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Dec 19, 2013

A deeper look at extensive interview by Minister of Immigration

Turning to the scandal that won’t go away…Rafael Alexander Vasquez Sanchez Medina, or whatever his real name is, is a Salvadoran national who was given nationality in one day, on September nineteenth, 2013, on the same day the scandal broke on the passport issued to South Korean national, Wonhong Kim. Sanchez Medina’s nationality certificate was signed by Director Maria Marin, and was allegedly processed on the strength of what can only be called valid immigration documents bearing fraudulent information. Since this matter surfaced, there have been serious allegations of impropriety aimed at Director Marin for the one-day nationality. But all indications are that the wagons have been circling around Marin, who has said nothing. As we told you, Minister Hulse gave an extended interview on Wednesday, and most of it was spent trying to impress on the media that the Salvadoran’s nationality was properly processed and thus in no way reflects on the Director. But tonight, we can’t say we are taking his assurance to the bank. Mike Rudon has an update.

See VIDEO here: Minister Hulse responds to Medina Nationality

Mike Rudon, Reporting

This man, Rafael Alexander Vasquez Medina, or as Police know him, Rafael Alexander Sanchez Vasquez, is a source of much consternation in the Immigration Department. He was inadvertently caught with this document, a nationality certificate which contains bogus information. It is a valid certificate, signed by Director Maria Marin herself. But that is where its authenticity ends.


Godwin Hulse

Godwin Hulse, Minister of Immigration

“His mother’s birth certificate that he brought was legit, she was investigated, yes was born in Belize. His birth certificate was legit. It had its necessary certification, etc. He signed the application form and everything. They registered him. It turned out that they caught him, and in that case they might catch many more.”


Hulse says everything about the process was above board, indicating that as is the process, the Salvadoran applied with the proper documents at the Immigration Department and received his nationality certificate with all due process observed. The Salvadoran has a different story. He says he never went to the Immigration Department, and his nationality was facilitated through a broker for a fee.


Godwin Hulse

“That is what he is saying. The application form and so don’t show that. They show his clear signature, his clear everything, his clear receipt, and his clear application to the department…”



“Would we in the media be able to see that to clear up all this speculation?”


Godwin Hulse

“I just cleared it up for you…”



“Could we see it in black and white?”


Godwin Hulse

“I’m sure you can.”



“Who would we have to ask for that Sir?”


Godwin Hulse

“Well give us a break…we can make you see it. We can show you the application and thing, the Police have it. As soon as we get it back from them we’ll give it to you. You have my word. I give it to you…his application form, his receipt, his thing and thing and thing done…there’s nothing there to hide.”


We have a problem with all that for two reasons. One, an impeccable source in the Immigration Department has confirmed that the nationality application for the Salvadoran was dealt with solely by Director Maria Marin. In fact, we understand that nationality application is not even listed in the ledger where every single application for nationality MUST be listed and properly signed – when that application is received, and when it is picked up. There was absolutely no vetting or certification of the documents, and the Salvadoran’s nationality certificate came in and went out unnoticed and unrecorded.


Maria Marin

And two…an impeccable senior Police source has confirmed that they do not have the Salvadoran’s file, and that remains in the Immigration Department. That Police source also confirms that there is absolutely no record of Rafael Alexander Sanchez Vasquez Medina ever going into the Immigration department, and no record in the ledger that his application was ever processed.


Like we said…more questions and more speculation. But look at the bright side – there will soon be a new system in place, says Hulse.


Godwin Hulse

“Everything that is by registration that you obtain nationality by registration will go to the committee, will go to the gazette, will go…that is the effect we’ve put in.”



“But will there be any vetting? Because the committee will sit around a table and say okay we’ve got the birth certificate, even if it’s a fake birth certificate, they’ll look at it and say this is okay, let’s go. Will there be anything on the ground to ensure…this guy could have been anybody…he could have been setting up a terrorist cell in Belize?”


Godwin Hulse

“Are you suggesting that the committee will be silly, and that all these people from the social partners will be just silly to look? Obviously…!”



“But that is what happened with the Director. It passed through her…and she didn’t catch it.”


Godwin Hulse

“Because that was the system, Marisol…that was the system.”


Well actually it wasn’t the system…it was actually the system being bypassed by the Director of Immigration, but we won’t quibble over words. Mike Rudon for News Five.

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7 Responses for “A deeper look at extensive interview by Minister of Immigration”

  1. No more beano fo deano says:

    Ch5 here is the deeper look.

    Nothing happened. FY. Next question…
    Nothing happened. FY. Next question…
    Nothing happened. FY. Next question…
    Nothing happened. FY. Next question…

    I got a computer and could keep up the BS posting of this white wash 1000x.
    Hulse and the 40 thieves are what they are, keep drilling on these MF.

    Anal Root canal before pulling the crown jewel Ali.
    Some people take the money and run before getting prison. Some think they are god and can get away with it, it is their forever-private-booty.

