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Will Government Default Superbond Payment?

Turning to economic news…Belizeans await the return of Prime Minister Dean Barrow from New York City, where he is meeting with Belize’s legal and financial team over the Superbond. But [...]

Closing the CARILED Program in Belize

The Caribbean Local Economic Development (CARILED) project closed off its first phase after almost five years in Belize. The project uses Local Economic Development as a participatory process to bring [...]

P.M. to New York to Talk to Superbond Team

Prime Minister Dean Barrow is headed to New York City again on Superbond business. The Government last week extended the time for response to its consent solicitation offer to February [...]

Andrew Marshalleck’s International Immunity Primer

Senior Counsel Andrew Marshalleck has been advising the People’s United Party as its legal adviser on the question of the Central Bank (International Immunities) Act and Crown Proceedings (Amendment) Act, [...]

How to Fix the Economy, P.U.P. Style

The Opposition People’s United Party did not expect to be consulted by the Government, as they have the social partners, for ideas on how to fix the shortfall in the [...]

Tough Times Recognized by Government and Social Partners at Budget Consultations

On Friday, consultations with the trade unions and civil society on the General Revenue and Appropriations Bill or the Budget took place, succeeding talks with the business community on Thursday. [...]

Higher Taxes? It’s Inevitable, Says Financial Secretary

Try though they might, Financial Secretary Joseph Waight was typically blunt in speaking to reporters today at the conclusion of consultations on the budget with the unions.  And Belizeans should [...]

Another Extension for Superbond; FinSec Says There’s “Some Progress”

The Government of Belize has once again extended the Consent Solicitation Offer to bondholders for its terms on the proposed re-negotiation of the 2038 Belize Bonds or Superbond. The offer [...]

Government Spendthrift, Says Chamber of Commerce and Business Bureau

News Five has seen a copy of the Government’s working document for its ongoing budget consultations with the trade unions, civil society and the business community.  It proposes an increase [...]

Time to Cut Out Contract Officers, Businessmen Say

Another concern for the business community is the size of Government’s wage bill, bloated by three years of salary adjustment for teachers and public officers, which is now sitting at [...]

Is the Government Serious About Change?

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Belize Business Bureau have proposed a raft of ideas to help fix Belize’s economy, including emphasizing economic growth, reducing leakages and holes [...]

Unions Join Call to Get Tough with Government

As we told you earlier, the trade unions and civil society took their turn with the Government’s budget team today at the Belize Biltmore Plaza hotel. At its end, the [...]

FinSec Says Belize Did Not Give Up Sovereign Immunity for Superbond

In making arguments against the Central Bank (International Immunities) Act, Senator Eamon Courtenay said on January thirtieth in the Senate that Belize did a similar thing to the Accommodation Agreement [...]

Superbond Extended Again; Bondholders Still Talking to Government

The Government has once again extended its offer to bondholders for a renegotiated 2038 Superbond.  On Friday, it announced that the offer remains open until this coming Friday at five [...]

Gas Prices Up Again Countrywide

Prices for all forms of gasoline – regular, premium and diesel – are up again following a slight reprieve lasting a little over a week. News Five understands that after [...]

Budget Cuts Will Make Belize “Leaner and Meaner,” According to A.G.

In the run-up to the presentation of the General Revenue and Appropriations Bill, also known as the Budget, in March; there will be planned consultations with civil society, the business [...]

The Superbond Negotiations Continue; P.M. is Cautiously Optimistic

Thursday evening saw the time elapse for Belize’s consent solicitation offer to holders of the Belize 2038 U.S. Dollar Bonds, aka the Superbond. But the Government has confirmed that the [...]

2016 Concludes with Higher Prices, Lower Trade

The Statistical Institute of Belize has released figures for December 2016.  From that information, it comes as no surprise that consumer prices were up by one point one percent.  That [...]

G.O.B.: Yes to Cutting Expenses; No to Higher Taxes and Retrenchment

You can say it’s common knowledge that the bondholders of Belize’s international debt, known as Superbond 3.0, rejected a third restructuring proposed by the Government of Belize. G.O.B. is now [...]

Chamber of Commerce Has Suggestions for G.O.B. on Finance

The General Revenue and Appropriations Bill is scheduled to be presented and debated in March. The Opposition and certain corners have made dour predictions that in light of the continuing [...]

How Will Superbond Impact Coming Budget?

Re-negotiation of the Belize 2038 Bonds or Superbond has bogged down some, following the summary rejection of the Government’s consent solicitation by bondholders last week. The Government is now seeking [...]

Decoding Gas Prices After Premium and Regular Reach Same Levels

Last week, News Five went on the hunt looking for answers as to why regular and premium gasoline happened to be the exact same price in Belize City: nine dollars [...]

Deputy Finance Minister Says Negotiations Continue on Superbond

The committee of creditors for the Belize 2038 Bonds or Superbond’s outright rejection of the Government’s first offer for a drawn-out period of interest payments at reduced percentage followed by [...]

Opposition: Prime Minister Got It Wrong

Leader of the Opposition John Briceño, however, has a different take. He says that he is not surprised that the bondholders would reject the proposed restructuring of the superbond because [...]

When Will Higher Taxes and Retrenchment Come?

According to Briceño, the prime minister failed to take note of the stipulations of the 2012 superbond agreement, which states that if government was to default, it has to pay [...]