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Jan 13, 2014

3 murders in the City: Cross-dresser killed on Elston Kerr Street

Three persons were murdered over the weekend in the city, all within proximity of their homes. The most perplexing is the murder of eighteen year old Jatnet Sanchez, a cross dresser who was stabbed twice on the chest as he walked on Elston Kerr Street. Sanchez was found dead just before two am on Sunday morning as he headed to a party. When he met his death he was dressed in a white sleeveless blouse and a short green and black skirt. Sanchez worked at a Call Center and according to his family he would dress as a female only when he went out at night. According to our records, it is the first time that a cross dresser has been murdered and while the family believes it is a crime of passion, the police say not so. Duane Moody spoke to Sanchez’s family earlier today.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Eighteen year old Joseph Sanchez was killed a short distance away from his house on Laura Dunn Street. As he walked behind the Gwen Lizarraga High School on Elston Kerr Street, he was killed in what police is reporting was an attempted robbery. But the family is saying it was a crime of passion. According to his mother, Joseph left home, dressed as a woman, after one a.m. on Sunday en route to a party when he was attacked by two men on a bicycle.


Voice of: Virginia Arzu, Mother of Murder Victim

“In the morning four o’clock and they tell me they need a picture. And police noh wah tell me that my son done dead.”


Duane Moody

“What do you understand happened?”


Voice of: Virginia Arzu

“I noh feel good saying that because somebody, two man kill my son and my son noh do nothing to anybody; he noh molest nobody.  Me and he gone dah bed and ih say, ma somebody call me and I going out. And I tell he please close the door and out the light. And then he gone.”


Duane Moody

“That was around what time?”


Voice of: Virginia Arzu

“One o’clock. twelve o’clock me and he di talk; one o’clock he gone.”


Duane Moody

“In the night?”


Voice of: Virginia Arzu

“Ina di night.”


Voice of: Abner Sanchez, Brother of Murder Victim

“When Joseph woulda go out dressed up like a female, he noh wah walk down the street mein. They actually come pick he up from yard and dehn ker ahn eena vehicle and dehn bring ahn back ina vehicle. So whosoever dah person deh weh call ahn that time of the night and make he go out and make he walk out so, my belief is that dah that person set ahn up fi get ih lee vengeance off of him.”


According to his brother, Abner Sanchez, Joseph had been receiving death threats for over a week from a male person he was once involved with.


Voice of: Abner Sanchez

“The death threats weh ih mi receive, ih neva did tell we about it. He had trust more in his friends and things, so ih tell ih friends dehn. That is the way I found out that ih mi di receive death threats from the male person weh ih mi have. Ina last week before, I had ih phone and that person mi di call ih phone and ih tell me Abner noh answer that person cause I noh wah got nothing with that persons deh. Well look to result that that same person deh mi di send ahn the threats and thing.  From what I heard from ih friends dehn, the person weh he mi di go out with, neva know that he dah mi wah man. So ih look like when the person find out that he dah mi wah male, well ih start to send the death threats at him.”


Duane Moody

“So a crime of passion?”


Voice of: Abner Sanchez

“Yeah. That dah weh everything di point too.”



“Do you think it is because of his lifestyle that he was killed? He like to dress up with skirt and blouse and stuff like that. Do you believe that that could have led to his demise?”


Voice of: Virginia Arzu

“Yes, he dress ina the night like that…they attack he and kill my son.”


Duane Moody

“When he left on Saturday night, was he dressed in female clothing?”


Voice of: Virginia Arzu

“Yes ina di night he do it.”


According to relatives, the threats came to Joseph’s phone, which has since been handed over to the police. His fear caused him to discontinue attending school; his family says he would leave his house only for work at the Ready Call Center at the Burrell Boom Cutoff. But his killing was caught by a surveillance camera attached to a building on the school’s compound.


Voice of: Virginia Arzu

“Police see the picture from the police, from the camera; they see two man ina wah bike.  Sometimes he walk ina the street by the college and people di curse him for nothing. And then he noh study di people weh di curse him; he still di walk. But when he have problem, he still noh tell me nothing…nothing ih tell me.”


