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Oct 2, 2013

Immigration system overridden…how did detained South Korean picture end up in Belizean passport?

Godwin Hulse

The issue of the passport scandal was also placed squarely on the floor of the senate by the opposition and we’ll have that coming up. Following today’s special sitting of the Senate, the Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse, gave the media an update on the current investigation into the passport scandal.  Hulse refrained from commenting on whether the recently updated immigration system has been overridden by an insider at the Immigration and Nationality Department. The pictures that have been presented in various parts of the media, according to Hulse, have been sent for verification in Taiwan to prove or corroborate Penner’s account of what transpired in his email release last Friday.



“What is the status first of all with the photograph? You said you were sending to Taiwan for confirmation. Which photograph are you all expecting to be the real photograph because we have seen two?”


Godwin Hulse, Minister of Immigration

“Well Jules we sent and the response from the Taiwanese authority is that the photograph appearing in the passport which the guy got and is on the nationality certificate is the guy they have in jail.”



“So then the Minister of State who claims to us in an email—which again he confirmed is his email—he claimed to us that he was in direct contact with this person here in Belize; but the person was in jail in Taiwan at the time.”


Godwin Hulse

“That is the confirmation we are having from the ministry and as I said, we have gone back to them to say not only we want you to confirm to us that that is the person; please send us a picture so that we can be sure.”



“So Wonhong Kim, as appeared on that Interpol website, is not the person in question?”


Godwin Hulse

“I have no knowledge of that picture; I don’t know where it came from.”



“Now, the Wonhong Kim that you are talking about; (is) this photograph that we have seen on the nationality certificate and in the Belize passport and I have also seen it on the South Korean passport, which Minister Penner provided to us in an email scan. The question now rises… Did this person bypassed the entire system? Was this picture just imposed because we know to take a passport picture in Belize, you have to go to the office? That didn’t happen in this case.”


Godwin Hulse

“Well Jules that is part of the investigations and I don’t want to prejudice it because as you know we have a very expensive system—that is no secret—that was supposed to be designed to be fairly foolproof. There are two things we required. We required when we changed the passport act that two persons identify you….one in category A and one in category B who would say that you are who you are. And then of course the other part is that you are Belizean. Now when those two pictures come in and that is who you are, then you are also supposed to bring that in and sit before the camera and have your picture taken. That goes into what we call data capture and it moves through the process. It is printed in your passport, it goes through quality assurance, it is approved and you get your passport. The difficulty we are having with this is that the Taiwanese are saying that that is the person they have in jail that we have on that. so we still are having that difficulty.”



“But it is not really a difficulty sir. By all appearances—outward and inward—this man was never in Belize and it is just a case of wholesale fraud.”


Godwin Hulse

“He was never in Belize according to…the difficulty we are having is how the picture got into the system. That is the difficulty that we are having and that is a technological thing that we are working through and we have to solve that.”



“So then there is a high level of fraud and complicity within the nationality section because there is no way the minister on his own could have imposed that picture in the system.”


Godwin Hulse

“Passport system…passport area you mean. Yeah. Well that is what we are investigating.”



“But it is on the nationality certificate as well, which comes from the nationality section.”


Godwin Hulse

“Yeah. So that that picture is the issue.”

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5 Responses for “Immigration system overridden…how did detained South Korean picture end up in Belizean passport?”

  1. beano staunches gas says:

    “So that that picture is the issue.”

    and I thought it was about government corruption.
    S***, it is all about the picture! how stupid of me!

    another couple days and this scandal will blow over.
    these guys are good on coverups.

    no worry, a better scandal is coming, I see it in the stars.

  2. Guerra says:

    Hulse confirmed that the picture of the man on Wonhung Kim Belizean passport, and nationality papers, and Wonhung Kim that was in JAIL in Taiwan, whose passport was processed and received by him while in that prison…IS THE SAME PERSON. The picture in the Korean Passport, was scanned, and a copy of it was placed on the Nationality Certificate for Penner to sign, and a copy was placed in the Belizean passport to identify Wonhung Kim as the owner. Only a person with all the privileges, on the COMPUTER SYSTEM, who has the power to insert, alter, delete and add, can do that. A data entry clerk cannot do anything like this. This person also had to have the power to take away privileges from others or give others more privileges. The camera have nothing to do with the changes that can be done on the computer…lol Now with that out of the way, can we move on. Even though Penner said Mr. Wonhong Kim was in Belmopan, he meant someone brought Wonhong Korean passport, so the photograph in it could have been used, BECAUSE IT WOULD HAVE BEEN IMPOSSIBLE FOR Wonhong Kim to strike the same pose, same clothes, same everything in all the pictures printed in his NEWLY RELEASED BELIZEAN PASSPORT AND NATIONALITY PAPERS… What web we weave when we are trying to deceive. There must be many Chinese, Indians, Taiwanese, etc. walking around with BELIZEAN NATIONALITY and PASSPORT that went through the same process under John, Penner, Ruth, Contreras! PM we need an independent inquiry!

  3. dats just gud says:

    for over 50 plus years the PUP has had scandal over scandals; but the creed of the PUP is to resolve all issues amongst themselves and NOT let John Public know the dirty secrets. Now these UDP come with a new accountability & transparency BULL….. that will cost them the election, it is clear that UDP’s have no idea of political games………

    for 50 plus years & they did not learn anything from the PUP’s…… in these time “HONESTY” will never be found, so which ever party, just share the wealth from top to all the way to the bottom & dats the reality whether you may want to believe it or not………

  4. GrigaMan says:

    I used to have so much respect for Mr. Hulse before he got into politics; he turned out to be just another slimy politician. Belize is in just about ready to fall over the cliff. So sad…

  5. cayobway says:

    what what dah weh yu seh bout di foto? ah neva know dat , ah mi tink you seh di spanish word peecha, a hafu ketch mi self deh, but all a dat only happen tru di immigration, yu see dem pipple da nationality, deh no give weh ting just like dat we hafu get fi we money fus, an di next ting we no deal wid only one person we want wah hole plane load a dem.

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