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P.S.U. Repudiates Mayor Belisle’s Statements on Land Sale

The Public Service Union came out swinging on Monday when it lambasted the Belmopan City Council for secretly selling off a parcel of land within the Ring Road that it [...]

P.S.U. Says We Ain’t Going Nowhere!

On Thursday, it was revealed that the physical location in Corozal which businessman Xin Ni used to register Simplex Design Company Limited is actually the home address of P.S.U. branch [...]

Former Prime Minister Explain P.S.U.’s Hilltop Lease Agreement

Former Prime Minister Said Musa has weighed in on the matter. Musa released a statement today in which he recalls that when he was Prime Minister in 2000, officers of [...]

John Saldivar Accuses Said Musa of Giving Hilltop Away

According to Musa, he was shocked to learn that the present Belmopan City Council has sold the property to an Asian businessman of Corozal. Musa was also shocked when he [...]

What’s the State of the Sarstoon F.O.B. 2 Years Later?

An accident involving a Belize Defense Force soldier stationed at the forward operating base near the mouth of the Sarstoon River is raising serious questions about the conditions of the [...]

Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries Speaks Out on Gillnets Task Force

Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries fired off a release today expressing concerns over the functionality of the Gillnet Task Force, which was formed in February to reduce the harmful impacts of [...]

The Coalition Wants Answers

The Belize Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries is demanding that the Ministry of Fisheries release the composition of the members of the Gillnet Task Force as well as the list of [...]

Strengthened Protection for MPAs under New Fisheries Bill

The Fisheries Department and its partners have been revising the Fisheries Bill, which they hope to see approve in the near future. The changes aim to make the existing act [...]

WCS Hosts Global Marine Meeting in Belize

Since Monday of this week, more than twenty Wildlife Conservation Society representatives, including programme officers and country directors from around the world, have been meeting in Belize. The organization, which [...]

The Work of Glovers Reef Research Station

The opportunities to conduct research in Belize have been growing and if you ask about marine research, you’ll find out that those opportunities are endless. From mangroves to fin-fish, turtle [...]

Ensuring that Premature Babies Develop into Normal Children

Teenage girls are having babies at an early age; some as young as thirteen years have given birth. On the occasion of World Prematurity Day, there is focus on the [...]

The Cancer Society and Smart Team Up to Create a Cancer App

The Belize Cancer Society officially launched a cancer app today at its offices in Belize City. Working in conjunction with Smart, the application is available for download, in the first [...]

Happy Garifuna Settlement Day!

Activities are ongoing to celebrate the arrival of the Garifuna to Belizean shores. Here in Belize City, Lerisi Garifunaduau will be the venue for a mega concert on November eighteen [...]

Xin Ni Uses Bogus Corozal Address to Purchase Hilltop

The sensational story involving the questionable sale of choice land between the Belmopan City Council and Chinese businessman Xin Ni continues to unravel.  Tonight, the plot thickened because the Vice [...]

Belmopan Mayor Circumspect on Who CitCo Negotiated Hilltop Land Deal With

On Tuesday, Mayor Khalid Belisle hosted a press conference during which he refuted claims made by the Public Service Union.  When asked who from Simplex Design brokered the deal with [...]

B.D.F. Soldier Loses Eye at Sarstoon F.O.B.

The Forward Operating Base at the mouth of the Sarstoon River is placed at a strategic location at Belize’s southernmost border with Guatemala.  The post is manned around the clock [...]

Valerie Woods Clears Her Name in Sittee River Wildlife Scam

Senator Valerie Woods is away in Ukraine attending a meeting of Parliamentarians for Global Action, but when her name began circulating earlier today, in respect of a scam involving the [...]

Orange Walk ITVET on Sit-Out!

Since Tuesday of this week, ITVET Orange Walk teachers have been on a sit-out. They have been showing up to school, but have not been teaching so the three hundred [...]

Mayor Wagner Says City Council Spending Way Less

Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner announced today that the council has been able to collect significantly more income due to the council’s efficiency in revenue collection, hard stance against political [...]

P.U.P. City Council to ‘Blanket the City with the New Manhole Coverage’

The P.U.P. Belize City Council has also made plans to address the city’s manhole problem. Mayor Wagner says that the manholes will soon be covered while the council embarks on [...]

Southside Belize City to get Ring Road Community Park

In the north side of Belize City, there are the B.T.L. and Memorial Parks, two social recreation areas enjoyed by city residents mainly of the surrounding areas. The Belize City [...]

An Expo at Saint John’s College

There was no lack of creativity and innovation at the annual Saint John’s College Junior College expo. Every year, the students get the opportunity to test and expose products and [...]

P.U.P. Licks Out at Belmopan Mayor Over Questionable Land Sale

The People’s United Party has weighed in on the land dispute involving the Belmopan City Council and the Public Service Union.  In a release issued earlier today, the opposition party [...]

A Course of Action to Recover Hilltop

On Monday, P.S.U. President Doreth Cayetano-Obermayer told the media during a press conference that they have always been under the impression, aside from supporting documents, that the land in question [...]

Philip Jones Threatens Court Action against Department of Transport

According to Musa, the decision of the Department of Transport will be appealed and based on the minister’s decision, it will be decided whether the matter will be taken before [...]