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Apr 17, 2014

Canada issues a travel advisory against Belize

A United Nations report recently released has placed Belize as the third most dangerous country in the world and that dubious distinction might be having some effect. So far this year, there have been twenty-eight murders as a crime wave sweeps across the country. To many, Belize is the perfect tourism destination, but the grim statistic about the insecurity and violence is prompting reaction by governments. Today, the Canadian government issued a travel advisory to its citizens planning to visit the jewel. According to the Canadian government, “criminal activity, including armed robbery, mugging and sexual assault, is a significant problem throughout Belize. Robberies and assaults have been reported in resort areas. There has been a noted increase in violent crime targeting tourists since the end of 2013.” The advisory also warns Canadians to be careful near the western border with Guatemala where armed robberies occasionally occur. It further states that cases of sexual assault against female travelers have been reported. In respect of travel within Belize, the alert says that roads are often poorly maintained and lit and that Canadians should be careful crossing bridges on the Hummingbird and Southern Highways. The alert extends to travel by sea because passenger boats are deemed unsafe and so are public buses and taxis. All in all, it’s not good news for visitors planning a trip to Belize. 

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17 Responses for “Canada issues a travel advisory against Belize”

  1. the voice says:

    Sad but is true. Only B.T.B. Want’s to cover the sun with one finger.

  2. McNeil says:

    “The alert extends to travel by sea because passenger boats are deemed unsafe and so are public buses and taxis”.
    They must also mention which taxis are unsafe, Belizean taxis don`t rape, drink & drive. The Guatemalan taxi drivers operating in Belize do. Thanks to the offices they can bribe to get driving jobs !!!!

  3. Rod says:

    Thanks to this useless incompetent prejudice bigot. Judas barrow and this udp gov.

  4. jana10 says:

    This comes immediately after Belizean workers complain of slavery type treatment they have been receiving in Canada..just goes to dont mess with the big guy Ronald Mc Donald.

    Belizean Government Wake UP!!!! provide alternatives for these youths..the senseless killing is only creating a very bad aura for our country…These reviews keep some people away forever..they hear these reviews and they will definitely keep their distance despite the many marvels of our jewel.

  5. real belizean @ heart. says:

    true mein sad situation di country is in,GOB is busy trying to save penner,edmond castro,gapi vega,denny grijalva,anwar barrow,and many other cronies,and them forget the reality this country is in because of their incompetence and arrogance to move Belize forward,mein tings are not going well,fi real even wa lee job we got the salary no give fi purchase our basic food,medication,school,electricity bill,water bill,tingssss di go up but our salaries no go up and u can imagine those that are without a job,its scary -even if we go take our loved ones @ the hospital their is no medication-we just get a pre-scription to go buy our medecines at the pharmacy,mein this ruf,roberries are everywhere even in rural villages that were taught to be safe its not anymore,u cannot leave ur laundry outside cause next day its gone,tieves are watching ur moves to get ready fi break-in ur homes,so just need fi watch out and be ready,and if by chance u are defending ur property/family or home and u shoot and kill the tief u get jailed for defending urself and ur family,cause its u,ur family or the frigging tiefffff…..wat will u choose to stay their and do nothing while he steals wat u have worked so hard fi get and this ass^&** just comes and wants to take it fi free,tief it! Belize need real change,WE NEED STIFFER PENALTIES FOR CRIMINALS,criminals have more rights that law abiding citizens…but like most people says it starts from GOB,they are the ones braking the lawsssss,tiefing and selling our nationality/passports to criminals,stealing our lands,getting richer while the poor are getting poorer and when election comes they come pay for ur vote with wa lee $50.00 and give u wa leee psc of ham and ramen, and sausage and they think thats wat u worth? pls people need to be realistic and open ur eyes….we are worth more- we need to make theze ass-frigging politricians see we are worth more,and if we/many continue to recieve bribes and continue to recieve the crombs from politricians,we will remain the same,we will never advance in life and UDP/PUP will continue to marginalize and have the people like if we are in a pature and we are their ,goats,cows,sheeps,dogs,turkeys, and they will do as they wish with us,its time fi we to OPEN OUR HEATS/minds and do-not tolerate this to continue happening.

