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Dec 19, 2013

Sickout at the Ministry of Immigration

On Wednesday, Minister Godwin Hulse sat with media in an eighteen minute interview on a variety of immigration related topics. But tonight there are still more questions and more speculation. First, we turn to reports of imminent structural changes. News Five has been reliably informed that Cabinet has approved the total shake-up of the passport and nationality sections of the Immigration Department. We understand that the intention is to transfer all Immigration Officers to border stations, and those critical departments would then be run by clerks. This morning, more than half of the staff of the passport section allegedly called in sick in protest after those reports circulated. We managed to get confirmation that the office was operating with a skeleton crew, but we couldn’t get any official comment from Director Maria Marin or Minister Godwin Hulse, who didn’t answer our calls. We are told by sources within the department that the situation is deteriorating, and there is serious discontent within the department. The reports of the shakeup, we understand, is the straw that could very well break the immigration camel’s back. 

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7 Responses for “Sickout at the Ministry of Immigration”

  1. No more beano fo deano says:

    Yea I am sick too.
    I want to vomit on Ali and the Admiral, they make me ill.

    Seeing this crap every day since Andy Palacio died has not shown me good day in the years.
    when he rose, I was proud to be humble Belizean.

    I miss that guy and his true Belizean spirit & song.
    Where are the leaders? We have no corrupted leaders?

    This crap called government, for the people, is a lie, a scam by the house of lords.

    All hail Ali BaBarrow and his 40 thieves.
    Long may they live, in infamy. Scum upon the jewel.

  2. No more beano fo deano says:

    What is also sad is the complete moral ambivalence by the chuches.

    For them, they got their fresh meat of moral superiority— stamp out homosexuals.

    Those weak faggy types who are million billion times worse than invading Guats. Funny weird is that those who fight hardest against them are them, or have kids that are them, or have never met one, or have met one and are clueless. More women for me is the way I look at it; whatver floats your boat, as long as you are safe to others. The chuches could be doing a lot better on their time than chasing this, like prohibiting the eating pork, another biblically equal capital punishment. With all the real evil going on, this is their best card? drum up the fear, that is it? Maybe the new pope can right this ship of misdirection.

    Forget criminals running the government, it is about fags or communists. No wonder the criminals rape the cuntry

    “Give unto Caesar” works for their religious/political investment coin.

    Lame hypocrites who morally bankrupted the country, just like the politicians.
    Who wait to be funded, honored, elected or appointed by Ali.

    F them all, no moral compass on the ship.

    Rod & Buju, give it a brake. You got to have better arguments? Think it through.
    It is obvious the whole cabinet is criminal and Belize is fighting for it’s soul.

  3. Al Rich says:

    Totally amazing they will run such an important office with clerks. Things are getting worse not better. I believe that these people who should be in control are not.

    Where will this whole thing end, how much worse can it get. People of Belize let us hear your voice.

  4. islandboy70 says:

    Of course they will protest. The changes will eat away at their lavish lifestyle that they are already use to! At least make your changes after Christmas and New Year’s Mr. Barrow Man! Name me one government worker that is not corrupted. There are a few, but hard to find. It is a norm in our society and is deeply impeded in the Belizean culture. Same goes for Customs. Every Belizean knows a person that can get you a lee bottle a undercova black label throughout the year.

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    Structural changes with corruption among the leaders in the higher echelon makes no sense.

  6. Sinister says:

    We’ve heard all the news casts, interviews and commentaries and there is now all this dissatisfaction because now there seems to be more questions than answers. So, save yourself some trouble, pick sense out of nonsense and break it down from what we already know.

    Do we really think that Mr. Penner, who is a junior minister and who knows nothing about immigration procedures and policies, was able to come up with this great hustle all by himself? Of course not…why? Well, if he achieved what the evidence against him shows, he could only have been able to do so based on assistance from those inside the system who are there to provide a service based on departmental procedure, but chose to use their knowledge to facilitate the treachery that greed produces…the treachery that now leaves Belize as an international laughing-stock. And why should we presume that this is the case? Just look at the relationship between nationality and passport…

    When any foreign national who lives in Belize wants to obtain a passport as his official travel document and the highest form of his identity, he MUST undergo the nationality process first. The passport section will issue a passport based on the authentically approved documentation passed on to it from the nationality section. Passport section cannot and should not do anything for foreign nationals unless they receive something binding from nationality first. This means that those working in the nationality section are effectively vouching for the authenticated nationality of a foreigner who has now become a “conformed” Belizean and is qualified to be issued a passport. Earlier this year, they vouched for the authentication of “Citizen Kim’s” nationality and his right to be issued a passport, even though he was languishing in jail somewhere.

    Since all eyes are on the immigration department now, the director has come under fire with the suggestion that she too was involved in misconduct regarding the recent Salvadoran issue because her signature appears on a nationality document where a signature for her post is required. But think about it…the director of any department does not sign approvals based on his/her own performance of procedures; that is something left to the pertinent staff of the pertinent section to conduct. Once completed by that section according to law, then administrative approval is given. Furthermore, does it really make sense for the director to go through the trouble of compiling a nationality file herself just to accommodate one lone Salvadoran for a measly $500.00? You may be inclined to say that almost all Belizean public officers are corrupt, but if corruption does exist at that level, I would be more inclined to think that the corruption would showcase more enterprise than that.

    What’s the point of all this? There is an element utilized in great suspense movies that seems to be in play here…and it’s called “MIS-DIRECTION”. It’s usually done by the antagonist (the bad guy) who wants to appear as the protagonist (the good guy). While the passport section is being turned inside out, nothing has happened to the nationality section, when, in reality, she is there where the root of the problem really exists. Yes….I said “SHE”.

    She is very charming and seemingly so gifted that she has a lasting and enthralling effect on most everyone she deals with. She has established herself over time with her contacts in high places and now walks around seemingly untouchable like a don (or a donna would be more suitable) as if all is right with the world and this will be the best Christmas ever. It seems as though those in authority or power are unwilling or unable to single her out despite evidence. Why, though? Is it because of the fact that what she has done with these individuals could be so damaging and ruinous if exposed? How else could this individual who is not yet a Grade One officer have this kind of impact at high levels?

    The ministry responsible for immigration can make all the procedural changes it wants to or bring in all the clerks to these all-important sections if they think it will help. All they will really be doing is recycling the problem; and as long as she is there (in the department…that is) the black eye that the department has now gotten will never heal.

    We’ve seen Mr. Penner getting caught with both hands inside the cookie jar and all missiles are aimed at the director, but you think they’re the people we should really be worried about……right?

  7. Been There Done That says:

    Need a Belize passport fast and easy. Look for immigration officer Vladimir Selaya (sp) he will fix you up. Been there, done that.

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