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Can Guatemala’s Referendum Be Trusted?

Following a round of fruitless bilateral discussions with Guatemala in Istanbul, Turkey in May 2016, which ultimately failed to produce a Sarstoon Protocol, the former foreign minister’s perspective on the [...]

Can New Guatemala Road Help Belize? Foreign Minister Looks at the Bright Side

The Guatemalan press reported that Taiwan is to grant that country six hundred fifty million U.S. dollars in assistance to construct the CA-Nine Highway to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala. But the [...]

Taiwan Helps Out with Back to School for Albert Division

Today, we also found politicians tying down loose ends in assisting residents with expenses for the new school year.  This morning, Albert Area Representative Tracy Panton received a donation from [...]

Under Consideration, But Can Taiwan Give Grant for Puerto Barrios Road?

Guatemala’s request for six hundred and fifty million U.S. dollars to construct the CA-Nine Highway to Puerto Barrios, according to Ambassador Charles Liu, is simply a request that remains under [...]

Taiwan’s man in Belize scratches head over disparate grants to Guatemala

Ambassador Charles Liu has weighed in on the sixty million dollar grant awarded to Belize by the Taiwanese government.  His comments are in relation to the six hundred and fifty [...]

Foreign Affairs C.E.O. Commits to Working with People

Chief Executive Officer Patrick Andrews, who recently assumed that post with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, formally introduced himself to the media this morning during a brief press conference here [...]

Guatemala to Proceed with Referendum on I.C.J.

There have been new developments in Guatemala over the past two days in respect of referendum proceedings on whether its age-old territorial dispute with Belize should be taken to the [...]

If it’s a No, Guatemalan Claim Lives On

According to Ambassador Rosado, at the moment there is nothing on Belize’s table of events insofar as the pending referendum.  He says that while the Special Agreement contains a clause [...]

Can Taiwan-Funded Guatemala Road Help Belize?

Guatemala, with significant financial assistance from the government of Taiwan, is proceeding with the construction of a road that will span the length of that country all the way to [...]

Taiwan Delivers Massive Funding for Major Guatemalan Road; Belize Gets Sixty Mil

Earlier today the Guatemalan Congress approved the holding of a referendum to take its territorial claim over Belize to the International Court of Justice. According to reports in Prensa Libre, [...]

Taiwanese Foreign Minister in Belize; Decries Relations with People’s Republic

Taiwanese Foreign Minister David Lee concluded a three-day working visit to Belize this morning, his final stop being a tour of the Samuel Haynes Institute of Excellence on Mahogany Street.  [...]

Taiwan Hopes for Peace between Belize and Guatemala

Foreign Minister Lee also shared his thoughts on the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute, stating only that it is Taiwan’s wish that both countries eventually arrive at a peaceful solution to the [...]

Taiwanese Hail Agricultural Partnership

On Thursday, Doctor Lee headed west to Central Farm where he toured the agriculture and tilapia hatchery facilities headed by the Taiwanese Mission.  He shared his reaction to what he [...]

Guatemala Still Resists Sarstoon Protocol

The realization of the Sarstoon Protocol has been up in the air ever since the Guatemalan government suspended negotiations with Belize, following the death of Guatemalan minor Julio Rene Alvarado [...]

New Ambassador from Guatemala to Belize

There will be a new Guatemalan Ambassador to Belize.  While that individual has not been named officially, Guatemala is already in talks with a replacement for Manuel Estuardo Roldan Barillas. [...]

Congress Gets to Decide before Guatemalan I.C.J. Referendum

To go to the ICJ or not to go the ICJ? It is a question that Guatemalans may be deciding on very soon. Earlier this year, we reported that Guatemala [...]

Taiwan Cements Formal Relations with Belize as Foreign Affairs Minister Visits

Taiwanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Doctor David Tawei Lee and his wife, Chih Lin arrived in Belize on Wednesday and were hosted at an event in Belmopan. While the media [...]

Daniel Gutierrez is Belize’s Man in Washington

Former ambassador to CARICOM, Francisco Daniel Gutierrez has moved up to Washington D.C. where he presented credentials to President Donald Trump as ambassador before the State Department. Gutierrez replaces Patrick [...]

Travel Visa-Free to Taiwan

According to Taiwan News, a media outlet in Taiwan, citizens from a number of Caribbean countries, including Belize, are now able to enjoy visa-free travel to Taiwan. It is reported [...]

CARICOM Heads of Government Support Belize against Guatemala

The thirty-eighth Regular Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) concluded today in Saint George’s, Grenada.  The conference discussed the Single Market and Economy [...]

Split with Panama Angers Taiwan; Belize Will Not Be Next

Earlier this week, Panama severed diplomatic ties with Taiwan and announced it was forging relations with China. The move angered Taiwan, which later announced that it was closing its embassy [...]

China Plotting Strategy, but Will Not Offer Something for Nothing

And while Ambassador Charles Liu remains positive and hopeful about the ties with Belize, we asked him if there is any concern that China, with its big coffers, will come [...]

Taiwan Offers Art Culture Exchange

The Taiwanese Government, through the Primary and Secondary Art Skills Training Centre, launched the Taiwan Cultural Exchange Program in Belize. This is the first of its kind program that aims [...]

No Change in Belize’s Taiwan Policy

On Monday, Panama severed diplomatic relations with the Republic of China (Taiwan) and in the same breath it announced it was establishing ties with the People’s Republic of China. President [...]

Panama Ditches Taiwan for People’s Republic of China

Before we go to break, in foreign policy news…Panama has officially severed all diplomatic ties with the Republic of Taiwan, as of Monday and established relations with the People’s Republic [...]