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Jun 6, 2014

DAVCO supports G.O.B. and oil exploration in the south

Oil exploration in the south remains a contentious issue, as parties for and against exploratory works within the Sarstoon Temash National Parks have strongly voiced their opinions on the matter.  Despite a recent ruling by the Supreme Court reaffirming Maya customary land rights, various interpretations of the judgment have led to more confusion than clarity on what the existing laws dictate.  This morning, during a meeting with Prime Minister Dean Barrow, the District Association of Village Councils expressed its full support for oil exploration.  DAVCO cites the benefits to education, health and infrastructure in the Toledo District.  Following the meeting a resolution was passed that that the communities will be engaged in a series of consultations to inform residents and garner their support.


Gabriel Edwards, Chair, District Association of Village Councils

“At the DAVCO level, we support oil exploration because as you know the DAVCO does represent the entire community and the community in the district. And so this consultation is to seek if they are in agreement of the DAVCO Board supporting oil exploration. We spoke with the Prime Minister this morning and he briefly discussed the processes of the consultation and that there will be assistance for us to have the consultation. We hope to have the consultation every two month.”



Gabriel Edwards

“Could you tell me about the consultation process? How that will go about?”


Gabriel Edwards

“The consultation process, like we mentioned in the meeting with the PM, will vary; different communities may be using different methods. But what we have is a petition form and on the form villagers can sign on to that form as to whether they are for oil exploration or not. In the cases of small communities, we could just have general meeting and by the raise of hands we can verify whether they are for oil exploration. It all depends on the community and the way how they want to do their consultation.”



“What potential benefits do you see, if in fact petroleum is discovered, what potential benefits do you see for your community?”


Gabriel Edwards

“Well certainly we see many potential benefits; looking at health and education, infrastructure. We all need more multipurpose buildings, we have the lack of ambulance. I myself work with the Ministry of Health, I travel to a lot of the rural communities and sometimes it saddens me to see a young person, who is so smart and intelligent and has to come out of school from third form. And this is where—whether we have a trust fund or not—we have scholarship programs so that these guys can continue school.”

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4 Responses for “DAVCO supports G.O.B. and oil exploration in the south”

  1. belizean@heart says:

    poor people of the south are just being fooled to ‘IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES”,WTF is wrong with dem,dem look like dem blind…but I di wander who DAVCO represent? themselves or the people? dem decided before consulting with the people first,dem meet with dean barrow and cronies and dean barrow very gud fi lie and wash fi dem brain,and tell dem its a benefit fi all,LIED AGAIN…its a benefit for us dean barrow,dennis barrow,-lair,lois young,anwar barrow gapy vega,german vega,GOB-CRONIES,wtf 7 yrs dean barrow di lie to dem and dem say that dem need better infrastracture,better health system,ambulance,golden palace etc,ra$$ mein who barrow di wan fool again? even di blind can know that we Belizeans fu%&** up for believing on theze piranias like dean barrow and cronies,cronies have to defend because dem wa get part a di millions of $$$$,and the poor wa get the crombs…BUT DAVCO HAVE NO RIGHT fi approve before not even consulting with ALL THE PEOPLE-not only afew chosen by UDP puppets….we need better transparency and accountability and the people must demand for it,its time we put a stop to the corruption and like barrow thinks he can cover it with 1 finger and buy the poor marginalize people of the south with 1 basket of ramen,pottedmeat,(cheap ra$$) and fool we again,its time for we to save our country from theze tyrants/dean barrow and cronies government.THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER.

  2. belizean@heart says:

    QOUTE FROM AMANDALA-The ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) is essentially cruising along, despite the fact that there are at least four critical issues which have organized groups calling for their Cabinet heads. These four critical issues, not in any order of importance or volatility, are: (1) the continued illegal extraction and sale of Toledo rosewood; (2) the dispute in the Sarstoon/Temash between the Kek’chi Maya and U.S. Capital Energy, an oil company; (3) the wrangling between the Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association (BGYEA) and the UDP Ministry of Lands; and (4) the Elvin Penner sale-of-passports scandal, wherein the Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) is presently carrying the torch.

    The rosewood issue is one which has been kept in the public eye by Wil Maheia, the Leader of the Toledo-based People’s National Party (PNP). The opposition to U.S. Capital Energy activities is led by Greg Choc and Cristina Coc of the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM). BGYEA is led by Nigel Petillo. COLA is led by Geovannie Brackett.There is a feeling of frustration, approaching cynicism, amongst the masses of the Belizean people. That is because a government which is so visibly struggling is, quite contradictorily, at the same time appearing to be on cruise control. This is a government which, had Belize been in proportional representation mode, would have already fallen. The blame for the UDP’s paradoxical comfort zone therefore lies, in part, on the system of government which Belize, sovereign nation-state, operates.A hustler’s haven, to have a government job in Belize, where its citizens are easily bamboozled and political gibberish and double talk can make the preposterous seem rational; change will come about only when the people DEMAND accountability (no matter who’s in office!).

  3. Christina says:

    To begin with, this is the first time I’ve heard a word from DAVCO. Didn’t know they had a voice, and from whom I see in the picture above, does not seemed fully representative of the people in Toledo. Do they honestly feel like that Oil company comprised of Alistair King and some others really care for TOLEDO? They could give a rats ass if poverty is reduced or the poor maya man have food on his table for his family. What do you think will happen if they don’t find oil…. the park destroy and the people of Toledo even more poor. Wake up people!!!! Stop listening to bullshit, for that’s all that is being preached from day 1.

  4. Ali BaBarrow protects his 40 says:

    The problem is the Mayans are not Ali’s nephew or son, so they are destined to be screwed out of money and have their neighborhoods trashed & poisoned.

    Roll over and take it where it hurts, like a good Belizean should. Ali says be sociable and start a gang, then call his law firm to negotiate.

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