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May 22, 2014

Belize Action organizes a peaceful demonstration in protest of Bain’s termination

Brendan Bain

Meanwhile, Belize Action has organized a peaceful demonstration for Friday at midday in protest of Professor Bain’s removal.  According to Pastor Scott Stirm, despite Bain’s stellar career as a renowned expert in the study of HIV/AIDS, offering expert testimony has made him a target of the LGBT community.


Pastor Scott Stirm, Belize Action

“This man has had a stellar and a very merited award winning career in HIV and AIDS treatment where without any discrimination, regardless of people’s sexual orientation, he has served the HIV and AIDS community for his whole professional career. He gave expert witness testimony in the UNIBAM lawsuit simply stating that among homosexual males, there is a higher rate of infection of HIV and AIDS than in any other group. Simple statement of fact. And the bottom line, what happened is Ca;eb Orozco and the LGBT organizations mobilized together because basically what they are saying is that anybody that is a medical doctor over HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean has to be a homosexual or a homosexual sympathizer; and he better be crafting the message with us together very carefully. And basically that’s why they wanted him removed.”


Isani Cayetano

“Now as a result of that, I understand that you guys are planning a peaceful demonstration on Friday. Can you tell us a bit about it?”


Pastor Scott Stirm

Scott Stirm

“Sure, it is a very quick response, but we felt very strongly that we didn’t want this week to go pass without being able to send a loud message—not only in support for Doctor Bain, but to UWI and in relation to whole of the Caribbean—that this is absolutely deplorable that somebody with this level of award-winning career in this as a specialist in his field that UWI would bow to pressure from the LGBT to can somebody. Actually, even when he is on an extended two yea contract after retiring, I just…the thing is absolutely deplorable and it is happening all over the world. And so what we are doing is Friday, during the noon hour, we are asking folks to skip your lunch and come down to Battlefield Park. We are going to stand together, it is going to be a silent, peaceful protest, but we are standing in support of Professor Bain. And we are saying to UWI that we are just absolutely shocked that they would cower to that level of pressure from the LGBT.”


The Supreme Court of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin is yet to hand down a decision in the UNIBAM Challenge.  That judgment was to have been delivered in July 2013.

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5 Responses for “Belize Action organizes a peaceful demonstration in protest of Bain’s termination”

  1. BT says:

    Bain did not get fired for “simply stating that among homosexual males, there is a higher rate of infection of HIV and AIDS than in any other group.”. He was supporting S.53 which goes against one of the core values and globally accepted strategies of every organization working to prevent HIV/AIDS. It would be like a Pastor from Scott’s group saying he didn’t believe in prayer or the existence of God. The pastor would have the right to his belief, but Stirm would be right to argue that the pastor in question longer would have the confidence of his parishioners.

    Stirm is lying about the Bain dismissal in order to mobilize his base against Caleb Orozco.

  2. BZEforever says:

    BT, agreed!

  3. BT FAN says:

    @BT, who do you think people will believe… You who’s hiding while commenting, or Stirm who’s out in the open?

  4. CEO says:

    Well stated BT!

    Hey Stirm is lying ever good? Or by whatever means necessary applies here. Why don’t you get up and make false statements and see how long you will hold your job. When you are in leadership positions you should be held to a higher standard because we should lead by example!

    So why aren’t you protesting against clergy that abuse children and abuse their followers?

  5. Jane Doe says:

    BT, BZE FOREVER and Caleb all of you are missing the point.

    “Advocacy groups” like UNIBAM and other proponents of the LGBT community have every right to fight and protest for what they feel is their human right, but they hold a callous double standard which compromises the integrity of the entire movement.

    Baines, had been treating HIV/Aids patients for decades and I don’t believe there’s been an instance where he’s ever turned a patient back due to their sexual orientation. His job was simply to provide care for ALL patients and he did so commendably despite his personal views. Many LGBT persons owe their lives to Dr. Baines and the work he’s done and they had no problem with him up to this point.
    But the second he shares his personal view, corroborated by statistical evidence, that just so happens to be contradictory to the worldview of the lgbt, then Caleb and his gang spring into action to have this man fired.
    They can say he’s lost the confidence of a group who are one of the largest beneficiaries of the CHART program (which in itself shows that unibam is well aware of the validity of Dr Baines facts) where i can admit, I would probably lose confidence in DR Baines too. But if I know he’s been treating me and my LGBT brethren for years, with utmost respect and care, why would I lobby for his removal when bottom line, I want to be treated. It was selfish on the part of the non HIV affected lgbts who demanded this sacking take place knowing they are putting the health of their affected brethren at risk since we do not know how qualified the next head of chart will be.

    Where I find most fault is where they say he jeopardized unibams agenda to change the criminal code by making the statement in court and so he had to go. But
    Audrey Matura shepherd did not testify in court when UNIBAM rallied for her sacking. Unu just neva like that she subscribed to a view contradictory to your own so you rally as you do to have her removed from a post where she performed remarkably and pressured her into resignation.

    You all have to learn and respect that educated people in positions have views that differ from your own the same way you have views that differ from majority of the population. You have to accept that people have a right to voice their opinions the same way you do. You all are guilty of victimizing people the same way you claim to be victimized. You are not a human rights group if you won’t fight for the rights of all humans. I’d imagine if The church excommunicated a gay priest who said he supports lgbt, what strong action you’d take and how wrong you’d say that is. Stop victimizing people and then crying that you’re victimized.
    Stop asking to be married in Christian churches and rejecting the fundamental principles of Christianity. Stop preaching love and practicing hate.

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