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Oct 22, 2013

The list of thousands who were approved nationality

On September nineteenth, Elvin Penner was relieved of his appointment as minister of state after credible information landed at the Ministry that he had signed off on a nationality certificate and recommended the issuance of a passport to Wonhong Kim. Kim was in jail in Taiwan and was wanted for embezzlement of millions of dollars in his home country of South Korea. That was the official case that exposed the rampant irregularities at the Immigration Department, in respect of the sale of the Belizean birthright. But it is well documented that there was a mad rush prior to the last general elections when nationality certificates were issued left, right and center in exchange for votes.  Tonight, News Five has obtained a copy of a long, long list of hundreds upon hundreds of persons who were approved for nationality and it will surely make you gasp. While the compilation is recent and is dated September third, 2013, it is not exhaustive because in a quick perusal we could not find Kim’s name or the names of others in the Arthur Saldivar bundle of documents. It means that there are many others who were approved for nationality after the list was compiled. Now, the nationals who are favored to receive citizenship are from Guatemala; a whopping four hundred and seventy-four are getting Belizean nationality. Placing second are the nationals of Honduras at two hundred and thirty, while Salvadorans placed third at a hundred and ninety-seven. The number of Chinese nationals stands at thirty-four, while the Taiwanese is at twenty. Other nationalities that are also benefiting from the scheme include Mexicans, Americans, Nigerians, Nicaraguans and others. A breakdown of the districts looks like this: Cayo: three hundred and forty-three, Belize: three hundred and seventeen, Stann Creek: two hundred and thirty-six, Orange Walk: one hundred and sixty-nine, Corozal: eighty-nine, Toledo forty-seven and in the area of Belmopan and Succotz, eighty-five. All in all, the list contains a total of one thousand two hundred and eighty-six persons who were approved for nationality….and counting.

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14 Responses for “The list of thousands who were approved nationality”

  1. not enuf Beano, Deano says:

    > it will surely make you gasp.

    not a chance CH5.
    It ain’t my first UDP corruption rodeo.
    These guys were crooked in the 1990′s.
    now it is just bigger piles and stinkier.

    Belize has not seen the worst of it.
    They are doing their best to shred the stuff that will make the country Gasp-ar-gh! cough.
    They are struggling to stay in power and out of prison.

    Usually don’t agree with Rod, but his animus is supported by the facts.
    pack of criminals, gang masters, two legged bushmasters, traitors to their country.

  2. Rod says:

    Belizeans you better wake the hell up or before you know it you’ll be a minority in your own country all these foreigners will be taking your jobs and your land you better wake the hell up judas barrow is spreading his corruption throughout the country and you the belizean people are the losers.

  3. Concern says:

    These lists are not the real list. The people currently, getting visas, passport, police records, nationality certificate, without setting foot in Belize are the MONEY list. They are the ones who HAVE PEOPLE LIKE Penner walking them around, and the X mayor of San Ignacio signing that these invisible people were brought before him. They are visible only to men like Penner, because even the camera cannot pick them up, despite the fact that Penner PERSONALLY WALK THEM INTO THE OFFICE TO ENSLURE PROPER TREATMENT. : ) Those are the ones who afford the MINISERS to BE ABLE TO build million dollars homes, drive around in Hummer, and late model cars for their kids. Check out Montero son million dollar home and the one they have on 18 th street in Cayo.

  4. Jungle says:

    Dean and the rest of their gangster should be put in jail and throw away the keys, gangsters,

  5. Al says:

    Not surprisingly, it proves that, despite all the political posturing, Guatemala is still taking over Belize. They at least have spies on the inside now, infiltrating even our police and army intelligence. (Did i say intelligence?) But even more importantly, our educational system. Be not surprise if in a few years, some Guatemala history is starting to be taught in our schools.

  6. BMNJ says:

    So it’s the Spanish who are taking over Belize and not the Chine men.

  7. Belizean Pride says:

    I feel in between the list there are some who did the proper procedure to get their nationality that’s why we can’t make a statement like this scare us. But rather have them dig moreto find who are the one who qualify for the nationality and the one who never did fill any requirements and got their nationality should be strip of thei Jewel.

  8. disownmicountry says:

    All: I agree with you. What idiots!!! Guatemala of all places. All these people are taught in school that Belize is owned by Guatemala. Now,it will be much easier for Guatemala. This is just the beginning.

  9. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    @Disownmicountry…I believe that list is incorrect. I think they put that so that no questions will b asked. Look how many asians get nationality. That list is just to deceive d Belizean people.

  10. Elgin Martinez says:

    This story makes no sense.The results of this survey is bogus it would just make sense that more Taiwanese were naturalized since one of the accused Passport seller is of Taiwanese descent.

  11. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    I believe that the investigators need to go to every address stated on d nationality certificate to certify that That person is legitimate and has acquired nationality the legal way. There are many ways to skin a cat.

  12. Joe Blank says:

    Some people need to go to jail. It’s as simple as that. But this is not news. We allowed this. We all stood by and watched Dean Barrow steal the last general elections. Everyone allowed it. Channel 5 looked on. Channel 7 was blind to UDP corruption. Evan Hyde kept focusing on the crooked Said Musa, conveniently ignoring the crooked Dean Barrow. We are to blame. Gang leaders kicked back in the Office of the PM. If Civil Society does not function as the watch dog of our democracy, the learned attorneys and their cronies will rape the country. Throw the bums out and then jail them. Bangles time!

  13. rudy says:

    This is what we call the peaceful invasion of the Belize..i thought the constitution of Belize states that no enemy of the state can be granted Citizenship..{ IE GUATEMALAN}. well when we’re talking money all patriotism goes out the window’s a shame how Belize is becoming a joke .. what happen to love of country ..Power to the people

  14. jury1 says:

    Dean should got to jail for selling our country to foreingers caz dat da wat he and his corrupted government are doing

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