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Press Office’s Pakeman is Cleared in Courts; Evidence Disappeared

The Director of the Government’s Press Office, Dorian Pakeman, walked out of the Magistrate Court this morning, a free man.  In March 2016, Pakeman was accused of causing the death, [...]

Mayor Bradley: Senate Misadventure “Stains” Country, U.D.P. Must Take Action

Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley is taking a tough stand on the fiasco at last week Wednesday’s public hearing of the Senate Special Select Inquiry.  The Mayor says shame on [...]

Bradley Calls for Higher Standards for Elected Officials

Should Brian Audinett be removed as the macebearer from the House? The People’s United Party and several others have called for his removal following his behavior inside the senate hearing. [...]

Ashley Rocke Calls on P.M. to Intervene

Ever since the unprecedented attack on the media attending the May seventeenth public hearing of the Senate Special Select Committee, the press has been sampling responses on the scope of [...]

Senator for Churches Believes ‘Public Servants’ Behind Immigration Scandal

The other major question about the Senate Special Select Committee is whether it has run its course. So far, three members of the Committee have spoken out, with Chairman Aldo [...]

U.S. Watching Bandits’ Use of Coast Guard Boats

Could Minister of Defence John Saldivar be in for a reprimand from the U.S. government? The U.S. Embassy in Belize is said to be gathering information about reports of inappropriate [...]

San Pedro Moves Against Maya Mound Destroyers

Maya mounds dot the island of San Pedro Ambergris Caye. In recent days, the destruction of one has stirred outcry among the folks in the island. The proud mound stood [...]

DJ “Hard Rock” Murdered on the Boulevard

There was a senseless murder in the city on Wednesday night, breaking a lull of three weeks when Ludwin Lalin was executed not far from his house in the Jane [...]

Senate’s Mark Lizarraga: No Right to Disruption in National Assembly

There is mounting public outcry at the scandalous behavior of high profile U.D.P. operatives during recent senate hearings that are unraveling blatant corruption at the Immigration Department.  Business Senator Mark [...]

Lizarraga Maintains He Will Not Be Intimidated

Wednesday’s meeting was abruptly cancelled at the request of the Opposition, which says there were threats of violence. All things considered, the P.U.P. also says it did not want to [...]

Why is Government Silent on Incident?

The political fallout in the wake of that very regrettable incident sheds light on the utter lack of respect for the so-called Honorable House.  It also emphasizes a lack of [...]

Nazarenes Call Out Government for Treatment of Louis Wade

The home church of Pastor Louis Wade Junior has come to his defense, calling the charges of assault and use of insulting words “totally unacceptable.”  The Church of the Nazarene [...]

Africanized Bees Kill Cayo Grandmother

A sixty-year-old woman died after she was stung by killer bees in San Ignacio on Wednesday. Cruz Chan was on her way over to a primary school in the Kontiki [...]

DuPlooy’s Robbed in Cayo

Earlier this evening, DuPlooy’s Lodge on the Benque Viejo Road was apparently robbed. Benque Police have reported to the scene as of news time, but according to Officer in Command [...]

Citing Threats of Retaliation, Senate Committee Chair Suspends Public Hearing

Today’s session of the senate special select committee was suspended at the eleventh hour.  Ordinarily, all announcements pertaining to these matters are released through the Office of the Clerk of [...]

Not Done Yet, Aldo Salazar Says Committee’s Time Must Be Productive

Following last Wednesday’s epic failure to remove the U.D.P. operatives from the gallery, Chairman Salazar went on record with a personal view that the inquiry should come to an end [...]

In Future, Committee Must Balance Rights of Protestors and Questioners

While the outcome of last Wednesday’s meeting was unpredictable, security within the Assembly Building remains an important issue and if the chairman can maintain order during the proceedings. On one [...]

Opposition Wants “Yellow Man’s” Mace Taken Away

This afternoon, the P.U.P. issued its own statement on what led to the request for a suspension. It says it is seriously concerned and appalled at the disingenuous actions of [...]

Godwin Says Disruption Should Not Be Tolerated

We caught up with the United Democratic Party’s leader of Government Business in the Senate, Godwin Hulse, at another event today. Hulse is also a former chairman of a senate [...]

“Yellow Man” Fate in Hands of Speaker, President, Chairman

“Yellow Man” Audinett’s role inside the House of Representatives may seem minor to some. But it is a solemn responsibility and his actions on May seventeenth have led to calls [...]

Why Lee Mark Made the Right Call on Refusing Privilege Motion

The Opposition senators’ attempt to stand up for what happened to the press on May seventeenth, during an ordinary meeting of the Senate, did not get very far. On Friday, [...]

Media Writes to Have Senate Committee Chair Ban “Yellow Man”

Media houses, including this station, have endorsed a letter to the Chairman of the Senate Special Select Committee which condemns the unprecedented and unprovoked actions of members of the United [...]

Alberto August of Belizeans Against Courtenay Apologizes for Press Attacks

Chairman of the United Democratic Party, Alberto August, this afternoon told News Five he was taking full responsibility for the attack on members of the press last week at the [...]

August Says They Will Return to Wednesday’s Hearing

August called on Leader of the Opposition John Briceño to remove Courtenay from the Senate, a decision Briceño has said previously he will not make. Courtenay is seen as the [...]

Eamon Refuses to Engage August

Even before today’s interview, August appeared on the U.D.P.’s Wave Radio Morning Show on Friday. Not only did he reiterate his intention to return to Wednesday’s meeting, but he challenged [...]