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May 28, 2014

UWI Professor says Bain publicly undermined the program he was mandated to support

Rose-Marie Belle Antoine

There is also much support for the decision to terminate Professor Brendan Bain, and not all of it is coming from the gay lobby. One of Bain’s colleagues at UWI, Professor Rose-Marie Belle Antoine, has issued a statement claiming that the termination is not about academic freedom, or even the substance of Bain’s testimony. Antoine says that, “it is about a program leader publicly undermining the very program and principles he was mandated to support.” Bain, says Antoine, aligned himself with a litigant party whose purpose and objectives are in direct conflict with the policies of UWI and the Caribbean HIV/AIDs Regional Training Network, CHART. Ironically, says Antoine, it is because of Bain’s successful work with CHART and his longstanding and excellent work on HIV that his remarks are so damaging to UWI’s reputation and credibility. Professor Antoine goes on to state that, “The retention of Professor Bain in such circumstances threatened to destroy much of the hard fought gains and trust that UWI has won in the fight against the scourge of HIV and discrimination.” She ends by stating that because of Bain’s testimony, persons living with HIV and the LGBT community in general would no longer trust him, and thus UWI had no choice but to terminate him.

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15 Responses for “UWI Professor says Bain publicly undermined the program he was mandated to support”

  1. John says:

    After several days of the media reporting only one side of the story (ironically, the side of the story that was incorrect, the side that consisted of the likes of Scott Stirm, Louis Wade, and Belize Action mounting protests saying that this was an attack on freedom of speech, and the side that consisted of professional loudmouth and continual self-publiciser Audrey Matura Shepherd conflating gay rights with rights for paedophiles and necrophiliacs), it’s a refreshing change to hear the other side of the story – which also happens to be the side that deals with facts and evidence, from the mouths of the people that know the truth. Well done Channel 5!

  2. Eric says:

    I don’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle but I know when to draw the line between dislike and just plain and outright hate. What they do with their lives is none of my business and if they go to hell (which by the way is just a device to scare Christian’s into conforming) then that is their business too. With so many other real injustice happening in our country, like the economic rape of our people while the politically connected laugh all the way to the bank and the rape and molestation of our children by teachers and preachers, why isn’t this a big deal to Stirm, Wade, Belize Action and Matura Sheppard? Why aren’t they vocal when a mother has to choose to buy bread or send her children to school in order to give them a chance to help themselves out of poverty? Why don’t they protest in defense of the 3 children that have been taken advantage of at Belmopan Baptist High School? Well this last point can be understood because Stirm, Wade and others has covered up the molestation and rape of a child in Roaring Creek by a man of God, so by some twisted logic that is understandable. We as a people have our damn priorities so screwed up I shudder to think where we will be as a nation when my children are adults and ready to inherit a shell of a once great nation and trust me a gay prime minister is the least of my concern as I would trust a gay politician over a corrupt dictator any day. The fact of the matter is we can change a corrupt dictator but we cannot change a gay prime minster unless we kill him or her, but I think the latter may be music to Stirm, Wade, Belize Action ears.

  3. Concern says:

    What she is saying is a sure way for discrimination to come back. They have fired a man who have done excellent work and have helped hundreds of aids patient. He has seen the dangers the LGBT community face but instead of these people wanting to face the real problem they prefer to sweep that under the rug. Changing the law alone will not solve the problems, as there as none of the large countries that doesn’t have that law are seeing a reduction. Instead there is an increase in syphilis, cancer and many new illnesses that raise alarm among MSM. Talking like what john is saying is irresponsible chatter that only add the problems. Don’t deceive the people, its their lives at stake!

  4. Citizen says:

    None of the large countries that doesn’t have that law are seeing a reduction in illnesses, but instead seeing an increase in other deadly illnesses, some even incurable. It is irresponsible to try to deceive the people because, you put millions of people’s lives at stake! The post Professor Bain held pay good salary, I am sure many are looking vying for his position. It’s the money and not the heath of the people that hold drives the movement.

  5. Love says:

    You cannot be hiding the truth from people, sweeping the dangers under the rug and out of sight, in the hope of fooling society. The dangers are too devastating to push it under the rug. That is why we must respect the work of Scott, Louis, Audrey, Audrey, Professor Bain and everyone standing up for him, that we do not be deceived. To be deceived is to pay dearly.

  6. Guerra says:

    John, we can do our own research, and what we are seeing is devastating. Hiding the dangers LGBT people face, is irresponsible action on anyone who knows the truth….. because it leads to death. All our respect go to people like Professor Bain, Audrey, Louis, Scott and all those willing to help society, for they are in their right to try to save our people from the pain that MSM bring. There is an alarming increase in: Anal Cancer
    Chlamydia trachomatis
    Giardia lamblia
    Herpes simplex virus
    Human immunodeficiency virus
    Human papilloma virus
    Isospora belli
    Viral hepatitis types B & C
    Testicular crab disease
    Don’t be hiding these things from the people because they have a huge medical ramification and cost.

