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Nov 5, 2013

Inez Chan revealed as cop who provided passports to whistleblower in visa scandal

The allegations against Edmund “Clear the Land” Castro have been in the news since October twenty-third and it is a story of alleged corruption which will not blow away. A whistleblower gave graphic details of how Castro facilitated visas to Chinese nationals for a fee. On Monday, we reported that Alverine Burgess was approached by a cop related to the former minister of state, Elvin Penner. Tonight, we can reveal that Burgess has identified to the U.S. Embassy that the cop is Inez Chan. We checked around and he is the brother-in-law of Penner. Chan, she alleges, would provide her with the Chinese passports and once visas were secured, he would return to pick them up. Now, if you wonder why the passports didn’t go to Penner instead of Castro, Burgess claims that’s because Penner’s cut was too high. Castro initially denied that he did facilitate the visas; then when presented with the name of the whistleblower, he said he knew her and he had recommended only one. In a subsequent press release issued by the government press office, Castro said he had issued five letters of recommendation. Burgess has made a report to the Ombudsman and has made available an affidavit to the U.S. Embassy because of the element of human trafficking involved. So as you heard, the runner of the passports is Inez Chan, Penner’s brother-in-law.

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13 Responses for “Inez Chan revealed as cop who provided passports to whistleblower in visa scandal”

  1. Beano fo Deano says:

    think of it this way, Castro is into cheap high volume, Penner does quality customers, monied investors; not bootyman’s clientele. No hand holding with bootyman, just a quick down and dirty.

    Elvin is into the high class passports.

  2. Ignoranceisbliss says:

    This country is so sad. so so sad.

  3. Al Rich says:

    Oh what a tangled nasty web is being weaved in my country. Now this thing reaches even into the police department. It is no wonder the law enforcement want no part of this investigation. I am so glad to hear that the US Embassy is finally involved. All these people need to be charged with criminal activity. This is treason, terrorism, human trafficking, espionage and I am sure there are some more charges that can be added.

    I am waiting to see what PM Barrow will do.

  4. James says:

    That’s not true man. How can they accuse my sanctimonious UDP of being corrupt? Ay man, ay man. LOL

  5. Oscar965 says:

    @ Al Rich…. The PM will do nothing about this. He is in Los Angeles…hoping there will be another scandal so that we can forget about this. To all Media Houses….especially this one Channel 5….excellent job…someone has to keep them honest !!!!! or at least try….

  6. Jorge says:


  7. Good work says:

    I think Channel 5 has been doing a great job at investigating all the scandals going on in the government. Kudos to the Channel 5 team. Keep on the pressure on the government!

  8. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    Should i come forward as well to prove that castro is lying and should i start calling names? Castro knows that he is in this visa hustling business. He have balls to file a suite against this lady knowing that he DID recommend over 200 visas. Castro do you want me to come forward Too? Castro betta stop his nonsense he better retract that suit or else i will start calling names and i have a video as proof. And you know what i might just turn the video over to U.S EMBASSY. AND I WAH SEE WHO DI LIE. And Bloody Dean Barrow should be ashamed of himself knowing that all his ministers are in this visa hustling sh!t.

  9. ceo says:

    Change never come without force! Please keep the pressure on the sons of witches!

  10. MOSES x says:

    Penner and Castro should be hailed as modern day Robin Hoods. Visas are free. Facilitating them for a fee takes no money from the public coffers in fact it adds to the Belizean economy. Customers who are willing to pay to facilitate their visas; its their business. Its up to me as a consumer to pay someone to take care of my affairs. If i am too lazy or busy to do it myself I’ll pay someone to do it for me. Castro and Penner facilitated “did not steal like Ralph”. A woman went to Castro and begged for money, her husband had just lost his job; 5 pickney fu feed, He gave her $500.00. I witness this myself. The children ate a good meal that day and for another month. Robin Hood Castro. When the opposition were filling their pockets with poor people social security money, I didn’t yer a peep like this, Damn bloody out of order. We poor people need to eat too. Mi belly empty and I bex, bad, bad,bad.

  11. MOSES x says:

    By the Way. What the eff does the US embassy have to do with this. Mind unu own business. First think Kruffy wan du is to run to the white devil who invented slavery and corruption. Krayziness.

  12. man fa college says:

    So this is the librarian that moves”BOOKS”from here to there,aha,seems better harvest from made in china than soy beans or cattle with brala and the predator.Wonder if calvo da no one green card holder?hmm,ok hope udp lambiscones have some common sense and no sell themselves fi lee change.Manning BELIZE, wake up!!!

  13. Ringo says:

    this government is doing excellent in terms of the developement of the country, why don’t u guys publish what Musa and Ralph FundSuca did during thier term in office.

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