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Culture Comes Alive at Anglican Cathedral College

Anglican Cathedral College today hosted its annual culture awareness day. The purpose is to increase the students’ knowledge about the many and different cultures in Belize through first hard experience. [...]

Excelsior Teachers on Strike? Principal Says Not So

There’s more trouble at Excelsior High School in Belize City tonight.  Today, News Five received reports that several teachers didn’t show up to work and as a result, their students [...]

Muffles College High School Teacher Remains on Administrative Leave Over Leaked Nude Pics

A female teacher of Muffles College High School remains on administrative leave. Nude pictures of the teacher were leaked in December, prompting the administration of the school to request the [...]

Students Vote in Mock I.C.J. referendum

A significant event in the city today was a mock referendum on taking the Guatemalan claim to the International Court of Justice. It all happened at Saint Catherine’s Academy and [...]

Muffles College High School Teacher Asked to Resigned Over Nude Pictures

Nude pictures are at the centre of a dispute between a teacher and the administration of Muffles College High School. News Five has learned from several sources that nude pictures [...]

The Latest Developments in the Education Sector

Education Minister Patrick Faber has provided a brief update on several issues affecting public schools across the country.  Over the past week, a series of meetings have been held with [...]

My First Seventy-Five Years: An Autobiography

Former Chief Education Officer Ines Sanchez wrote a book documenting the first seventy-five years of his life. The autobiography covers the struggles of his early life woven into the historical [...]

M.O.E. Meets with Maya Mopan Villagers; Issues Are Aired Out

As scheduled, the Ministry of Education was in Maya Mopan Village to look into why parents are keeping their children at home. Today marked the third day since over ninety [...]

Taiwan ICDF Scholarship Programme Officially Open to Applicants

The Embassy of China (Taiwan) is pleased to announce that the 2019 Taiwan ICDF Scholarship Programme has officially opened. The embassy is now accepting applications from Belizean students who are [...]

Day 2 of Student Strike Continues at Maya Mopan Primary School

Since the end of last week, we’ve been reporting on growing tensions in the Maya Mopan Village. Parents and the Alcalde in the village say there has been a number [...]

M.O.E. to Visit Maya Mopan Village to Address Concerns at School

On Friday, Maya Mopan Village Alcalde Constancio Teul visited News Five’s studios on Coney Drive to send a message to the Ministry of Education—parents were not going to send their [...]

M.O.E. & Pathlight International Sign M.O.U.

Today, the Ministry of Education and Pathlight International signed a memorandum of understanding solidifying their collaboration. Over the years, the ministry and Pathlight have embarked on a number of projects [...]

Pathlight International to Establish Teacher Educator Centres in all Districts

As a part of the work that the Pathlight International is doing in Belize, they have also established teacher educator centers.  There are already two centers – one in Belmopan [...]

Maya Mopan Villagers to Protest School

The villagers of Maya Mopan in Stann Creek District are tonight sending a message to the management of the government primary school in community. The parents have been up in [...]

Hardship Allowances Still Not Ironed Out; B.N.T.U. Presses On

Belize National Teachers Union President Elena Smith says that the union is not backing down from its rejection of the school managements docking of teachers salaries for November seventh. The [...]

B.N.T.U. Says M.O.E. is Silent on School Managements’ Neglect

Earlier this week, the B.N.T.U. president called out the Ministry of Education for supporting the school management’s decision to dock salaries. Smith says that the ministry quoted from the rule [...]

B.N.T.U. President Says M.O.E. Has Disrespected Teacher

The Belize National Teachers Union says the Ministry of Education has disrespected its membership when it came out batting for the school managements that have docked teachers’ salaries for the [...]

B.N.T.U. to M.O.E. – “We are not backing down!”

So the line has been drawn. The B.N.T.U. says it will stand by its decision to protest the managements’ docking of salaries for November seventh.  Senator Smith says the union [...]

M.O.E. Supports Docking of Teachers’ Salaries

The Ministry of Education is siding with schools managements which have decided to dock the salaries of teachers who were absent on November seventh, the day that more than a [...]

School Management Makes Error in Hardship Allowance Payment

When more than one thousand teachers demonstrated in Belmopan in November, there were doing so for two primary reasons; time off to collect salary and hardship allowances. By a show [...]

Teachers’ Salaries Docked, B.N.T.U. Seeking Legal Recourse

On Friday, the Belize National Teachers’ Union came out swinging at some school managements, calling them the Grinch that stole Christmas. That’s because certain school managements decided to dock the [...]

President Elena Smith Says it’s Union Busting

According to President Elena Smith, the docking of teachers’ salaries is not only seen as ‘downright mean-spirited,’ but also as a form of union busting.   Senator Elena Smith, National [...]

B.N.T.U. Calls Managements the Grinch who Stole Christmas

The Belize National Teachers Union is calling some school managements the “Grinch who stole Christmas.”  The powerful union fired off a press statement this evening in which it expresses its [...]

‘Tis the Season to be Reading

‘tis the season to be reading and today, children from across Belize City flocked to the Leo Bradley Library to participate in an annual Christmas party hosted by four Belize [...]

Belize Bank Spreads Xmas Cheer with Stella Maris Students

One hundred and three students from Stella Maris School were filled with joy today as Belize Bank Limited threw its tenth annual Christmas party for the children. The purpose is [...]