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Oct 2, 2013

How did Kim Wonhong obtain Belizean nationality?

And our question for tonight is: How do you think Kim Wonhong obtained Belizean nationality:

a. He married a Belizean

b. He lived in Belize for five years

c. He paid for it

Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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6 Responses for “How did Kim Wonhong obtain Belizean nationality?”

  1. beano staunches gas says:

    actually he was born here.

    He is third cousin to Prime Minister Barrow.
    They were on the wrestling team together.

    tagged teamed with the same girls,
    that is when they met Boots, who taught them advanced booty calls.
    like the peacock whine, and the flying squirrel screetch.
    horny chicks dig it, the secret calls, better than scent!
    They all got advanced degrees in thieving. the rest is history.

  2. beano staunches gas says:

    how soon Belizeans forget.

    it is one thing to forget all the UPD scandals, it is almost like a 1000 TV channels of the stuff.
    You got to wonder if the UDP producers, actors or scriptwriters can keep up with it, and they get paid to invent this crap!

    we are talking about Kim Wonhong!!! Kim! Kim! Kim!
    Belize Olympic team, wrestling, he brought back the Bronze.
    the judges screwed him, should have got Gold.
    So what he takes steroids, everyone does it.
    Threw a couple matches, but never proven!
    He makes the UDP brass balls, remember?

    Then he went on world tour with his Belizean-Korean rap hit “gangnam style”
    1000x bigger than Watina. Shyne opens for him when he wants to throw Shyne a bone.

    Kim Wonhong!!! 110% True Belizean!
    the country owes him big time, no wonder he can get a passport in a couple hours, sitting in a prison on the other side of the planet.

    Kim Wonhong!!! 110% True Belizean!

  3. Concern says:

    Is this Kim Wonhong the same guy who came to see Penner, as referred to in Penner’s email as an Asian guy who needed HIS passport in one day and was willing to pay ANY AMOUNT OF $’s for it. Penner even confirmed via his cellular phone that he sent this letter to Channel 7, because PM is banking on the fact that since he Penner didn’t sign the email, their little secret is SAFE! Penner by his own admission told us Kim Wonhong obtain Belizean nationality BY PAYING FOR IT! He seconded the motion by confirming that he wrote the email that came from his email address. Money buy everything and anything, cause ALL IS FOR SALE UNDER BARROW ADMINISTRATION.

  4. Penny Hong says:

    The minister married Mr. Wong and as a result, was able to acquire the passport, this happen after the Government entertained the LBGT agenda.

  5. Citizen says:

    In April 2013 while Wonhong Kim was looking for a place to run, the man did some immigration wrong doing, but that didn’t bring him to Belize. He ran from Korea to Taiwan but he couldn’t hide. Somehow Erikito learned about his wrong doing and that he was in prison, but that the man had money to burn and so he concocted the whole idea of him getting a Belizean nationality and passport. Penner, who have been doing this kind of thing so regularly, loved the idea. He even said that he knew Wonhong Kim before he became a minister, but somehow he forgot and only put on the declaration form that he knew him for 3 years. Cleverly enough, the last nationality sworn in was in April, 2013, so it was only fitting to backdate the document to that date. After all, they have been doing this kind of thing for a very long time, SO WHAT COULD GO WRONG THIS TIME around? Wonhong Kim paid for his passport and nationality certificate, and it was delivered all the way to his jail cell in Taiwan, but AS FAITH WOUD HAVE IT, some stupid idiot, sent the stuff back to Belize and caused this whole mess on poor innocent Penner, WHO WAS DOING THIS KIND OF THING FOR THE FIRST TIME! Secret, secret … only the PM believe this S***T!

  6. Citizen says:

    The procedure Hulse put on place caught the whole mess in its net, according to Hulse , who said Penner is always moving this files around, getting them signed. How come your procedure caught this one and it didn’t catch all the rest? Thank you INTERPOL! LOL

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