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Slight Reduction for Diesel and Uptick for Regular Gas this Weekend

Tonight we can report some relief in the price of diesel fuel for the coming weekend. As of Saturday morning, prices for diesel in Belize City go down to ten [...]

Butane Gas Going Up by $10

There is no reprieve for consumers as prices for essential goods keep going up. Fuel went up just before the Easter and your light bill is likely to go up [...]

B.E.L. Wants to Raise Your Light Bill

Just in time for the Easter holidays, the prices of fuel went up driving the cost of living further up. The news tonight is that the cost of another utility [...]

Senate Debates Budget; Mark Lizarraga Blasts Gov’t Spending

The General Revenue and Appropriation Bill and nine others were brought to the upper chamber of the National Assembly, the Senate, for debate. With the galleries empty, it can be [...]

Trajectory of Budget Balancing Unbalanced

The Business Senator also zeroed in on how much the Government has had to borrow just to balance the budget. This year’s figure is some one hundred and eighteen million [...]

Time to Really Talk to Private Sector, Slash Public Sector

Complaining that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other social partners had been ignored during the preparations for the announcement of the Budget, Senator Lizarraga reiterated that the frightening [...]

Warriors Don’t Cry, They Try!

Leading the government’s response was senator and Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte. His Ministry is responsible for managing the country’s legal and judicial services and is the focal point for such [...]

Fuel Prices Trending Up for Easter

Just in time for Easter and for the first time in recent memory, there is a uniform increase in fuel prices. The latest price increase takes effect at midnight tonight, [...]

The Billion-Dollar Case for B.T.L.

Late Friday evening, Prime Minister Dean Barrow wrapped up a marathon two days of debate over the 2018-2019 General Revenue and Appropriation Bill in the National Assembly. He opened the [...]

New Investments to Prop Up Belize Economy

The Prime Minister spent a few minutes of his closing statement listing key investments either underway or coming soon that he says will prop up the Belizean economy. From a [...]

What You Can “Eat” in Streets and Drains

Prime Minister Dean Barrow has described his 2018-2019 budget as one of consolidation. A point of pride, he said, is that the hallmarks of his administration, such as the pro-poor [...]

St. John’s Credit Union Expands to North Side

Members of Saint John’s Credit Union Limited no longer need to travel deep into the heart of Southside to do business at the Basra Street office in Belize City. In [...]

G.O.B. Pulls Back on G.S.T. Agriculture Exemptions after Meeting

Ahead of Thursday’s Budget Debate in Belmopan, the government has put aside, for now, one of its revenue-collecting measures targeted to affect the agriculture industry. During his budget presentation on [...]

Budget Reviewed Ahead of Debate

Earlier we spoke about one of the Budget’s revenue-collecting measures, the exemption of G.S.T. on agricultural services being lifted, being shelved for now. The rest of the billion-dollar budget will [...]

G.S.T. Tax Bites ‘Stupid’

They split not too long ago, but the three sugar cane farmers’ associations are uniting in common cause against the announcement of exemptions to General Sales Tax to be implemented [...]

Agro-Producers to Meet with G.O.B. over GST Exemptions

The Belize Agro-Productive Sector Group will meet with Prime Minister Dean Barrow and other top officials next Wednesday ahead of the Budget Debate. During the presentation on March ninth, the [...]

I.D.B. specialist talks regional economic policy

On Wednesday evening, the Inter-American Development Bank Belize office hosted the economic principal specialist for Central America, Mexico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Doctor Jordi Prat presented to attendees at [...]

P.U.P. Leader: Insatiable G.O.B. Can’t Get Enough of Taxes

During the budget presentation for the upcoming fiscal year, Prime Minister Barrow announced that a tax of twelve and a half percent will be added to the existing cost of [...]

Consumers to Pay Extra Costs

While he stayed away from speaking on behalf of Speednet Communications, the parent company of Smart, Briceño says that the additional cost will be borne by consumers of data, potentially [...]

Taxes Should Be Going Down, Says Mark Lizarraga

The debate for the 2018 Budget is set for next week Thursday and Friday. One of the key points will be how the government is managing the tax base for [...]

Gov’t Still Too Spendthrift

According to Lizarraga, G.O.B. in 2017 had promised austerity measures to cut back on operational expenses. In the 2018 Budget, they’ve only been able to do so by two percent, [...]

P.M. Talks Tax Issues

Prime Minister Dean Barrow also addressed lingering issues regarding practices on taxes which have been identified as harmful by the European Union’s Code of Conduct group. By the end of [...]

Budget Addresses National Stability; Belize Still Short of National Fiscal Targets

The long-awaited first and second reading of the General Revenue and Appropriation Bill dominated today’s proceedings at the House of Representatives. The budget for the 2018-2019 financial year is for [...]

Debt Nears 100% of GDP

In the last few weeks, Financial Secretary Joseph Waight, in a memo to C.E.O.’s of government ministries, suggested that national debt had reached one hundred percent of GDP. The official [...]

New Measures, Including Tax on Data Services, ‘Extremely Mild’

Outside the House, the Prime Minister referred to the proposed budget as being a case of ‘steady as she goes.’ But in the case of the new taxes, did he [...]