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Healthy Living Looks at Water Safety Tips for the Holidays

After this Friday, the Easter break officially commences for the children. Adults, however, have to wait another week before the highly anticipated four day weekend. If you are like most [...]

Frustration at the K.H.M.H.

Today, police had to be called in to the K.H.M.H. Emergency Area after an irate patient smashed the glass entrance door, cutting himself badly. The story is an old and [...]

Mac & Cheese and Blue Bell Ice Cream Recalled in Belize

Macaroni and cheese is a staple in most pantries in households in Belize. It’s a kids favorite; but, let’s be honest, even adults enjoy it. The same goes for ice-cream, [...]

The Importance of Water and Sustainable Development

World water day is an international event that is held to bring awareness on the importance of water. This year’s theme is Water and Sustainable Development; the focus is to [...]

Ministry of Health on KHMH Sterilization Issues

T here’s some good news coming out of the Ministry of Health tonight. For some weeks, the K.H.M.H.’s operating theater was without sterilizers. It was said that the sterilizers were [...]

Cancer Patient Needs Your Financial Helping Hand

Tonight, we bring you the plight of Carlton Nicholas, who is in dire need of financial assistance to defray the cost of his medical treatment. He is afflicted with skin [...]

Killer Bees Swarm Cotton Tree, Dogs Stung to Death

And on the George Price Highway, residents of the quiet community of Cotton Tree just outside of Belmopan were panicked by a swarm of bees which quickly killed several dogs [...]

Cancer Society Receives Grant Funding from Abroad

The Belize Cancer Society is the recipient of a nine thousand five hundred U.S. dollar grant that was awarded by the Healthy Caribbean Coalition with funding from the American Cancer [...]

Fair Addresses Kidney Health Concerns

On the occasion of World Kidney Day, a health fair was held by the Kidney Association and partners encouraging persons to get a true picture of their overall health.  There [...]

A Closer Look at Kidneys

The Kidney Association of Belize, since its inception, has been building awareness to the benefits of getting tested and knowing your status. In light of World Kidney Day, which is [...]

Kidney Association Facing Challenges

There have been an increasing number of patients with chronic renal failure in Belize and the association is looking for support from both the private and public sectors to address [...]

A Tour of an Incomplete Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Work is ongoing at a new wing for pediatric care at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital.  The tragic death of thirteen neonatals who succumbed to an infection known as enterobacter [...]

Healthy Living: Dr. Cuellar Discusses the Kidney

World Kidney Day is commemorated every second Thursday in March. It is a time for healthcare professionals worldwide to educate the public on the vital importance of these bean shaped [...]

Healthy Living Looks at Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is not just a health concern for the nation; it is also a human rights issue.  Each and every child has the right to achieve their full potential [...]

Healthy Living: Is Violence the Answer to Disciplining Children?

The debate on whether or not parents should spank their children has been raging for decades. And not just in Belize, but all over the world. For years, children rights [...]

Tumor Patient Efrain Alvarado Needs Your Assistance for Treatment

The family of eleven year old Efrain Alvarado needs your help. He was first hospitalized back in October for chest pains and was later diagnosed with a minor tumor, for [...]

Healthy Living: Diabetes and Vision

Globally, it is estimated that half the people living with type two diabetes don’t know it.  Even though type-two diabetes may remain undetected for years, it still poses a great [...]

8 Year Old Cancer Patient Needs Your Help

An eight year old Roaring Creek student, Al-Dane Moro, and his mother, Latoya Lennon, are tonight asking for help.  Moro was diagnosed back in August of 2014 with stage three [...]

Fake Red Potatoes Discovered in San Ignacio

There is a disturbing report tonight about those red Irish potatoes. Earlier this week, a resort owner in the Cayo District purchased potatoes at a vegetable stall in San Ignacio [...]

…BAHA Issues Food Safety Alert and Commences Investigation

Late this evening, BAHA and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture issued a food safety alert informing the public of the troubling find of the tainted Irish potatoes.  News [...]

Healthy Living takes a look at Screening for Cervical Cancer

World Cancer Day was celebrated on February fourth around the world to raise awareness on the detection, prevention as well as treatment of cancer.  Locally, cervical cancer is one of [...]

World Cancer Day, Meet the Survivors

Around the globe activities were held today to bring attention to the issue of cancer. “Cancer Control-Not Beyond Us” is the theme that resonated throughout the activities that encourage its [...]

Fundraising Effort for Ten-Year-Old Cancer Patient

Ten year old Cleyon Marage Junior is on the road to recover, but he still needs your help to make it to his schedule monthly chemo appointments in Merida. You [...]

Healthy Living Looks at Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking a bad habit is hard; equally difficult is creating a new habit. Once habits become automatic it feels like we’re just wired to do the things we do. While, [...]

Medical Waste Discarded in Ladyville has Residents Outraged

Which of Belize City’s medical facilities dumped hazardous medical waste on a heavily trafficked road in Ladyville? At this point nobody knows. All that is certain is that on Tuesday [...]