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Foreign Affairs Minister Comments on ‘Narco-Cattle Ranching’

Friends for Conservation and Development has been documenting threats within the Chiquibul Forest for eleven years. Those threats include illegal logging, poaching, and gold panning, which was the biggest threat [...]

A Well-known Cop is Shot and Killed on La Isla Bonita

A police officer was killed on after one o’clock this morning on San Pedro. Corporal Alfonso Guy had been stationed on the island for years and had been socializing with [...]

Elodio Aragon Senior – Robbed, Kidnapped and then Released

There are new details tonight about the home invasion and kidnapping of former minister Elodio Aragon Senior, the father of the junior minister of police. Aragon Senior was abducted from [...]

Belize City Cabbie Stabbed Multiple Times; Woman in Custody

A Belize City man was stabbed multiple times this morning and left for dead. Forty-three-year-old taxi driver Stephen Leiva was set up by a woman he knows.  The woman went [...]

Father of Junior Minister in National Security is Kidnapped; He is Found in Good Health

The father of the Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security was abducted. A police report says that Elodio Aragon Senior, a former Minister of Government, was kidnapped [...]

Drug Kingpin “El Chapo” Spoke of Buying Cocaine in Belize

It is no secret that Belize’s location makes the country vulnerable to transnational organized criminal groups such as the drug cartels. In recent months, we have seen an alarming number [...]

Narco-Cattle Ranching: A Possibility in Belize

There is another worrisome report. A document published by Friends for Conservation and Development in March of 2017 speaks about an increase in cattle ranching along the western border. The [...]

Addressing Cattle Ranching Requires Efforts of Many Governmental Agencies

While some of the well known threats to the Chiquibul such as xaté and poaching have received attention, narco-cattle ranching has not been addressed by the government despite many reports. [...]

Charges Pending for All Parties Involved in Bar Brawl and Beat Down in San Pedro

The Crimes Investigation Branch in Belize City will proceed with a criminal investigation against two of their own. Police confirmed on Tuesday that constables Tyrell Rowley and Samir Medina are [...]

Investigations Continue into Murder of Jaime Martinez

Investigations continue into the murder of Jaime Martinez. The twenty-three-year-old Guatemalan national was initially tagged as John Doe when his body was fished out of the Belize River on New [...]

Edgar Coronado Charged for Attempted Murder of David Diaz

ACP Joseph Myvett also gave an update on the investigation into the Christmas Day shooting of twenty-eight-year-old Llamont Wade and twenty-one-year-old Pablo Reyes. The duo was targeted as they exited [...]

ComPol and Police Minister Question Whistle-blower’s Credibility

Vicente Martinez, the whistleblower, held a lengthy press conference on Tuesday calling out names of high ranking police officers he claims are involved with drug cartels that have been landing [...]

Shot in the Face for Inquiring About a Locked Up Sibling

While the police department welcomes a new commissioner who vows a no-nonsense approach to brutality and abuse, there are still officers within the ranks of law enforcement that are prone [...]

Junior Minister Elodio Aragon on New ComPol

Senior cop Chester Williams officially took over as Commissioner of Police today. It came as no surprise that Williams was in line to replace Allen Whylie. Whylie was serving in [...]

Chester Williams Honoured by New Appointment

While he refused to confirm his appointment as Commissioner, minutes before the announcement was made on Tuesday, Chester Williams in a brief comment to the media today, commended his predecessor [...]

New ComPol’s Plans to Lower Murder Count for 2019

At the end of 2018, one hundred and forty-three persons were killed; this is the second highest count in seven years and it doesn’t factor the amount of persons missing [...]

Mediation with Gangs through CYDP

With the new office comes new responsibilities and that means an end to mediation with gangs; that is, at least for Williams. He told the media today that he will [...]

An Informant Comes Forward and Calls Out Police Department for Complicity in Transnational Drug Activities

The name Edward Martinez may ring a bell. He is a former self-admitted contrabandista and also the brother of a government minister. Martinez has been posting critical information on Facebook [...]

Was Zambada Right About the Jewel Being Part of El Chapo’s Drug Empire?

Incarcerated Mexican drug trafficker Vicente Zambada dropped a bombshell in a U.S. Supreme Court last Thursday when he testified against Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman.  Under oath, Zambada touched on El [...]

Whistle-blower is Prepared to Work with ComPol Chester Williams

With today’s revelation, though largely unsubstantiated, the incoming top cop will have to address the issue of his officers being involved in drug trafficking.  With Edward Vincent Martinez coming forward [...]

PCs Tyrell Rowley & Samir Medina to be Criminally Charged

On Monday, the Police Department said that two cops who brutalized two brothers from San Pedro and caught on widely circulated videos, will not face criminal charges. Less than twenty-four [...]

What’s the Fate of San Pedro Officers?

But while PCs Tyrell Rowley and Samir Medina are expected to be charged criminally with wounding and harm, incoming Commissioner Chester Williams also spoke on the scope of the internal [...]

3 Officers Dismissed from the Department for Missing Cocaine

On the issue of police misconduct, Williams also gave an update on the case of three officers, namely: Corporal Clinton Thomas and Police Constables Kishane Peck and Albert Augustine. All [...]

Woman is Raped in San Pedro

A twenty-six-year-old waitress from San Pedro claims she was raped over the weekend on the island.  The woman was in front of the San Pedro Poly Clinic, when she was [...]

Corozal Father & Son Charged of Drug Trafficking

Two family members from Corozal have been charged with drug trafficking following a search at their home in the Altamira area. Thirty-six-year-old Michael Nugent Senior and his son, eighteen-year-old Michael [...]