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The Government’s Choice: Imer Hernandez Paid 7 Mil for Hot Mixed Caye Caulker Airstrip

Another multi-million dollar contract has been granted to the government’s choice contractor, Imer Hernandez, the nephew of the former Deputy Prime Minister Gapi Vega. As recent as last week, Hernandez [...]

Hernandez Can’t Be Beat; He Won Regular Tender over 2 Other Contractors

Now Imer Hernandez’s company has been awarded numerous contracts for multimillion dollar projects in past years. Back in 2014, the Prime Minister had to defend Hernandez’s work because many considered [...]

Is Faber’s Road a Good Deal?

The dust has not settled yet on the controversial eight-million-dollar contract for work on Faber’s Road. The agreement was signed on Thursday and by Friday, execution began. It prompted the [...]

Mayor Calls for Transparency But Warns About Priorities

The controversy surrounding the cost, as well as the awarding of the Faber’s Road Project to Imer Hernandez, is quite possibly the result of a lack of information about the [...]

Mayor: Consultation Didn’t Matter to Me

Why was Mayor Bradley skirted by Prime Minister Barrow in favor of Councilor Deon Leslie during his consultations on the Faber’s Road Project?  On the surface it appears that the [...]

BIL’s Mea Culpa: Hot-Mix Couldn’t Save Sinking Lake I Boulevard

Still on the issue of infrastructure projects…. it was intended to be a centerpiece of the giant Petrocaribe spending program – worth removing squatters, clearing out bushes and splashing cash. [...]

Mayor: “Appalling” Boulevard Should Have Been Questioned Earlier

Mayor Darrell Bradley also commented on the Lake Independence Boulevard. As both a citizen and Mayor, he was appalled at the state of affairs. He indicated that it was emblematic [...]

P.M. Cites ‘Urgency’ for Pushing Fabers’ Road; Handled Negotiations Himself

Since the announcement last week, there has been growing public outcry over the awarding of another contract to Imer Hernandez, the family of the former Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega. [...]

‘Limited Tendering’ Provided Shortest Route to Completion

As to the tendering for the award of the lucrative contract, you heard the Prime Minister say he solicited estimates from two contractors before settling for Hernandez. He had also [...]

G.O.B.’s Engineering Consultant Explains Rate Comparisons

To bolster an explanation on the seemingly exorbitant cost of the Faber’s Road project, government brought in an engineering consultant who has had extensive history working with the Ministry of [...]

Why Finance and Audit Act Did Not Apply

The Prime Minister opened the conference by specifically challenging the charge that the Finance and Audit Act was violated by the use of the selective tendering process rather than open [...]

Politics Aside, Imer Hernandez Will Provide ‘First-Class’ Result

Does Imer Hernandez’s family ties to former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega place him under intense public scrutiny insofar as the Faber’s Road project and other past contracts are concerned? [...]

P.M. Plays Peacemaker, But Police Rebelled against Media Interviews

It has now been over a month since any member of the Police Department last gave an on-camera interview to the press concerning criminal matters, not counting Commissioner of Police [...]

Kareem Musa Says No to Party Leadership for Now

This evening, Caribbean Shores area representative Kareem Musa issued a statement on social media declaring that he would not contest the position of party leader of the People’s United Party [...]

After Previous Attacks, Keith Middleton is Latest Murder Victim in Jane Usher

There is a resurgence of crime and violence on Jane Usher Boulevard area in the Old Capital. On Monday night, there was another shooting which left a thirty-one-year-old resident lifeless. [...]

U.S. National Detained Following Alleged Abduction of El Progreso Schoolgirls

In Monday’s newscast, we reported on the foiled abduction of three young girls in the west. Today, News Five’s Duane Moody headed to El Progresso Seven Miles Community to follow [...]

Belize to Welcome Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto for CARICOM Summit

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto will be in Belize for the first time next week.  Traditionally, Mexican presidents visit before their inauguration as part of a tour of bordering countries [...]

Belize Bank Makes Final Appeal for U.H.S. Money

The Caribbean Court of Justice opened its first term for the 2017-2018 judicial year with the appeal of Belize Bank Limited versus the Attorney General. The case concerns the long-standing [...]

Preliminary Inquiry Delayed for Anke Doehm

But in the local courts, recently widowed Anke Doehm appeared before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer. With her late husband David, she is accused of cruelty to a child – her [...]

Alfonso Noble to Learn Fate in RTA Case in January, 2018

On Christmas Eve of 2016, media personality Alfonso Noble was accused of knocking down and killing Hattieville resident Gilbert Myers near mile four on the George Price Highway. Noble was [...]

Andrew Lewis Takes Rap for Gun in Vehicle near Hattieville

Hattieville police made a gun bust on Sunday during which they intercepted a trio of men inside a pickup and found a nine millimetre firearm and four live rounds of [...]

Brave Schoolgirls Escape Abductors in El Progreso, Cayo

There is a disturbing report coming in from the west where two men attempted to abduct three girls—ages nine, ten and eleven—from El Progresso, seven miles village in the Cayo [...]

Erwin Rodriguez Laid to Rest after Remains Found Near Sea

Tonight, seventeen-year-old Erwin Paulino Rodriguez was laid to rest at Eternal Garden Memorial Cemetery on the George Price Highway following a short graveside service. The last faint hopes of his [...]

Franz Parke Appointed Despite Storm Clouds of Controversy

As the October session of the Court of Appeal opened today in Belize City, in Belmopan, attorney Franz Parke was sworn in as the new justice to the court. The [...]

COLA Says “Obscene” Fabers Road Contract May Be Final Straw

The Imer Hernandez Development Company Limited has already begun construction on the stretch of Fabers’ Road between Central American Boulevard and the George Price Highway. For that approximately one-mile stretch [...]