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Apr 4, 2014

Will Darrell Bradley run for mayor again?

Darrel Bradley

The deadline for entry into the upcoming U.D.P. mayoral convention expired last Friday. While it is expected that Mayor Darrell Bradley would seek another term in office, his candidacy is still very much up in the air.  The names that have been mentioned include Deputy Mayor BQ Pitts Jr., former Deputy Mayor Dion Leslie and past councilor Leila Peyrefitte.  This morning, we asked Bradley if he intends to throw his hat in the ring for a second time.  It’s a rather straightforward question posed in various iterations, but, despite all efforts to press him for a direct response, the mayor gave us a roundabout answer.


Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor

“I can see myself going forward in the city.  Of course, these things do not make it easy.  The job of being mayor is very, very difficult, we’re in litigation a lot.  A lot of problems that I have inherited I do think that we have made inroads in terms of the parks and the infrastructure, quality of life and in terms of reduction of crime and all of those things, putting the financial house of the city council in order and I have maintained to the media and to the public that the thing that I am chiefly concerned about is being able to deliver on our manifesto promises and services.  From the very beginning…You want me to go a certain way that I haven’t given a lot of thought to… Let me finish.  I have maintained that we are about service, we are about cleaning house at city council, we are about delivering on core promises.  Right now we are at a hundred and seven concreted streets. I am not worried about an election, I am worried about performance and being able to stand in front of every member of the city and tell them that I have done right by them and I have discharged my obligations to the fullest extent possible.”



“Perhaps I can switch the question sir.  The deadline, as Isani is alluding to, has passed and you have not filed your application as to whether or not you’re going to run for mayor.  The question is ‘yes or no’, are you going to run?”


Darrell Bradley

“It’s not a yes or no question.”



“Oh it’s not, I’m sorry sir.”



“Let me ask specifically, now that you have missed the deadline can you still apply…”


Darrell Bradley

“No man!  No man!  All of those are not things that I decide.  None of those things are things that… You can ask me about waste control because I’m the mayor.  You can ask me about streets, you can ask me about drains, you can ask me about property tax, you can ask me about trade license, you can ask me about anything that is in the portfolio of the mayor.  You can ask me if it is my wish to run again and I will tell you yes, I think that we are making a difference in the city.”


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8 Responses for “Will Darrell Bradley run for mayor again?”

  1. Joe Blank says:

    It seems that the Norman Manley Law Schools produces cowards, buffoons, liars and shameless whores! What the hell has become of our country?

  2. the voice says:

    I am sick and tired of this stupid #%& mayor. It went to his big bald head that he is the best. Who cares if he is going to run or not. Dont give him more publicity. Please!!!

  3. Rafael says:

    The man be such an a$$ when not replying to a simple question. What is the mayor trying to hide? Or is it another example on his lack of credibility.

  4. sickntired says:

    I definitely not voting for any crazy people so betta he stay out of the deadline. This man short a few bricks of the load and all his patchy road work plus mal pago self need fi get outta public office and give somebody else a chance.

  5. PunjavMC says:

    He has been the best Mayor Belize City (and Belize in a whole) has ever seen! If he chooses not to run, then he leaves a big shoe to fill. He has set the bar way up!

  6. Sara Berger says:

    I voted for him but I won’t make the same mistake. Yes he is paving some street but he also neglected many more streets on purpose so he can spend more of our money concreting those streets, a good exemple is princess Margaret drive. Before he was elected it was a street in very good condition, but he destroyed it. So now he can hustle on a new contract and like that we have many many more streets. BTL park to me looks the same, same purpose, same space. We used to go there and enjoyed the park the same way we do now, except that now we eat dust when we go there. He is just fake

  7. Timber says:

    Awww, somebody hit the nail on the head. The hustle will start and it will be with Padre on Wave. There’s a reason why he’s been pushing to get rid of the two city garbage collection contracts, even though they don’t make sense economically. Those types of contracts with certain concessions should never had been granted. Someone ask City Council to publicly release the contracts and you’ll see what I’m alluding to. He has his sites set on Central Government but I think the people of Belize has a surprise for him. Know his family since kids and his Mom also has developed some sense of arrogance. She has been known to now go around telling folks that her son is very important and doesn’t have time to waste. Those street contracts should never had been doled out like that. Ninety-nine percent of the people who got those knew absolutely nothing about construction. Princess Margaret Drive will never been finished because who got the money for that was too busy gambling at Corazal Free Zone, riding around in an Expedition and Avalanche with the air on and his sweetheart from Cayo or the other from Corozal in there; or, even going to visit friends and stay in the friend’s house for hours while the woman sits in the vehicle with the engine running and ac on.

  8. Screw Blue and Red says:

    I think it’s impossible for someone else to take on his projects without making them worse. I say give him another term to complete his work. Say what you will, but it’s the most work any mayor has ever done for the Belize City. When his work is finished then elect another mayor to give them them the polish they’ll need.

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