  2. Retired CEO says:

    How can anyone believe what Godwin Hulse says? Isn’t this the same Godwin Hulse that openly encouraged his niece to lie to the US Department of Justice about her drug use? Isn’t this the same person who openly put down his niece for telling the truth to the US Dept. of Justice? Now, how can anyone believe what this character says and does?

  3. Mike says:

    Belize is corrupt…. What are we doing??? We know the police is screwed up and we give them the only copy of the certificate??? What is wrong with the uneducated people. Belize is preparing to be Haiti. I can not wait to watch it on tv from my nice bg house in the great USA…

    Oh yeah… you could say as much as you want about the USA, but at least I have A/C and no worries and make 100K a year.

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    The entire Leadership of Belize needs to be ousted .” It’s time for a coup.”

  5. ONCE AGAIN says:

    @Mike who cares about your income if it is even the truth that statement alone shows your ignorance. Since you don’t live in Belize keep your opinions to yourself as a matter of fact why even bother to read the newpaper it is obvious you have no concern for Belize and it’s people so why waste your time keeping up with what is going on in Belize. IDIOT

  6. Concern says:

    This is the same Hulse who supposedly complained about corruption under PUP and did not stop until they ask him to conduct the investigation. The stench is much bigger and stinker now, and the man is doing everything to cover up the corruption. No matter how he try, the stench still keep seeping out, and we should not rest until the whole of them are investigated. How can a man be minister of immigration and a recommender for visa at the same time. No wonder Senor P recommended and signed everything for Wonhong Kim. He was so honest and good at recommending that we are suppose to believe that all those fake addresses and fake photograph, and fake nationality which he signed were real, but some how, some mysterious twist of fate change the landscape and that is why these places and things no longer exist….lol Thank you Hulse for keeping our trust and faith in what you guys say alive and well! Justice is much stinker under you watch because after 3 months we are still not any where closer to the truth.

  7. Sinister says:

    We’ve heard all the news casts, interviews and commentaries and there is now all this dissatisfaction because now there seems to be more questions than answers. So, save yourself some trouble, pick sense out of nonsense and break it down from what we already know.

    Do we really think that Mr. Penner, who is a junior minister and who knows nothing about immigration procedures and policies, was able to come up with this great hustle all by himself? Of course not…why? Well, if he achieved what the evidence against him shows, he could only have been able to do so based on assistance from those inside the system who are there to provide a service based on departmental procedure, but chose to use their knowledge to facilitate the treachery that greed produces…the treachery that now leaves Belize as an international laughing-stock. And why should we presume that this is the case? Just look at the relationship between nationality and passport…

    When any foreign national who lives in Belize wants to obtain a passport as his official travel document and the highest form of his identity, he MUST undergo the nationality process first. The passport section will issue a passport based on the authentically approved documentation passed on to it from the nationality section. Passport section cannot and should not do anything for foreign nationals unless they receive something binding from nationality first. This means that those working in the nationality section are effectively vouching for the authenticated nationality of a foreigner who has now become a “conformed” Belizean and is qualified to be issued a passport. Earlier this year, they vouched for the authentication of “Citizen Kim’s” nationality and his right to be issued a passport, even though he was languishing in jail somewhere.

    Since all eyes are on the immigration department now, the director has come under fire with the suggestion that she too was involved in misconduct regarding the recent Salvadoran issue because her signature appears on a nationality document where a signature for her post is required. But think about it…the director of any department does not sign approvals based on his/her own performance of procedures; that is something left to the pertinent staff of the pertinent section to conduct. Once completed by that section according to law, then administrative approval is given. Furthermore, does it really make sense for the director to go through the trouble of compiling a nationality file herself just to accommodate one lone Salvadoran for a measly $500.00? You may be inclined to say that almost all Belizean public officers are corrupt, but if corruption does exist at that level, I would be more inclined to think that the corruption would showcase more enterprise than that.

    What’s the point of all this? There is an element utilized in great suspense movies that seems to be in play here…and it’s called “MIS-DIRECTION”. It’s usually done by the antagonist (the bad guy) who wants to appear as the protagonist (the good guy). While the passport section is being turned inside out, nothing has happened to the nationality section, when, in reality, she is there where the root of the problem really exists. Yes….I said “SHE”.

    She is very charming and seemingly so gifted that she has a lasting and enthralling effect on most everyone she deals with. She has established herself over time with her contacts in high places and now walks around seemingly untouchable like a don (or a donna would be more suitable) as if all is right with the world and this will be the best Christmas ever. It seems as though those in authority or power are unwilling or unable to single her out despite evidence. Why, though? Is it because of the fact that what she has done with these individuals could be so damaging and ruinous if exposed? How else could this individual who is not yet a Grade One officer have this kind of impact at high levels?

    The ministry responsible for immigration can make all the procedural changes it wants to or bring in all the clerks to these all-important sections if they think it will help. All they will really be doing is recycling the problem; and as long as she is there (in the department…that is) the black eye that the department has now gotten will never heal.

    We’ve seen Mr. Penner getting caught with both hands inside the cookie jar and all missiles are aimed at the director, but you think they’re the people we should really be worried about……right?

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