Duane Moody for News Five.

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13 Responses for “3 murders in the City: Cross-dresser killed on Elston Kerr Street”

  1. rhee says:

    how insensitive they are! it could be anyone’s family, in this time of grieving, have a little sympathy man!

  2. Belizean says:

    Ok guys, now you have it! See what the gay life style brings? These are the violent after effects of being in a sick, devilish, god forsaken sin loving practice of homosexuality. Simply with using this incident to call out and cry wolf, they are proving themselves to be a degenerate society, that will in an extremely short time, be wiped out of society. Open your eyes people, this may very well have been the first gay on gay crime…Past Statistics are proving to be true, and believe you me, we will see more of this.

  3. Buju says:

    Insensitive my face!!!

    This buttman dress up as a lady and mi di deal with a guy

    Wen di guy find out – weh this fool think mi wa happen????

    This is the problem in our society – we say leave them they no di bother us
    Well this one did and eh pay di price

    Buju Banton said it best


  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    In a time that Belizeans are being murdered with impunity.why would this young man do such thing.I wouldn’t even dare cross-dress in Belize City in a skinny Jeans much much less a blouse and skirt.The boy should have took the bus to Benque.

  5. Louisville,Ky says:

    It is untimely as it is unfortunate that young boy got killed. NOBODY has the right to take another person’s life.
    However, this exactly is my point when I denounce all the rhetoric about gay rights. It is that same mentality that prevailed in the mind of the killer, which convinced him that he had the RIGHT to end that homosexual’s life.
    What we as a society need to examine and make a determination of is, what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.
    Being a homosexual is morally wrong but, killing him is even worse. But, this is what happens when we cross that proverbial line and become morally,(alternative lifestyle) bankrupt. Two wrongs have never made it right.

  6. hmmm says:

    Hmm this is some real Law and Order thing. everybody have their own opinion on why this may have happen. But to say this happened to him because he is gay is crazy. time after time black man kill black man in Belize…so should we say that’s acceptable because they are straight black men. A crime happened and a life was lost…so if he was straight or gay it was wrong to to take his life.

  7. Twinkle says:

    LOLOLOLOL @ the male. LOL!!
    @ Buju ur an A**hole. Guess what, they were caught on camera. So for taking the life of a young dependent man, they going da back, where somebody will make them the mistress. Lol

  8. New World Belize says:

    life goes on….
    Why are they even pushing that gay s$)& in people’s face huh???? wtf is wrong here today… we already no di tell unu nothing and now unu want mek unuself legal??????? hmmmm
    1 down

  9. Lorna says:

    There is no reason for one to kill another.

  10. Menoh says:

    Behold people, the true love of christ at work…

  11. jill says:

    insensitive???? This man mi have any sensitivity when he was tricking man? These guys are digging their own graves by trying to force us to accept their filty un natural behaviour as normal.instead they stay in their closet they want come and prey on the straight man to boot well as cold (insensitive)as it sound he mek his bed hard so he the lie in it

  12. jay says:

    @Belizean. Your statement makes absolutely no sense, since heterosexuals commit 99.9% of the crime in Belize; shouldn’t you be warning the public about that lifestyle also?

  13. NYorker says:

    WOW!! It is apparent from the above postings that Belize is not a place for the gay lifestyle. Most of the west Caucasian dominated countries have accepted and in some case legalized marriages of same sex couples. I have always held the proposition that homosexuality is a defect in nature. Cells and DNA and all the other stuff that makes us who we are get effed up once in a while. There is no recall. As human beings we should not ostracize these poor bastards. My point is to all of you. Show some compassion. The poor mother who dearly loves her son despite his love of cross dressing “only at night”. There is nothing greater that a mother’s love. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for bashing her son’s demise. What if one of your relatives loved cross dressing. BTW J Edgar Hoover was a cross dresser.. You guys are tough. No wonder Gay cruises don’t stop in Belize anymore. I can see Obama now firing off a text to Dean. Please send condolences to the grieving mother. Have some compassion. Jesus died for all our sins.

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