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Senator Shoman Formally Requests O.A.S. Report

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that it will not release the O.A.S. report on the Sarstoon Incident unless both governments, Belize and Guatemala, agree to do so. That’s [...]

Military Aggression at Sarstoon Was News to Her

Every Tuesday, the Belize Defence Force heads up the Sarstoon to the observation post at Cadenas where shifts are changed. That’s been happening for years, but suddenly there are claims [...]

Turmoil in Guatemala Escalates

As the Opposition seeks the report of the Guatemalan incursion at the Sarstoon, Guatemala remains in turmoil as calls for the resignation of President Otto Perez Molina escalate. On Tuesday, [...]

Congress to Decide If President Should Stand Trial

Since the scandal broke in April, there have been waves of protests across Guatemala.  According to McDonald, President Perez Molina can be made to stand trial as a civilian for [...]

B.T.V. Heads to Sarstoon Tomorrow

A small detail of territorial volunteers, led by Wil Maheia, is headed to Sarstoon Island on Tuesday morning again.  The trip is the first of several planned visits to the [...]

O.A.S. Report on Sarstoon Incident Kept Under Wraps

Still on the matter of the Sarstoon….The O.A.S. report on the incident has been handed in to the Government of Belize. Today, News Five was able to confirm that the [...]

Guatemala in Chaos as Vice-President is Arrested

Over in Guatemala, there is huge political crisis which could lead to the collapse of the government of President Otto Perez Molina. On Friday, the former vice president, Roxana Baldetti [...]

Prime Minister and B.D.F. Commander Sing From Different Hymn Books

The first release from the National Security Council, issued just before the expedition on Sunday, broke the news of “countless encounters” between the B.D.F. and Guatemalan military. The release speaks [...]

Wil Maheia Challenges B.D.F. to Build F.O.B. at Sarstoon

Brigadier General Jones has gone on record to say that the mutual relationship between the Guatemalan and Belizean armed forces is now vulnerable, thanks to the unsolicited trek to Sarstoon [...]

Coast Guard Commander Explains Absence from B.T.V. Expedition

On Sunday, the Coast Guard made its presence felt in Barranco, as they checked to ensure the safety of passengers and vessels headed to the Sarstoon. But they couldn’t do [...]

PM Breaks Silence on Sarstoon Island Expedition

The incident between a Belize Territorial Volunteer-led expedition and Guatemalan military on Sunday has created a storm of anti-Guatemala and certainly anti-government sentiment. G.O.B. has remained tight-lipped on the attempted [...]

Should BTV Mission Have Been Accompanied by Local Military Forces?

The government has also come under fire because the expedition which included approximately one hundred and fifty Belizean men, women and children was not afforded the protection of a Belizean [...]

BTV Lauded for Patriotism, but Slammed for Risky Endeavor

PM Barrow says that they don’t just talk the talk about maintaining sovereignty, but actually claim it. Every Tuesday, the B.D.F. travels down the Sarstoon to change shifts at the [...]

B.D.F. Commander, “Relationship with Guatemalan Military is Jeopardized”

The Prime Minister claims that following Sunday’s incident with the Guatemalan Navy, there is no doubt that tensions and thus the risk and danger has increased, not only to the [...]

P.M. Doesn’t Need to Wait for O.A.S. Report to Prove Guats Entered Belizean Waters

Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington was at the press conference today and indeed, the entire issue of the Sarstoon expedition and Guatemalan falls squarely in his portfolio. But apart [...]

Did PM Chide the Foreign Minister?

And just in case that was a little ambiguous, it was made clearer by the Prime Minister. He didn’t exactly go so far as to say that Elrington has been [...]

More on Belize/Guatemala Dispute and Sarstoon Island

Already escalating anti-Guatemalan sentiment was fuelled by a news report of the incident released by a Guatemalan reporter with Canal Antigua. That reporter conducted an interview with Vice-Commander Thomas, the [...]

BTV Doesn’t Need O.A.S. Report to Prove They Didn’t Enter Guatemalan Waters

Immediately after BTV’s trek to the Sarstoon, the government of Belize, through the National Security Council, announced that they had been on top of things, monitoring the entire expedition – [...]

G.O.B. Needs to Clarify NSC Statement on Sarstoon Island Expedition

The release from the National Security Council has been met with disbelief and outrage in certain quarters, largely because it does not even acknowledge that there was any incident at [...]

Guatemalan Military Attempts to Thwart BTV Mission in Belizean Waters

On Sunday, Guatemalan military personnel attempted to turn back five Belizean vessels carrying members of an expedition led by the Belize Territorial Volunteers. The incident occurred in the early afternoon [...]

Territorial Volunteers Successfully Complete Expedition to Sarstoon Island

The incident with the Guatemalan military occurred in the early afternoon…actually close to the end of the expedition to the Sarstoon. The morning was spent further north, where about one [...]

What Role Did O.A.S. Play in Weekend Trek to Remote Island?

The National Security Council release issued Sunday evening states that the O.A.S. confirmed that the vessels which transited Sarstoon Island did so from the north and the south. The NSC [...]

Guatemala’s Skewed Version of Events Reported

The National Security Council reiterates that, “assertion and maintenance of sovereignty over the Sarstoon Island and our half of the river is best left to the Belizean military and Belizean [...]

Belize and Guatemala Asked the O.A.S. to Observe the BTV Expedition

The Belize Territorial Volunteers are in full gear for this weekend’s Sarstoon Island trek and have received the blessings of Bishop Dorrick Wright.  One person whose blessings they don’t have [...]

BTV Asked for Coastguard Presence

The Belize Territorial Volunteers have formally requested the presence of the Belize National Coast Guard on their mission to Sarstoon Island this weekend.  The call is for personnel from the [...]