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Belize Will Go its Own Way

The annual assessment by the IMF seeks to forestall future financial problems that member countries may face; however, its conditions have been broadly debated.  It is argued that the IMF’s [...]

B.E.L. Announces Modest Earnings for 2016-17

The Annual General Meeting of Belize Electricity Limited took place on Wednesday night and the news is that the company continues to perform well for shareholders.  With electricity rates largely [...]

Regular Gas Going Up at Midnight

There are changes to gasoline fuel prices to report tonight, and they are a mixed bag. Regular fuel is going up to ten dollars and eighteen cents in Belize City [...]

Ministry of Health and Customs working out plans for pharmaceutical importation

The Ministry of Health recently announced that it will take over all processing for importation of pharmaceuticals into Belize. Considering past problems involving the drug inspectorate it seems a strange [...]

I.M.F. Says More Must Be Done for Belize’s Economy

The International Monetary Fund has concluded its annual Article Four consultative visit to Belize, held from June sixth to fifteenth. It has issued its preliminary findings, which speak of a [...]

US $95 Million More for Dunkeld? G.O.B. Says No Way

There is another round of costly litigation coming our way, and once again it has to do with Belize Telemedia Limited.  The Government of Belize paid half of the settlement [...]

Government Plans C.C.J. Fight; Hopes for ‘Magic’

Without a doubt the matter will be going to the CCJ, which FinSec Joseph Waight says is provided for under the settlement agreement signed in Miami, Florida in 2015 between [...]

U.S. Court Refuses UHS Hearing; Belize Injunction Lifted

According to a U.S. court decision, the eighteen-point-five million U.S.-dollar arbitral award for the Belize Bank Limited against the Government will not be reconsidered. It leaves only an injunction granted [...]

Is Expense Bill for B.T.L. Settlement Too High?

As much as one hundred and thirty million U.S. dollars is being sought by the former owners of Belize Telemedia Limited from the Dean Barrow administration. It is the final [...]

Why Did P.M. Sign Agreement?

The Government and particularly the Prime Minister have in the past tried to shove off at least part of the responsibility for the B.T.L. debacle to the shoulders of the [...]

Briceño Warns ‘Sticker Shock’ Coming for Belize’s Economy

There is also the question of economic shock caused by the B.T.L. payments. The Government recently re-negotiated the Superbond, but has accumulated close to a hundred million dollars in debt [...]

Cost of Living Keeps Rising

A release sent out by the Statistical Institute of Belize on Wednesday shows that the prices of goods and services regularly purchased by households were up by two point two [...]

Training for Deep Sea Fishing

The Belize Federation of Fishers and the Department of Fisheries are training fishermen for deep-sea fishing. The training is a part of a project being implemented over the last year [...]

Caribbean Chicken is Now Certified

A few weeks ago, Quality Poultry Products of the Cayo District became the first company to certify to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points standard, securing a potential place in [...]

Fuel Tax Increase in Budget Not Fully to Blame for Price Increases

Fuel moves Belize, but the question tonight is whether the country may grind to a halt as a result of rising fuel prices. According to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, the [...]

How Much Mark Espat’s Firm Got Paid for Superbond Consultation

Around twenty-one million Belize dollars was paid out to settle the final costs of the re-arrangement of the Superbond Three point O, which took about five months to negotiate. The [...]

Why Fuel Prices Are So High and When They Will Come Down

Premium fuel has gone above eleven dollars for the first time in several years but there is no change in the price of regular gasoline and a slight reprieve for [...]

Another Cruel Fuel Increase

Fuel prices keep going up. At midnight on Wednesday, prices shot up again, for the third time since the beginning of the new financial year. This time, the price of [...]

Learning About Profiting from Biodiversity

Back in September we told you about the launch of the Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN). The United Nations Development Programme, with support from the European Union and other partners, is [...]

How to ‘Know Your Money’

The Central Bank of Belize is hosting a two day “Know Your Money” presentations to be conducted by international De La Rue International which prints the Belize currency notes. The [...]

Businessmen to Get Help with Duties

There were some sweets offered to the businessmen by Prime Minister Barrow in his address, which he couched as offering a listening ear and helping hand to the business community. [...]

P.M. Promises to Do Better with Corruption, Other Critical Issues

The recently passed General Revenue and Appropriation Bill prescribed increases in taxes totalling eighty million dollars to cover a shortfall, while limiting cuts in expenditure. Prime Minister Dean Barrow pointed [...]

Cayo’s Casa Pan Dulce Changes Bread and Price

On Friday, we told you of plans by Dario’s Bakery to lift prices for meat pies from a dollar to a dollar twenty-five beginning today, Tuesday. Tonight, our viewers in [...]

Why Price of Dario’s Meat Pies is Going Up on Tuesday

If you’re a fan of the world-famous Dario’s Meat Pies you may want to stock up this weekend. Prices for the tasty treat go up on Tuesday from a dollar [...]

Cruel Fuel Hike Raises Cost of Living; Exports in Sugar and Banana Rebound

According to the latest statistics released by the Statistical Institute of Belize, though food prices are down slightly, Belizeans are feeling the pain of a higher cost of living due [...]