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Fruta Bomba Bids Farewell to Belize

One of the biggest industries up north is the papaya industry. It provides employment for hundreds, but the future of the industry is bleak tonight because Fruta Bomba and its [...]

P.U.P. Leader Says Papaya Company’s Departure Was Foretold

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, they only got word of Fruta Bomba’s departure two days ago, but P.U.P. leader John Briceño, who hails from the north of the country, [...]

Honduran Bar Manager Awaits Sentencing on Human Trafficking Conviction

Convictions for human trafficking are rare, but tonight a grandmother is behind bars for the offence. Honduran national Estella Gonzalez was convicted this morning in the Supreme Court by Justice [...]

Belmopan Police Seek Killer of Zhijuang Zhang

Belmopan Police are still on the hunt for a cold-blooded killer in that jurisdiction, for the brutal murder of Chinese bar owner Zhijuang Zhang on Saturday morning. Zhang was stabbed [...]

Building in Spanish Lookout Almost Completely Destroyed by Fire

On Wednesday, we showed you the images of Country Foods in Spanish Lookout engulfed in flames. At about three p.m., a fire spread to the warehouse from a nearby pit [...]

N.T.U.C.B. Says No to Santander Loan

The S.S.B. loan to the Santander Group is a done deal – at least as far as approval is concerned. The application was made way back in October 2015, and [...]

The P.U.P. Says S.S.B. Should Have Sought Special Protection

The People’s United Party today issued a press release on the S.S.B. twelve million dollar loan to the Santander Group. In the release, the Party states that one pressing question [...]

Is Local Rice Contaminated With Poisonous Toxins?

Belizeans consume about twelve thousand tons of rice annually. But is that rice contaminated with a poisonous chemical which causes cancer? Aflatoxins are produced by fungi found on agricultural products, [...]

Importer Jack Charles Produces Lab Tests and Alleges Contamination

The documents from Eurofins Lab were accompanied by a press release – the one to which Agriculture C.E.O. Jose Alpuche makes reference. In that release, Charles admits that he commissioned [...]

Missing Guatemalan Woman Found Dead in Orchard off Hummingbird Highway

Guatemalan Lydia Janet Garcia was reported missing on January nineteenth by her son, Alexander Enrique Garcia. He told Benque Police that his mother was last seen on January eighth when [...]

Fire Rages at Country Foods, Spanish Lookout

At news time tonight a fire is raging at a warehouse in the Spanish Lookout Community. Country Foods went up in flames around three this afternoon and police say that [...]

Police Locate Stolen Pickup

Since Sunday, Police have been on the lookout for a red 2001 Mazda pickup, stolen on the old Western highway from Jorge Lopez. Lopez was accosted by two men, one [...]

SUV and Truck Collide on the Haulover Bridge

There was an accident on the Haulover Bridge at around three-fifteen this afternoon, when the driver of a red SUV apparently lost control and crashed into a large truck. There [...]

National Security Officials Visit F.O.B. Site at Mouth of Sarstoon

This morning, Minister of National Security John Saldivar, with an entourage including Minister of State Frank Mena and representatives from the Ministry, Police and Belize Defence Force, visited the site [...]

Santander Applied for S.S.B. Loan to Bridge Shortfall in Consortium Loan

The airwaves have been consumed with the news that mega-million dollar sugar-cane production and milling facility, Green Tropics, has been given a twelve million dollar loan from the Social Security [...]

$12 Million from S.S.B. Approved, But Not Disbursed to Santander

Singh reiterated that the Board cannot even look at an investment until the Investment Committee recommends it after due diligence. That was done, and the Board of Directors reviewed it [...]

Belizean Banks Invested U.S. $54 Million in Green Tropics Project

We’re not sure the breakdown of monies invested into the Santander facility has ever been public knowledge. The project has been sold repeatedly as a hundred and fifty million dollar [...]

Family Court Hears Case of Baby Nina Barrera Perez

The unfortunate jurisdiction matter of baby Nina Barrera Perez, adjourned since December, was before Magistrate Dale Cayetano at the Family Court today. As very brief background, two year old Nina [...]

Shooting Victim Jorge Lopez Recounts Nightmarish Experience

On Monday, we told you about the disturbing armed robbery of a Canadian couple just a few hours after they checked into the Tropical Education Center on the George Price [...]

Should S.S.B. Grant Multimillion Dollar Loan to Santander?

And tonight’s question is: Do you support the granting of a multi-million dollar loan from the Social Security Board to the Guatemalan company, Santander? Send your comments and responses using [...]

Health Officials Confirm Belize is Zika Free

Health officials today revealed that so far, Belize is free of the Zika virus unlike many countries in Central America and the Caribbean. Samples have been sent for testing at [...]

Chinese Bar Owner Murdered in Teakettle

A Chinese bar owner was brutally slashed to death at his place of business in Teakettle in the Cayo District, early Saturday morning. Fifty-two year old Zhijuang Zhang was closing [...]

Canadian Tourists Robbed at Gunpoint

There was another sensational crime this weekend, in which two Canadian tourists were held hostage by armed robbers who then shot a man while stealing his vehicle to make their [...]

John Briceño Sworn in as Leader of the Opposition

At ten this morning, P.U.P. Leader John Briceño was sworn in as the Constitutional Leader of the Opposition in the House of Representatives. The new leader will have an enormous [...]

Will Cordel Hyde be Appointed Senior Member of National Executive?

Briceño was joined at the swearing in by Cordel Hyde, formerly an opponent for leadership of the P.U.P.  The parallel campaigns of both men were cordial and never traversed into [...]