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Financial Assistance Can Be Forwarded to the Belize Red Cross

Since the hurricane, a number of Go-Fund Me accounts have been opened, soliciting financial assistance for hurricane victims. Here at Channel Five, we have been inundated with requests of where [...]

Flooding in the West Damages Low-Lying Bridge

With the passage of Hurricane Earl, flooding waters are expected to descend on many communities. In the west, water levels at the Mopan and Macal Rivers surged, but according to [...]

Hurricane Surge Litters the City with Sludge and Garbage

At new time tonight, here at Channel Five we remain without electricity even while most of Coney Drive has been powered up, which means that we are in the twenty [...]

Recovery Efforts Underway in the Old Capital, but CitCo Needs Your Help

According to Mayor Bradley, the area of Southern Foreshore, particularly near the House of Culture, has been recognized as one of several locations in need of urgent rehabilitation.   Darrell [...]

Belama Phase 3 Devastated by Hurricane Earl

The task of rebuilding is humongous in Belize City. Teams have been deployed to affected areas. This morning, we headed to Phase Three of the sprawling community of Belama where [...]

The Iconic Bird’s Isle is No More

Iconic Belize City landmark Bird’s Isle, long since a popular venue for sporting activities and entertainment, is tonight no more.  The prominent location in the Yarborough community was brought to [...]

Auditorium is Flattened by Hurricane Earl, but Family Plans to Restore

With irreparable damage having been done to the original structure, are there any immediate plans to restore Bird’s Isle to its greatness?   Isani Cayetano “Now on a long term [...]

Agriculture Industry Devastated by Hurricane Earl

Earl wasn’t just a storm which brought high waters, tore off roofs, damaged homes and panicked a nation. It also devastated our agriculture industry which has already been facing real [...]

Corn Farms and Vegetable Production Adversely Affected

And while the crushing impact on our banana industry is bad enough, it gets much worse.   Jose Alpuche, C.E.O., Ministry of Agriculture “Corn has been severely impacted, especially in [...]

Belizeans to Get Help from NEMO, Not U.D.P. Area Rep

So with all that said, the government will step in, right? Belizeans remember in late 2015 when a tropical depression flooded the south side and brought U.D.P. politicians with relief [...]

Was the City Council Prompt in Efforts to Restore Normalcy?

Was the City Council prompt in addressing the issue of debris and sludge when NEMO announced an all-clear on Thursday morning?  Some would argue that the response wasn’t fast enough.  [...]

The Impact of Hurricane Earl on Tourism Industry

Like in agriculture, there was good and bad news in tourism. The good news is that all tourists in the country prior to the storm were placed in safe accommodations [...]

Relief Efforts in the City

The Belize City Council has embarked on a massive cleanup campaign of the Old capital. Agencies such as the Red Cross are joining in the effort, giving a helping hand [...]

A look at the Destruction of Hurricane Earl on San Pedro

In the prime tourist destination, San Pedro, the popular Costa Maya festival has been cancelled. The influx of persons expected to attend has dropped dramatically so the festival has had [...]

Potential Health Hazards Post Hurricane Earl

The entire country of Belize is still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Earl. The damage country wide is minor for some and major for others. But there are few [...]

Hurricane Earl Tears through Belize City

Hurricane Earl drenched Belize on Wednesday night packing ferocious winds of up to eighty miles per hour. The hurricane made landfall after midnight near Belize City and moved westward.  The [...]

City Council Moves Quick to Clean Up after Hurricane Earl

Today, the Belize City Council mobilized immediately after the hurricane and began cleanup efforts in the Old Capital. Debris, trees, zinc from roofs and other objects are littering the streets.  [...]

Search and Rescue Teams Active as Belize City gets Battered by Storm

City folks began bracing up for the storm since Wednesday morning. Visitors evacuated the islands.  Hundreds moved to shelters in both the north and south sides of the city. More [...]

Sugar Barge Crashes into Historic Monument during Storm

The weather system also caused three barges to run aground near the Belize City harbor. This morning, the B.S.I. vessel collided near the Baron Bliss Lighthouse and remained there until [...]

Hurricane Earl Wreaks Havoc in Vista Del Mar

Also hard hit were communities north of Belize City, including Vista Del Mar and Ladyville. Who would have believed that a category one storm, and barely that, could have wreaked [...]

Belize River Valley Residents Show Fortitude in the Wake of Earl

The Belize River Valley also experienced the downpour of the hurricane and residents are not bracing for impending floods. Like in other communities in the path of Earl, damages were [...]

PM Says Care Packages & Housing Assistance for Hurricane Victims

Today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow called a press conference to update the public on all things Earl – from the damage caused in various sectors to the appeal for relief. [...]

Beneficiaries will be Handled through NEMO

Prime Minister Dean Barrow explained that while Area Representatives across the political board will be used for input, no money will be given to them to disburse. All beneficiaries will [...]

Senator Carla Barnett on Accessing Aid Relief from International Partners

Barnett explained the process and plan which will be immediately implemented to ensure that Belize has the ability to access aid relief from our international partners.   Carla Barnett, Senator [...]

Massive Flooding Expected in the Aftermath of Hurricane Earl

Even as Belizeans work to recover from the impact of a storm which was much stronger than expected, there is more bad news to contemplate. There’s water heading our way [...]