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Feb 12, 2014

Mother of murdered Balona siblings claims she is in fear of her own life

Martita Requeña

On January nineteenth, nineteen year old Marlon Balona was found murdered in the community of La Gracia, and on Tuesday his brother, twenty-one year old Raulito, was shot to death in Arenal. The brothers were suspects in the murder of Canadian missionary Brian Townsend in Valley of Peace at Christmas. Now both are dead, and their family is begging for protection because they feel that they are next. They have an incredible story of misery and terror, and News Five has the exclusive extended interview which we’ll bring to you in Thursday’s newscast. Tonight, though, the grieving mother Martita Requeña says that her sons were innocent. She claims that Raulito Balona wasn’t even in Valley of Peace when the missionary was killed, and their lives have been a nightmare as Police have allegedly targeted her entire family.


Martita Requeña, Mother of Murdered Brothers

“Raulito gone from the fifteenth of November from my house; he noh come back again. The people say that he come back and he come back in Valley of Peace. One lady who cooked for the Canadians tell the police that he in Valley of Peace, but my son never in Valley of Peace. He gone look for work; he tell me that he will go work in Placencia. Now the police want to catch him. Raul hit because he was afraid. He noh ‘fraid because he do the thing, he ‘fraid because every time that the police catch my son, they beat ahn, they put electric things and make Raul always say I am guilty. I noh think that that was the work of one police. When they catch who do the things, dehn have to ask them if dehn do it, but they don’t have to beat him. My son Hilberto, from seventeen years, they catch Hilberto, dehn beat Hilberto. Hilberto get ih his eyes soh. Dehn ker him to hospital and when the doctor give one paper of that, the police tear it because they don’t want that we do something.”


Mike Rudon

“In terms of Raulito, you all have identified his body; that it is him?”


Martita Requeña

“Yeah dah him. I see in on the internet. The police show me and dah he. I know dah he.”


Mike Rudon

“So you believe that the police are also involved in Raulito’s death?”


Martita Requeña

“Yes because the last time they gone to my house, dehn throw me all the things…tear the things from my house. CIB gone to my house, dehn tear me all the things with guns and tell me Miss. I tell them when unu will stop come to my house if Raul noh deh yah. Dehn tell me miss this di start…sometimes we come and hurt unu. That’s why I think that dehn do it because they done tell me in my house.”


Mike Rudon

“And then dehn had you locked down for five days I hear?”


Martita Requeña

“Yeah, dehn had me for five days in Belmopan. I am sick, I have sugar pressure and dehn noh mind that. They tell me that have him, I have Raulito. And that time, I neva know if my son mi alive or dead….I neva know nothing about him. my seventeen year old son had it the same time….the same time they had him, they had me. I send my fifteen years old to my sister in Benque. Dehn gone and take my son, ker him to the police station and beat him and my son only have fifteen years. He goes to school, but that time dehn gone spend Christmas with my sister that’s why he deh deh.”


Mike Rudon

“Now you feel that the police will come after you?”


Martita Requeña

“Yes because they tell me that they will finish with all my family. And I afraid of that; I need protection.”


News Five will bring you the extended interview in Thursday’s newscast.   

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11 Responses for “Mother of murdered Balona siblings claims she is in fear of her own life”

  1. Lowjack says:

    She’s lying. That family always act like that, in fact why somebody will
    kill these boys if they innocents? Why they will hide and run
    if they innocent? Must she knew something about them, come on!!
    She’s their mother she will lie for them and always talk good
    about them.

  2. sly deceiver says:

    Dah sin they done destroy the poor lady life dih take weh ih son and it still doesn’t stop. I swear people just dont know when to stop. What more uno want from the poor lady?

  3. Belizean Pride says:

    as usual when parents knowingly lie for their spoiled kids they claim innocence but it’s obvious when they try to do that. I don’t buy her lies man, she can’t even lie, why the hell do they try run from the law? i feel happy to less in the jewel. I’ve constantly seen this type of people to rather give their lives for their spoiled scums and claim they are saints. Secondly the law should contact the guatemalan side if they have any bad record in that side maybe it’s a payback they are having from that past also. we never know but it can be also. Since when things are like that they can’t run to thir home country because they are waiting for them there also.

  4. Lorna says:

    She is the main one to blame, she tolerated all their wrong doings. We from Valley of Peace are satisfied with who so ever kill those rats. You reap what you sew, and you Marta, raised them as animals, respecting no one and always taking the stolen goods then sell them. You are to be blame!!! Mothers like you are the ones responsible for all the bad acts that their kids do to society.

  5. Lorna says:

    Marlon might had not been involved phisical in the murder but returned to help his criminal brother. Raul was hidding arround the area, he was seen a couple of times. She is sure that the police killed both of them, guess what great job. If it was so, good that he was dumped in Arenal so he doesn’t even use a space in our cementery. And she was aware of the crime that her son did and never did nothing to preven it, as usual.

  6. Lowjack says:

    Shame on you sly deceiver this”poor lady” spoiled
    all their sons and daughters and you call her “poor lady”
    the parents who know their sons are in bad roads
    and don’t do nothing to pull them back they are the principal
    guiltier for them. So…this Poor lady knew all their movements
    all of them eat of all they thief,

  7. Lowjack says:

    Besides, they were part of a goddamn gang in valley of peace
    and still remains of young people in valley of peace and they call
    themselves “la MS” they were guilty not only for murder
    but for thieving and vandalism in that village so…what’s next
    we need to stop our young people for being part of a gang
    because the pay for it is destruction, pain,sorrow,and DEATH

  8. Christ says:

    I challenge Mike Rudon to take a day to go to Valley of Peace to do an exclusive on the tremendous hurt and scars that the Balonas have left.

    I also challenge the rest of the Balonas to drop on their knees before God if the so believe that an injustice was done to them. God never stops being just. There are people praying that God will do justice in Valley of Peace.

  9. Bob says:

    Everyone seems to be forgetting that the two men even if they were killers were themselves murdered. Now living in a civilized society i do not think that anyone should be happy with vigilante justice as we cannot allow Belizeans, much less foreigners to be taking the law into their own hands. We cannot value any life over another therefore those who killed the brothers are equally as guilty as those who killed the Canadian Gentleman. I in no way condone attacks on those who make Belize their second home but i feel that we have to value each other equally as human beings. Our job on earth is not to pass judgement and get equal. Remember when Jesus came he said to love your neighbor as yourself. Its so sad that as a country we have completely lost all faith in our legal system to the point where we are so happy with vigilante justice…..

  10. justice says:

    Stop your nonsense Bob, go frig yourself. Vigilantes coming for you too. Are you a gang man too or a thief?

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