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Edmond Castro says BSCFA at fault for Fairtrade suspension

During the annual general meeting of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association over the weekend, farmers were informed of the recent suspension of the association from Fair-trade. The Association claims [...]

What Caused Above-Average 2016 Hurricane Season?

It’s the thirtieth of November and it is a day when a lot of people let out a sigh of relief- particularly those who live in low lying areas and [...]

B.D.F. Keeping Eye on Illegal Activity in Sarstoon Area

SATIIM co-manages the Sarstoon Temash National Park and according to them, they were intercepted by the GAF recently when they were on a patrol of the area. The N.G.O. says [...]

F.C.D. Gets “Big Up” in London

It has been a while since we’ve heard from the Friends of Conservation and Development, but just this week, Executive Director Raphael Manzanero was in London on official FCD business. [...]

Guatemala Controls Southern Boundary; Infringing into Belizean Territory

A report of the latest military encounter on the Sarstoon River, involving village leaders, as well as a team of and park rangers attached to SATIIM, has been filed with [...]

SATIIM Says Oversight of National Park Needs G.O.B. Intervention

Since losing its co-management agreement in July 2013, SATIIM has been virtually on its own as far as monitoring illegal activities within the expansive broadleaf, wetland and mangrove forest.  The [...]

Guatemalan Forces Stop SATIIM Again; Secret Protocol in Place?

Following a period of relative calm and somewhat downplayed encounters, activities by the Guatemalan armed forces in the Sarstoon, are sparking up again in southern Belize.  A few days ago, [...]

Tourism Minister Issues Fresh Apology for Seismic Testing Debacle

The Government has completely backtracked, for now at least, on the issue of seismic testing, cancelling the visit of one ship scheduled to do testing but allowing another that will [...]

Considering Renewable Energy in the Home

Are you looking for ways to make your home or business more energy and electricity efficient? You may not know, but there are companies in Belize that can help you [...]

Seismic Testing Cancelled, but There Are Limits According to Department

Government confirmed today that regional offshore seismic survey has been cancelled. The survey was initially suspended on October twentieth following public outcry from tourism stakeholders and the N.G.O. community. Immediately [...]

Developer on Gladden Caye Called Out on Dredging

Tonight there is a report of damage to fisheries and the marine environment in southern Belizean waters. The Southern Environmental Association reports that it has come across the construction of [...]

G.O.B. demands compensation money from Andre Vega, Sharon Pitts

The government is seeking to recover almost a million dollars paid in compensation to Andre Vega, the son of the former DPM and Minister of Natural Resources as well as [...]

Government responds to environmentalists on moratorium

The Government of Belize has responded to the Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage, putting aside for now the issue of legislating the currently policy-based moratorium on activities relating [...]

A step forward, but environmentalists still want complete ban

So, is this a step forward or a step backward? And will it move the Coalition even slightly from its position that a complete ban on offshore petroleum-related activity of [...]

Rain, rain, please go away!

Incessant rains across the country have inundated parts of Belize City and the weekend forecast indicates that there are more showers ahead.  The downpour began in the wee early hours [...]

Lucky Boy, the Black Jaguar, passes on at 20

There is a bit of sad news coming out of the Belize Zoo tonight. One of its beloved residents, Lucky Boy, has passed away. According to the zoo, the twenty-year-old [...]

OCEANA Pans Minister’s Comparison of Belize with Ecuador on Petroleum

On Monday, Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia Junior, while confirming that Government is committed to maintaining its moratorium on offshore petroleum exploration activity, remained insistent that Belize needed to at [...]

OCEANA Hosts Seismic Consultations in Belize City

There does not appear to be much of a debate on the issue of seismic testing in Belize’s offshore waters – at least, not if you ask the environmentalists, who [...]

OCEANA VP Says Legislation for Moratorium is a Firmer Option

As we reported, the Cabinet met last week to consider the plans for legislating the moratorium on activities related to offshore exploration for petroleum and conditions for lifting that moratorium. [...]

TGS and Its Relationship with G.O.B. Goes Back Years

For many, the company conducting the testing, TGS, came out of nowhere. But OCEANA’s Janelle Chanona reported that its relationship with the Government has been long-standing and it is clear [...]

Ban on Offshore Drilling for Protected Marine Sites; Minister Still Supportive of Petro-Exploration

Last Tuesday, cabinet officially suspended seismic testing that was being conducted offshore by an international company, TGS. Reeling from scandal to scandal and following a remarkable manifestation of people’s power, [...]

Coalition Writes Prime Minister on Seismic Testing

In advance of Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting, the Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage wrote to Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Monday seeking clarifications and statements on several issues. The [...]

Environmentalists Still Waiting on Cabinet Response

Cabinet met on Tuesday and as we reported, the matter of the seismic testing in Belize’s waters, which many fear is the first step to exploring for oil in our [...]

Prime Minister Previously Showed Support for Oil Moratorium, Referendum

Today, the environmentalists also showed us a video package of separate interviews granted to the media in February of 2012 and May of 2015, in which no less than Prime [...]

Will Prime Minister Stick to His Word?

The Prime Minister’s statements do not appear to be contradictory. Indeed, they are clear pronunciations on the issue, despite attempts to prevaricate on the referendum issue. So, is the Government [...]