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Guatemalan Ambassador Admits Incursions Are Not Being Controlled

On Monday, the new Guatemalan Ambassador to Belize, Manuel Estuardo Roldan, was sworn in to assume his diplomatic mission in Belize. He begins his appointment at a time when there [...]

He Hopes to Rebuild Relationship Between the Countries

Ambassador Roldan says that his primary focus will be to build the relationship between Guatemala and Belize. And one of his priorities is to help alleviate the pressures on the [...]

Belizeans Detained in Santa Cruz…

The detention of five Belizeans in Guatemala, and the alleged abuse of those detainees, has resulted in a formal protest being forwarded to Guatemala. It’s an incredible story which started [...]

…Say They Were Terrorized by GAF….

Despite the worst fears of the detained men, they were not shot and left in that grassy pasture as they expected. Instead they were taken eight more kilometres where they [...]

….But Plead Guilty to Offences

McKenzie and his companions were taken back to the Police Station without being allowed to speak on their own behalf. They were first put into a cell with other Guatemalan [...]

Belize Issues Formal Query to Guatemala

As we told you earlier, a formal note has been sent to Guatemala through diplomatic channels, following the reports made by the men. According to Acting C.E.O. in the Ministry [...]

Minister Elrington Speaks on Danny Conorquie

Danny Conorquie was murdered in the line of duty back on September twenty-fifth, 2014. No one has ever been charged and as far as we know the Conorquie family is [...]

Elrington Confirms that Sarstoon Island is in Belize

This morning, we asked the Foreign Minister of Belize about the location of the island from where the coastguard was extracted. According to Wilfred Elrington, he got a situation report [...]

Did Guatemalan Navy Provoke Confrontation with Coast Guard?

William Neal, this morning, pressed Foreign Minister Elrington if the Guatemalan navy acted in provocation since it was well within Belizean waters.   William Neal, Host “So, when ordinary Belizean [...]

Sedi Sets the Record Straight on Artificial Borders

This morning, when we spoke to the Foreign Minister, we also raised the issue of a statement he made some time ago that angered various sectors of the population. It [...]

GOB Clarifies PetroCaribe Salary Scandal

Were Petrocaribe monies used to fund salaries for government employees, and in secret? Well that’s the assertion which rang out on the airwaves this morning. According to documents leaked from [...]

Elrington Says PM diffused Sarstoon StandOff

n another pressing issue; on Thursday there was a confrontation between Coast Guard personnel and a Guatemalan naval patrol on an island in the Sarstoon. The Coast Guard was there [...]

Why Was There A Stand Off? Blame it on the Territorial Dispute!

Even though we were told by National Security that the Coastguard did not retreat and held its own, the Foreign Minister says that the situation was defused when Coast Guard [...]

What happened after Belizean Coastguard were ordered out of waters?

So our Belizean military personnel were ordered out of Belizean waters, but what happens next? What does it mean for future Coast Guard operations in our waters? Will our Coast [...]

Disgraced Former VP of Guatemala Owns Assets in Belize?

There is an interesting story coming out of Guatemala where President Otto Perez Molina is under pressure to resign following major scandals of corruption that are rocking his government. But could [...]

Foreign Ministers Discuss Absence of Opposition from Signing of Compromis Amendments

As you know by now, for the first time the Opposition party is not taking part in the process toward finding a definitive solution to the territorial dispute with Guatemala. [...]

Carlos Raul Morales on Referendum

News Five was the only media house in Guatemala City where an amendment was formalized to the 2008 Special Agreement this past Monday. It is all part of a process [...]

When Will Amended Special Agreement Receive Congressional Nod in Guatemala?

But even though the amendment was signed on Monday, the document will need to get approval from the Guatemalan Congress, unlike Belize. So what is the possibility of it getting [...]

Guatemalan Foreign Minister Says Public Education on Referendum Will be Short

For about two years now, the referendum unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been holding an education campaign in schools and civil society on the pros and cons [...]

Special Agreement Amended – Guatemala Goes Solo for Referendum

There is a lot of crime news, but tonight we start our newscast with a historic event that occurred in Guatemala City on Monday. A Belizean delegation led by the [...]

Sedi Says Amendment to Compromis May Be About Economics

According to the original Special Agreement, a simultaneous referenda was scheduled for October 2013, but Guatemala decided it was not proceeding with it and for years, it did not support [...]

Guatemalan Foreign Minister Presents Approved Bilateral Agreements

Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales told the media that for both countries to move forward, the bilateral agenda between the two must be separate from the territorial dispute. This strategy [...]

Caleb Orozco Featured in NY Times

Caleb Orozco. He has become the face of the LGBT Community and he has been in news for years challenging section 53 of the Belize Constitution. Well, this is not [...]

Does Spread in NY Times Benefit LGBT Agenda?

So, what does a major spread in the New York Times do for the LGBT Community? Caleb says it is about showing just how real it is for persons from [...]

Mix Up with Cuban Nationals in Benque Viejo

An interesting case came up today in the Benque Viejo Magistrate Court. It involves six Cuban nationals, three men and three females, who were detained two weeks ago in the [...]