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Jan 13, 2014

UNIBAM president says murder was a hate crime

As we said earlier, the police claim the murder of Joseph Sanchez was motivated by robbery. The family believes it is a crime of passion. But the leading advocacy movement for the defense of sexual minorities such as transgendered individuals, UNIBAM, headed by Caleb Orosco, issued a strong statement this evening saying it has done its investigation and determines that Sanchez’s murder is a hate crime. UNIBAM says it denounces the vile act and calls for the most comprehensive investigation to send a clear message that this kind of crime is intolerable. UNIBAM further calls on all social partners including human rights activists, church leaders and other outraged Belizeans to join in decrying this act. Says UNIBAM: “Joseph’s murder highlights the fact that we are obsessed with pre-ordained rules of public appearance. When there are no laws to protect or even acknowledge the existence of a subset of our population, this kind of crime can easily occur with little justice. The reality of transgender individuals is that they are often targets and are disproportionately affected by violence, often remaining invisible to the rest of the community.”

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12 Responses for “UNIBAM president says murder was a hate crime”

  1. Sorry but... says:

    It is very very sad when any human life is taken be it anyone. Condolensces to the family of this youth.

    On a different note, UNIBAM please don’t take this out of proportion. Do not use this incident for the propaganda. Many people are falling in the street every day it would be nice to see your issued statements on these and other crimes and acts of curroption taking place in the Jewel. AS the newscast says, it is the first time that a cross-dresser has been killed in Belize. It seems that the person became angry when they realized that they were being decieved. When they thought they were dating a young woman but they were not. This is not a justification but this seems to be the main reason for this unfortunate incident and not what you are implying here.

    My two cents. Once again…condolensces to the family.

  2. Al Rich says:

    What law can be made that will protect the sub culture? What will the law say, thou shalt not kill someone who belongs to a subculture, how idiotic. Murder is already on the books as being a punishable crime. What exactly is “UNIBAM” asking for?

  3. Standup says:

    it is so sad that the guy lost his, something that should never happen to anyone, it’s terrible. but equally terrible is the fact that orozco wants to capitalize on this and say it was a hate crime! if it was hate crime, it was hate from homosexual to homosexual, it was from a former lover of sanchez, but orozco wants to blame it on everyone else and say “you see, this is why we need legal protection and changing of laws!” wrong answer. the doctor who was killed in belize city, homosexual on homosexual. the teacher in cayo, homosexual on homosexual. they’re killing each other and orozco wants to blame society. its called homosexual spin.

  4. Belizean says:

    Ok guys, now you have it! See what the gay life style brings? These are the violent after effects of being in a sick, devilish, god forsaken sin loving practice of homosexuality. Simply with using this incident to call out and cry wolf, they are proving themselves to be a degenerate society, that will in an extremely short time, be wiped out of society. Open your eyes people, this may very well have been the first gay on gay crime…Past Statistics are proving to be true, and believe you me, we will see more of this.

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    This young man didn’t got killed because he is a cross-dresser.It is my believe that he got murdered because he cross the line.You can’t go and meet two men that time of the morning and try to deceive them into thinking that they’re about to get something from a woman when in fact you’re a man.Especially after a couple drinks of “ELEPHANT FOOT” You’ll definately meet your demise.

  6. Louisville,Ky says:

    For those who think homosexuality is the answer to their love affairs. Think again…….SAME sex, SAME problems!!
    And to Caleb; don’t be getting ahead of yourself and be getting your panties in bunches! You people have proven that you are quite capable of killing each other.

  7. Phillipa says:

    UNIBAM is trying to say this was a hate crime it was not the police have a video that was captured by a camera from the high school Not a hate crime people don’t let UNIBAM fill your head with their bull

  8. Stephen Mendoza says:

    condolences to the family. I’m sorry did I hear right UNIBAM has done its investigation and solved the crime. Now Orosco if thats the case why not investigate all the unsolved murders in Belize and get some criminals off the streets……..

  9. jhonnie says:

    Murder is always a mistake – one should never do anything one cannot talk about after dinner. Any harmful things happened has a definite reason and a solution. And murder cases nowadays were rapidly increasing due to lack of communication from parents to their kids. And as a mother, I am preparing myself to deal with this issue, to avoid my things like this to happen and to help them deal as well from any murder cases.Thus, I was searching sites that will help me know what to do about murder issues and an Apps that can guard my loved ones in case of any emergencies. Then I found this link that talks about securing every family in modern way. You can also check that link for your own good.

  10. sickntired says:

    All murder sad so a pity caleb no speak out about all the crime in belize and investigate and solve all of them. All di families suffer di same. Law abiding people no get kill by other law abiding people so he need fi grumble with his own kind who killing each other and stop blame everybody else. Condolences to the family.

  11. Belizean says:

    So first of all you are admitting and acknowledging Homo’s to be sinful. Second of all you are promoting a sinful life, saying that it is ok to be sinful… Why promote this sin on top of all the others that we are dealing with? If we know that the sick and degrading lifestyle, evil to the ultimate extent will bring death, suicide if you will is what it is!!! Lust, murder, jealousy and millions more are sins that are rampant, why are we trying to add another one to this list and make it right? Explain that to me

  12. Althea says:

    I don’t know what life is for those entrapped in a body they can’t appreciate. It must be sufficating. Whatever they experience and the decissions they make to live their best and most fulfilled life is between them Father God. He saw them in their mothers’ womb. They didn’t ask to be here. No child did. We parents brought children through the joys of our sexual interaction. I have no idea which is worst: violence, incest, rape by pastors and elders,adultery,fornication that’s more prevalent or a lifestyle? MERCY!

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