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SIB Releases Latest Stats

The Consumer Price Index for January 2015 has been released, indicating that prices were down one point one percent last month.  That comparison is made against the same time period [...]

Fin Sec Says Report is the Real Deal

A report allegedly commissioned by Prime Minister Dean Barrow in 2014 has been making waves in the media. It’s a white paper type document on cost-cutting measures in government, and [...]

Moody’s Predicts Loss for Bondholders

The 2014-2015 budget speech is expected to read after the March fourth Town Council elections and while there is a three percent economic growth to boast, the rating agency Moody’s [...]

An Update on Petrocaribe

Those tablets cost about one million U.S. and reliable word is that it was paid for with Petrocaribe monies. We haven’t heard much about Petrocaribe lately on the local scene, [...]

CitCo Audit Revisited, Mayor Bradley Responds to Media Grilling

Just two weeks before municipal elections, Mayor Darrell Bradley has come under some heat over the finances of the City Council. It’s all about the findings of an audit report [...]

Mayor Bradley on the Offensive When Asked About 2013 Audit

In the end, there was an agreement to disagree, respectfully. We’ve seen no 2013 audit, and neither has the Council, which in our books means there is no 2013 audit. [...]

Why Has CitCo’s Debt Ballooned to $47 Million?

We also asked about one line item in particular, listed in the 2014 audit. That’s the total debt of the City Council. In 2012, it’s listed as just over twelve [...]

Venezuelan Economy in Dire Straits, Ambassador Explains Media Misrepresentation

So while in southern Belize, there might be a boom due to cruise tourism, in Venezuela, the international media is reporting economic turmoil.  According to Ambassador Yoel del Valle Perez [...]

Will Belize Be Affected By Petrocaribe Quagmire?

In spite of its existing economic woes, Venezuela is yet to pull the plug on the Petrocaribe initiative.  The last shipment of premium fuel to Belize arrived in country in [...]

Payments for Petrocaribe Become Due Later This Year

The first tranche of payment to Venezuela for the Petrocaribe loan is due later this year.  That disbursement will bring to an end a two-year grace period granted to Belize [...]

CitCo’s Financial Records Under the P.U.P. Microscope

This morning, the P.U.P. held a press briefing to draw public scrutiny to what they say is very questionable management of the City Council’s finances over the past three years [...]

Former Mayor Joe Coye Says Mounting CitCo Debt Unsustainable

According to accountant and politician, Joe Coye, although the 2012 audit is inconclusive and the 2013 audit is incomplete, the figures presented in the 2014 audit are cause for alarm. [...]

Yolanda Schakron Says Mayor Bradley is Incompetent

The Belize City Council has received financial assistance from Central Government, to the tune of millions of dollars to bail out city hall for B.M.L. workers, for streets and other [...]

Will Taxes Be Lowered Under a P.U.P. City Council?

So with all that said…is all the hullaballoo about CitCo’s finances a genuine concern, or a political red-herring? We figure that depends on who you ask, on which side of [...]

More Swiss-leak Revelations

Tonight, there is additional information on the hundreds of millions of dollars stashed away at the H.S.B.C. Bank in Geneva. That story broke on Thursday night and in our research [...]

SIB Releases 2014 Stats

The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) today released the 2014 External Trade and Consumer Price Index stats which show that imports went up while exports went down. At December of [...]

Port of Belize Affected by Negotiation Deadlock

Equally affected by the ongoing logjam is Port of Belize Limited.  The company does significant business with ASR/BSI and is experiencing cash flow issues as a result of the impasse.  [...]

PUC’s Initial Decision on Proposed Water Rate Increase

The Belize Electricity Limited announced earlier this week that it will be reducing electricity rates. But that saving will not be in your pockets for long because the other utility [...]

Chairman John Avery Explains Rate Setting

Avery went on to explain the rationale behind setting a rate that should last for the five-year period.   John Avery, Chairman, P.U.C. “We would not want to set a [...]

Gas Prices Continue to Plummet

Remember back in March of 2009 when fuel prices at the pumps for regular and premium were just above five dollars? Since then the prices for the most part went [...]

Electricity Rates Going Down

There is another bit of good news. The Public Utilities Commission announced today that it has amended the mean electricity rate and previously approved tariffs which are resulting lower costs [...]

SIB Says Inflation Rate Was Lower in November

The month of November has seen a significant decrease in food and fuel prices, lowering inflation to point two percent.  The fall, according to the latest figures from the Statistical [...]

Butane Price Slashed by $5 Countrywide

If you plan on doing any baking or cooking this Christmas Season then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that as of midnight the cost per hundred pound cylinder of [...]

Fate of Sugar Crop Season Hangs In the Balance

On Friday, A.S.R./B.S.I. rejected the B.S.C.F.A.’s proposals on the three points which sit on the negotiating table like ten thousand pound gorillas. One is the timeframe of the agreement which [...]

BWC Attorneys Crowfoot City Hall Trucks

Belize City’s Mayor Darrell Bradley has been having his share of financial woes of late, since he is faced with the commitment of taking on one hundred and seventy new [...]