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Belt-tightening at B.T.B., PM Says Situation Under Control

The Belize Tourism Board is in a financial crunch and has been for some time. The company which is responsible for marketing Belize, we are told, has had to impose [...]

Pioneer in Local Tourism Industry, Peter Tonti, Passes Away

The tourism industry has lost one of its pioneers. Peter Tonti, the C.E.O. of Cahal Pech Village Resort passed away on Thursday.  Tonti has been visiting Belize since the nineteen [...]

What Will This Year’s Calendar of Events Include?

But aside from the long list of festivals that will be held over the course of the year, the events within the September Celebrations Calendar will see thousands of Belizeans [...]

September Celebration Theme Competition Kicks Off

And if you’d like to win a thousand dollars, you can also participate in the 2015 “September Celebrations Theme Competition.” All Belizeans, living at home and abroad, are invited to [...]

Who Owns the Islands That Puerto Azul Will Be Built On?

Puerto Azul, arguably the largest foreign direct investment in tourism in Belize, should it become a reality, was the subject of a press conference earlier today by a debt holder [...]

PM on Status of Tourism Developments

The government hasn’t been having much luck where mega-million dollar tourism investment in Belize is concerned. The interest is there, and perhaps so is the real intent, but the projects [...]

What’s the P.M.’s Two Cents on the Ray Davis/N.T.U.C.B. Situation?

N.T.U.C.B. Second Vice-President, Audrey Matura-Shepherd has called for the head of Senator Ray Davis because he abstained when asked to vote on the controversial Petrocaribe Bill. Matura has gone so [...]

Quality Internet Services; Stakeholders Sign M.O.U. for local Internet Exchange Point

For the past five years, the Caribbean Telecommunications Union together with Pocket Clearing House has been promoting the establishment of Internet Exchange Points throughout the Caribbean. Exchange Points are essentially [...]

…What Will It Mean for Internet Users?

The installation of the local infrastructure will see a better increase in the services provided to consumers—gaming operations, voice over internet protocols, substantial increases in local bandwidth and local internet [...]

Fisher Folks Meet to Discuss State of Fisheries in Belize

The Belize Federation of Fishers held its first annual general meeting at the Belize Elementary School Gymnasium in Belize City today. The federation started back in 2011, but got incorporated [...]

Minister of Fisheries Weighs in on Belize Fisheries Federation AGM

And if it is recognition from government that the B.F.F. needs, they got it today at its A.G.M. Minister of Fisheries, Lisel Alamilla, attended the event. After a brief presentation, [...]

Petition to Bring Back Deon McCauley

Following a congress of the Football Federation of Belize on Saturday, President Ruperto Vicente reiterated that the organization will not be sponsoring striker Deon McCauley’s return to the country for [...]

What’s the Quota Needed to Return Striker to Belize for World Cup Qualifiers?

That brainstorming led to the realization of a five thousand dollar quota, the total needed to defray McCauley’s travel expenses, as well as a weekly stipend while in Belize training. [...]

CWU President Wants Union Senator Ray Davis Removed

Ray Davis….he is the union senator, who, since the passing of the Petrocaribe Loans Act, has come under much fire for his abstention from vote in the senate. A document [...]

Matura-Shepherd Says She Doesn’t Want to Replace Davis as Senator

As to the criticism that Matura-Shepherd wants to replace Davis as the union senator, the second vice president had some choice words for those persons.   Audrey Matura-Shepherd, 2nd Vice [...]

EU Inaugurates Sugar Road in San Narciso/San Victor

Today, two completed sections of road were officially inaugurated – that section from San Narciso to San Victor in the Corozal District, and another section from the old Northern Highway [...]

Squatters Disgruntled Over Omission of Names from Relocation List

On Monday, Lake Independence Area Representative Mark King announced that a total of eleven families that have been settling illegally on a six-acre parcel near the Chetumal Street Bridge will [...]

Lake-I Area Rep Explains His Intervention in Relocation Effort

According to the area representative, the expedited process should be completed by the end of this week.  That was, of course, for the initial list of squatters who needed to [...]

CitCo Proposes Business Improvement Area

CARILED, the Caribbean Local Economic Development Project is working in collaboration with the Belize City Council and the Canadian Municipal Association to develop a Business Improvement Area concept. It seeks [...]

…Will It Work in Belize City?

But the implementation of the BIA into the city’s framework comes with its compromises. Particularly for the business owners; while businesses will be given the opportunity to develop a collective [...]

Yasser Musa’s Criticism of Colonial Museum Revisited, Mayor Bradley Responds

But the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project, following its launch last week, was blasted by the former President of National Institute of Culture and History, Yasser [...]

Santander Workers Protest Salary Arrangement

Were Santander employees protesting salary issues this morning? Well, that was the word going around. Over twenty workers were in front of the company’s offices today querying about pay they [...]

…Company Rep Explains Misunderstanding

So, were the employees protesting or not? Santander rep in Belize, Beverly Burke says it wasn’t a protest but rather a miscommunication in the issuance of payments made on Friday, [...]

MLA Prepares for Upcoming CCJ Judgment

The Caribbean Court of Justice during its inaugural sitting in Belize’s jurisdiction will preside over an upcoming land rights claim involving the Maya communities and the Government of Belize.  The [...]

Lake I Squatters Say They Are Not Getting a Good Deal

On Thursday night, we reported that thirteen families were facing eviction from their homes in the Lake Independence Boulevard area. They have been removed twice before for squatting, but now, [...]