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Oct 7, 2013

Evidence shows that passports were issued to Middle Eastern and Asian nationals

Arthur Saldivar

According to Saldivar that is only one inconsistency on the documents, all signed by former Minister of State Elvin Penner. Those nationality applications were signed primarily for Middle Eastern and Asian nationals. As we mentioned, we only saw one today, but Saldivar says that all of them have been shared with foreign agencies and with the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, who would be the man leading the charge if a criminal investigation is ever sanctioned. That is doubtful since all the wagons seemed to have been circled around Penner. Last Friday, the Prime Minister said that he was standing behind Penner. But Saldivar says the evidence is glaring and more than enough for the Police to turn their sights on the former Minister of State.


Arthur Saldivar, Attorney

“This evidence not only further incriminates Penner, but it also sheds tremendous light on the cover up taking place. It shows that there is a deliberate cover up of what happened at the immigration department while Penner had authority there. And this is ongoing now. Penner has no authority today as we know that he was “suspended or fired” from cabinet. So he would not have the authority to direct anybody at immigration or have anyone remove these files. But these files are outside in private hands at various locations and there also finding their way to competent authorities abroad. There are consistent inconsistencies and there is greatest consistency in the signature of Elvin Penner who has proven to be a very untrustworthy and unreliable public servant.”



“Did he sign all one hundred and fifty?”


Arthur Saldivar

“Every one of them.”



“Are they all for Asians, Middle Eastern; are they Mexicans?”


Arthur Saldivar

“Asians, Middle Eastern, a Guatemalan governor and Pakistanis who are Asians as well because the Asian subcontinent, Pakistan.”



“And all of them have inconsistencies?”


Arthur Saldivar

“Every one of them. And I will be releasing, myself or my associates—will be releasing each day until the department is closed down—copies of what we have originals of.  So I will be contacting you or my associates will contact you from various locations, different locations, for you to come and see what we have until the government recognizes that this situation is beyond their control; there is no ability for them to cover it up. A hundred and fifty signed by Elvin Penner is within the public purview; we have those and we will release them.”

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10 Responses for “Evidence shows that passports were issued to Middle Eastern and Asian nationals”

  1. Joe Blank says:

    What did the PM know and when did he know it?? Incompetent or Corrupt? Godwin Hulse knows nothing I am sure. How the self-righteous have fallen! Oh ye hypocrites! The magnitude of this thing indicates it’s systemic and certainly not perpetrated by one man. No wonder they are standing behind him. Maybe they are immune from the Justice System in Belize, but they if they have trampled on US Laws, they will help end up in US prison. Help Uncle Sam!

  2. Belizean Youth says:

    This way beyond corruption in our country now. I am a 22 year old and I feel so ashamed and disgraced at these fake politicians playing pool with their positions and using the people as the balls to push and pull around. This is so unfair and unjust- very criminal and they ought to know that nothing leaves this earth unjust—Fact!!! It is time for the people to come out and take a stand by the thousands-not time to be afraid.

  3. Belizean Youth says:

    The Immigration and Nationality have long been in Corruption. It is so hard for the poor and very honest people to get a Nationality. If records are verified you can clearly see where many with fraud and lack of documents have gained a Nationality- these are those paid for and yet they gain citizenship even in less time than they have lived in the country. Now tell me? a simple thing such as a marriage certificate- how are these documents verified ? I guarantee that their are even applications with documents that are non existent in the systems( birth certificate, passports, marriage certificates) etc. The Penner scandal is only one of the many that have been and that are there. Its a team work within the department-Believe that!!! Many applications have the same numbers and have been back logged. Our Nationality certificates have for a while now being sold for a little bit of nothing. I say an investigation must be placed in that department —check those records of BNA numbers and see all the frauds, Go to the files- open them and verify them with the proper systems—-YOU”D BE SHOCK!!!!! This country need to WAKE UP>>>>WAKE UP!!!!!

  4. Belizean Pride says:

    EXCUSE ME!!! did he say for a guatemalan governor also? damn!!! so this penner guy is selling passports like crazy ha!! lucky i can’t sign for his recall or else I would put my name down too, not in his constituency but really angers me how the hell he has the guts to sell our nationality so easy, while barrow keeps saying he has been punished. what really was intended was barrow firing him to avoid this scandal but never thought it was going to get WORSE than he planned.

  5. JOhn says:

    everything on mr. penner.. what about the people at the immigration office?? we all know customs and immigration hussle all their life.. look at the big houses and bad rides they have?? they should all be investigated too, check their bank accounts just like mr. penner..

  6. OriginalWoman says:

    Passports have been sold since the NIP & PUP were in power. This is nothing new. The only difference now, is that Mr. Penner and some of his accomplices have been caught. I hope a permanent end tothis has finally come. But, I so agree that an example has to be made. All those responsible should go directly to jail!!

  7. Guerra says:

    Hulse said in the news, that on average they receive three hundred and add files for passport from abroad per month. Multiply that by 12 and you are looking at over 4000 requests per year. One hundred and fifty files is peanuts to the amount to the amount they are trying to destroy. This is corruption to the max, naw…this is just the second time Penner did anything wrong, right PM?

  8. criminal magnet says:

    Recall Barrow

  9. BelizeaninAsia says:

    @ John…yes there are others involved but it is wiser to keep the focus on the TOP Dog for now. The ones at the top usually get away while the small timers pay the price. Do you understand?

  10. Ryan says:

    Except for the fact of the person who alleging corruption…

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