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Can Government Persuade Bondholders for Superbond 3.0?

Prime Minister Dean Barrow is tonight in New York City where discussions are taking place on the restructuring of what is known as the Belize Superbond 3.0, by all accounts [...]

Legal advice needed on what to do with green ham

A consignment of fifty thousand pounds of green hams remains in quarantine at the western border after being detained sometime last week by the Belize Agricultural Health Authority. The origin [...]

Export slump highlights Belize’s economic woes

Earlier this week we reported on the significant drop in employment and thousands are now jobless even as prices go up as the economy remains in recession. Figures released recently [...]

Times Haad, Chamber Complains; Don’t Raise Taxes!

‘How di Krismus di come?’ It’s a favourite question of the press at this time of the year for consumers darting in and out of the shops looking for top [...]

Recession Deepens: Exports Are Down, Prices Are Up and Thousands More Jobless

Figures were released today by the Statistical Institute of Belize that confirm a gloomy economy picture in this fashion: exports are down, prices are up and thousands have joined the [...]

The Art and Science of Successful Investment

It takes two to three years for a viable project to evolve, from start to fruition…but any mega project, if financial backative is unavailable locally, needs foreign direct investments. This [...]

Bus Fares Gone Up

Commuters, as well as some bus owners across the country are equally incensed, following a recent adjustment in bus fares which has since come into effect.  In September, bus operators [...]

Trade License Reform May Be Ready for Christmas

What do Belizean businesses want most for Christmas, other than good sales? That would be an ease with taxes. In these hard times, every penny counts for businesses of all [...]

“Super” Bondholders Uneasy With “Unprecedented” Third Restructuring

The Prime Minister disclosed two weeks ago that the superbond is being renegotiated for the third time because the economy had underperformed. There were not much details available, but today, [...]

Bondholders’ Committee Formed, Will They Drive a Hard Bargain?

As requested by the Government of Belize, representatives of key holders of the U.S. Dollar 2038 Bonds, the Superbond, have agreed to form a committee to discuss the restructuring of [...]

EntreCon 2016: Unlocking ICT Innovation in Belize

Competitiveness in this digital age is to understand the virtue of ICT – information and communications technology…That’s what the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) is providing entrepreneurs and [...]

Is Belize’s Dollar Under Threat from Economic Issues?

For as long as Belizeans can remember, the exchange rate peg has been at two Belize dollars to one U.S. dollar. The Government has tried mightily to keep it that [...]

Superbond 3.0 is All U.D.P. Legacy, Says P.U.P.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow; Financial Secretary Joseph Waight, and Economic Ambassador Mark Espat returned from New York City over the weekend having laid the groundwork for the possible negotiations for [...]

Get Ready for Higher Taxes and Retrenchment, Opposition Warns

Batting away reminders that his party, when in Government, packaged seventeen original loans to form the Superbond and that much of that debt has still not been paid, P.U.P. leader [...]

Superbond 3.0 – Prime Minister Speaks of Guaranteed Sustainability

Prime Minister Barrow, accompanied by Financial Secretary Joseph Waight and Economic Ambassador Mark Espat, returned from a working visit to New York on Saturday, following a series of meetings with [...]

Belize Makes Preparations to Face Committee of Bondholders

Ambassador Mark Espat, who will meet with bondholders directly, outlines three possible outcomes.  While it is too early to determine any figures and dollar amounts, Espat says that the formation [...]

Taxpayers Must Prepare for “Restructuring”

The government said last week that the economy is in dire straits and is severely underperforming. With the proposed restructuring of the existing debt, there is anticipation that a tax [...]

Standards & Poors to Downgrade Belize’s Credit Rating

Meanwhile Standards and Poors is expected to downgrade Belize in its credit rating from a ‘B’ to a C.C.C. plus. The downgrade is due to government’s inability to meet financing [...]

Tourism Minister Says Prime Minister Will Get “Best Deal” for Belize

Belize awaits the return of Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Saturday from New York City, where he urged bondholders tied to the 2038 Bond or “Superbond Three point O” to [...]

Foreign Affairs Minister Expresses Support for Superbond Renegotiation

Both Heredia and Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington concede that the issue of the Super Bond restructuring did not come up during the last meeting of the Cabinet.  While Elrington admits [...]

P.M. in New York; Wants Meeting with Superbonders

Prime Minister Dean Barrow traveled to New York City earlier this week. The visit has to do with the super bond in light of the ailing economy. The PM is [...]

Get a Job With EmployMe Belize

If you are looking for a job, there is a internet service that can make it happen because a new online job search engine is being launched. Employ Me Belize [...]

Financial Secretary Says “No Setback” in Foreign Exchange Over B.T.L. Compensation

Compensation for Belize Telemedia Limited has been scheduled in two payments, the first of which was initially disbursed on July eighth.  We say initially because that sum was returned to [...]

F.I.U. Subjects Belize To National Risk Assessment For Money Laundering

The FIU signed a memorandum of understanding with the Income Tax Department on Wednesday. As we told you, it is to facilitate the share of information across the two entities [...]

New F.I.U. Director Signs M.O.U. with Old Department, Income Tax

The FIU and Income Tax Department signed a Memorandum of Understanding this morning to help domestic cooperation in the fight against money laundering, and countering the financing of terrorism and [...]