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May 22, 2014

Alfonzo Cruz detained in connection with ongoing Penner investigation

Alfonzo Cruz

There is breaking news, just in to our studios. News Five has been able to confirm that former Mayor of San Ignacio Town, Alfonso ‘Ponchis’ Cruz, was detained by San Ignacio Police at five-thirty this evening. Cruz is a close confidante of former Minister of State Elvin Penner, and is the man who signed as Justice of the Peace on the now infamous Won Hong Kim nationality and passport documents. We have also been able to confirm that the detention is in connection with the ongoing Elvin Penner investigation.  Cruz has been transported to the Belmopan Police Station, where it is expected that he will be questioned, processed and formally charged. We’ll have much more on this story in Friday’s newscast.

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14 Responses for “Alfonzo Cruz detained in connection with ongoing Penner investigation”

  1. Rod says:

    This whole gov is corrupt to the core this pm and his gov. Are nothing but big thieves that deserve to be locked up in jail along with the common thugs.

  2. justice for all says:

    Why the Belize gov & police behave so as they find a smaller man t LJhan Penner in the investigation they grab him and lock him Penner should b the first one lock up Deh with all a them he is the master mind why he still free.

  3. alberto lagos says:

    Jesus Christ ,and were the heck is penner ? why the police has no detained,questioned and process this big RAT he should be on jail long time ago along with piggly whyilie too ,also prime minister and all the ministers that are more than SINISTERS.

  4. Georgie says:

    The way this looks, its like Ponchis Cruz will be used to “take the rap” for Penner.

  5. Tina says:

    UDP – 1 passport
    PUP – hundreds

  6. Timber says:

    I wish this man would start singing all he knows. He needs to rat out Penner. Godwin, Castro and I have a feeling this goes as high as the PM’s office. Now, he has just been made the “fall guy.” I hope he kept some concrete evidence because he should have known this would have backfired. There’s another thing that some of you might not know, there’s a certain pastor and Justice of the Peace who have signed affidavits for people, especially elderly ones, living out district proclaiming that they’ve known these people for years . Some of these folks are already dead or they weren’t actually Belizeans by birth. This was done on a mass scale around election time and also to acquire birth certificates. The sad part, none of the “NUMBSKULLS” at Vital Statistics noticed this trend of the same two people knowing that many folks , or somebody in there was getting paid. I understand that someone in Vitals was complicit and the paperwork would be dropped off right at or before 5 pm just before the office closed. This was as recent as when Vitals was still by St. Catherines.

  7. john says:

    Poor Belize my country.. when are we going to enforce or rewrite or constitution.. Belize will never develop as a nation becaz PUP and UDP are run my ministers, prime ministers who are lawyers.. they no the system.. they no the weakness of the constitution.. mek i be wah poor man long time he deh dah jail..

  8. CEO says:

    Seems like every poor decision there is always a reference to another political operative that will be mentioned (by a supporter no doubt) as having done worse.

    I find this to be a pretty ignorant view. Stating that someone else did the same thing or did worse does not excuse this current situation. Bottom line is they are both wrong and should be both prosecuted because every time this type of behavior is allowed to go unpunished the people of Belize are the only losers and it will keep happening!

    They are detaining everyone except the real culprit: Penner!

  9. pdyouth says:

    UDP -1 Passport
    PUP – hundreds…

    So whats your point? If we the citizens decide to make an example out of Penner then so be it. One or One hundred. Its the same crime. The masses decide to react now. So deal with it.

  10. Proud 2b Belizean says:


    UDP -1 Passport
    PUP – hundreds… or more!!!!!

  11. rosy says:

    there is confirmation that the Minister of State Elvin Penner brought in the forms for Won Hong Kim himself

  12. Mike says:

    Someone should look into how Chris Burkey in San Pedro
    As he’s also been involved with these people doing the same
    Thing on Ambergris!! He works at Coldwell banker real estate on front street

  13. Patriot says:

    It’s just another scape goat orchestrated by the UDP masters to finish the Penner case.

  14. belizean@heart says:

    I hope justice is made ,but like always with this politicized judicial system its just a slap on the face of the thousands of Belizeans who WANT JUSTICE ,he wa get a leeee $1000.00 fine and released.and case done come back and den case dropped -no sufficient evidence. theze rotten RATS are disgusting mein,where is the accountability and transparency that dena barrow promised?he too is soooooo rampant with corruption,everything stops with him.UDP TO HELL.

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