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Roaring Creek Reels In Wake of Ongoing Bloodbath

The brutal slayings of two Roaring Creek men, just a day apart, has shocked the small community, and indeed the nation. Twenty-eight year old Edilberto Madrid went missing on Sunday, [...]

Thousands of Dollars Reported Missing from Belize Post Office

Twenty thousand dollars and counting…an internal audit of public funds at the Post Office in Belize City is currently ongoing. So far it is known that between January second and [...]

Deputy Post Master General Says Theft of Monies is not Pilfering of Mail

Gabriel assures the public that the theft is not to be confused with the pilfering of mail, for which several protocols are in place to catch perpetrators. And on the [...]

Draft Petrocaribe Amendment Dissected by Attorney Andrew Marshalleck

Government has come under considerable fire for the controversial Petrocaribe Loans Act which was passed in the House in March. On June twenty-sixth, government will be tabling amendments to the [...]

Are the Proposed Amendments Contradictory?

According to Marshalleck, the spirit of the amendments remains inconsistent, particularly where it concerns the passage of retrospective supplementary allowances.   Isani Cayetano “These proposed changes have been described as [...]

Trepidation Amid Changes to Petrocaribe Loans Act

In spite of the revision, there are still significant concerns.  The amendments, characterized as aesthetic, are seemingly all glitter and no substance.   Andrew Marshalleck, Attorney in Legal Claim “So [...]

Julius Espat Says G.O.B. is Simply Trying to Cover Up Misconduct

As we mentioned earlier, P.U.P. Deputy Leader Julius Espat has commenced legal proceedings against the prime minister in respect of the perceived illegalities of the Petrocaribe Loans Act.  After carefully [...]

Twenty-Four Hours Later: Another Body Surfaces in Roaring Creek Blood Feud

There is a third murder in the Roaring Creek area tonight. The dismembered body of fifty-one year old Roaring Creek resident Steven “Deeds” Hyde was found in a shallow grave [...]

What’s Russell Hyde’s Connection to Ongoing Spate of Murders in Roaring Creek?

As we said, Steven Hyde, the cousin of Russell Hyde, is the third victim in a recent string of murders that started with the fatal shooting of thirty-three year old, [...]

N.T.U.C.B. Meets With PM Barrow on Proposed Amendments to Petrocaribe Law

Representatives of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize met in extended session this afternoon with Prime Minister Dean Barrow to discuss proposed amendments to the Petrocaribe Loans Act.  The [...]

Marvin Mora Says Timeline for Union Membership to Decide is Limited

Among the key questions coming out of this afternoon’s meeting is the scope of the Petrocaribe Loans Act which, according to Mora, also prevents a successive government from abusing or [...]

No Love Lost Despite Audrey Matura-Shepherd Not Being Initially Invited to Meeting

When the prime minister requested an audience with the N.T.U.C.B. on the issue of the controversial Petrocaribe Loans Act, the invitation was rather specific: all were welcomed to attend except [...]

Audrey Spoke on BGYEA Settlement, Cited for Contempt of Court

In a most unusual case involving an attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd is being cited for contempt of court which is considered a serious offense that can result in imprisonment for any [...]

Carlos Raul Morales on Referendum

News Five was the only media house in Guatemala City where an amendment was formalized to the 2008 Special Agreement this past Monday. It is all part of a process [...]

Special Agreement Amended – Guatemala Goes Solo for Referendum

There is a lot of crime news, but tonight we start our newscast with a historic event that occurred in Guatemala City on Monday. A Belizean delegation led by the [...]

Sedi Says Amendment to Compromis May Be About Economics

According to the original Special Agreement, a simultaneous referenda was scheduled for October 2013, but Guatemala decided it was not proceeding with it and for years, it did not support [...]

Guatemalan Foreign Minister Presents Approved Bilateral Agreements

Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales told the media that for both countries to move forward, the bilateral agenda between the two must be separate from the territorial dispute. This strategy [...]

Dismembered Body of Roaring Creek Resident Recovered from Belize River

A gruesome killing in the Valley of Peace Road, Cayo has left a family devastated and shaken up. They can’t say why Edilberto Madrid was gruesomely murdered in a neighborhood [...]

One Dead, One Critically Injured in Friday Evening City Shooting

While that murder was in Valley of Peace, on Friday evening, as the extended holiday weekend was just getting underway, gun violence erupted once more on the south side of [...]

Man Stabbed in Belize City, One Person is Charged

Also on the crime blotter, twenty-four-year-old Shawn Pascasio was stabbed multiple times on Sunday morning during an altercation outside of Elements Nightclub on Newtown Barracks.  Pascasio was reportedly standing on [...]

Gunmen Open Fire on Caesar Ridge Road, Two Men Injured in Onslaught

The wanton bloodlust over the holiday weekend culminated on Monday night with a violent attack on a pair of Belize City men who were seated in front of their home [...]

Body Discovered After 21 Days of Searching

Since he went missing on April thirtieth, the family of Densfield Bowen, feared the worst. Tonight, as they grieve, they are preparing to lay him to rest and close a [...]

Luis Dominguez is Shot on J.R. Street

A Belize City resident was shot on Thursday night in Belize City. Thirty two year old Luis Dominguez was riding his bike on JR Street shortly before eight last night [...]

Caneros in Santa Marta Issued Eviction Notice for Farming on Private Land

There is a very ugly situation brewing in the village of Santa Marta in the Orange Walk District, and it involves squatting. Thirteen farmers cleared and cultivated five hundred and [...]

Is Minister of State Squatting on Land in Santa Marta?

What’s the connection between Minister of State Edmond Castro and Santa Marta in the Orange Walk District? Well, you would think none, but you would be wrong. Earlier this week [...]