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Belize to Welcome Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto for CARICOM Summit

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto will be in Belize for the first time next week.  Traditionally, Mexican presidents visit before their inauguration as part of a tour of bordering countries [...]

Dominica P.M. Calls for Climate Change Fight

The Eastern Caribbean island nation of Dominica continues to recover from the ravages of Category Five Hurricane Maria which struck a week ago tonight. Its prime minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has [...]

Foreign Minister Reports to U.N.

This afternoon, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington addressed the United Nations. Last year, he earned rave reviews for a speech he gave in New York at the General Assembly [...]

Foreign Minister Wants Verification of Sarstoon B.T.V. Incident

The issues of sovereignty and territorial integrity are ever present in the minds of Belizeans at this time. This morning, the Foreign Minister of Belize, Wilfred Elrington, met with visiting [...]

I.C.J. Still the Only Way

There is still no protocol on the Sarstoon, even though the Foreign Minister was told by his then counterpart, Carlos Raul Morales that one would be concluded. But Elrington believes [...]

Sedi Disparages Eamon; Says Guats Will Stay the Course

The Foreign Minister has been a lightning rod for years. Many have called for his removal for statements he has made such as “artificial borders” and most recently, his persistence [...]

What Does Opposition Want?

The Opposition withdrew from talks with Guatemala because it was not kept wholly in the loop and has said that it had no confidence in the conduct of the FM [...]

Wilfred Elrington Says Corruption is More Worrying than Crime

Minister of Home and Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington was the featured speaker at the University of Belize’s lecture on Monday on security and threats to Belize on the eve of [...]

Current and Former Foreign Affairs Ministers Clash on Border Issue

But what really are Belize’s most important threats – as the Minister defined them, things that can cause injury, pain and harm, either from internal or external sources? Apart from [...]

P.U.P. Tells Government to Stop Appeasing ‘Brazen’ Guats

In diplomacy, ‘appeasement’ is a dirty word dating back to Neville Chamberlain and his accommodation of German dictator Adolf Hitler’s expansionist ideals, which led directly to the Second World War. [...]

When Will Government Respond to Military Clash with B.T.V.?

The incident at the Sarstoon River over the weekend, involving members of the Guatemalan armed forces, disrupted BTV’s Sarstoon Eco Challenge.  During that event, Guatemalan vessels entered into Belizean waters.  [...]

Korea Helps Belize’s Foreign Affairs Ministry

This year, Belize and Korea are commemorating thirty years of diplomatic cooperation. To recognize this milestone, on Monday the Republic of Korea sent a delegation to Belize bearing a four [...]

Guats Strike at Sarstoon Eco-Challenge Participants

Over the weekend, Belizeans were harassed and turned back from traversing the Sarstoon River and circling the island during an organized canoe race at Belize’s southern boundary. The Belize Territorial [...]

B.T.V. Calls on Government to Intervene

This, of course, is not the first time that the B.T.V., or even the Belizean military and press including this station, have encountered Guatemalan military actively seeking to stop Belizeans [...]

Annual Taiwan Contribution Comes for September Celebrations

NICH got a hundred thousand dollar boost today. The Taiwan Government handed over a cheque to help with cultural and artistic development. The monies will be used for a number [...]

No repeat of Won Hong Kim, Director says

The Senate Committee has heard many different explanations for how Won Hong Kim’s picture got into the Belize Passport Information System despite his never having been in Belize – that [...]

U.S. Says Removal from ‘Kingpin’ List Does Not Clear John Zabaneh of Criminal Investigation

You heard here on News Five how well known businessman John Zabaneh has been cleared of the ‘Kingpin’ label. Zabaneh and alleged associates were designated as a trafficking organization and [...]

Washington Backs CICIG’s Ivan Velasquez; Will Not Tolerate Political Influence in Guatemala

Protests continue in Guatemala where Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales attempted to remove the head of the U.N. anti-corruption commission, known as CICIG.  Numerous countries have denounced the attempt to expel [...]

P.U.P.: Bye, Carlos Raul!

In Guatemala, the Constitutional Court has upheld its provisional ruling that President Jimmy Morales cannot expel Ivan Velasquez, a veteran Colombian prosecutor who leads Guatemala’s International Commission against Impunity, known [...]

Indian community disproves report that visas for visiting ballet not paid for

The Chinese Disabled People Performing Arts Troupe departed the country earlier today, after spending a few days in Belize visiting with the local Chinese community.  But their brief stay in [...]

Guat Foreign Minister is Fired; He Refused Order to Expel Anti-Corruption Official

Across the western border, Guatemala has been thrown into a political crisis following an attempt by President Jimmy Morales to expel United Nations anti-corruption commissioner Ivan Velasquez.  It succeeds an [...]

Sedi Elrington Pays Tribute; Warns Belize Cannot Be ‘Scapegoat’

The unrest is particularly worrisome for Elrington who says that Belize must now be extremely conscientious of its relationship with its neighbor since the territorial dispute can be used as [...]

Belize Must Show Caution in Uncertain Time

So, with Carlos Raul gone, should Belize step up its security presence along the western border?  According to Elrington, that has been his intonation all along; however, it doesn’t mean [...]

Foreign Minister Bristles at Suggestion of Taiwanese Influence behind Visa Waiver Denial

The Chinese Disabled People Performing Arts Troupe arrived in Belize over the weekend and took to the stage free of cost at the Bliss on Sunday, as part of a [...]

Regional Officials Tour Belize to Address Citizen Security

Across the region, the economic and social well-being of the Eastern and Southern Caribbean have been plagued by high levels of violent crimes.  Formally known as CariSECURE, short for Strengthening [...]