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Nov 20, 2013

Are farmers entitled to part of the proceeds from the sale of bagasse?

Tonight’s question is: Do you believe farmers are entitled to part of the proceeds from the sale of bagasse? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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16 Responses for “Are farmers entitled to part of the proceeds from the sale of bagasse?”

  1. gappy's beano says:

    depends what the deal the UDP set with the company.

    off hand sounds like the workers are going to get the bad end of the deal.

    it is in the cards, deal cut they eat the difference.

  2. Belizean says:

    Absolutely not!!!! For the farmers to get a share of that is terribly UNFAIR! With demands such as this, I believe ASR will not cope with that and get tired, pack up, and leave. So, to sum it up, the farmers are screwing themselves!!!

  3. sickntired says:

    Yes cause i imagine they done no di get too much fi di cane so di least these here factory people could do is give them a share of all profits. I no see what da di problem and di factory people need fi stop be so stingy and learn fi share after all di farmers very important to di whole process.

  4. lucy says:

    No I do not think they should get any cut from bagasse. For years they have only provided the cane to the factory and walked away. For years none of them said hey give us the trash so we can dispose of it or do something with it. It was left to the factory to dispose or find some use for it. Now these new owners have invested and found a use for it and to make some money from the bagasse on the factory grounds and now the farmers are saying hey give us a cut too, it’s our cane that you are using. For what? You already got paid for that cane. You made no investment here, you do not deserve a cut from our hard work.

  5. Checo says:

    ASR must have been deceived by the BSI managers when they came in. Somehow ASR believes that the BI-PRODUCTS are free. But the problem for ASR is that they left the very same suckers running BSI. The very same people who carried the company to ruin 3 years ago are the very same ones running thing at BSI.

    While true some consideration must be given to BSI to recover its investment on Belcogen, the highly capitalistic attitude they have shown towards the cane farmers is horrendous. But then again, it is the same people involved for the core sampler the ones pushing this attitude at BSI.

  6. Belizean Pride says:

    I BELIEVE SO THEY SHOULD GET A % OF IT. looking at the hard work this people go through to reach it to the factory is nothing easy, bad roads, expensive truck parts, and other hardships they go through. why not concede a small portion of it just to help them make ends meet. this are the most hard working people NOT meaning GAPI I’m talking about the cane farmers.

  7. G from Orange Walk says:

    Absolutely not. Farmers had never showed interest in the waste from the Cane. For years I lived by this area and the stench was unbearable. People use to freely get loads of Baggase for free including cane farmers. B.S.I. finally did something and started to get some finance for its operations from this waste. Cane Farmers are just greedy and deserve nothing unless they had worked to help start (negotiated) the sale of baggase for electricity. If an agreement is met then the cost of running this side project along with salaries for employees should be equally paid by both parties.

    My people from Orange Walk, always wanting things for free.

  8. Belizean says:

    Then BSI should also get a share of every single cane juice that is being made and sold in the shops, cane juice that the smaller poorer people make..Mek BSI get wah share ah dat too den!!!

  9. Belizean says:

    For Petes sake, BSI and ASR should then also charge bowen and bowen for ALLLLLLL the rum and the beer that has cane ingredients!!! Gosh, how stupid can the BSCFA get?

  10. Moses Sulph says:

    Yes the farmers are entitle to a portion of any proceed from any bi- product from the cane, and it very basic to understand that the Bagasse is a bi-product of the cane. This can be easily solve if the company just let go of greed…

  11. Hubert Johnson says:

    If payment for proceeds from Bagase was never a part of the written agreement, then surely I don’t expect them to be entitled to anything more than what’s their agreement, so the association need to tell their people what was agreed upon . The problem with our CFA is for too long party politics ran their show, and it was never in the long term interest of the farmers, it was always about more votes for politicians. Time for the CFA have qualified people heading their associations and not the unqualified political puppets using them as a spring board into politics. I’m a norteño so I could tell it like it is.

  12. Buju says:

    The cane farmers got the best price for their crop for as long as we can remember…

    The only way i see they are entitled to have a share in this is if the company decides on its own to give them. They sold the cane to the company therefore that is a done deal.

    If you sell me a car for $500 and i restore it and put it on the market for $5000 the previous owner has no claims on how much profit i will make and is surely not entitled to anything!

  13. concern says:

    Agree with sickntired

  14. farmer says:

    simple common sence. yes they do deserve payment. cost of production include from the sucrose, molasis and baggash. the price paid to farmers does not include baggash. the farmer invest time and money for fertilizers, chemicals etc for all of these. think bout it.

  15. catch22 says:

    No. They deliver the cane and get paid by the ton. Dirt, leaves, engine blocks and all. The remainder is up to the factory to deal with. Always been that way. Otherwise farmers could and should take their own bagasse and dirt back home that they deliver. Tell me, if BSI found a way to sell the soil that they now have to dispose of becuz the farmers bring it in, should the farmers get a cut of that too. Totally preposterous!

  16. the voice says:

    I dont think so. After they buy the cane they can do whatever they want with it.

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