  6. real belizean @ heart. says:

    NOTE-marginalize and have the people like if we are in a pasture and we are their ,goats,cows,sheeps,dogs,turkeys, and they will do as they wish with us,its time fi we to OPEN OUR HEARTS/minds and do-not tolerate this to continue happening.

  7. scared of belize says:

    It’s a critical situation in Belize stop advertising how safe it is over there toooo much crime in Belize

  8. Govt - ACT NOW says:

    Belize Travel Update from US Consulate – Belize justice system must get act together to save nation’s 2nd highest income producer – tourism
    “Incidents of crime remain high, including violent crimes such as armed robbery, home invasions, shootings, stabbings, murders, and sexual assaults. The Embassy has noted an increase in crimes against tourists at resorts and on the roads and river ways. U.S. citizens are primarily the victims of opportunistic crime. There is no evidence suggesting criminals specifically target U.S. citizens, but foreigners have been targeted for crime due to their perceived wealth. Incidents of crime (such as theft, burglary, home invasion, purse-snatching, and pick-pocketing) increase during the winter holidays and during spring break. Several victims who have resisted when confronted by criminals have received serious injuries, including gunshot wounds and broken limbs. Although the majority of reported incidents occur in Belize City, particularly southern Belize City, crime may occur anywhere including tourist destinations such as San Pedro Town (Ambergris Caye), Caye Caulker, San Ignacio, Dangriga, Corozal, and Placencia.” We demand action, now – stop throwing our country away

  9. Teddy Steinway says:

    Hit where it hurts. The high end resorts and the phony officials

  10. man fa college says:

    Belize had it coming plus more,Blame the justice(?) system and the UDP for this.It falls squarely on them,and sadly it is the honest hard working people of Belize who will end up suffering more.

  11. daniel says:

    final someone is speaking the truth on how Belize has deteriorated into what we have today, we need a whole new direction on the political and policing system for positive change. If we don’t no one will want to visit or live here!!! We are close to being a FAILED STATE, if not already there?

  12. Ali BaBarrow protects his 40 says:

    When the US & UK make the same announcements, expect the economy to tank.

    The recent trend of killing victims during robberies just for kicks shows how backward things have gone in six years.

    I have been telling friends for the last three years not to come down, too violent, dangerous and deadly.

    Criminals run the country, run down the country.

  13. CEO says:

    So how many more countries will have to issue warnings before the GOB starts investing in quality of life issues instead of politics?

    Does anyone in the GOB care? I ask because it seems that everyone who is in charge of anything at any level would compromise their authority and themselves for a few dollars and hell with the country.

    You can rape, mutilate and be a pedophile and your freedom almost sure but don’t steal pint bottles because you are sure to spend some time in prison! Really?

  14. Been There and Done That says:

    New report on the dangers of Belize coming out Monday night on CBC News in Canada.
    I lived in Belize for a long time and could not take the crime infested conditions of a failed state any longer.
    After living in fear for so long I finally got out.
    The BTB pencil pushers want to make Belize look like paradise, but they just want more tourists to be murdered.
    Belize is rotting away in my opinion.
    Been There and Done That . . . and Glad to be Out. And F^*K U B.T.B.

  15. Been There and Done That says:

    See why here.

    Tourists Stay Away from Belize and live a long happy, healthy life.

    I have Been There and Done That and glad to be out of Belize.

  16. importer says:

    i am from usa. i thougt about moving to belize. we to have alot of problems here in usa, sounds like here. drugs,killings, ect. reading these posts makes me wonder if these problems are just as bad in your i dont know if i should move ! would it be a good idea? i am a middle aged white man. i wonder how i would be treated there. any way i have to think about moving to belize? have a great day !

  17. Jul saphire says:

    After this if life was hard its gonna be difficult now,everybody faults government
    But doesnt seem to notice that we the belizean people were the ones to put gov where he is,.we belizeans need to unite and make the change,because we were the ones to vote,!!!! So lets make sure we make a change for this election,.!! And think twice ,!! If we really want to make a change we have to unite and work together,.cause one person cant make a change,!! its all of us!!!!!!!
    Lets get reasponsible for our acts!!!!

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