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Jan 24, 2014

Godwin Hulse, on the other hand, tries to explain P.M. definition

Godwin Hulse

And for more comment, News Five also went to the man who, at least before he walked the hallowed halls of government, was an anti-corruption champion and a relentless warrior against wrongdoing. Minister Godwin Hulse didn’t deign to give his opinion on the Castro check controversy, but he did spend some time trying to explain what the Prime Minister was really trying to say at the House on Wednesday. 


Godwin Hulse, Minister of Labour

“Well quite frankly last month for the first time, a corruption definition was passed in the house; a law to prevent corruption and fraud. It took even myself by surprise at the time because I felt that that was long on the books. Indeed representative Lisa Shoman weighed in, in the committee in trying to create that definition of corruption because it is a term that is banded about all over the place and fraud. I think what the Prime Minister was trying to do was to make a clear distinction that, in fact—and I won’t try to paraphrase the gentleman—he made a clear distinction between an undercover so to speak situation, vis-a-vis a statutory body making funds available to a minister. And he clearly denounced it, but he wanted to make the distinction that in fact those checks were properly signed and properly signed by people authorized to sign so and paid by that agency to the minster concerned. I think that was the distinction he was trying to make vis-a-vis somebody doing something under the table, properly signed, that sort of thing.”

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14 Responses for “Godwin Hulse, on the other hand, tries to explain P.M. definition”

  1. Rod says:

    I mi always know Godwin was nothing but a farce and a thief himself. But tries to play like he is Mary popping s .

  2. sickntired says:

    Hello – just cause you got stupid managers at BAA who happy fi sign cheques fi di minista no mean da no corruption. All it means is that gross mismanagement di aid and abet di corruption. All like that bank lady who had the paperwork signed but she still inna the news when she could claim the same situation. Spray perfume all unu want it still stink to high hell.

  3. Belizean Born says:

    Corrupt entire board of directors then vis-a-vis corrupt edmund castro only. The only distinction that can be reasonably drawn from entire fiasco.

  4. Ali BaBarrow, god of thieves says:

    Hulse, one of the forty.
    Protects Ali’s right testicle.

  5. curious says:

    AYE, all dem board membaz da di authority, dem da no all han pick UDP”s. Tell me, deh no hav fi do di bidding a di minista? so dah di minista dem di cause wrang doings. Man, Barro di tek up fi e ministaz dem cauze e waan stay eena powa maybe fi cova deh traks befo di nex elecshan. wen di nex paaty get in e wah have a hella va jab fi clean up dem affices weh udp put e pipple dem eena. yu wah hear wa latta dem kryin fowl how deh di get fiaad. Ayyy dis di get stinka evyr day. very stink barro, u really loose it bredda. a mi di look pan u fi wah change but ah saw u calla wen u di pik pan di adda breddas instead a di kom up wid wah solution. unu no di do noting eena govament dats why u ministaz deh di get eena wrang doings. ah wanda how much a di addas no di hussle big time. time will tell doh. dis time round maybe some a unu wah reeely go da jail. u mi waan lak up wan a dem pup bad e look like. weh goes around koms around.

  6. Citizen says:

    Hulse we don’t give a fudge what the PM was trying to say. We understand him well enough. We knew you were in the forefront when Musa was in Gov, but now you have been bought bait, hook and sinker. You sound just as rotten as all the rest!

  7. Guerra says:

    Seemed the PM needed a parrot?

  8. Bz Bri says:

    Sak castro Sak finnigan sak anyone who stains the post dey ellect to ok!!!

  9. SHOUT says:

    Afta i HOLLA “Corruption” unu SHOUT “Hulse and Barrow!! “……………..Unu READY?!

  10. Retired CEO says:

    Godwin Hulse is full of it! Who died and made him the pseudo intellectual he pretends to be.

  11. Concern says:

    Dis dumb ass man sway Belizeans no understand anything, because he also did his best not to bet Penner investigated. In 2005 he was a balloon full of hot air, and the champion of corruption, but since corruption have become so rampant, beyond his wildest imagination, barrow took a needle and burst his balloon. The man love the new ride, being called honorable, even though they are all scoundrels robbing the country with protection.

  12. Belizean Pride says:

    trying to explain what? can’t these fools understand that corruption is corruption! For God sakes stop it man! we ain’t fools to see the corruption so rampant and plain, visible even to the children at primary school how this gov. so corrupted. damn!!!!!!!

  13. ceo says:

    Hulse pleas shut the heck up! If the checks were “properly signed” by the body authorised to sign checks this just mean that the whole Board is corrupt and should be held responsible. By Hulse’s own confession it shows that the problem worse because Castro was not the only one involved but worse yet this shows that the problem is systemic! The PM just needs to stop trying to explain the problem away this only in the end will make him part and parcel of the problem. He needs to punish those that are guilty, put policies in place to prevent this abuse in the future and appoligise for the mess!

  14. Love says:

    We do not want to hear about a law passed last month. Mek we put it slow fe Hulse. When the hell will Penner be in jail. He should have been on half pay until after his court hearing. Tell us about that, how hard is that?

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