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P.M. Barrow Finds No Smoking Gun in Audit Reports, But Will Question Ministers

The Special Audit Reports on the Immigration and Nationality Department are to be laid before the House of Representatives on Friday, and are sure to engineer much talk and opprobrium. [...]

Ministers Intervened in Visa Process Repeatedly – and Flouted the Law

Not a smoking gun on corruption?….well the Special Audit during the period 2011-2013, unearthed so many irregularities in the issuance of visas and passports that could not have been carried [...]

Government Ministers Also Wrote-in for People to Get Nationality Despite Irregular Documents

Ministers of government also illegally intervened in the nationality process when there is no such provision for them to do so in the Belize Nationality Act, pointed out by the [...]

Prime Minister Pleased With O.A.S. Report – But What Will Guatemala Say?

The Barrow Administration is reeling from scandal to scandal. Fresh off the Danny Mason saga interrupted by Hurricane Earl, the hustle of visas, nationalities and passports at the immigration department [...]

B.D.F. Commander Says He Knew it All Along – His Soldiers Did Not Kill Julio Alvarado

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that it today officially received the independent report on the killing of Guatemala minor Julio Rene Alvarado Ruano. The report carries a chronology [...]

Patrol May Still Be Responsible For Teen’s Death

The O.A.S. investigation confirms that the incident occurred within the Adjacency Zone administered by Belize. On the twentieth of April, Julio Alvarado was killed and his father and brother were [...]

No Turning Back On Section 53, Says P.M. As He Goes After Teachers’ Union

In spite of the protest that took place on Tuesday while he was out of the country, and the one he faces when he goes to the House on Friday, [...]

Minister John Saldivar Defends Immigration Involvement

The Special Audit will be fully ventilated at Friday’s House meeting where it is expected that the government side will try their best to exculpate themselves from the shenanigans. Earlier [...]

Guatemalan on the Run for Wife’s Murder Got Belize Passport to Enter Mexico

In the Special Audit, it is reordered that a number of persons who illegally obtained the Belizean birthright were anywhere from human traffickers to terrorist suspects. Among the undesirables is [...]

General David Jones Says Dangers Remain in Chiquibul

When we caught up with B.D.F. Commander, Brigadier General David Jones, we also wanted to know about the state of affairs in the Chiquibul. According to Jones, the area where [...]

Jones Says It’s Time for Independent Investigation into Danny Conorquie’s Death

The Government of Belize supported an international independent investigation on the shooting death of the Guatemalan minor and four months later, the results showed the joint patrol of B.D.F. soldiers [...]

Courts Gives $25,000 to Hurricane Earl Victims

Today Unicomer (Belize) Limited, the company which manages the Courts and Tropigas merchandise store chains in Belize, made a formal donation to families affected by Hurricane Earl through the Belize [...]

Red Cross Says Gift Vouchers Will Be Used to Get Back Needed Household Items

The donation, according to Director General of the Belize Red Cross Lily Bowman, will be used to replace much needed household items lost to the hurricane.   Lily Bowman, Director [...]

Healthy Living’s Smart Start for Back to School

Summer vacation is officially coming to an end. By the first week of September, all children across the country will be back in school. At this point, all the schools [...]

Vindication! O.A.S. Report Says B.D.F. Did Not Kill Guatemalan Child

An official report is completed, but is yet to be presented to the Government in respect of the shooting death of fourteen year old Julio Rene Alvarado Ruano. The minor [...]

Suspected Human Trafficker, One of Many to Benefit from “Blank” Passports

The special audit on the visas, nationality and passports hustle covers a two-year period: 2011 to 2013. The feeding frenzy during that brief period was obviously gluttonous, and if the [...]

Immigration Minister Complains: Auditors Didn’t Speak to Him

The Special Audit ahead of Friday’s meeting of the House of Representatives remains a hot topic of national importance.  The lengthy report names a number of elected officials and sitting [...]

Chinese Nationals Welcome to Come to Belize If They Are Qualified Says Hulse

According to Hulse, the influx of Chinese nationals into the country should not be seen as a negative if the country is able to benefit financially from the sale of [...]

Hulse: Visas Have Lengthy Process Before Approval

So, what about the visas that Hulse himself signed for?  Well according to the immigration minister, he went to great lengths a year ago to explain the process in full.  [...]

U.S. Ambassador Says Washington is Watching Immigration Issues in Belize

Also keeping an eye on matters concerning the Special Audit Reports on Immigration and Nationality is the U.S. Government. While he has not read the reports himself, U.S. Ambassador Carlos [...]

U.S. Will Not Reveal If Players in Scandal Will See Their Papers Cancelled

Former Director of Immigration and current C.E.O. in National Emergency Management, Ruth Meighan, was recently the subject of public embarrassment as she was denied entry into the U.S. and turned [...]

COLA, Evangelicals Back to Belmopan on Friday

Another round of protest has been scheduled for Friday in Belmopan where COLA and the Evangelical churches are set to demonstrate in front of the Assembly Building.  Organizers have secured [...]

U.S. Ambassador Backs Section 53 Decision; Glad It Wasn’t Appealed

Ambassador Moreno also had thumbs up for the Government’s decision not to appeal the judgment of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin on August tenth regarding consenting sexual acts in private between [...]

Teachers’ Union Asks for “Ventilation” of Section 53 Issues

While the U.S. Ambassador is applauding the recent ruling on Section Fifty-three; the Belize National Teachers Union is taking a different view. The teachers of the most militant union recall [...]

Utilities’ Union Warn of Threat to Way of Belizean Life

Others have also weighed in on the Chief Justice’s judgment. The unions representing the workers of the three major utilities in Belize say that the recent judgment, and the Government’s [...]