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Oct 9, 2013

Police called in by Director of Immigration to investigate

A press conference will be held on Thursday by the Ministry of Immigration. But it seems that Arthur Saldivar has single-handedly done what sustained public outcry could not. This morning, Minister Hulse, via phone, revealed on Krem TV that the Police were called in at four-thirty Tuesday evening. But while the Police are now allegedly involved in the investigation – it seems that that investigation will be centered on Arthur Saldivar and those missing files.


Via Phone: Godwin Hulse, Minister of Immigration

Godwin Hulse

“The Police was invited in at four-thirty yesterday by the Director of Immigration and the C.E.O. who are the competent officials and the right persons to invite them to look at all aspects of the situation including files that are missing and files held by Mister Saldivar’s report. The reason for that is that he’s made several allegations about files being destroyed, etc. so yes we immediately closed down the Nationality Section to do a complete inventory of files. That’s the Ministry…and brought in the Ministry personnel to see what may or may have not been sent out there. I want to say categorically say that there’s been no official, legal sanctioning of the destruction or removal of any files from the Immigration Department. That is never done. They are archived and they are archived in perpetuity. And I’m sure Mr. Saldivar knows that. One of the things also I’d want to do is to urge Mr. Saldivar to deliver to Police all the files that he has because he knows that it is an offence to hinder or withhold any information pertinent to an investigation. And we cannot proceed if files have been taken out of the department by people who are feeding him information or who he represents. We have to be very careful about that. In fact it is even more important because a lot of what he is putting on television we need to have information about those persons because they may or may not have legalized that status, in which case we would need to remove it.”

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Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “Police called in by Director of Immigration to investigate”

  1. RedBwai says:

    If i was Mr. Saldivar, i would give them back their “missing ” documents but not before i took a close up photo of each and photocopied each to keep as reference. Now what i see happening is wrong on so many levels..and i am disappointed in Mr. Hulse is riding party lines with this incident. Its all a distraction from the real issues at hand, Mr. Saldivar isnt the person that needs to be in investigated, what happened to investigating Penner, immigration and nationality department?? this move by Mr. Hulse says alot…it proves to the Belizean people that the documents are indeed genuine and now they are seeking the return of the documents for ” proper disposal” …

  2. Guerra says:

    We immediately closed down the Nationality Section because a lot of what he is putting on television………

    No one could get the police to start an investigation into the Immigration department scandal, but the current investigation is just to retrieve missing files. A lot of what he is putting on television….wait….he only put three documents to wet our appetite. That’s not a lot!

    You said you receive on average more than 300 applications per month…now…that would be a lot.

  3. wash your hands after a Beano dump says:

    passport sales trailing cabinet members on their international junkets at taxpayer expense. Triple dipping boys: gov’t job, passport sales, and junkets. Plus the booty calls….

    Considering the whole cabinet is so close to the action, looks like Belize has a constitutional crisis.

    if the PM is involved or if any minister is involved besides Penner makes it a conspiracy and the PM is ultimately responsible.

    Maybe time for Dean Barrow to resign, call new election. But this could mean he is going to prison with the rest of them.

  4. Angel says:

    Oh!? There IS a Director of Immigration? After ALL this SILENCE she finally comes out and calls the police……….To Protect Who? Where was SHE when Ady Pacheco was signing illegal documents left right and center? Where was SHE when the passport was fabricated for Hong Kong Phooey in a Taiwan jail? Where was she when Penner was signing documents for criminals wanted by INTERPOL? Where was the Director of Immigration when ALL of this money was exchanging hands while poor Belizeans are treated like filth at that office?

