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Ministry of Education Issues Plans for Deduction to Salaries

Having put their strike on hold, the teachers are still facing another battle; this time, its salary deductions for the striking days. Today, the Chief Education Officer Doctor Carol Babb [...]

Luke Palacio Insists Ministry Has No Authority Over Deductions

The total monthly salary is to be divided by the number of days in the month – thirty-one; then multiplied by the total number of days the teacher is out [...]

B.N.T.U. Rejects Call to Use Strike Fund to Pay Teachers’ Salaries

Late this evening, News Five obtained a letter from Minister Faber sent to Luke Palacio. The letter makes two proposals in which the ministry is softening its position. Faber proposes [...]

Minister Wilfred Elrington Says School Managements Will Decide

To pay or not to pay the protestant teachers; that’s the position that schools management are faced with following an eleven-day strike effected by the Belize National Teachers Union.  While [...]

Ministry of Education Says: No Services, No Salary!

Late Tuesday evening, a memo from the Ministry of Education, titled “Withholding of Contributions towards Salaries for Teachers on Strike,” was released.  According to the document, signed by Chief Education [...]

Teachers’ Union Looks at Legalities of Ministry’s Move

The memo from the Ministry of Education has obviously not been well received by the B.N.T.U.  This afternoon, the B.N.T.U. executive met on the matter which could lead to further [...]

B.N.T.U. Accuses Ministry of Trying to Bully and Intimidate

According to the B.N.T.U., the salary deductions for the days on strike, is another form of attack against teachers. Palacio says that it is the school management that determines the [...]

Will B.N.T.U. Resume Strike Action? Prime Minister Called on to Intervene

The memo requests information on the number of striking teachers to be delivered within hours earlier today. The B.N.T.U. believes that this latest missive is not an act of good [...]

P.U.P. Leader Says Teachers Must Be Paid

This afternoon the People’s United Party was quick to respond to the plight of the teachers. In a press conference today, Leader of the Opposition John Briceño demanded that the [...]

It’s Back to School After Eleven Days Off for Students

While the Ministry of Education and Belize National Teachers’ Union have not made up yet, the teachers were back in school in full force today. A check of schools across [...]

Belize National Teacher’s Union Votes to Put Strike on Hold

The overwhelming number of branches of the Belize National Teachers’ has agreed to end their eleven-day industrial action as of this evening and return to classes on Wednesday morning. This [...]

Teachers’ Union Reviews 8 Points, Says They Got Most of What They Asked For

The Union says that its eight-point agenda, the three percent salary adjustment deferral and Social Security coverage to and from work were just about fulfilled.  There was no agreement on [...]

Union Pleads With School Managers Not to Dock Salaries

As the teachers and students return to class, there is concern about possible punitive measures including withholding of salaries for the eleven days of absences by teachers. The B.N.T.U. has [...]

Teachers Say Thanks with Final Rally on Saturday, But Say Fight Will Continue for Good Governance

The B.N.T.U. picked up many endorsements from the wider society, but in terms of major support, both financial and in muscle on the street, was it enough to have pushed [...]

Prime Minister Offer Compromise to Joint Unions Negotiating Team – B.N.T.U. Has No Decision

On Friday, the Belize National Teachers’ Union had declared that its strike action would go into a third week. It insisted that this was because the critical labour issues, including [...]

A Third Week for B.N.T.U.’s Industrial Action

The Belize National Teachers’ Union will continue its industrial action into a third week, possibly matching the length of the 2005 strike called after then-Prime Minister Said Musa introduced tough [...]

Demonstration Planned for Wednesday as Meeting with P.M. Postponed

During the meeting between the B.N.T.U. and the PM on Thursday, President Luke Palacio says that there was agreement that the presidents of the B.N.T.U., the Association of the Public [...]

Prime Minister Outlines Social Security and Pensions

The Prime Minister met until into the evening with the B.N.T.U. on Thursday. When he emerged from that meeting he told the media that there was agreement on many of [...]

B.N.T.U. Gives Their Side on Labour Issues

For the first time since the strike began, there appears to be a division established in the solid eight-point agenda of the B.N.T.U. – nine, if the salary adjustment on [...]

OSH Bill Will Be Addressed Through N.T.U.C.B.

The Occupational Safety and Health Bill is among a few demands that the trade unions, including the B.N.T.U., have with the business community.  It is the final point on a [...]

B.N.T.U. Addresses Give-and-Take of Negotiation

Speaking after the PM’s press conference much later in the evening on Thursday, B.N.T.U. president described the meeting as even more difficult than the previous. The eight points presented to [...]

Will Chamber of Commerce Support B.N.T.U. with Shutdown of Businesses?

Earlier today, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry advised its members that it is yet to receive a formal response to a letter written to the Prime Minister on [...]

Albert and Mesop Reps Want All Teachers Back in School

U.D.P. Minister and party whip Michael Finnegan, together with Albert Area Representative Tracy Panton, held a press conference this afternoon at the party’s headquarters, shortly after the B.N.T.U. concluded a [...]

U.D.P. Politicians Ask: What More Do You Want?

Panton and Finnegan maintain that good governance is an inclusive process which should see equal responsibility from each of the social partners.  They have since turned to the teachers to [...]

Belizeans on the Street Ask Government to be More Giving

It’s been officially two weeks since students have not been in the classrooms. Today, a News Five crew took to the streets to poll residents on whether government should give [...]