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Mar 13, 2014

National Aids Commission says Roman Catholic Church has it wrong

Allison Green

The Roman Catholic Church has been roundly criticized as appearing less than spirited in matters of social and political concern. But it can certainly not be accused of remaining quiet when the battle is to save souls from perdition. In this case, the purveyors of said perdition are the Belize Family Life Association, the National AIDS Commission, UNIBAM and even the Red Cross, or at least one of its programs entitled ‘Together We Can.’ In a letter dated March third, 2014 to local managers and assistants, administrators, principals and teachers, Roman Catholic Bishop Dorick Wright instructs that those organizations cannot, under any circumstances, be welcome in their schools. Wright goes so far as to issue a directive that all association with those named organizations must be declined. The issue, claims Wright, is the attempt to undermine Catholic values with the agenda of sodomy, abortion and sexual gender redefinition. Those are giant words from the denominational giant, and it has caused concern in those organizations named. Today the National AIDS Commission took the lead in responding, stating that those organizations have been pioneers when it comes to national development issues from the health perspective.


Allison Green, Executive Director, National AIDS Commission

“We are very saddened by it. We are disheartened because our first responsibility in the national response to the HIV/AIDS situation in the country is to try and be inclusive of all persons to make sure that we try our best to mitigate the circumstances that are leading to a rise in the number of HIV cases in the country last year. And if we are going against all of these things that is saying that we are going against the development of the country, because we don’t only look at HIV and AIDs in the country as a health issue, but as a national development issue, and all persons are supposed to be working towards the development of the country as far as we see it and we are just doing it from a health perspective. Now to say that we are going against the Catholic values…that is taking it to another level that we are definitely not involved in, and we are not even interested in trying to fathom how he can get to ideas like that.”


Mike Rudon

“Does a belief like this from the Roman Catholic Church, the head of the largest church in Belize, affect the work of the NAC going forward?”


Allison Green

“I would have to say that it can definitely do that. If we are saying that we are an organization and we are the coordinating mechanism of all the organizations working in the national response…for us to have something like this coming from the biggest religious denomination in the country, then it could definitely put a damper on what we are doing. Our work includes everybody, and we have to include every single person, so persons who might not be directly infected or affected by the disease have to be a part of the work that we are doing. And for him to be trying to close off certain groups of people in the society because of that….then what we want to say is that that is really sad to see, because what happens is that all persons need to be aware that this disease can happen to anybody and everybody and so for him to be looking at it as him trying to keep the Catholic administration and the teachers, administrators, teachers and students even…then he is doing a disservice, because these are exactly the people who need the response from us.”


News Five attempted to reach Bishop Dorick Wright, but were told that he was out of office, and any comment on the letter would need to come from him. 

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7 Responses for “National Aids Commission says Roman Catholic Church has it wrong”

  1. Rod says:

    Well you need to stop encouraging sex by giving out free condoms stop promoting abortion and stop promoting homosexuality all these things are partly to blame on this pm and gov. Who themselves are seen and are thieves rapist and murderers and corrupt to the core . I say out with judas barrow and all his perverted friends this country will forever be dark with these people at the helm.

  2. ABelen says:

    Foreign Agenda and Foreign policies are being forced upon Belizeans!! Please pray! Stay strong, don’t give in, continue to seek God. If they want to be immoral and wicked…its their choice but don’t allow it into your schools, your homes or your churches! Speak out against it as often as you can and pray.

    “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.” (Col 2:8)

  3. Lord LOL says:

    the condoms they give out for free are inferior

  4. Dorothy Howard says:

    The Catholic Church has made their own reputation and the whole world knows it. If they really wanted to do something good they would upgrade these schools and stress education instead of always judgeing and puting fear into people. God is good and positive, the devil is negative and fear. Seems like a simple choice to me. The Red Cross Really! Firewalker

  5. Laura says:

    The Catholic Church is the most hypocritical organization I’ve ever heard of. They oppose women’s rights, they oppose sex education, they oppose basic human rights for homosexuals and transgender persons, now they even oppose the Red Cross, yet they are happy to protect pedophiles and abusers in their own ranks. How can that be considered Christian?

    “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?” Matthew 7:1-3

  6. Jd501 says:

    Are you kidding me! “Rod” stop providing access to safe sex to the young people in the schools who will go ahead and have sex regardless of anything Bishop Wright says or anyone says. I swear the Bishop has truly lost touch with reality if he is to deny access to the schools for programs aiming to help the youth of nation make the right decisions to protect themselves and their future. He needs to be replaced ASAP by someone with competence and the ability to see beyond his (the church does not allow female bishops) own flawed version of his dogma and look at the better good of the people. I’ve said time and time again the church is Belize has too much power and worse that the churches band together to maintain that control over the society. It’s 2014 seriously? We are having discussions that are reminiscent of the dark ages? So much for social cohesion in society all the church does is create rifts in by preaching bigotry, hate, and separation. Bishop Wright or whatever is seriously delusional if he thinks that this is a good idea. I implore the people of Belize my fellow Belizeans to not allow this sort of brash, un thought out decision that will ultimately harm the young students in our nations denominated schools. Many of those students are your children or young adults do make them suffer the price of a stupid decision by a disillusioned religious figurehead.

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