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Oct 7, 2013

Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse, gives update on internal investigation

Godwin Hulse

The Financial Intelligence Unit will be looking into the financial aspect of the passport scandal. That’s important, but not as important as the criminal aspect. The public outcry has been furious and unrestrained, with calls for Penner’s head going out nationwide. As you’ve seen and heard, the leader of the nation believes that Penner’s firing has fit the crime, and that should be the end of that. But while the PM has spoken before an investigation is even complete, Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse is taking a more cautious path. He called into Love FM this morning to state that if there is any wrongdoing ferreted out by the internal investigation, they are prepared to take the next step.


Godwin Hulse, Minister of Immigration

“When this was discovered that there was some issues concerning a passport and Minister Penner, the first thing that was done, the Prime Minister removed him completely from the executive responsibility. And we introduced at the administrative level—which is our responsibility and duty and right—an intensive investigation which led to notice of suspension of some officers. It is notice of suspension because you have to be clear; it is the commission that would do the suspension because certain processes in the system we found to have broken down. We did not cover it up. And the investigation continues. Yes I am the substantive minister; I can assure you that immigration has taken an inordinate amount of my time to deal with visas, to deal with permanent residence, to deal with the issuance of passport, to deal with nationality and we have many more reforms that we are bringing into place. But they require legal chances and all sorts of things and it takes a little bit of time to bring them in; in addition to the other work that I do. So I don’t take lightly at all this aspect that my credibility is on the line. I have repeated time and time again to this nation; that if it was my mother, brother, father, sister, wife or children, I am not going to countenance it and that is something I really, really serious mean.”

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8 Responses for “Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse, gives update on internal investigation”

  1. supporting Penner? says:


    swallow the Beano. UDP will back Penner n the Cayo recall. The house of cards has too many scadal rooms.

    No more stinky countenance. if you can’t toe the line, you got to resign UDP.

    So why would Penner sign undated government documentst to set in motion passports to non-Belizeans???

    who told him to do it?
    who told him to do it?

    could it be:
    those two low level passport clerks?
    the higher level UDP GOB passport manager?
    one or more mnisters of cabinet?
    somebody at UDP?
    Belize’s ambassador to Taiwan?
    Taiwan’s ambassador to Belize?

    what is the connection to the Hezbollah passport?
    are Belizean Ambassadors involved in these passports?
    is there a government wide conspiracy to sell Belizean citizenships?

  2. Concern says:

    Hulsie, you should resign. For documents to be destroyed under your watch, at the time Penner is out of office is a massive cover up. These files are under lock and keys, and impossible for some john doe to just walk in off the street, and get access to these files, which you have under your control?

  3. melvin says:

    Something big is commingggggggg,coverups,coverups-coverups,the UDP/dean barrow says that penner deserves a 2nd chance,but i believe the UDP/DEAN BARROW have to go, the UDP really have no shame to be putting banners across Cayo and telling the people to ‘NOT SIGN THE PETITION”,that means they support penner’s involvement to the passssport corruption, and they also have to GOOOOOOOO,the UDP no deserve a 2ND CHANCE.PEOPLE ARE AWAKE,power to the people.”

  4. North east resident says:

    It stinks to high heaven yet they will do all they can to cover up? Why? one goes down they know Penner will take everybody else down with him and that they cannot afford to do…Belizeans need to keep this in the focus- till the last bit is out there for the whole public to see what exactly is going on with this government. IF it would have been PUP believe me big mouth Deano would have been on the street like crazy. Both of them do it but it does not mean it is right.. we condemn corruption no matter who is in government. let this be a lesson to all and this should NOT be allowed to be swept under the rug.

  5. melvin says:

    well a 3rd chance i mean,i don’t know if they will handle their 2 nd term or i mean the people of Belize,we have had enoughhhhhhhh and that goes to the PUP if they continue the same path of the UDP/MUSA/BARROW corruption

  6. Al says:

    Everybody knows that when you get caught, its because you got brash and careless. That is after you get away with it many times before. So Penner will get his 151st chance? We needed a change and thats why we voted in UDP. They really should have cut Penner loose if they had any sense of integrity towards their voters and the country. It just shows that the party is bigger than the entire country. But then again, we knew that already. Both parties have proven that to us whenever they are in power. Over and over again.

  7. more Beano says:

    shred more documents.
    hide the stink

  8. Guerra says:

    “As I said I was out of office, so I can’t comment. I need to get in office to see what has been said, what has been submitted to me before I could say something.”

    Geovanni Brackett, reporter
    “Have you heard anything on the news?”

    Allen Whylie, Commissioner of Police

    Whylie told us that where he lives he can’t see the news, and hardly even gets a radio signal.

    Does anyone believe that the Commissioner Of Police live at a place that is so remote and obsolete, that at this point in time, he really know absolutely nothing about the immigration scandal that have taken place in Belize? He needs a smart phone, but he cannot hold such a high position and give the impression that he is totally not knowledgeable of what is happening, JUST BECAUSE HE DON’T WANT TO LOSE HIS JOB!

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