  5. Belize land of the free says:

    The USA gov. should not allow any minister of Belize to enter there country. until this is
    cleared and the people responsible for this in prison.
    Belize is endangering our friends to the north, supplying passport to terrorist and international criminals. There actions is of great concern as it will make it more difficult for us peaceful Belizean
    to travel oversea.
    People time to stand and defend your Country, Stop the sell our identity, UDP and PUP

  6. Dario Rodriguez says:

    Corruption at the highest level why wait til now to call in the police to investigate? is it because the documents that were slated for destruction did not get destroyed and is now out for the Belizean people to see the corruption that is going on? The Immigration Dept had enough time to clean up their mess and get rid of what they wanted already so now the area clean so they wa call in the police now which is of no use at this stage

  7. Love says:

    The Police was invited in at four-thirty yesterday by the Director of Immigration and the C.E.O.

    Who wrote this stuff, for we really didn’t know we had a director of Immigration much less that he is also supported by a C.E.O. Were they in a deep slumber and have now awoken all groggy and sleepy eyed, amid this scandal. Arthur, who have committed no crime, other than releasing information that never existed, found himself right in the middle of their telescope cross eye . Gosh, how unlucky for the poor guy?

    According to Hulse, Penner the elusive, have been investigated, not sure if (semi fully or fully) and was found to have done nothing wrong.

    Is this guy on crack of something? The man signed thousands of documents, OF COURSE, ALL FRIENDS, for people who never visited Belize. It get worse, they have addresses like Picini site, Las Flores area, Corozal bay, but no real tangible address where they can be traced or found. Guess what…Hmmm…hard to guess…something WRONG with us for thinking something the investigative report just can’t be correct.

    If we who are born Belizean, sign our own application for a passport, in front of a JP, but include some false information like address, our name, date of birth, etc we will be forced to take up residency at Hattieville Ramada Hotel, for trying to be so deceptive. : )

  8. Name Witheld says:

    The US Government moves when it suits them, I’m calling on Mr Obama to placed some heavy sanctions on This Corrupt UDP Government and the people of Belize (myself included) for doing nothing while our corrupt Government sell our nationality left right and center to people of questionable character!!!!
    I called on The US Department of Homeland Security detain and interrogate all people who obtained a Belizean Passport through NATURALIZATION!!!
    they should look at it this way TERRORISTS (WHO ARE NOT YET IN THEIR SYSTEM ‘newly recruited) ARE RECEIVING BELIZEAN PASSPORT what untold damage they can do to innocent people especially Americans… they arrived at US immigration they get processed and pass because they have no criminal records and they purportedly comes from Belize a friendly country with sensible people…a group of them pass thru the US system plots a terror attack BANG plenty of innocent people died and suffers because of some crooked Belizean Politicians.
    THIS IS A SERIOUS CALL TO THE US GOVERNMENT, think of what I”M saying TERRORISTS, with Nuclear BOMBS, Chemical Weapons all first time recruits waving Belizeans passport, having a easier chance of bridging your border. HIGH ALERT!!!!

  9. Belizean Citizen says:

    All I need to say is : That I am foreigner that lives in this beautiful country of Belize for the past 24 years, I had to go through the process which means: Stamp every month for extension of time, then after 6 months I applied for a work permit, for two years, then I applied for my residence and the last procedure was after 10 years I applied for my Belizean nationality, during that process I adapted myself to live in Belize, to love Belize as my only country and to respect Belize laws etc. At first I could not understand the process but now I really do because at the time you apply for nationality you can not live in another country than Belize as I feel that I am a real Belizean who comes to make Belize better with my best efforts, I work in the Hotel Industry and I feel that I represent Belize in a wonderful way to the world (means Tourist coming from all over the world) Now my questions are ….Why? born Belizeans give their country so easily to people who care less about Belize? Why? Is so easy to come to Belize and use Belize the way they want and Belizeans care less, Why? Americans or other nationalities can have so easy in Belize when they close the doors to Belizeans in their countries? Thinking that there is people not everyone but there is some who just comes to use Belize, to make business over Belize so when Belize comes to nothing they will not care and move to another country….I am not looking for answers just a note to make Belizeans who are on charge of big positions to think about it.

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