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B.W.S. Employee Shot and Killed in Early Morning Attack

An early morning homicide in the Old Capital has claimed the life of the cousin of reputed George Street captain Carlos “Zimbab” Abraham. Abraham was hit twice to the neck [...]

Fatal Road Traffic Accident on George Price Highway Claims Life of Two Men

A fatal road traffic accident on the George Price Highway this afternoon has left two Ministry of Works’ employees dead and an employee of Madisco reportedly in critical condition at [...]

P.M. Meets With Caneros to Discuss Sugar Industry Impasse

Is there a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel where the sugar industry is concerned? It appears that way, following a meeting between representatives of the B.S.C.F.A., [...]

P.U.P. Selects Richard Harrison to Run in Cayo North Bye-election

  There will be a bye-election in Cayo North, and it is set for January fifth, five weeks from today. The odds are stacked against the P.U.P., who have had [...]

P.M. Barrow Says He’s Confident Cayo North will Go Red in 2015!

Of course, the PM is not fazed in the slightest. Why would he be? The Petrocaribe money has been rolling all over the place and will no doubt roll into [...]

Harrison Pledges Change to Voters of Cayo North

As we told you earlier in our newscast, the PUP has endorsed businessman Richard Harrison as their candidate in Cayo North. Harrison will go up against a well funded, popular [...]

Are Failed Business Ventures an Indication of Harrison’s Managerial Skills?

Harrison is a businessman who has had his share of successes and failures. But politics isn’t generally a forgiving arena, and his critics have already started attacking his failures as [...]

Cruise Ships Cancel Calls on Belize on Thanksgiving Day! Bad Weather to Blame

For a second consecutive day, cruise ships calling to port on Belize have cancelled their visits due to inclement weather.  The sea state since Wednesday morning remains choppy, as we [...]

Significant Loss of Revenue Estimated As Tourists Head to Other Destinations

From a dollars and sense perspective, the two-day loss has amounted to approximately one point eight million Belize dollars in revenue, notwithstanding the head tax that would have been collected [...]

Wilser Echevarria Remanded for Theft, Murder Charge Still Pending

Tonight, the fate of eighteen-year-old Wilser Echevarria rests in the hands of Director of Public Prosecution Cheryl-Lynn Vidal. When Belmopan Police did not seek her advice while attempting to arraign [...]

D.P.P. Comments on Case of Murdered Panamanian Diplomat

It is supreme irony that the law now, at least in this particular case, demands consultation with the D.P.P.  The memo and directive which resulted in the delayed arraignment for [...]

Can the Police Department and D.P.P.’s Office Mend Fences?

So with all that said, is there hope for collaboration between the Police Department and the D.P.P.’s Office? With so much at stake, can there be some efficient, effective partnership [...]

Ladyville Police Accused of Beating Alleged Burglar to a Pulp

A reported burglary in Ladyville during which almost four hundred thousand dollars in jewelry is said to have been stolen has resulted in another case of police brutality.  According to [...]

Melonie Coye Versus Arthur Saldivar in Court

The case against attorney Arthur Saldivar, who represented the Coye family in a money laundering case against the Financial Intelligence Unit, continued today in the Supreme Court.  Saldivar is the [...]

Police and D.P.P. Tangle Over Murder Charges for Wilser Echevarria

The murder of Panamanian diplomat Jose Rodrigo de la Rosa Stanford on Sunday is a sensational case. The allegations of attempted rape brought against him by Wilser Echevarria and his [...]

11-year-old Girl Gang Raped on Iguana Street

There is a most disgusting report tonight of the gang rape of an eleven year old girl. The incident allegedly occurred on Iguana Street last Thursday at the house of [...]

What’s the Latest on the Sugar Impasse? B.S.C.F.A. Gives an Update

On November fifteenth, cane farmers from eighteen branches of the B.S.C.F.A. met and issued an ultimatum to the Sugar Industry Control Board. In a nutshell, the farmers had two requests [...]

2014’s Top CXC/CAPE Performers Awarded in Orange Walk

There were happy students and proud parents this morning at the national ceremony for CSEC and CAPE awardees which took place in Orange Walk Town. Hundreds of students were recognized [...]

Patrick Faber Shares Success Stories in Education

At the onset of his speech at today’s CXC/CAPE Awards ceremony, Minister of Education, Patrick Faber spoke to the gathering on the current state of the education system. Faber thumbed [...]

Is Hunting Caye F.O.B. Still a Joint Belize/U.S. Effort?

On Tuesday, News Five had an opportunity to speak with Minister of foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington on a variety of issues, including the murder of the Panamanian diplomat. We also [...]

Derrick Bain Convicted of Theft for a Second Time

A convicted thief, who is already serving time behind bars, picked up his second conviction for crimes of dishonesty after pleading guilty to theft for snatching a chain from an [...]

Bye-Election for Cayo North Set for January 2015

Joseph Mahmud handed in his resignation to the offices of the Speaker of the House on Monday indicating that with immediate effect, he was stepping down as P.U.P. Area Representative [...]

P.U.P. Leader Says Joe Mahmud Disrespected the Party

  The People’s United Party is still reeling from the devastating blow it has suffered in the wake of that announcement.  Party Leader Francis Fonseca has gone on record to [...]

Francis Fonseca Says P.U.P. Cayo North Campaign will be Spirited

While the date for the upcoming bye-election has been set for January fifth, 2015, opposition leader Francis Fonseca says that the P.U.P. will lead a spirited campaign in Cayo North, [...]

Did Wilser Chavarria Kill Panamanian Diplomat?

Tonight, eighteen year old San Martin resident Wilser Chavarria is being held by Belmopan Police, and we are told he will be charged for murder by Wednesday. Chavarria is the [...]