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Jan 2, 2014

19 year old woman shot by cousin in murder attempt on New Year’s Eve

Tashia Staine

A seventeen-year- old of the Lake Independence Area of Belize City is tonight in police custody after being accused of carrying out a hit on his nineteen-year-old female cousin. Sometime before eleven p.m. on New Year’s Eve, Tashia Staine was shot as many as seven times and left for dead allegedly by Kevaughan Staine, as she headed home from the shop. Help, however, was soon forthcoming as Tashia was viciously attacked in a yard adjacent to where she lived. She was rushed to the K.H.M.H. where she is currently recovering with two bullets still lodged in her neck. Today, News Five’s Duane Moody spoke with her mother, Germaine Thompson, who expressed her frustration and anger at what has happened to her daughter. She says that the shooting is the result of gang rivalry in the area.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Nineteen year old Tashia Staine was heading home from the nearby shop where she went to buy for her mother. Never did it come to her mind that she was being stalked or was the target of a shooter. But about one house away from her residence on Gladden Street off Lacroix Boulevard, she was shot at by a shooter on bicycle, her own cousin—a seventeen year old—who goes by the name “Bigga”. She hurried home for help, but couldn’t get inside, so she ran across the street, but collapsed and “Bigga” reportedly stood over her and fired several more shots.


Germaine Thompson, Mother of Shooting Victim

“Only me, she and the baby mi deh yah; mi son mi gone over dah his pa. So I di cook and I hear some dynamite. She come back and she say ma dah weh yo say? I say come upstairs, noh di holler; I noh want the whole world fi know mi business. Ih gone after ih done hear weh I want and I di finish cook, but I hear some dynamite, but I say but wait, dehn dynamite sound so loud.  I just tear open mi window fi say I wah say I wah tell di pickney dehn. Not to know I wah see this bwai over somebody just di pop, pop, pop, pop, pop like ih noh want stop. And I said Oh my God. And I tilt the window and I said oh my god somebody di kill somebody over this yard. I stay right deh so, I got my window tilt. I see “Bigga”; that dah di killa, I see “Bigga”. And I said oh my god dah who and “Bigga” got problem. I neva known ih got the [bleep]. But anyways ih put di gun back ina ih waist, gone back through this backstreet yah and ih gone.”


Germaine Thompson says that seconds later, she was frightened to learn that her eldest daughter was the victim.  Staine was shot a total of seven times: to the neck, chest, hand, back and leg.


Germaine Thompson

Germaine Thompson

“I hear my neighbor holler Miss Germaine, Miss Germaine, dah Tasha get shot. Oh my god, shock dah noh di word. I dah like I noh know what, as I get over deh, “Mommy dah Bigga shot mi, Bigga shot mi.” I say Oh my god. Dah like yon oh want believe it. I see ahn with mi own eye. How could this happen. Then yah cousin neva had wah problem. Then yah pickney raise up together; how when we get to this point? When I get over dehn, I fraid because weh happen, I di think I wah meet my daughter dead body. I noh want see my pickney like that. So dah like I noh want go—I di go and I noh want reach. But when I get down deh, dah just fi see all the blood di gush out of ih neck. And all weh mi lee gial di holla, mommy I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe. I can’t catch my breath. And all I could tell she dah just heng on and think about the baby because she love ih lee sister. Yo want deh yah fi yo sister and that dah di only thing I coulda mi tell ahn because crying noh wah help the situation; it just wah make ih panic.”


Police are investigating the motive of the attempted murder of Staine. Thompson, on the other hand, believes that it’s gang rivalry in the Lacroix Boulevard and Gungulung Area that has led to the shooting of her daughter.


Germaine Thompson

“We have one ah ih other cousin…all he do dah sit ih fat [bleep] that dah Chinese shop and all di lee bwai weh yo see line off pan Lacroix Street, dehn dah all di lee bwai weh noh di go dah school and di smoke weed and drink; that’s all dehn could provide dehn with. When ih done, ih push di lee bwai dehn at the front line fi make dehn do ih dirty work.   Weh I di really calculate happen, me personally—I di say soh and I di say that dah weh yo do. He got problem with this lee bwai Tyrek off of the back street weh have wah gang weh dehn call BLC—I noh know weh dehn call themselves; a bunch of stupid pickney because dehn need fi frigging check themselves. My daughter and Tyrek grow up together—grow up just like “Bigga” and everybody; everybody grow up together. Now whenever Tyrek crew buck di lee bwai dehn—because di lee bwai dehn di play gangster because dehn di heng out with he and he put them at the frontline because they want to be part of something—Tyrek hold them and beat them. So weh happen, “Bigga” end up di get beat up by Tyrek. Tasha noh even known that; dah dehn go an pick dehn battle. But because the big [bleep] fat [bleep] one wehsit down dah di Chinese (shop) fi di coach di pickney them. He have a problem with Tyrek. Now that Tyrek beat up “Bigga” ih boost it up fi like yeah. So then dehn wah come after my daughter, fi execute my daughter, instead fi dehn beat frigging man and go atta Tyrek.  I coulda mi make ih dead the other day when dehn stop ahn up outta front ah mi house. I take mi new brand towel di stop ih blood; di walk and the call 9-1-1 frantically until the ambulance and police come and save yo life and yo wahn turnaround and do this to my own daughter and all three ah unu dah cousin. Weh di frig dah ih problem. Dah fame ih want so? I mad as hell and I noh scared of him. And I di make ih know; that dah wah punk move, wah punk move. I say so.”


Thompson says that she will deal with her daughter’s attacker to the full extent of the law. Luckily for Tashia, she is currently admitted in stable condition at the K.H.M.H. Duane Moody for News Five.

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    The whole situation, senseless. These kids are watching too much T.V.

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    Just senseless my friend noh hurt nobody for that to happen to her that’s is just stupid but we will leave revenge to Christ he will do it. So whosesoever did that God will punish you and bring down his wrath on you so you got it coming. Watch your self

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