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Chamber Says Foreign Exchange Problems Continue

The Government had to put together seventy-eight million U.S. dollars to repay Dunkeld International Investments Limited and the B.T.L. Employees’ Trust as final payment for the acquisition of Belize Telemedia [...]

PAC Meets after Extensive Delay

The House of Representatives’ Public Accounts Committee’s last two meetings wound up canceled.  One was by its chairman Julius Espat because Auditor General Dorothy Bradley was not able to attend. [...]

Why Government Can’t Agree to “Public” Accounts Committee Meetings

One of the contentions raised by Espat and echoed by the social partners is that Public Accounts Committee meetings should be held in public as the name suggests. But Patrick [...]

Chairman of P.A.C. is Cautiously Optimistic

This evening, we sought a response from the Committee’s Chair, Julius Espat. For the most part, he said, the meeting was an education in the role and responsibility of the [...]

Julius Espat Says ‘No Excuses’ to Miss Meetings; Continues Fight for Public Hearings

Espat told us that with respect to the past absences, he has made it clear to his fellow parliamentarians that he will tolerate no excuses for future absences from meetings. [...]

Regular Fuel Up; Premium Down

Earlier this week on Wednesday, the Financial Secretary promised that consumers can expect a decrease in fuel prices. He didn’t say there would be an increase, but as of midnight [...]

G.O.B. Gets Ducks in a Row to Pay B.T.L. Compensation

The Government of Belize says it has the money. But tonight, the question is whether it will meet the November tenth deadline for final payment of compensation for the double [...]

If All Goes Well, Long-Term Reserves Will Recover in 2 Years

The removal of seventy-eight million U.S. dollars or the equivalent of a hundred and sixty million Belize dollars from the country’s foreign assets is nothing to sneeze at.  And the [...]

Premium Fuel Prices to be Reduced, Stabilized

October has come and gone and fuel prices remain relatively high despite continuous protest. As of October twenty-eighth, premium fuel retails at eleven dollars and ninety-two cents, compared to ten [...]

Central Bank Hosts Regional Economists

They are the moving hands, rarely seen, in control of national economies and finance structures. Their word can determine how much a country receives for projects, chart investment and growth, [...]

Eamon Courtenay Says P.M. Must ‘Come up’

The predicament that government now finds itself in, according to Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay, is entirely the responsibility of PM Barrow, who privately negotiated the settlement of compensation package with [...]

Financial Secretary ‘Disappointed’

So, roughly eighty million U.S. dollars in ten days.  It’s perhaps the biggest disbursement that government would have made in respect of the B.T.L. saga within such a limited span.  [...]

P.M. Says It’s Over – Will Pay by Deadline

Prime Minister Barrow, following this morning’s decision, called a press conference this afternoon to address the judgment.  While government will meet its obligations to Dunkeld and B.T.L. Employees Trust in [...]

Did Court Miss Point of Audit Objections?

As we’ve reported, government’s attorneys made it a point before the CCJ that they would not accept the results of independent audits done on behalf of Dunkeld and the Employees [...]

P.M. Counts on Tourism Boost to Overcome Pain

The drawing down on seventy-eight million U.S. dollars from the Central Bank’s reserves at this time of year raises serious concerns.  Will the local economy be adversely impacted by the [...]

P.M. Barrow Concedes Errors in Settlement Agreement But It’s Not All His Fault

The drafting of the settlement agreement between the Prime Minister and Lord Michael Ashcroft, as well as their respective attorneys, has been criticized as poorly put together.  The CCJ bench [...]

Opposition Calls Final Resolution ‘Absolute Disaster’ for Belize

This afternoon, the People’s United Party released a statement of its views on the judgment, which it calls an “absolute disaster” for Belize.  It points out that the timing of [...]

P.M. Proclaims B.T.L. Still Worth It

Notwithstanding the exorbitant cost that the people of Belize have ultimately paid for B.T.L., PM Barrow maintains that it was all worth the money.  That’s a hefty price tag of [...]

Modest Decrease for Regular Fuel; What Happened to Big Cuts?

Prime Minister Dean Barrow promised a significant fuel price reduction at a press conference, but he asked for a couple days grace for it to happen. According to the Prime [...]

Derisking Still an Issue for Caribbean

The loss of correspondent banking, also known as derisking, was a sticking point for Antiguan Minister of Trade, E.P. Chet Greene. His government has taken the lead for the Caribbean [...]

B.T.L. to get borrowing power; Opposition sharply attacks ‘rushing’ bills

Today’s session of the House of Representatives had a loaded agenda. Several bills were returned for second reading, including the Misuse of Drugs (Amendment) Bill decriminalizing possession of small amounts [...]

Telemedia C.E.O. makes big money!

Later, when the bill was brought up for debate on the second reading, Opposition Leader Briceño landed a telling blow when he brought up the extensive salary and benefit package [...]

Ship on the Ocean to Bring Lower Fuel Prices; Trump and U.S. Notwithstanding

The Donald Trump administration has put restrictions on U.S. banks from doing business with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and put the equivalent of ‘kingpin’ designations on President Nicolas Maduro [...]

Chinese Association defends reasons for shutdown of business

At the time of the shutdown, there were many comments about those addicted to fry chicken and Sunday Lottery having to bring forward plans for Sunday, October first, when most [...]

Regular gas price down, but shy of previous levels

The response from the Government of Belize to protests over record gas prices came today with a statement announcing a decrease of eighty-four cents in Belize City for regular gas, [...]