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IMF Preliminary Report on Belize Doesn’t Inspire Economic Confidence

The International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.) has issued a report at the end of its most recent visit to Belize which concluded this Wednesday. The team was led by Jacques Bouhga-Hagbe [...]

Cordel Hyde Weighs in on B.T.L. Arbitration Award

In a matter of a couple weeks, the arbitration panel will be delivering its final, tabulated award on B.T.L. share value assessment, reliably reported to be close to half a [...]

PUP Leader Speaks on Half a Billion Arbitration Award

A final award on the acquisition of BTL shares by the Government of Belize is yet to be issued by the Permanent Court of Arbitration Tribunal based in the Netherlands.  [...]

Courtenay Says GOB Will Pay Millions in Interest

Government’s procrastination in settling the claim, according to Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay, has resulted in an exorbitant amount of interest to be paid outside of the principal cost of acquiring [...]

B.T.L. Announces Record Earnings

As we reported earlier, government will have to pay more than two hundred million dollars to Dunkeld in an arbitration award for the expropriation of Telemedia. That information came out [...]

The National Agriculture & Trade Show 2016

The National Agriculture and Trade Show took place over the weekend at the show grounds in Belmopan. The annual event drew thousands looking for deals in goods and services. This [...]

Chamber of Commerce Says Trade Relations with Guatemala Must Continue

While a crisis of military proportions has been averted in the days following the death of thirteen-year-old Julio Alvarado Ruano, there is still a level of unease between Belize and [...]

What Does Chamber President Think of BTV Expedition to Sarstoon?

The Belize Territorial Volunteers has received its share of flak from government for purportedly aggravating the Guatemalan Armed Forces at the Sarstoon.  While they have been criticized as troublemakers, the [...]

US Hands Over US$1.4M for Justice Sector Reform

The Central America Regional Security Initiative, very affectionately known as CARSI. We say affectionately because since 2008 Belize has received over thirty-five million in programs and grants. In fiscal year [...]

Ambassador Moreno Says Prosecution in Belize Needs Strengthening

Ambassador Moreno explained that there are very specific allocations for the funding, but all of it is geared to improving a justice system which has shown some wear and tear, [...]

NCL Stakeholders Say Harvest Caye Project Means More Jobs

The inauguration of the cruise port in Southern Belize is scheduled for November seventeenth 2016. The launch of the Norwegian Cruise Line’s project has been delayed somewhat but according to [...]

Tourism Minister Says Southern Stakeholders Must Organize

The idea of introducing cruise tourism to southern Belize was initially met with objection from various communities, primarily from residents of Placencia, as it relates to the Harvest Caye development.  [...]

No progress in solving the loss of correspondent banking

Earlier in this block we told you about the extremely generous donations to Belize through CARSI, a US initiative aimed ultimately at strengthening regional security. But the happy – happy, [...]

World Bank Analyzes Belize’s Economy

The Ministry of Economic Development launched its National Growth and Sustainable Strategy earlier today, a few hours ahead of a new report by the World Bank Group which looks at [...]

Financial Sector Dubbed Uncompromising

While tourism and agriculture have both been identified as key pillars of Belize’s economy, there is a certain nervousness when it comes to the impact of both sectors on the [...]

How Does Belize’s Dropout Rate Compare to Latin America?

On a positive note where it concerns the education system, the completion rate at the primary level is significantly higher in Belize than anywhere else in Latin America.  While that [...]

SIB Releases Quarterly Economic Indicators

Indicators of the performance of the economy for the last three months of 2015 and the first three months of 2016 were released today by the Statistical Institute of Belize. [...]

Senate Debates 2016/2017 Budget: No Stimulus for Business Community

The budget for fiscal year 2016/2017 was discussed at length by the Senate this morning, succeeding a two-day heated debate in the House of Representatives a week ago. Dubbed “Stability [...]

Opposition Says Barrow Budget is Uninspiring and Underwhelming

The Opposition, for its part, describes the budget as both uninspiring and insipid and therefore the party cannot lend its support to the budget that has ballooned into a massive [...]

Unions Say They Were Not Consulted in Drafting of Budget

With government and opposition senators weighing in on the budget in detail, one complimenting the financial plan and the other altogether condemning it, what is the union’s outlook for the [...]

Churches Weigh in on Budget

During today’s lengthy Senate debate, the church also had its say on the pros and cons of the annual budget.  While Senator Ashley Rocke did not altogether pan the 2016/2017 [...]

Regular & Diesel Pump Prices Go Up Again

The domestic cost of fuel went up again earlier this week with the cost per gallon of regular inching closer toward the nine dollar cap.  While the cost per gallon [...]

Prime Minister Claims Opposition’s Debate is Full of Untruths and Half-Truths

And then to the budget for the fiscal year 2016/2017! Starting with the leader of the Opposition, members on that side of the gallery claimed that based on all relevant [...]

Millions of Dollars in Legal Fees Paid to Barrow’s Family and Friends

Representative for Caribbean Shores Kareem Musa had one of the longest and one of the most passionate presentations of day-two of the budget debate. In his first budget presentation, Musa [...]

Is B.T.L. Actually BPL – Barrow Pinata Limited?

Musa also turned up the heat on Belize Telemedia Limited, nationalized by the government in 2009. While the government touts this acquisition in consecutive budgets as one of the stellar [...]