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PM Barrow Expresses Concern on U.S. and European Banking Relations

It hasn’t happened just yet, but the Caribbean and Central American regions are keenly aware that there is some intention by large European and US banks to end relations with [...]

Half-A-Million Dollars Missing from Treasury!

Following his political announcement, the PM spoke to the media on a myriad of issues, including one very recent and serious discovery. Auditors and the police have been called into [...]

P.M. Responds to the Auditor General’s Reports

Barrow also spoke on the recent report of the Auditor-General, who reports that she could not get a clear picture of government finances because a number of accounts were not [...]

Fish, It’s What’s for Easter

Earlier today, we headed out to the local fish stands to see how fish vendors were preparing for the last minute rush for fish as the Lenten season comes to [...]

Unprecedented & Controversial Petrocaribe Bill Tabled in the House

Day one of the Budget Debate was uneventful and, as predicted, bursting at the seams with much political rhetoric and very little substance. We’ll have some of the highlights, such [...]

PM Lashes out at Julius Espat

The Prime Minister reserved a special dose of vitriol for Public Accounts Committee Chairman, Julius Espat. Espat on Wednesday said that the Bill, if passed, would in effect allow the [...]

P.U.P. Leader Says Budget’s Short, Empty and Full of Political Rhetoric

With that out the way, P.U.P. Leader Francis Fonseca got the budget debate started. He lashed out in short order, stating that not only was the 2015-2016 Budget the shortest [...]

Will Arrogance and Corruption Bring the U.D.P. Gov’t to its Knees?

Fonseca ended his presentation on a passionate note, claiming that the People’s United Party may be down, but they are not out. Rolling on the Petrocaribe bounty and unprecedented spending, [...]

The Haves and the Have Nots in Belize

Former Prime Minister and Fort George Area Representative Said Musa this morning echoed the words of Party Leader Francis Fonseca, claiming that the budget is all glitter and no substance, [...]

Musa Says Debt Profile of the Country Unsustainable

One particular area of interest to Musa is the debt profile of the country. He says that in 2008, the U.D.P. met manageable debt, and in less than ten years [...]

G.O.B. Says Error by PUMA Led to Increase in Fuel Prices

The cost per gallon of regular gasoline increased sharply at the pumps on Tuesday night, ahead of the overdue arrival of a shipment of fuel from Venezuela the following morning.  [...]

Patrick Faber Has His Take on the National Debt

Like with most things political, facts depend on who’s doing the talking. Earlier in the newscast, you heard Fort George Area Rep, Said Musa, say the P.U.P. did well where [...]

John Briceño Says Budget is Band-Aid Style Economics

We end today’s coverage of the Budget debate with the presentation from member for Orange Walk Central John Briceño, who broke down what he says are severe deficiencies in an [...]

Fuel Prices Soar

Tonight, there is some good news on the fuel scene – the long delayed fuel ship is in port and is in the process of being offloaded. But that’s it [...]

S.I.B. Releases Latest Statistics

The Statistical Institute of Belize today released the Consumer Price Index, Gross Domestic Product and External Trade Stats for Belize for the end of last quarter and the first two [...]

Major Rice Producer Speaks on Retail Prices

The retail cost of rice on the local market remains a topic of discussion since last Thursday when Belize City businessman Jack Charles issued a release shedding light on seemingly [...]

Fuel Shortage Hasn’t Impacted Security Services

Tonight diesel fuel remains an extremely scarce commodity in the country…and those few gas stations that have gotten stock in by tanker truck from Guatemala are dispensing frugally. The ship [...]

Bus Drivers in the North Head to the Border for Diesel

Going into the weekend, a shortage of diesel and premium fuel is having serious effects on the transportation industry so much so that public transportation is heading across the border [...]

Mac & Cheese and Blue Bell Ice Cream Recalled in Belize

Macaroni and cheese is a staple in most pantries in households in Belize. It’s a kids favorite; but, let’s be honest, even adults enjoy it. The same goes for ice-cream, [...]

Jack Charles Imports Rice from Guyana Amid Self-sufficient Local Market

Businessman Jack Charles of Extra House Supermarket issued a statement today confirming that he is the businessman who wants to import rice into the country even though Belize is self [...]

List of Caribbean Countries Involved in Money Laundering Released

There is a report tonight on the issue of money laundering. Seven Caribbean countries find themselves on the U.S’ “Major Money Laundering List” for 2015. They are Antigua and Barbuda, [...]

Business Senator Dissects 2015/2016 Budget

Tonight, as we promised, we take another look at the 2015/2016 budget, scheduled to be debated on the twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh. In the preface to his presentation, Prime Minister Barrow [...]

Senator Mark Lizarraga Criticizes Spending as Short-sighted and Irresponsible

Lizarraga also lashed out at what he says is irresponsible and short-sighted spending, rather than any attempt at prudent fiscal management. He says that it’s not sustainable, and in the [...]

Is Short Term Job Creation Sustainable?

In the budget, there is much focus on infrastructure, and it goes hand in hand with an unprecedented infrastructure spurt in all municipalities, with the promise of more to come. [...]

Judiciary to Receive Small Slice of 2015 Budget

In two weeks the Opposition will go to the House to debate the Prime Minister’s budget for 2015-2016. It’s a complex document, at least to the layman, but it’s important [...]