  7. Guerra says:

    John, would you give your kids age five to ten (if you had any) some loaded guns to go play cowboy and Indians, and tell them it will be loads of fun, but forget to tell them the dangers of the gun in their hands. I guess not, so why would you want to wish that on our people. What is in it for you? You are insulting people who are bringing the dangers to light, calling them names like loudmouth, bible thumpers, self-publiciser or whatever else you have in your mind. That is not a nice thing to do! We need to preserve freedom of speech, but responsible freedom of speech.

  8. OriginalWoman says:

    Yes, you would say that John because you are probably gay too. There are always another side to the story, that does not make a wrong right. This gay agenda is being forced to being lawfully accepted because many are into the lifestyle that Caucasians introduced to the world!!! Most of you are corrupt and perverted. But there are many who see that clearly and will NEVER support you, even if you fool the majority!!!

  9. Face of Evil says:

    John and Rose-Marie, two obvious well-paid agents of the LGBT community. These institutions of higher learning have been penetrated by Gays and Gay Supporters and have nothing to do with “learning” but about “brain-washing” our youth into thinking that freedom of speech against Gays and Lesbians is a bad thing. I told you so long before all this!

  10. CEO says:

    Ms. Rose Marie stated the facts well!

  11. ixche pop says:

    If this is the truth- it coming directly from the source- then the church mafia has been lying and breaking at least one of the rules that says something about bearing false witness. And again there are true followers of Christ and some who just render lip service. Again I think of a number of burning issues affecting the Belizean people ( child abuse at a certain religious school in Belmopan, High unemployment rate, rise in crime, large scale hustling at the Ministry of health etc) yet this church lobby chose to home in on an irrelevant UWI academic addressing an issues that frankly I don’t give a rat’s ass about. I mean the plain truth is that these people are dividing our country. We have always known gay people and allowed them to live their life. Who care if they want to legitimized their status. if you don’t like gay sex then don’t enage in it. If you find it distasteful don think about…. peek in people bedroom….unless u secretly like it hence ur overbearing fixation.

  12. alberto lagos says:

    hey she is a lesbian that is why supporting Mr Bain termination.

  13. StandUp says:

    John you are so wrong. You say that because you are an LGBT sympathizer. Be enlightened from your lopsided LGBT blindness. There are two camps in dealing with HIV/AIDS. Those who see the statistical truth, which is what Bain was speaking out of. Confirmed by science & statistics all over the world. MSM have higher rates of infection from their dangerous lifestyle & unsafe practices, full stop. Out of a sample of people with anal cancer, 96% of them were MSM! MSM are 18 times more at risk to contract HIV. Statistics. The truth. Bain spoke the truth. Then there’s the other camp, which is those who buy into this LGBT BS “stigma & discrimination makes the HIV rates go up, so decriminalize, get rid of the Stirms & Wades and Bains and anyone who speaks against us because its those people’s fault that HIV is going up. It’s BS! So they don’t have to be a gay activist group, they can be an HIV group who’s bought into this myth. Over half the HIV people in UK are LGBT! If LGBT make up at most 4% of the population, then that half of HIV folks comes from like 2.8 million LGBT people. The other half froms from a freakin 58 million people John! You tell me which group is statistically more risky! Pull your head out of your Section 53 man.

  14. Billey says:

    There are many of those paid agents strategically placed in our country in all the major populated areas, to molest and miss-direct our youth into a lifestyle that is deadly. I am sure they will have liquor and other offerings to bait them, but its up to parents to know where their kids are going. Many youths are easily misled, so the onus should be on all of us to keep our eyes open and be on the alert for these prowlers. ixche po pop, its not only the churches that are standing up. We all need to stand up for justice, because if this kind of injustice is allowed to prevail, none of us, will be safe from their unjust hammer. These things you mentioned, child abuse at a certain religious school in Belmopan, High unemployment rate, rise in crime, large scale hustling at the Ministry of health etc, all fall under the kind of government we voted into place. The teacher who molested the child was immediately fired and reported to the police. The other cases, it’s up to up to voice our opinion in the hope that government will act and do the right thing. As far as I am concern, this current government, have completely lost the trust and confidence of the people of Belize. However not to stray from the point, an injustice done to one or two person, by the LGBT community, is an injustice to every one, every where in the world, because that is what they are pushing for world wide. We should not stand for it!

  15. Citizen says:

    The most salient point we are missing in all this is that Professor Brendan Bain was fired for revealing the truth. The LGBT community want that truth swept under the rug, out of sight and out of mind. The reason for this is that they want us to believe, especially the young people, that there is nothing wrong with MSM. This would open the door to a massive growth in the number of people believing its ok to do same. Both girls and boys. That would be a massive mistake for the future generation. In 2008-2010 the number of new cases that were diagnosed amounted to 22% increase in the age 15 – 24 years of age in the USA. By end of 2010 a total of 11,413 of those people diagnosed died. Is this what the LGBT community want for all of us? Is this what you want for our people, John and ixche pop?

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