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Jan 16, 2014

LGBT Party hosted at Belize’s High Commissioner’s London House

On December sixth, Belize’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom hosted an LGBT party at the official residence in London, Belize House. The event was reported recently in the media, and drew scathing criticism in some quarters. While sexual orientation or preference is not the issue tonight, at least at News Five, the LGBT bash at Belize House does legitimately invite comment and clarification. And today, we got that from Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington. He told us that such parties are held by persons in developed countries all the time, so he sees no cause for alarm or concern.


Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs

“I have read a communication dealing with the matter. From my understanding of it…different embassies, people who work in these embassies have parties – this week it would be given at the Spanish embassy, the next week it would be held at the Indian embassy, the next week it is done at the Embassy of the United States. I got the impression that the one which was held in Belize House, the Belize Embassy in the UK was one in a series of parties that was held.”



“LGBT parties you mean…”


Wilfred Elrington

Wilfred Elrington

“Yeah…that’s the impression I got…that it was just one in a series. It was not one that was funded by the government of Belize but it was held at the Embassy that we have. I think people need to make a distinction between a party which was held by the government of Belize, and a party which was held in premises owned by the government of Belize. I don’t think they are one and the same. So I don’t think that one can jump to the conclusion that because such a gathering was held at the High Commission of Belize in the UK that that represents the position of the government of Belize as it relates to those matters. I think that would be a far jump to make…a jump that would be too wide. We are currently awaiting the decision of the Supreme Court on one aspect of this matter. But it is not a matter that is going to go away. It is a matter that the government of Belize will have to arrive at…it is a decision which the people of Belize will have to arrive at.”


The government of Belize has not taken a formal position on the LGBT issue.  

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15 Responses for “LGBT Party hosted at Belize’s High Commissioner’s London House”

  1. patriot says:

    WTF, It is still illegal in Belize, I believe Lisa and Caleb were there.

  2. Average Bzean Citizen says:


  3. What the hell says:

    There is absolutely no distinction between such a disgusting function being held by GOB and hosted on GOB’s premises! It is one and the same and a total disrespect for our way of life. if you want to flaunt your nasty behaviour, do it on your own timing and not on tax payers monies!

    As is the norm with this government, none of the questionable behaviours from their political favorites/flunkies warrant any investigation or dismissal. This one in particular will be swept under the rug because the UDP will not give up such a rich benefactor as the Perdomos as it is monies which flow from their liquor empire. And from the Minister’s explanation, Miss High Commissioner was either already asked to explain this behaviour or she requested, and got, the green light to go ahead and have this party.

  4. Paul Schmidt says:

    My question is.. Besides that silly little and unofficial and scampi invite.. What constitutes an LGBT party?

  5. Stuart says:

    Cam Belizean diplomats quit embarassing us all over? Wasnt this the same location where Alexis rosado hosted a party where an Englishman was bitten? what the hell is going on there?

  6. Dylan says:

    It all boils down to the fact that the government hides what they want.. Many embassies may have functions but not gay affiliated ones. I am happy channel 5 on the go. People need to know what Perla and her wife are doing. I am sure that her wife is on a list to get diplomatic status. Yet they say that they don’t support unibam. They are disgusting and out of order sending such invitations in a house owned by the government of belize. Tax payers money funding these dirty parties and they enter it as other stuff in the books. Wake up. The woman listed her spouse from Honduras to gain diplomatic status. WTF

  7. Sydney Griffith says:

    Personally I think some of these embassies should be closed. Most of the traditional functions ambassadors did are no longer as necessary. Before planes, computers and phones, ambassadors were the government’s agent on the ground. However in this day an age, the PM or foregn minister will get on a plane and carry out the gov business on his own or negotiate by phone on his own. We have embassies in some countries that hardly have any contact with Belize. I say shut them down and spend the money more wisely. Many of these diplomatic jobs are just compensation for party (UDP AND PUP) cronies with little tangible benefit for the country

  8. Guerra says:

    This is kraize $&?t! Every week we have to be bombarded with unusual things this corrupt government is doing. The whole crowd need to be swept out of office, and stop the waste our hard tax dollars! People badly need help here, while we are being embarrassed internationally at our own expense.

  9. Love says:

    Elrington trying to explain this shit away. The Belize house was used, it cost us to run it, so no kind of explanation needed. It shouldn’t have happened!

  10. Laura says:

    What’s wrong with an LGBT Christmas Party? You guys should chill out a little.

  11. Tek Bak Belize says:

    Can’t people see the hypocrisy in the LGBT and their blatant disrespect for the law. This is the fact, homosexuality is ILLEGAL, therefore UNIBAM is an illegal entity in Belize, under LAW. Hosting such a party in a official Belize Government building, anywhere on the planet is ILLEGAL. These people want ‘equal’ rights, yet they are behaving and being condoned by our Government as MORE special than other groups, even though their very existence is ILLEGAL. If one cannot comprehend this blatant hypocrisy and disrespect for law, then what shall we expect if they ever get their way via LAW.

  12. Tek Bak Belize says:

    Can’t Sedi clarify what he meant when he said, “such parties are held by persons in [developed countries] all the time…” emphasis added.

  13. Tek Bak Belize says:

    damn, Sedi not only fall from the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down, he also pass thru the stupid tree and the same thing ensued. This man is the most disrespect nihilist I have ever seen in Belize’s parliament, he genuinely does not give a crap, and his statements are proof of this fact.

  14. Steven says:


  15. Steven says:

    Really? I am not surprised and would not put it pass she that Perla who thinks is a big time in Belize is no one even as the High Commissioner in the UK. She is trying to fit into the LGBT high society in London so will use her status and the Belize house and Belize monies to try and invite the elite LGBT in UK. She has no respect for her Prime Minister who selected her and the Ministers of Government view on this policy. Even if you are not in agreement with the policy or against it, she is representing her country in a key country and at this international level, she should not flaunt her sexual preference and should keep her private life as low key as possible. She is far from being a true diplomat!! it just shows she does not respect GOB.

    As for Sedi, how can he truly believe these parties happen every week? How can he condone Perla attending and hosting these parties every week when there is lots of work she needs to be doing like bringing in funds and connections for our country? how can he mention India? of all countries, India? Its highly Illegal in India and no other embassy would openly have LGBT parties. man he is the next one that so ghetto like perla. Any party being held at that Belize House or organized by Embassy staff represents Belize. Belize is still paying for it indirectly and Perla is here to represent Belize, not Lesbians, Gay and Transgenders!!! Leave Caleb let him do his job as he is good at this. Get your work for Belize done and stop partying every week with the Lesbians and Gays!!!!! Did not know this is what you were doing in London!! ,,,,,,,,……

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