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Aug 27, 2013

Michael Silva allegedly coming back to explain his side of the story

In July, INTERPOL issued a warrant for the arrest of twenty-eight year old San Ignacio resident Michael Silva. Silva is wanted in connection with the September 2011 murder of nineteen year old Maritza Santos, his girlfriend. Police say that when they visited Silva’s home in San Ignacio, they found Santos dead with injuries to the head. They say Silva was also present, and had ingested the herbicide gramaxone in an attempt to take his own life. He received treatment locally and was then flown out of the country for medical reasons. He never returned to the country, and after reports that he was spotted in Guatemala, local police alerted INTERPOL who issued the warrant for his arrest. Today, for the first time since the incident, Michael Silva’s father, Dan Silva, spoke to News Five. He says he doesn’t know what happened on the night Maritza Santos died. According to Silva, his son is still receiving treatment in Guatemala, but will be coming back to Belize very soon to tell his side of the story.


Dan Silva, Father of Michael Silva

“This thing with my son…he’s coming back. He’s seeing a doctor, he’s coming back, and he’s not hiding. But in Belize people blow it out of proportion or it becomes political. The government has his passport…we just have not been saying our side of the story. But his passport is being held by the Ministry in Guatemala City, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He’s seeing a doctor, he’s coming back. People have jumped to conclusions and they don’t even know what happened. He was dying as you know. People that ingest that poison…few people survive. So he will come back and explain his side of the story. He’s not running away. He doesn’t have a passport. People have been…and I understand that this is a tragedy for both families. I wish it didn’t happen, but these things happen and he has to come and explain his side of the story.”


Mike Rudon

“So he is currently still receiving treatment?”


Dan Silva

Dan Silva

“He’s still seeing a doctor and he’ll be coming back pretty soon. He has his attorneys and he’ll come and explain his side of the story. You know, it’s natural…people are concerned about what happened…but there are always two sides to every story and he will come and explain his side. He wants to come and explain his side of the story. These were two lovers…people that were in love. What happened…it could have been an accident, it could be so many things and nobody knows. He drank the poison; we don’t know what he did. We don’t know. We don’t know if it was emo…nobody knows.”


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12 Responses for “Michael Silva allegedly coming back to explain his side of the story”

  1. history minded says:

    So Dan Silva doesn’t know “his side of the story”… he keeps on repeating this.. Perhaps his side is that they were playing romeo and juliet? Sounds like it will be a side story to keep him out of prison

  2. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why now I believe Dan Silva is using this situation to gain political points.

  3. Chey45 says:

    Good and Ian Vega where’s his warrant?

  4. gialgial says:

    i totally agree with “history minded”…..its gonna be a story jusssss like that…an accident and he tried to kill himself too . They are using this time to cook up a story. What a shame!

  5. Politriks says:

    Well well well… interesting story right before or the midst of considering coming back to the PUP slate, old cat tricks my friend. I am sure if the media wanted to dig in they would travel to Guate and do some research there would be 3 stories, just a hunch. Who has this journalism blood in them?

  6. soulsista says:

    Explain his side of the story get real this guy is a cold blooded murderer and he got away because hevhad money this is a sad thing if it was a poor black man he would have been locked up in prison for the rest of his life. In my opinion the Pup should not allow Dan Silva back in the race until his son comes home to face the law gross injustice

  7. Buju says:


    This is the reason a lot of people will not vote for the PUP…

    If we want to make a change we need credible people involved mein!

    and a fact is Rene Montero is very beatable

  8. Belizean Pride says:

    We don’t know if it was emo…nobody knows.”
    aahhhhh come on silva do you believe we are going to swallow that side of the story, even if it’s a love case murder was involved but lets see when he comes back you’ll have a bunch of attorneys fighting for a murderer against the case of a young girl killed, but as they say money talks, bull$h!!!t walks. soon he’ll be free selling used vehicles close to ERA PLAZA again like nothing ever did happen. A lesson to young girls never mingle with rich brats because you can get killed and your family will never get justice for your life taken.

  9. Nightmare says:

    Emo???? What a fool!!! so the emo knocked her self with a 2×4 piece of lumber on her head and break her skull and died on the spot??? Ahh ahh? What side of the story is Dan Silva talking about? The crime is as clear as crystal water, his son killed that youth. Just let me put it more clearly. Body was found around 8 pm night time when the doctor gave his analysis the body had like 10 to 12 hrs of death. So what you think you could do in 10-12 hrs time?? Clean all evidence, Consult with you attorney, “Pretend you drinking poison”, find the way to escape like a coward etc. the list could go an and an but I’ll leave it there for now.

  10. Open Minded says:

    sometime you wonda with people. Dan Silva and Michael Silva are two different people. Why should Dan not be allowed to run? The country of Belize needs for politicians like Dan not like the others… People could just blow things out of proportion for real…

  11. Liberty & Freedom says:

    Two sides to the story. It is a little difficult to get her side of the story – duh! Mike is a murderer. He killed her, botched or faked his “suicide” and fled. So who do you think has been supporting him all his time? Doesn’t that make Daddy an accessory to murder? Interpol has finally caught up with him and he knows it is a lot easier to get away with murder in Belize than in the rest of the world.
    Of course, Daddy’s money helps the situation – someone in GOB will become his champion (for a few dollars).

  12. righteousness says:

    Mike Silva is guilty and everyone knows it! Who ever is in his defense is a sinner! Dicky Bradly says theres no eveidence!!! what more evidence you need! the poor girl was found in his house, in his room and on his bed!!!!!! Doctors told maritza santos family that not even a trace of poison was found in her system!! the corruption is unbearable and people must see the truth. If we dont come together and see justice be served other wealthy people will kill and try and get away with it. I blame all the SAN IGNACIO POLICE FOR ALLOWING THIS TREACHERY to go on. Obviously some have been payed to keep their mouths shut and others havent and still seem not to redeem themselves. You know who u are boys and you are sinners for not fighting for whats right. This is why we will always be 3rd world if we dont stand up. Rich get richer and poor get poorer. what a sad place to be. Maritza Santos was the first young girl to die after her everyone suffered more by other young girls dying. Have we not learned our lesson yet?

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