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May 16, 2014

Minister Santi speaks on $50,000 Mother’s Day cheer

Santino Castillo

Just before Mother’s Day, the Ministry of Finance gave seventeen U.D.P. Area Representatives eight hundred and fifty-thousand dollars. Those Area Representatives then handed out fifty and hundred dollar bills to select U.D.P. supporters in their constituencies. There are thirty-one political constituencies in Belize…the other fourteen got nothing. Still, for some strange reason the cash giveaway is being dubbed a government program, at least by those area reps who got money. On Tuesday Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse was asked about the political handout scheme. He claimed that it was a Cabinet decision, and distanced himself somewhat by stating that while he may not agree with some decisions in Cabinet, he is first and foremost a team player. Today Caribbean Shores Area Representative Santiago ‘Santino’ Castillo said the exact same thing.


Santino Castillo, Caribbean Shores Area Rep

“I personally had, I have four polling areas, four captains, and each one got a hundred and twenty-five of the cheques and each one submitted a list and the cheques were made in the names of those people and distributed to them. So Caribbean Shores got five hundred mothers got five hundred, one hundred dollar cheques for Mother’s Day from their area representative, being myself.”



“Now this is called a government program, yet only the U.D.P. representatives got that amount of money.”


Santino Castillo

“If you will recall when the People’s United Party was in, whatever they did, they did only for the P.U.P.   I, in fact, think this prime minister has set a precedent in that every month they receive a community vote just like we do. They receive money for their office space and whenever the government does its Christmas Cheer, they are included. That they were not included this time, as Minister Hulse said in a previous interview, we are part of a team and whatever the team decides to do, we do that. We are team players.”


We note that in the so-called government program, only U.D.P. represented constituencies received fifty-thousand dollars, and only U.D.P. supporters in those constituencies received handouts. 

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13 Responses for “Minister Santi speaks on $50,000 Mother’s Day cheer”

  1. sickntired says:

    Di money done giv weh plus da mothers get it so let go dis one. Rail up if next month them decide to give away money just fi di sake of summer ha ha.

  2. Rod says:

    Pup get over it you no wa blood money anyway this udp money for their people is nothing more than blood money that this gov has stolen from the poor people of this country every thing that this gov. Touches turns to blood money all the over 4000 deaths they have caused no amount of blood money can be covered up .

  3. Ali Babarrow sez, screw Belize says:

    eight hundred and fifty-thousand dollars for these mother F***

    Zero for white stripes on the road.

    UDP priorities on display.

    More auto deaths & car wrecks forthcoming, stay tuned.

  4. Rod says:

    Shame shame on you santi for becoming corrupt like your team so you join in on the blood money.

  5. Concern says:

    The government funds does not belong to the UDP government. Under no circumstance should they select only UDP mothers to give money to. In fact something like this should never ever happen, because it is not treating all equally. Who so ever support this kind of program is just as corrupt as this thieving crowd, we have ruling over us as honorable men. We the citizen of Belize are totally against anything like this happening, whether it has passed, is happening today, or will happen tomorrow. Government money is not campaign money and not even Obama can try that shit in the USA! To not say anything, is to give the impression ‘IT’S OK, AND IT’S NOT!

  6. Love says:

    What Santi is saying, is that if I have 5 sisters that are moms, a mother that is a mom, aunt, cousin, etc as long as they are UDP, that makes is ok that they are entitle. If you are anything else, even though you are a Belizean, to hell WITH YOU!

  7. Retired CEO says:

    These UDP clowns aka Ministers appear to all have there heads in there rear end. Every time they make a statement all you hear is what it was like when the PUPs were in power. How in the name of God can they lead the jewel by consistently looking backwards. Where is the vision for the future. Is this what the populace elected them for? It is very difficult to lead by looking backwards. No wonder there is no progress in the jewel. Apparently this is a tit for tat government. These clowns have been in power since 2008 and all you hear is the same old rhetoric, what was, and who used to do this or that. Truly, Belize is currently experiencing a big time leadership crisis. Wake up Belizeans! Rise up take a stand for the future of the jewel.

  8. S>A>M> says:

    when pup was in, I cannot recall ever getting anything ever… i am grateful for any help from my area rep! I think he is trying his best.and if he dos get a hand out and help 50 out of 100 people, at least he is trying. give credit where credit is due! Big up to my area rep! keep on trying for the belizeans.

  9. CEO says:

    Never ceases to amaze me that every time a poor decision is made by the current GOB their main response is the “PUP did it too”. If I am not mistaken they ran on an agenda to clean up this type of mess and make the GOB more transparent… None of this has happened and it seems to me that it has gotten worse.

  10. concerned says:

    whats in store for fathers day now. Lets see. its teh people who dont need it. there are many poor underprivilege people in Belize country. Thats money they took from the poor citizens of belize over 65 their monthly pension, people taxes.

  11. OriginalWoman says:

    But isn’t it true that this gesture is typical of any GOB party. The truth is it is a common practice. Election time comes with all parties involve buying votes. I have seen it with my own eyes in Belize. This is a common practice in Belize, so I do not understand why some ppl are posting comments as if this never, ever happens when we all know it is the norm in Belize. I do not approve of many things the UDP stand for, but I am well pleased with how they have worked and still are working to improve and fix the country’s infrastructure. Belize has never looked more beautiful to me, until the UDP began what I consider to be way long, long overdue “face lift” in our Jewel, Yes, there are indeed UDP government officials who are corrupt and self serving, and I hope they are all eventually exposed and are replaced by more honest ppl, but the same goes for any party. Some ppl put ALL UDPS in one basket and that’s not fair. They have their mess to clean up I agree. But I see much improvements in Belize under them, that I have never seen before.

  12. Joe Blank says:

    These people act with impunity and basically do what they want, shamelessly. Those to blame are themselves and those in position to stop this. The Church, the Unions, the Bar Association and all those associations of cowards and let me protect my own ass have let our democracy go straight into the pit latrine.

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