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P.M. Barrow Talks Record after 10 Years in Government

Belize is hardly alone regionally in economic malaise; many nations in the Caribbean region, whose governments are presently submitting budgets for consideration similar to others, have had similar sluggish economic [...]

Michael Finnegan Trashes P.U.P. Explanations for Superbond

In his usual inimitable style, Mesopotamia area representative Michael Finnegan hit back at the Opposition’s defense of the loans they made under their administration which have become the Superbond. Referencing [...]

“Bogus” 2017 Budget Shredded by Opposition Leader

The House of Representatives met in Belmopan today with passions running high for the second reading of the General Revenue and Appropriation Bill, otherwise known as the Budget, which is [...]

Economist Says Numbers of Budget Do Not Tell Whole Story

The 2017 budget is being debated in the House of Representatives where parliamentarians are both criticizing and defending the fiscal plan.  But what are the economists thinking?  While there have [...]

Caribbean Shores’ Kareem Musa Says Budget is a “Trainwreck”

The debate begins this Thursday in the House with the budget rebuttal by the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceño.  The P.U.P. Area Representative Kareem Musa will also go on [...]

Musa Questions Where Surplus Will Come From

Musa also points to what he describes as an odd proposition being made by the Prime Minister where he puts forward that there will be a turnaround of the economy [...]

S and P Not Impressed by Superbond 3.0; Downgrades Belize to Default Status

In financial news….The government has been celebrating the restructuring of the Super Bond 3.0. But the credit rating agency, Standards and Poor’s Global ratings, is downgrading Belize’s long-term currency rating [...]

More on Budget from Economist Dr. Densil Williams

The 2017 budget which outlines government’s projected expenditure for the upcoming fiscal year will be debated in the House of Representatives at length on Thursday and Friday.  Ahead of that [...]

With E.U. quota gone, cane farmers must be competitive

Will Belizean cane sugar remain viable on the European market in 2018?  A gradual shift to cheaper beet sugar produced within the European Union will force stakeholders in the local [...]

Agriculture C.E.O. pushes crop diversity

According to Alpuche, the effect of European producers boxing out the competition can be devastating to local farmers if they do not diversify their crops.   Jose Alpuche, Minister of [...]

Ministries can make do with 2017 budget, says Elrington

The fiscal year 2017 commences on April first and the budget for the upcoming financial calendar has been presented by the Barrow administration.  While the annual financial plan will be [...]

Where goes the national debt?

Belize’s debts have climbed over three billion dollars for the first time, much of it owed externally. A full third of that is attributed to the Superbond, the package of [...]

U.W.I. professor comments on debt & wage bill

The University of the West Indies’ Pro-Vice Chancellor for Planning, Professor Densil Williams, is in Belize in connection with activities for the installation of Dr. Luz Longsworth as Principal of [...]

APAMO Attempts to Persuade G.O.B. Not to Tax PACT

The first serious objection to the bundle of tax measures introduced by Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the government at Monday’s budget presentation was raised by the Belize Tourism Industry [...]

Your Bottle of Rum May Cost a Lot More in April

News Five has uncovered information of an unreported, unexpected increase in the excise tax on rum, reported to us at as much as a hundred-percent increase.  It has been proposed [...]

87% of Bondholders Sign Up for Superbond; Late Payment Comes Due

On Monday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow said that Superbond Three point Oh was a done deal. Financial Secretary Joseph Waight this evening confirmed to News Five that some eighty-seven percent [...]

A Closer Look at the 2017-2018 Budget

News Five has begun its review of the 2017-2018 General Revenue and Appropriations Bill, also known as the Budget, which is scheduled to be debated on the second reading on [...]

PM’s Budget Touts “Bold, Belizean Recovery”

The much anticipated 2017-2018 Budget was considered a crossroads for the Government and people of Belize.  The country faces heavy external debts including the Belize Telemedia Limited settlement and arbitration [...]

Opposition Leader Accuses G.O.B. of “Cooking the Books”

His formal remarks will be made in the coming Budget Debate, but today Leader of the Opposition John Briceño offered his first review of the Prime Minister’s Budget, and to [...]

Why You May Pay G.S.T. for Electricity and More for Beer and Cigarettes

Those who enjoy the vices of beer and cigarettes will have a bone to pick with the Prime Minister. But what could cause a potentially larger problem is the reduction [...]

Superbond is Done Deal, But is it a Good Deal?

It’s now official: Superbond 3.0 is a go.  Though the Consent Solicitation Offer has been extended to Wednesday of this week, Prime Minister Dean Barrow confirmed that a three-quarter majority [...]

Final Extension for Superbond; P.U.P. Questions Wisdom of Arrangement

This evening, it was announced that there is another, possibly final, extension of the Consent Solicitation Offer for the Belize U.S. Dollar Bonds due 2038 or the more common name [...]

Who is Really to Blame for Superbond?

As is often the case, the Government has tried to shift blame for the results of the Superbond on the P.U.P. as their predecessors in administration. Alleged “failed” projects cited [...]

Prime Minister Lists Costs of Re-Negotiation

At what cost does the renegotiation of the Super Bond come to Belizean taxpayers?  It’s a question that remains to be answered definitively, in dollars and cents.  The proposed offer [...]

Foreign Minister Says It Was Worth It

The additional expense, as we’ve mentioned, will be placed squarely on the backs of taxpayers.  According to Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, it was necessary to restructure the Super [...]