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H1N1 Update: M.O.H. C.E.O. Says No New Confirmed Cases

We also asked Doctor Ramon Figueroa for an update on the cases of H-one N-one influenza. As we had reported, there have been five confirmed cases. Several other lab samples [...]

Cancer Patient Needs Help

A father is seeking public assistance for his daughter who is stricken with cancer. The young girl, Sandy Carolina Maza, is hospitalized in Guatemala with brain cancer. She has been [...]

3 Confirmed Cases of H1N1 in Corozal

The Ministry of Health has confirmed three cases of H1N1 Influenza in the Corozal District. The confirmation was received this afternoon from the Central Medical Lab in Belize City. A [...]

Painting the HIV Picture in Belize

The National AIDS Commission partnered with six young artists to each create an original piece of HIV thematic art at the national testing day in June. The art pieces were [...]

More Men Than Women Tested on National Testing Day

The first national testing day was held in Belize on June twenty-ninth. Free HIV tests were offered in public spaces across the country to encourage people to find out their [...]

Hemodialysis Programme Negotiations Continue

The Ministry of Health says that it should know by the end of this week whether the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital and La Loma Luz Hospital have accepted the new [...]

Will More Persons Be Added to Dialysis Programme?

Once the Ministry of Health finalizes the facilities which will offer the hemo-dialysis services, the next step is to determine who gets on the list. C.E.O. Ramon Figueroa was ask [...]

Ministry of Health On Top of Meds Recall

Earlier this week, we reported on a common drug that is being voluntarily recalled because the drug contains a chemical that may expose patients to cancer risk.  The drug valsartan [...]

Healthy Living: Make Life Deposits to Save Lives

We’ve seen the pleas regularly online. We’ve even seen few on this station, families of ill persons begging strangers to donate blood. There is one way to prevent you and [...]

Free Medical Clinics for Belize City Residents

A medical mission from the U.S. is in the city providing a host of medical services to residents. The Louisiana and South Carolina Volunteering Mission is operating at the Wesley [...]

MoH Announces Successful Phase 2 of Salud Mesoamerica Health Initiative

The Ministry of Health and the Inter-American Development Bank shared some good news today. They say that access to quality health services for the most vulnerable women and children in [...]

Blood Pressure and Heart Failure Meds Recalled

A common drug used to control hypertension and help prevent heart failure is being voluntarily recalled in more than twenty-two countries because the drug contains a chemical that poses a [...]

Diabetes Camp for the Kids!

For the remainder of the week, about thirty-two diabetic patients from several districts will be participating in a camp. The camp is being facilitated by the Belize Diabetes Association with [...]

Healthy Living: Biotin for Healthier Hair, Nails and Skin

It’s a supplement that has been growing in popularity. For many women, it carries their hopes for longer and healthier nails and hair and even better skin. It’s a tall [...]

Baby Grayson Reneau Gets Life Saving Surgery in Cayman Islands

Grayson Reneau is a baby boy who was born with a heart murmur and was expected to outgrow the condition.  He didn’t and in a subsequent doctor visit, he was [...]

Shaphan Domingo Needs Your Help!

Shaphan Domingo was only twenty years old when he was shot four times. One of the bullets hit his spine and left him paralyzed and eventually he lost both legs. [...]

Grayson Cadle is Off to Burn Center in the U.S.A.

Tonight, twenty-one-year-old Grayson Cadle is on his way to Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Georgia in the U.S., to get specialized treatment at the Burn Center. It will be a long [...]

Grayson Cadle Remains Critical at the K.H.M.H.

Grayson Cadle remains in a critical condition tonight in the hospital. He is the twenty-one-year-old who was burnt to seventy percent of his body when a butane leak inside his [...]

Grayson Cadle Needs Your Help

But the road to recovery may be long for Grayson Cadle. And that is why his best chances may be at an overseas medical facility for burn victims.  According to [...]

Ministry of Health Looking Elsewhere for Cheaper Dialysis Treatment

The Ministry of Health is currently spending two million dollars to assist persons with renal failure. The assistance comes in the form of dialysis treatment which is costly and unaffordable [...]

Western Regional Hospital Gets Major Improvements

An extension of the Accident and Emergency Unit at the Western Regional Hospital officially opened today to receive patients.  The new wing, worth more than two hundred thousand U.S. dollars, [...]

American Expat Shot in San Pedro is Flown to the U.S. for Medical Treatment

Sixty-year-old Clifford Kirk is on his way to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland in the U.S. for medical attention following Thursday’s shooting in San Pedro. A local non-profit called [...]

Mental Health Welcome Resource Center Celebrates 5th Anniversary

The Mental Health Welcome Resource Center at the corner of Tibruce and Vernon Streets today celebrated its fifth anniversary, having opened its doors in July of 2013. The facility currently [...]

Healthy Living: New, Fun Skills for Everyone to Learn for the Summer at the YWCA

If you’re a little late in finding activities for your children this summer then listen up. Tonight in Healthy Living, we find out more about what’s being offered at the [...]

Meet the New C.E.O. of the K.H.M.H., Michelle Cox-Hoare

The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital officially introduced today its new Chief Executive Officer who takes over from Doctor Adrian Coye. The new C.E.O. has over three decades of experience in [...]