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Nov 27, 2013

Ladyville resident is killed in late evening shooting

The Director of Public Prosecutions has not pronounced on the death of Tyson Rodriguez who was killed in police custody in Placencia late last week. But tonight, another man was killed and family members and neighbors say that it was by police. It occurred just before four this afternoon in Ladyville.  Travis McKay died in the aftermath of a shooting across from the Ladyville Basketball Court. Police would not confirm who shot McKay, but they are accusing him of a robbery at a meat store on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Shortly after McKay laid dead inside in a yard following what residents in the area say were shots fired at him by police.


ASP Chris Noble, Rural Executive Officer, Police Department

“What we have been able to gather is that there was an incident earlier and the police were following up on that incident. They came up on the gentleman that we have that is now deceased or that we have confirmed deceased. There was possible an exchange of gunfire and the person passed.”



“What was the incident and the exchange of gunfire was between whom?”


ASP Chris Noble

ASP Chris Noble

“The incident we have is that there was a robbery or a theft in the general area where this incident occurred. The details I can’t give at this stage because I don’t have it and what we have on the scene is basically that we are trying to piece together essentially what is a puzzle for us and hopefully we can satisfy all parties.”



“But can you tell us if the gunfire was between police and the individual?”


ASP Chris Noble

“No. We know that weapons were fired. To tell you or confirm with you at this stage, I can’t.”



“But police were on the scene and they were firing?”


ASP Chris Noble

“Police were on the scene. To tell you who was firing, I cannot say at this stage.”



“Have you been able to establish who was robbed, what was taken in that incident?”


ASP Chris Noble

“Like I said before, that is a matter that we are looking into as we speak. It is very young; it’s a very young investigation. We can’t tell you that we have anything concrete to give to you and I would suggest you proceed on to the press officer for me.”



“The deceased has been identified?”


ASP Chris Noble






ASP Chris Noble

“You will get that in the press release my friend. I don’t release names. He is a resident of Ladyville, yes.



“At least tell us how your investigation, what route, what direction?”


ASP Chris Noble

“So far, we are only looking into what may have caused his death and police were involved and there are the possibility of firearms—the use of firearms is there.”



“Was any recovered?”

ASP Chris Noble

“The possibility of the use is there. Our investigation is still young at this time.”



It is not the first time that McKay was reportedly shot at allegedly by Ladyville police. Back in 2012, on May twenty-second, his family spoke to the media about the use of unnecessary force by the officers. At the time, McKay was being sought in connection with a burglary at a school.


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11 Responses for “Ladyville resident is killed in late evening shooting”

  1. Rod says:

    Now this gov is just killing people themselves they themselves are committing murder unu Betta wake up belizeans get unu guns out this gov. Is killing people they don’t like.

  2. Marie says:

    Thank you police and asp noble- another scumbag gone- let this be a warning to other morons that you cannot complain when you are gone when that risk is assumed by the career you select- next- case closed.

  3. Belizean Pride says:


    I thank the police for doing a good job of eliminating the scums of our society the same ones you always rant about so much crime and the go.v is not doing nothing, it’s not the gov. kill the scum ROD it’s the police and we are glad it’s two less only this month hoping more are gone before Christmas.

  4. Belizean says:

    Seems this guy had it coming. This is the justice that the people of Belize are asking for. They push their crimes to a point where police will act accordingly, and pay what is due. Sorry Rod, I believe you must be one of the thieves in The city that simply hasnt gotten shot yet, cuz thats who you sound like.

  5. Ladyville Resident says:

    Ladyville is a village expanding with good people and bad people and some bad eggs from Belize City. This is the truth. Our young people who we love and will become Belize’s future must be disciplined and educated. We love them. They need to stop the crimes and abide by the Law. Belize is known to the world as a lawless country. Remember the days of Officer Tablada; you had to respect t him or you would be thrown in jail and not know when you were coming out. People have no respect for innocent people, officers nor the law anymore. THIS IS WRONG. Officers are human beings too. Imagine the lives they live with very little resources. Ladyville police are not many but has a lot to do. Do we expect the officer to drop his weapon and allow the criminal to shoot him dead instead. We must be fair and reasonable. The Devil is very active but we must kneel and pray for God’s Guidance and for our young people to take the right path for we want a good future for all Belizeans. WE MUST BE FAIR TO ALL! WE MUST LOVE EVERYONE AND DO WHAT IS BEST FOR EVERYONE.

  6. cg says:

    many police officers have confessed that they really do not like thieves and burglars in this country. they classify them as murderers and around Ladyville they are intent on getting rid of all of them. it just may not be the last of them dieing. This makes two, caught in the act… lets see what their criminal benefciaries will say..

  7. Bud2ha says:

    Come on seriously why would you post a comment saying get out your guns cause the government is killing people. What are u stupid! If you don’t understand the world on the streets and the paths that some people choose then keep comments like that to your self. Yes it is uunfurtunate that some one died but we don’t know the nature of the incident so why jump to conclusion. There is a big difference between facts and conclusions

  8. The Trugh says:

    Kudos to the Police!!! They’re finally starting to do their jobs ;-)

  9. born in Ladyville says:

    The last I heard this country is govern by Laws. Since when did we appoint the police department jurry and judge What happen to collecting evidence and going to court? He was a human being not an animal. We pay the police our hard earned tax payers dollars to do the job of investigating not to shoot and kill our children. The police had no right to shoot and Kill that young man. some of you people who are here writing a bunch of BS about how thankful you are for the killing of this young man be very careful that one of your children or a family member isn’t killed the same way. I am not condoning what this young man did in anyway or form. But, if he did steal then he should have been taking into custody and have the courts deal with him. This is the reason we cant move forward as a country because instead of us trying to come together to find things for our youths to do we sit back on our asses and rejoice when the police kill them.

  10. Belizean says:

    @born in Ladyville…..Can you tell me what the hell court means? Thats absolute bullshit! Court will solve nothing, as it hasnt solved anything the last 20 years. The court has caused more murders than police kill people.

  11. NuffSaid says:

    @ Belizean Pride, Marie and who ever else thinks the way you do, you are not exercising your reasoning abilities. The law is there for a reason and not to be taken to either side of the extremity. You immobilized not shoot to kill someone who is trying to run away from you. Majority of Belize’s Police officers lack ‘Professional’ training. I said Marjority as opposed to ALL. Look at the way many “so called” law enforcers handle people when they are simply conducting a search of their residence. Very rudely and inhumanely.

    Asiide from this, the lack of proper training sytems and education from the family structure straight into the educational institutions are almost non-existent. In essence, we continue to manufacture undeciplined and hopeless children and young people who have no sense of direction and then we punish them. Ooops! I mean we kill them.

    People don’t become criminals overnight. The way Belize is going, you better mind your own children dont become overcome with the lack of opportunities afforded to the ‘non-elites’ and/or ‘relatives’ of the non-elites so that they too begin exhibitiing maladjustive behavtior.

    If you could say this about one of our young people, then what the HECKS should you be saying about the DAMN Politicians who are stealing more than a few bucks! Would it be okay to chase them down and off them too?????? Not a suggestion as i am anti-crime but FOOD FOR THOUGHT to the thoughtless!

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