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Nov 27, 2013

Family alleges that police killed Travis Mckay

The family of Travis McKay came to our studios with a compelling report that they saw when the police chased and fired at McKay. According to the Aunt and brother, even after McKay lay wounded on the ground, officers stomped on him and pushed his face in the mud.


Aunt of Deceased

“I saw him coming but police were already firing shots at him on the field so I feel like he got shot from out there. He was running towards me so I kept saying Travis what’s happening, what’s happening. And he looked delirious like he already got shot and then Lisa said, here Travis take the bike and run but what happened the police vehicle came on the other side and straight into him. The police just, he run across, jump the street and run across to where he was shot. And then the police opened fire, three, three, pow, pow and I said oh my and I saw him slowly went down on his knees. And his face first, I told them, I called there name because I know them and I said you killed my nephew, you didn’t finish until you killed my nephew. And he came in and when he came in and he said auntie you see what they did to my brother. I said yes I know they already killed him, and he went across the line to go and check on him and the police cranked his gun at him.”


Brother of Deceased

“When i walk around the lane, I see my brother the run come to me and I tell ahn go because they will kill yo. Then my bredda the run ina wa opening through the field and  they the next police come that mi deh pan foot  and he the chase ahn and he the shot after my bredda. And I the run through mud and water and I the tell this man that you will kill my bredda stop di shoot at my bredda and i the run behind he and my bredda deh to the front and he deh da middle and he the shot up after my bredda I noh know if ih shot my bredda. But my bredda still yet the run like. The he d run round the court and I noh get to see the two of them. So I speed up and when I run around the lane dehn already kill my bredda. So I watch he, the one weh kill my bredda stand up and rack back the gun ina my face and tell me noh come yah. And then the one weh mi di chase after ahn from ina d field push his head ina the mud and water, my bredda don d down there the take a deep breath and he put the gun ina ih hand, put things ina ih pocket, I watch they do that, they chance my bredda because no police da Ladyville noh like we. They already kill my best friend, they kill my bredda, and they wa kill out everybody. They noh like no Ladyville people. Two officers—one ina truck and one pan foot. No ranks no ranks.”

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4 Responses for “Family alleges that police killed Travis Mckay”

  1. NuffSaid says:

    My God this is so sad :( I grew up in Ladyville my whole life and to see this happening is so so devastating. Why is the government not helping the people of Belize? Why aren’t the leaders concerned about the common people?

    If the young man stole then yes he should be punished. Then again,many have turned to a life of delinquency due to poverty. This is not a justification but, without a doubt, it is a ‘FACTOR.’

    Why aren’t cops carefully scrutenized before selected? Why don’t our leaders (from the P.M. right down) care enough about the People of Belize? It is a small nation yet it is so poorly governed. Imagine! People in every block of the nation fear for their very lives! They fear the theives and murderes on foot and bycicles and also the ones in the latest vehicles who ride airplanes as if they were the local city buses. The only ones who can say enough is enough and make a change is you and I.

    If ‘LITTLE’ Belize were ‘PROPERLY’ governed there would definately be more opportunities for the people and thus a general disinterest to engage in criminal activity.

  2. Rod says:

    This gov is now committing murder time to lock up this pm and all his thieving ministers.

  3. Belizean says:

    How is the “brother” of the deceased, allowed to wear a camaflouged jacket? This is outrageous. It has now been made clear that they are outlaws, acting as though they are the law. A life is a life, and it hurts to lose, but these guys are just pushing it too far.

  4. cg says:

    why did he run if he was in the prescence of his family? why did they tell him to run? like they were just setting up their own family to die. he should have stopped and not resisted. we want to blame the police, but why were they out there? to apprehend a criminal….he wants to be a criminal then pay the price… not that killing him is justified…just recently in ladyville a chinese grocer was shot in the back by an armed robber ..totally defenceless….anybody thinking about robbing, you think police will feel sorry for them?? Many have proven they will kill in order to steal …so it goes both ways..come on! your family do bad,, call it out!

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