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The Negative Economic Effects of Gillnets

Gillnets provide many benefits for fishermen, making them an appealing fishing gear. On the other hand, there are also drawbacks to their use. Gillnets pose a threat to the environment [...]

$2 Million Spent on I.C.J. Campaign

The I.C.J. Referendum is less than two months away – and the Referendum Unit is ramping up the public awareness campaign. Today, when we spoke with Financial Secretary Joseph Waight [...]

FECTAB Decries Major Tour Operators for Suing Government

As many as five individual lawsuits are presently before the Supreme Court where various tour operators are taking legal action against the Government of Belize via the Department of General [...]

Fin Sec Weights in on Slew of GST Suits

It is believed that the cumulative sum that the claimants are seeking is in the seven-figure range, slightly below ten million dollars.   While Financial Secretary Joseph Waight did not elaborate [...]

G.O.B. to Appeal U.H.S. Case

The Belize Bank has been trying to collect a ninety-plus million dollar UHS debt from the government – and the two trial dates set for December and January were both [...]

FinSec Says Upcoming Budget Holds “No Surprises”

Financial Secretary Joseph Waight says that he doesn’t expect the upcoming national budget to hold any surprises. Simply put – it may very well look like 2018’s budget. Waight says [...]

Anti Money Laundering – Subject of BIFSA Workshop

The Belize International Financial Sector Association, BIFSA, held a one-day training for stakeholders in that area of corporate business.  The session which was held at the Biltmore Plaza focused on [...]

Offshore Banking and Transparency

International Tax attorney Jose Romero, who has established a firm in Panama, was the presenter at today’s workshop.  He discussed the challenges to the financial sector with regards to offshore [...]

Exchange Missions between Belize and Taiwan

Today, a cheque of sixty thousand dollars was handed over to the government of Belize from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to facilitate one of two exchange investment missions between [...]

Creating a Link between Investment Opportunities in Belize and Taiwanese Investors

Today marks exactly three months since Ambassador Remus Li-Kuo Chen officially took up mission in Belize. He says that the initiative is linking potential Taiwanese investors with Belizean businesses. And [...]

Will Potential Taiwanese Investors Be Legit?

Back to back and in recent times, shocking Ponzi schemes and investment scandals were exposed in multimillion dollar projects in Belize. From a cursory view, the projects seemed legit, but [...]

Fuel Prices Going Up Again

At midnight tonight, the prices of diesel and kerosene will take a significant hike. Consumers will be hit with a sixty-six cents increase per gallon in the price of diesel [...]

SIB’s CPI and External Trade for December 2018

The Statistical Institute of Belize issued its Price Consumer Index and External Trade bulletins. The reports outline the cost of goods and services, as well as imports and exports in [...]

Price for Premium Fuel to Increase

On January sixteen we reported on the fifty-two cents decrease per gallon of premium fuel. But tonight, the reprieve for consumers has been short-lived since the price of premium fuel [...]

Premium and Diesel Prices to Decrease by 52 cents

At midnight, there will be some relief at the pumps. The price of premium gasoline will decrease by fifty-two cents effective Wednesday at midnight. Right now the price stands at [...]

Window of Opportunity for P.U.C. Objections Quickly Closing

The period for objections to be submitted to the Public Utilities Commission, in respect of an increase in electricity rates which came into effect on January first, expires on Saturday. [...]

Another Increase in Electricity Rates in June?

While consumers are beginning to feel the pinch post the Christmas shopping spree, another rate increase is expected in June when B.E.L. will attempt to recover an additional eleven million [...]

Belize’s Fiscal Performance is Lauded by PM Barrow in New Year’s Message

Prime Minister Barrow’s annual New Year’s message, set against a jazz rendition of Auld Lang Syne, covers several issues, including the economy, as well as crime and violence.  In the [...]

Gas Prices Dip Again at the Pumps

On Christmas Day, gas prices at the pumps dropped for a second time in forty-eight hours. The cost of premium gasoline reduced by eighty-five cents to ten dollars and forty-seven [...]

Price for Regular Gasoline Reduces

There is good news for motorists tonight. The price per gallon of regular fuel is expected to decrease at midnight tonight. The price will go down by thirty-five cents, from [...]

S.I.B. Releases November’s Economic Figures

The cost of living dipped marginally in November, as consumers prices went down by point zero two percent.  That’s according to the Statistical Institute of Belize which has released the [...]

Senators Debate Income and Business Tax Amendment Bill

The Senate also passed the Income and Business Tax Amendment Bill which seeks not only to create a tax regime for companies engaged in certain business activities but also to [...]

Income and Business Tax Amendment Bill Passed

Like the Income and Business Tax Amendment Bill, it was necessary for the International Business Companies Amendment Bill to be passed before the year ends. That bill seeks to eliminate [...]

Will the Cost of Electricity Increase in 2019?

Brace up, because the first order of business in the New Year is an increase in the cost of electricity beginning, January first, 2019. If approved, it will be the [...]

P.U.P. Says B.E.L.’s Proposed Hike is Shameful Act of Duplicity by G.O.B.

The People’s United Party calls the hike a shameful act of duplicity on the part of both the Government of Belize and the state-owned B.E.L.  A release states that just [...]