Minister of Transport Edmond Castro had his U.S. diplomatic and personal visas revoked a few weeks ago for unconfirmed reasons, though his alleged involvement in the Immigration scandal is considered [...]

Intoxicated Corporal Punished, But What Help for Stressed Cops?

Police Constable Florencio Rash has been internally charged by the Belmopan Police for the offence, Prejudice of Good Order and Discipline. He was taken before a Disciplinary Tribunal, where he [...]

Departing Chester Says City Gang Truce Will Survive

ACP Chester Williams is recognized for minimizing the bloodshed in the Old Capital, specifically as it relates to gang-related violence. Earlier this year, Williams and his team of mediators, including [...]

Jane Usher Hosts Chester’s Final “Meet and Greet”

In his final meet and greet session today, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams was in the Jane Usher Boulevard area not only to bid farewell, but to get a [...]

Chester Thankful for the Memories

As of Saturday, July first, Eastern Division South will have a new commander. Superintendent Marco Vidal takes over from Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams. Vidal is the former head [...]

S.I.B. Tracks More Economic Activity, But Also More Unemployment

Prices for goods and services shot up considerably in May of this year when compared to the same period last year. Consumers were hard hit on the pocket due to [...]

It’s Time to Ride Across Belize with S.S.B.

Since 2004, the Social Security Board’s staff has been supporting non-profits and other local projects doing community work by work raising monies to help fund worthy causes. The annual ‘Ride [...]

New Enforcement at “Party Strip” Not About Politics; D.O.E. Agrees

We have been reporting that the Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley is at the center of a controversy involving residents and business owners in the vicinity of Newtown Barracks.  Despite [...]

Area Resident Valerie Woods Says Enforcement Has Delicate Balance

Among those present at last Wednesday’s meeting was Valerie Woods.  Not only is she a P.U.P. senator from Caribbean Shores, Woods also resides within proximity of the Pickwick Club.  Her [...]

Charged Elvin Penner “sorry” he didn’t see cyclist coming

Former Minister Elvin Penner is home tonight on bail; this afternoon he was arraigned for manslaughter by negligence of Kenrick Myvette, a motorist who was killed on Friday night. Penner [...]

Mark Mendez found dead; family says goodbye as hunt begins for killer

It had been expected, but the loss of twenty-four year old Mark Mendez of Teakettle, Cayo District, hurts no less for his family and the village. The five-day saga that [...]

Mom forgives Akeem Guzman’s killer but wants to know why

Police are looking, but no one has been detained for the murder of twenty-one year old San Ignacio resident, Akeem Guzman. Guzman was shot once to the back by a [...]

Amin Cho of Guinea Grass sought for shopkeeper’s murder

Police are also turning to the public for assistance in locating a man believed to be responsible for the murder of Pedro Pol, an elderly shopkeeper from the village of [...]

City Mayor weighs entertainment and residents’ concerns along ‘party strip’

Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley has found himself in quite a pickle, following a leaked memo last Thursday in which he single-handedly served notice to bar owners operating in the [...]

Darrell Bradley defends “reactive” policies

On Friday afternoon, the Belize City Council held a caucus meeting to address the issue of the entertainment strip.  News Five understands that a majority of the councilors who attended [...]

Area resident Valerie Woods says don’t stop the party, just be responsible

According to Valerie Woods, a resident in the immediate vicinity of the Pickwick Club, while the problems they have been facing are indeed bothersome, it wasn’t expected that the mayor [...]

CitCo not to blame for proposal to change Carnival route

The annual carnival road march is at least three months away and there is already controversy brewing as a result of a proposal to reroute the parade from the Princess [...]

Mayor endorses fellow councilors; says it’s about the work

The United Democratic Party is gearing up for the upcoming municipal elections in Belize City.  Eight councilor candidates are so far officially in the run for local government in March [...]

Works Ministry says it will stick to final evaluation for Felix Castillo’s land

On Monday, we brought you the exclusive story of Felix Castillo, whose land in the Santa Elena area Government took over, along with other landowners, for purposes of building the [...]