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Should taxes be raised or spread around?

It is widely speculated that the budget for the new financial year will contain increase taxation due to the current economic crunch. The country is in recession and facing debts [...]

Bondholders Form Committee to Discuss Superbond 3.0

Bank of New York Mellon, trustee for Belize’s five hundred and thirty million U.S. dollar “Superbond”, has formally approved and recognized a bondholder committee to talk to the Government of [...]

Butane Gas Prices to Go Up Tonight

If you’ve exhausted your supply of butane baking cakes and hams during the Christmas Season and you’re waiting for payday to refuel to your gas tanks then you’re in for [...]

U.S. Supreme Court Shuts Down Final Attempt to Avoid Arbitration Awards

The Government of Belize is on the hook for approximately one hundred and twenty million dollars after the United States Supreme Court today declined to hear the petitions for review [...]

Belize Moving Closer to Superbond 3.0?

Government will have to find a hundred and twenty million dollars even as Superbond renegotiations take place. But is Belize closer to obtaining debt relief from the Belize 2038 Bonds, [...]

P.M. Focuses on Economic Recovery for New Year

The Prime Minister’s annual New Year’s message is being aired elsewhere in this newscast. PM Barrow highlights the achievements of his government throughout the course of the calendar year and [...]

Social Reform and National Security Also Highlighted

The highlights of the message also include a recap of several achievements by way of social reform, particularly the appointment of the Integrity Commission, the signing of the United Nations [...]

No change for electricity rates in first half of 2017, says B.E.L.

Will your light bill go up on New Year’s Day? No, but we can tell you that it will not go down either. According to power provider Belize Electricity Limited, [...]

More Money in the Economy Not a Good Thing, Opposition Senator Claims

Among the bills considered by the Senate today is the Treasury Bill (Number Three) Amendment Bill, which juggles the limits that Government can raise on treasury bills and treasury notes. [...]

No New Taxes: 2017 Budget Will Be Lean & Mean

Will there be a tax increase in the upcoming 2017 fiscal budget?  In light of grave economic conditions, the possibility of a hike in existing taxes is very real.  Today, [...]

P.M. Still Has High Hopes for Superbond 3.0

The prime minister’s health aside, the call to New York was for the three-man team, including Economic Ambassador Mark Espat and Financial Secretary Joseph Waight, to sit down with government’s [...]

Can Belize Make February Payment for Superbond? G.O.B. Won’t Say

On Friday, News Five spoke with Charles Blitzer, special advisor to the Belize Coordinating Committee.  During that interview he disclosed that bondholders have pored over government’s recent postings on Central [...]

Belize Not Looking Good for Superbond Deal But It’s Not Over

Prime Minister Dean Barrow returns home this weekend following meetings with bondholders in New York to negotiate a third restructuring of the Superbond.  Reports of Belize’s gloomy economic outlook have [...]

Maybe Some Cheer for Christmas This Year; Gov’t Reps Will Be Resourceful

The Christmas Cheer was introduced by the Barrow Administration to U.D.P. ministers, caretakers and other political officers.  Thousands of dollars from the public purse were also disbursed, albeit disproportionately to [...]

The Pitch for Superbond 3.0 is Not Appealing to Bondholders

The Central Bank today issued an official Government statement inviting comment from bondholders on possible structures for amending the financial terms of those instruments in order to put the Bonds [...]

No Cheer, Blue Christmas: Christmas Cheer is Not On for 2016

There are no hams and turkeys to be given away this year, at least not from your local area representatives.  That’s because the annual Christmas Cheer Program, a Yuletide feature [...]

Can Government Persuade Bondholders for Superbond 3.0?

Prime Minister Dean Barrow is tonight in New York City where discussions are taking place on the restructuring of what is known as the Belize Superbond 3.0, by all accounts [...]

Legal advice needed on what to do with green ham

A consignment of fifty thousand pounds of green hams remains in quarantine at the western border after being detained sometime last week by the Belize Agricultural Health Authority. The origin [...]

Export slump highlights Belize’s economic woes

Earlier this week we reported on the significant drop in employment and thousands are now jobless even as prices go up as the economy remains in recession. Figures released recently [...]

Times Haad, Chamber Complains; Don’t Raise Taxes!

‘How di Krismus di come?’ It’s a favourite question of the press at this time of the year for consumers darting in and out of the shops looking for top [...]

Recession Deepens: Exports Are Down, Prices Are Up and Thousands More Jobless

Figures were released today by the Statistical Institute of Belize that confirm a gloomy economy picture in this fashion: exports are down, prices are up and thousands have joined the [...]

The Art and Science of Successful Investment

It takes two to three years for a viable project to evolve, from start to fruition…but any mega project, if financial backative is unavailable locally, needs foreign direct investments. This [...]

Bus Fares Gone Up

Commuters, as well as some bus owners across the country are equally incensed, following a recent adjustment in bus fares which has since come into effect.  In September, bus operators [...]

Trade License Reform May Be Ready for Christmas

What do Belizean businesses want most for Christmas, other than good sales? That would be an ease with taxes. In these hard times, every penny counts for businesses of all [...]

“Super” Bondholders Uneasy With “Unprecedented” Third Restructuring

The Prime Minister disclosed two weeks ago that the superbond is being renegotiated for the third time because the economy had underperformed. There were not much details available, but today, [...]