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Did Government Underpay the First Instalment of Arbitration Award?

The Government has said that the tribunal divided the award into a forty-sixty ratio; forty percent of the total representing the non-Accommodation Agreement portion and sixty percent representing the Accommodation [...]

Government’s Move to Sidestep Provision of Agreement Backfired

It was left to Senior Counsel Denys Barrow to defend Government’s actions. He explained that Government assumed that whatever was left in the second payment would be sufficient to cover [...]

How Will B.T.L. Arbitration Affect Belize’s Currency Position?

There were differing views on whether the Government can adhere to paying the remaining portion of the award due to Dunkeld in U.S. dollars, and should have paid the first [...]

Financial Secretary Confirms Government Must Borrow Millions More for Arbitration Award

But the concern over the cash crunch is real for Financial Secretary Joseph Waight, who confirmed that Government must borrow further to complete the second payment for the B.T.L. Arbitration [...]

Junior Minister Has No Qualms with B.N.T.U. Belmopan Demonstration

On Monday, thousands of teachers demonstrated in Belmopan in their Stand Up For Belize Campaign. Among the many national issues ventilated was the Auditor General’s report on the Immigration Department [...]

Elodio Aragon Jr. Warns Teachers over Consequences of Actions

Across the country, some schools were opened, but classrooms were empty and in other cases, the buildings were closed for the day. Still yet, we found students at some schools, [...]

Teachers Rally by the Thousands in Belmopan

The Belize National Teachers’ Union has gained quite the reputation for bringing the heat to Government leaders on both sides of the political divide. And while rain may have changed [...]

Belize City’s Schools Shutdown Due To Protest

With most of the nation’s teachers away in Belmopan, students in Belize City got a day-off. Our tour of the Old Capital found that many schools, like Saint Joseph’s R.C. [...]

Paul “Chicken Dread” Ferguson Detained by Police at End of Protest

The teachers’ appearance on Independence Hill was peaceful and without trouble, but what happened after its conclusion wasn’t. Belize City vendor and noted P.U.P. supporter Paul “Chicken Dread” Ferguson decided [...]

B.N.T.U. Prepares for Meeting with Prime Minister

The Teachers’ Union is preparing for a busy week ahead, and not just in the classroom. According to National President Luke Palacio, they have invited the Prime Minister to a [...]

Teachers’ Union President Threatens Court Action Over “Union-Busting”

The Belize National Teachers’ Union is not in the very least pleased with the Ministry of Education after what it considers attempts to undermine the activity of the Union. The [...]

P.U.P. Says It Has the Teachers’ Back

The People’s United Party was in Belmopan today on another mission which coincided with the teacher’s rally. While its rank and file generally stayed away, the parliamentarians did not miss [...]

Briceño Blames Economic Contraction for Salary Adjustment Deferral

According to Briceño, PM Barrow is unable to dole out the final three percent salary adjustment due to teachers for several reasons. Briceño points out that the economy is contracting [...]

Woman Perishes as House Collapses with Carnival Revellers

Going into the carnival weekend, a tragic incident took place this afternoon at the site of the Soca Moca Mas Camp, last year’s Carnival Champs. The members were tying up [...]

N.E.M.O. Accused of Delay to Fix Leaning House

Marsha Smith and her family have been living on the Dolphin Street property since 2003 and it is where the mud used for the J’ouvert is cooked…all that has been [...]

Impasse Remains on Proposal to Defer Salary Adjustment

Ahead of Monday’s demonstration, a marathon session of meetings was held today at the Biltmore where Prime Minister Dean Barrow met with leaders of the various unions that comprise the [...]

Union Representatives Will Go Back to Their Membership to Discuss Proposal

The B.N.T.U., the Association of Public Service Senior Managers and the Public Service Union remained in session well after the PM’s departure.  When they emerged from that extended discussion, B.N.T.U. [...]

P.M. Wants Clarification From Teachers on Issues with Government

Ahead of this afternoon’s meeting with the Joint Union Negotiating Team and Monday’s planned demonstration in Belmopan by the Belize National Teachers’ Union, the Prime Minister had a warning: the [...]

Fifth Demonstration in Belmopan Coming Up; Government Tries to Resolve Disputes

Monday’s demonstration by the Belize National Teachers’ Union will be the fifth in less than a month in the nation’s capital and sixth overall in that time span including the [...]

Is Union’s Action Political Motivated?

Expanding on his separation of the politically motivated activities of the past month from the purely civic-minded concerns, Prime Minister Barrow placed Monday’s demonstration in the latter category, though he [...]

Belize National Teachers’ Union confirms mass demonstration in Belmopan

It is now official: a massive demonstration of teachers will take place in Belmopan on Monday September nineteenth.  The convergence on Independence Hill comes just two days before Independence Day. [...]

B.N.T.U. president makes case for fifth demonstration in a month in capital

In making the case why the demonstration – the fifth in less than a month in the capital city – has to happen, Luke Palacio said the B.N.T.U. is fulfilling [...]

Senator Godwin Hulse hopes Government can reach compromise with unions

Former Minister of Labor Godwin Hulse has also interjected on the present situation with teachers and the demand for the final tranche of their salary increase.  Ahead of a scheduled [...]

B.N.T.U. wrong to consider industrial action, says Hulse

As for a call for industrial action, Hulse, like Minister of Education Patrick Faber, admits that there really is not a labor dispute that would warrant teachers taking to the [...]

Teachers say, “It’s not just about the three; it’s about country!”

On Wednesday, we shared the strident response of Minister of Education and Youth Patrick Faber to the goings-on with the union. He insists that there is currently no labour dispute [...]