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GSU Commander Mark Flowers Opens Up About the Unit’s Public Image

The Gang Suppression Unit remains the object of intense public scrutiny.  Recently, the elite task force came under fire from the People’s United Party which ultimately resulted in a tiff [...]

Flowers Says Balance Between the GSU and Public is Necessary

According to Flowers, a delicate balance needs to be struck between the GSU and the public in the manner in which it executes its function.  Hostility, he says, needs to [...]

Broaster Skirts Around GSU/PUP Tiff

The very public war of words between former Prime Minister Said Musa and GSU Commander Mark Flowers has gone viral. It’s the big thing on the airwaves, morning shows and [...]

Police Say Citywide Crackdown on Crime a Resounding Success

While the insults thrown between Flowers and Musa make for sensational news and politically stimulating drama, there’re actually bigger things happening in the city. For example, there’s an ongoing operation [...]

Broaster on Quality of Life Cleanup

As you heard earlier in the newscast, a major component of the operation known as Not In My City has been a crackdown on what is known as quality of [...]

Citizens On Patrol Program Launched by Police Department

The Citizens on Patrol Program, COPS, is an initiative by the Belize Police Department designed to enhance community participation and foster better communities. It’s by no means a novel idea [...]

At-Risk Youths from Belize City Rounded Up

The murder statistics are in, and the numbers for this year so far have officially surpassed the figures for the same period in 2013. We probably didn’t need statistics to [...]

BDF Summer Camp Ends With A Bang

The Belize Defence Force is tasked with patrolling our borders and defending our sovereignty. Lately, soldiers have also been deployed on Belize City streets to assist Police in dealing with [...]

B.D.F. Graduates Seventy-Six New Officers

Today, seventy-two proud recruits of intake number fifty-eight passed out at Price Barracks, ready to stand as soldiers in the Belize Defence Force. The graduation is the culmination of weeks [...]

Promotions within the Police Department

Usually when we’re called out to Police Training School in Belmopan it is to witness the passing out of a new squad of men and women in uniform. Today was [...]

Grieving Son says his Father’s murder was a hit…

A glaring concern expressed not only by Cervantes Junior but by residents of Orange Walk is that the three men arrested – Noe Gonzalez, Mateo Pott and Angel Antonio Cardenas [...]

Battle Camp 2014 – B.D.F. & Louisiana National Guard train to take on the enemy

At D’Silva Camp in Mountain Pine Ridge, volunteers of the Belize Defense Force and soldiers of the Louisiana National Guard are engaged in Battle Camp 2014. They are undergoing rigorous [...]

B.D.F. volunteers join US Army for jungle warfare training

A battalion of four hundred and fifteen volunteer soldiers attached to the Belize Defense Force and the Louisiana National Guard is currently on an annual military training exercise in the [...]

Joint Operation and Intelligence Center active and successful

The New Horizons initiative is a collaborative effort between both the US military and the B.D.F.  One of their projects is the joint operating center, better known as JOC, which [...]

Operation Incisive Gallop; B.D.F. destroy illegal vegetable farms in Chiquibul

In April, Belize Defence Force personnel were called off operations in Belize City. The rationale was that border patrols would be beefed up to detect and counter illicit incursions. Today, [...]

U.S. Navy in Belize for Southern Partnership Station program

A United States naval vessel is presently in Belizean waters, where personnel onboard are on a working visit to the Belize.  USNS Spearhead, a Military Sealift Command watercraft, docked at [...]

Guatemalan soldier, detained in Belize, but to be set free

Armed confrontations along the Belize/Guatemalan border, involving the Belizean military and Guatemalans conducting illegal activities within our country, have been a perennial issue which some may say remain unresolved. And [...]

National Security C.E.O. says more police officers to be placed on city streets

During the Budget Debate on Monday, Minister of National Security John Saldivar reported that B.D.F. personnel on Belize City streets will soon be pulled out. It’s a move that has [...]

GSU descends on San Pedro to fight a crime wave

Early this morning, members of several high-intensity, elite units of the Police, B.D.F. and Coast Guard descended on the island of San Pedro. It is part of an operation to [...]

An update on the current state of affairs in Venezuela

The Embassy of the Republic of Venezuela held a press conference this morning to update the local media on the current state of affairs of that country, in the wake [...]

Police officers attend IBIS workshop for firearms crimes

The government of Canada gifted Belize with an Integrated Ballistics Identification System back in October 2012. Known as IBIS, the system is a modern tool being used to investigate and [...]

D.P.P. finally presented with files on the investigation

Ten minutes ago News Five received an update from Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl-Lynn Vidal via email. She confirmed that at five forty-three this evening investigators visited her office to [...]

Incoming Commander Discusses Future of GSU

Superintendent of Police, Linden Flowers is the new commander of the Gang Suppression Unit. The news broke this past Tuesday that the career officer was bumped up the chain of [...]

GSU Boss Says Officers Aren’t Above the Law

There are thirty officers in the Unit and Superintendent Flowers says that those who step out of bounds will be penalized; criminal elements will be dealt with and that the [...]

…He says he has been let him down, but the B.D.F. says not so

Corporal Rodriguez feels that the B.D.F. has let him down, and feels that he is being given the runaround. Today News Five was in Price Barracks, where we discovered that [...]