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Put Hurricane Relief Funds into Productive Sector, B.P.P. Tells Government

The Government has collected millions of dollars in hurricane relief funds since the passage of Hurricane Earl. Much of it will go to rebuilding efforts for the hardest-hit communities. But [...]

Salary Adjustments for Public Officers and Teachers on the Backburner

Despite the unexpected power challenges raised by the passage of the indomitable Earl, News Five has been continuing its comprehensive coverage of the storm and its impacts in the short [...]

IMF Recommendations a Real Possibility Given Belize’s Economic State

And here’s another impact you may not have been expecting, and one which certainly won’t sit well on top of the expenses brought by Earl. Remember that letter from the [...]

Impact of Earl on Central Bank Reserves

Waight isn’t generally a politician and so, most times, can be trusted to tell it as it is. The Prime Minister, a consummate politician, sings a more pleasant tune. But [...]

Belizeans to Get Help from NEMO, Not U.D.P. Area Rep

So with all that said, the government will step in, right? Belizeans remember in late 2015 when a tropical depression flooded the south side and brought U.D.P. politicians with relief [...]

Senator Carla Barnett on Accessing Aid Relief from International Partners

Barnett explained the process and plan which will be immediately implemented to ensure that Belize has the ability to access aid relief from our international partners.   Carla Barnett, Senator [...]

Central Bank Governor to Demit Office in September

The tenure of Glenford Ysaguirre as Governor of the Central Bank of Belize comes to an end in September when his contract expires.  Ysaguirre, who assumed the post in 2008, [...]

Business Senator Analyzes Glen Ysaguirre’s Letter to Fin. Sec. Joe Waight

The dismal state of Belize’s economy remains an area of grave concern for the business community, particularly in light of a recent letter by outgoing governor Glen Ysaguirre to Financial [...]

Senator Says Government is Yet to Talk About Adjustments

The issue of foreign exchange was also highlighted by Central Bank Governor Glenford Ysaguirre. He warned that domestic adjustments are needed to further protect the exchange peg rate.  Lizarraga says [...]

B.T.L. Settlement Back in Court

Following incessant and expensive litigation over B.T.L. since 2009, the PM declared the half a billion plus final payment for the utility company a vindication and a victory for the [...]

PM Barrow Explains Letter from Central Bank

That seventy U.S. million dollars in litigation has caused Central Bank to issue a dire warning to the Government of Belize, claiming that such a payout would destroy what is [...]

Barrow Says There’s No Reason to Panic

The letter from the Central Bank seemed a dire forecast, even with the Ashcroft-request payment aside. There is talk of the economy contracting two percent in the first quarter of [...]

Government is Headed to CCJ for Interpretation of B.T.L. Arbitration Award

Just when you thought that the B.T.L. acquisition fiasco had been settled, the Ashcroft Group and the Government of Belize are headed back to the courts for an interpretation of [...]

B.S.C.F.A. Says Farmers Shouldn’t Absorb Cost of Spoiled Molasses

Up north, there is trouble in the sugar belt. Will sugar cane farmers in the north bear the brunt of financial losses from spoiled molasses?  Caneros are tonight incensed over [...]

National Trade Policy Framework is Launched in Belize

Today the Ministry of Economic Development and stakeholders launched the National Trade Police Framework. That structure signifies approval by Cabinet to implement a comprehensive review to find common and fertile [...]

P.U.P. on B.T.L. Arbitration Award

The B.T.L. arbitration award, as well as the economic impact of having to dole out hundreds of millions of dollars to compensate for the nationalization of the utility company, remains [...]

John Briceño Breaks Down B.T.L.’s Acquisition Cost

Briceño, during the press conference, also broke down the arbitration award into annual payments, calculating the figure retroactively to the 2009 nationalization of the utility company.   John Briceño, P.U.P. [...]

Chairman Says Belize Bank is Recovering from Derisking Woes

For the past two years, correspondent banks in the U.S and Europe have been cutting relations with banks across the Caribbean. Since 2015, the U.S. has been putting the squeeze [...]

G.O.B. Comes Up With First Payment to Ashcroft Group

Has the Government of Belize made the huge first payment in the approximately four-hundred-million-dollar bill outstanding in the Arbitration Award for the B.T.L. nationalization? Today was the deadline as set [...]

Chamber of Commerce Condemns Delay in B.T.L. Settlement

Another issue of national importance is the recent B.T.L. Arbitration Award. The Chamber of Commerce came forward to offer impartial comment on the cost of nationalizing Belize Telemedia Limited.  Prior [...]

B.C.C.I. Cautions G.O.B. against Raising Taxes

According to President Nikita Usher, though, the arbitration award is a done deal so the real commentary must be on the way forward, and how Government will address very critical [...]

Will S.S.B. Be Used to Finance B.T.L. Arbitration Award Payout?

Tonight, there are indications that government is scurrying to come up with the first payment to the Ashcroft Group of Companies, due Tuesday. We can confirm that G.O.B. has withdrawn [...]

COLA Remains on the B.T.L./S.S.B. Offensive

Last Wednesday, Prime Minister Barrow held a press conference to explain the Belize Telemedia Limited arbitration award, as well as government’s interest in selling its shares of B.T.L. and Belize [...]

Patrick Rogers Says Nationalization of B.T.L. was Grossly Mishandled

According to Rogers, the final cost of acquiring B.T.L. is considerably more than what the previous government had agreed to when it signed on to an accommodation agreement with the [...]

Central Bank Loses Citibank to Derisking

For the past couple months, the issue of de-risking has been placed on the backburner as other pressing national issues, including the Sarstoon and the B.T.L. arbitration award, have taken [...]