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Police Provide Little Clarity in Ahmad Detention

On Monday, June twentieth, Police rounded up nineteen members of the Ahmad family from six different homes in Hattieville. The homes were searched and documents, weapons and electronic items were [...]

ComPol Allen Whylie Says He Authorized the Operation

Still not revealing anything, Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie explained that he is satisfied that the investigation, search and seizure were conducted within the parameters of the law. That will [...]

Policemen Awarded for Bravery in Apprehension of Queen Street Shooter

Today, the top brass of the Belize Police Department gathered to pay tribute to seven officers – four of them involved in the bizarre shootout in front of the Queen [...]

ComPol Whylie Says Urbie Alamilla Embarrassed the Department

One police officer who certainly won’t be receiving any awards of distinction anytime soon is Detective Constable Urbie Alamilla. Alamilla was charged criminally last week for discharging his weapon in [...]

Anthropologist Set to Launch Book on Urban Violence in Belize

Anthropologist Doctor Herbert Gayle is releasing a book on urban violence in Belize. Gayle started his studies of Belize in 2008 and released the infamous Gayle Report in 2010. This [...]

Gayle Says Public Will to Stop Violence is Strong in Belize

According to the expert, Belize has the exceptional public will to do away with violence and that’s a critical component of positive change. But the time to start moving is [...]

Was 15 Year Old Involved in Queen Street Shootout a Psychopath?

We took the opportunity to ask Gayle about the brazen shootout in front of the Queen Street Police Station, in which a fifteen year old minor wounded four persons, one [...]

Cops Honored for Saving Drowning Boy

A young boy in Belize City is alive tonight, thanks to the heroic actions of three members of the Eastern Division North’s Strike Team. According to reports, the eleven year [...]

Top Brass Says Recognition is Well-Deserved

For the top brass the positive news is a boost to the Police Department, and the tribute today a necessary recognition to prompt the officers to always strive to perform [...]

Reporter Editorial on Sarstoon River Raises the Ire of Belizeans

This week’s editorial in the Reporter newspaper has managed to accomplish what little else has – accord between the Government and the Opposition. We’ll get to that, but first the [...]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sets the Record Straight on Southern Border

The Opposition swung first this morning, via text from Senator Eamon Courtenay. He wrote, “The Reporter editorial of today is factually and legally wrong. It is a bizarre and possibly [...]

Newspaper Owner Harry Lawrence Responds to G.O.B.’s Position

As we mentioned earlier, the Reporter Editorial was written by newspaper owner Harry Lawrence. He received the letter from C.E.O. in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Sylvester this afternoon, [...]

Petrocaribe Celebrates Eleven Years in Belize

Petrocaribe is celebrating eleven years in Belize, following the signing of an agreement with Venezuela on June twenty-ninth, 2005.  The dream of former President Hugo Chavez was to promote regional [...]

APBEL Set to Enter the Retail Fuel Market

While the program under APBEL focuses on investing in Belize, there are plans for the company to branch out into the retail sale of fuel.  Mencias provides a breakdown of [...]

Petrocaribe Agreement Deconstructed

The agreement provides for a portion of each invoice, known as the Financed Portion, to be paid over fifteen years at two percent interest with a two-year grace period.  That [...]

Head of Mission Contextualizes Hardships in Venezuela

Head of Mission Mykel Castillo Pena was also present at this morning’s Petrocaribe presentation.  He explains the current hardship in Venezuela in the context of the Petrocaribe program.   Mykel [...]

PUC Approves B.E.L.’s Rate Increase

The Public Utilities Commission announced via press release today that it has concluded a full tariff review for B.E.L. for the period July 2016 to June 2020. The final decision [...]

34th Annual Caribbean Conference of Accountants Held in Belize

Public and private sector accountants from across the Caribbean have converged on Belize for the thirty-fourth annual Caribbean Conference of Accountants. With over three thousand seven hundred members, today, three [...]

Managing Your Accounting with Enterprise Resource Planning

To assist with the implementation of best accounting practices in the region, a consulting firm from Washington DC is establishing presence in the Caribbean with an Enterprise Resource Planning software [...]

Correspondent Banking Crisis – Does it Affect Accountants?

But what are the challenges that correspondent banking relations have posed to the accounting professionals? According to Conference Chair Shawn Mahler, clients have been affected drastically, and it has forced [...]

National Aids Commission Holds Countrywide HIV Testing

The number of persons that are HIV positive is high for the size of the population. And even though men are the most affected; they are the least to be [...]

S.S.B. Chairman Discusses Proposed Purchase of G.O.B.’s Utility Shares

On Tuesday, News Five broke the story of what has every appearance of being a bailout of G.O.B. by S.S.B. at the Prime Minister’s request. If indeed it is a [...]

S.S.B. Tentatively Green lights Acquisition of Government’s Shares

News Five has learned that at Tuesday’s meeting Financial Secretary Joseph Waight was called into the meeting of the Investment Committee to provide some clarity on share value. There was [...]

P.U.P. Leadership is Hopeful that Guatemalan Discussions will be Treated Seriously

Last week the P.U.P. announced that it would be withdrawing its representative from the talks with Guatemala. That move is designed to send a clear message that the P.U.P. believes [...]

B.E.L. Holds its Annual General Meeting

Earlier we told you that the S.S.B. Board has approved the purchase of shares in B.E.L.  The utility company held its annual general meeting on Wednesday night and is reporting [...]